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Monday 28 December 2009

Bizarre pictures 'most important UFO images ever'

Bizarre pictures 'most important UFO images ever'



The vessel was one of a variety of objects - including a glowing cluster of orbs - spotted by security guard Yalcin Yalman and other residents near Istanbul, Turkey, between May and September [2008].

They even caught the spectacle on video and ended up with more than two hours of jaw-dropping footage. See it here.

Mr Yalman told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "I don’t know what these things are. We filmed them several times and they are totally unknown to us. I was very excited when I saw them and I want the world to know that UFOs do exist."

News of the footage comes little more than a week after Aussie psychic Blossom Goodchild predicted a huge intergalactic spaceship would appear over the Earth on October 14 and days after it was revealed a commercial plane almost collided with a "UFO" over England in 1991.

  Watch the videos: Australian UFO sighting videos


The clips were given to Turkey's Sirius UFO Space Science Research Centre, which interviewed witnesses and combed through the footage frame by frame.

International UFO researcher Haktan Akdogan told The Sun: "In this amazing video footage, physical forms of UFOs and their metallic structures are clearly noticeable.

"What is more important is that in the close-up of some footage of the objects, entities in them can be distinctly made out.

"After conducting all of the analysis we came to the conclusion that this video footage is 100 per cent genuine.

"The objects filmed are structured objects and are not the result of misidentification or natural phenomena, aircraft or astronomical objects. They are not the results either of any kind of computer animation.

"The images ... are expected to have a tremendous impact throughout the world and they are the most important UFO images ever caught on camera.

"Now is it a time for world governments to acknowledge the reality of UFOs."

The footage was revealed at the UFO Data Magazine conference in England.

Magazine editor Russell Callaghan said: "This video footage from Turkey, if authentic, represents a serious challenge to science. I can honestly say that this footage is truly unique." 

Article from: The Daily Telegraph October 22, 2008

Images - http://img.thesun.co.uk/multimedia/archive/00623/UFO1_623129a.jpg

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