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Sunday 13 December 2009

Self Reflection

Self Reflection

  full-moon-reflection-350-px.jpg Full Moon Reflection image by margerdei

People don’t know who they are because they think they do. They reflect on who they were and on who they want to be to the extent that when their day-to-day mind reflects on who they are, they can’t see it because they see decoys – echoes of who they were and shadows of who they want to be.

When they’re in the moment they don’t see the moment, blinded as they are by reflections from the past and future. In the end, most people are only themselves when they descend into the depths of sleep, as they forget to reflect on echoes and remember to reflect on themselves in reality. So the day-to-day mind – the one that gets us through life – becomes afraid not only of the finality of death but also the merely temporary change of the dream state, when you are your true self.

It knows that even when it awakes, by truly reflecting on itself it has been changed, and it sees all change as death.

All great revelations come when you’re dreaming, because only the deeper you can truly think clearly in the moment. By its nature, the deeper you doesn’t need to reflect, because reflection is the search for self.

And in fact we’re doubly nothing, because the day-to-day mind only reflects on echoes of itself, and so perceives only shadows of nothingness. In the end, the day-to-day mind is never going to know who we really are because the only part of it that can know already does.

And yet I have no idea how I know anything, so who – or which – am I?

- by E.J.B.P.K., 13

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