"All the World's a Stage We Pass Through" R. Ayana

Sunday 22 April 2007

Karma and Dharma

Karma and Dharma

This is a short description of the main issues of life, the core of the hologram - intent, will and its ramifications.
As we weave our way through the World we leave a trail, a wake in the macrocosm that remains forever in Timespace. This wake remains connected to us here, now, and always and is intimately connected to our present thoughts and decisions. More activity causes a more convoluted trail that inevitable crosses and recrosses itself, as the infinite holographic fractal universe is an exercise in incrementally altering repetition.
Morphogenesis – the Theory of Formative Causation enunciated by Rupert Sheldrake - illustrates how a field that's been laid down is a field that is followed in subsequent generations/repetitions.
Events arising from willed actions that effect many points of moving perspective - individual consciousnesses - form turbulence that ensures the instigator will find themselves in the place of the beings whose courses they've disrupted. The more consciousnesses whose courses are disrupted by any act, the more turbulence arises. This, friends, is 'karma'. To the uninitiated it translates as the golden rule of ‘do unto others’ in one of its many permutations - reasonable metaphors for a deeper concept.
An individual response to this knotting of the wormpaths of individual destinies can cause more turbulence or lead to nirvana or any point in between. It's a matter of will and awareness applied to the geometry of Timespaces.
Dharma is a way of recognising the paths we have created and dancing with them in a creative way that frees one (and all) from the convolutions of the decisions we've already made. The world becomes an instrument for the artist to play, at which point harmony and discord become acts of direct will and their ramifications are instantly recognised and further altered. The Art.
Dharma is thus often thought of as 'good works' by the uninitiated.
Keep up the Great Work!
            Thou art God!
-         R. Ayana
 image - The Magician by Lady Frieda Harris
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Saturday 21 April 2007

The Great Mother: The Matriarch's Children

The Great Mother
The Matriarch's Children

When the Old Wyrm came to Earth the human stock lived in nomadic and village societies spread around the globe. The vast majority worshipped the Great Mother Goddess – known as Tya, Duana, Nungeena and a thousand other local names meaning `Mother Nature'. The tribes all lived in large family groups presided over by the women.

In the natural way of things, young children resided near the centre of the tribal fire circle with their mothers. Older children and maidens (who had not yet had children) inhabited the second circle of warmth and young men were left at the perimeter or beyond. Human males are larger than females partly because they are relatively expendable – in times of famine they are the first to die. In the old matriarchal survival-oriented world culture, males were definitely second-class citizens. Very few were allowed to reproduce; the rest were castrated. Women controlled the bloodlines and had a long-term eugenic agenda of stability through slow and carefully directed evolution of body, soul and spirit. Populations didn't increase rapidly; in most cases they remained stable – too stable for the observing alien species.

When the patriarchal Sirians – the `Serpent People' - came to inhabit much of humanity just over one hundred thousand years ago they saw that the males were maintained in a child-like state, easily controlled by the mothers of the clans. Young girls had almost as few rights as the males until they bore children. Males were told that they had no part in reproduction and that spirits simply entered women, who were capable of bringing them forth to birth on Earth. As humans were then almost universally more psychically gifted than they are today, the males literally saw the spirits entering the women and so automatically believed this to be true. Within the clans individuals resembled each other far more closely than do modern humans so it was obvious that the senior mother was the mother of the tribe and the differences in children arising from varying paternity were not noticeable to most.

From the Serpent People's perspective, these proto-humans dwelled in a miasma of hormones, within a sheath of living fire that is the manifest emotions. Pheromones fluoresce in the ultra-violet when struck by the frequencies and amplitudes of radio waves produced by the human body. The Serpent People and then-extant humans witnessed people sheathed in a flaming aura that the Sirians saw as a writhing, continual sign of suffering.

It was relatively easy to convince the men that they were also responsible for conception and their sudden awareness of this simple fact changed the world. The pheromonal control was ultimately broken via the introduction of ritual circumcision, which, when brought to those steeped in near-universal compulsory castration, was viewed as positively benign. To this day, when boys are ritually circumcised the foreskin is often removed in a circle, symbolising the removal of the male from the sphere of influence of women.

It's important to realise that the foreskin is a very complex organ in itself. In male humans it's the major centre of production of many `female' hormones required for the correct functioning and health of the body. Without the foreskin, the male is literally cut off from the female within and desensitised to many of the subtleties of sexuality. A saving grace for these males is that some hormonal production still occurs at the surviving base of the sheath (and that circumcision makes premature ejaculation less likely).

As the hierarchical and patriarchal world-wide civilization (often misnamed `Atlantis') arose due to the possessing influence of the Serpent People, the template of the `Celestial Family' was adopted as a device to refocus the ritual worship of the Great Mother. This served to focus the mind of humanity on the concept of individual families as opposed to tribes, to expand the feudal populations and accelerate the rape of the world's rich resources to feed the plans of the Sirian overlords. Most cultures came to revere a Sky Father and Sky Mother and an earthly Son and Daughter. Later, of course, these devolved into the trinities, dualities and patriarchal sky gods familiar to modern humans. In rare times and places men and women were able to learn to love each other as equals. 

These sensitive Tantric cultures, devoid of matriarchal or patriarchal control systems, were regularly andsavagely crushed by the expanding feudal patriarchies - and often by restrictive rival schools of disciplinary and more aescetic yogas.
At the summit of civilization the functionally immortal dynastic rulers lived very different lives to the rest of humanity, with radically different perspectives and technologies. But just as in today's remnant world, nomadic matriarchal tribes existed on the fringes of the cities of the pyramid builders and many and varied were the life paths of individual beings. And despite their control of the globe and denial of its resources to other travelling species, the Sirians couldn't stop all interaction between humans and the other races that had interfaced with them from their inception. 

- Uncle Martin

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Friday 20 April 2007

2007 Nimbin Mardi Grass

MardiGrass XV

Cannabis Law Reform Rally

Saturday 5th of May
Sunday 6th of May

Last Update: April 15, 2007 6:25 PM

Prohibition will end
when the leaders of this country can see the real world around them,
instead of the imaginary one that fits their ideology.

Want to be a Ganga Faerie at MardiGrass?
Ganga Faeries meeting for rehearsal on Saturday at the Dance Studio, Community Centre, from 11am till 1pm Ganga Faeries preparing for Rally – Sunday from 12noon at Dance Studio

6th April 2007
BluesFest Welcome: NSW Police Winnebago seen 200 metres from Byron Bay Police station doing saliva testing. Obviously, its going to move around ...

Do it before APRIL 16th!

The Federal Government has passed extraordinary legislation that will
close the rolls for new voters at 8pm, on the very night the election is
officially called. In the last election, 83,000 first-time voters
enrolled in the first week after the election was called. Hundreds of
thousands more registered at their new address. But this time they won't
get that chance - unless we act urgently.
That's why whether you're enroled to vote or not, there's a crucial role
for you to play right now. Click on the link below to demand this law be
revoked, and help friends and family enrol correctly in the next two
weeks - before new changes and extra red tape come into effect on April
16 making it even harder!

Once every thousand years,
there is a
'007 Mardi
"From Nimbin With Love!"
"Live and Let Grow!"
"On HEMP Embassy Secret Service"
"The Man with the Golden Ganja"
"Doctor Know!"
"Cannabis Royale!"
at a MardiGrass near you.
Click 007 MardiGrass for the 2007 Main Page
Click 007 MardiGrass Program for what's on this year!
Police and Saliva Tests

Updated April 3rd
MardiGrass 007 Driver Arrivers Advice
Greater numbers are the best response to intimidation.
Don't encourage the official fear exploiters..
Come to MardiGrass
Drug abuse as a criminal offence is a waste of public money and law enforcement resources.
I have this idea that people think that without such measures there would be a plague of drug users, but I don’t think this would be so.
Since the dawn of time, humans have taken things to alter their mental state, and civilisation did not wither, but went from peak to peak.
Only a small percentage of the population have this predisposition to substance use, and I think it a fairly stable percentage. We should accept that not all people have the capacity to be drug free, and treat the problem on the realistic basis that few break the patterns of substance abuse, but the ones that don't will not bring about the downfall of civilisation either.
Having a friend or relative who has done this, is not that unusual any more, no matter what one’s circumstances. I appreciate the tragedy of wasted lives, but don’t see the imprisonment of users as a useful response. That’s getting stuck in the anger and denial part of moving on from it all.
It would be better to avoid hysteria, accept the situation as it really is, and deal with it in a medically appropriate fashion, without expecting a dramatic change to ensue, because it won’t. Not for worse or better.
Taking an totally intolerant position is not only futile, but destructively punitive in furthering the misery attached for those involved, and its not only “lowlifes”, it could easily be someone you’ve known or loved, a real person rather than an imagined stereotype.
Does anyone seriously imagine that all the harassment, fines and imprisonment have any effect on the number of drug abusers in a given population? Is punitive treatment a rational response, or an emotional one, something like isolating lepers for fear of contagion?
The jails aren’t even drug free.
If an addict commits a property or violent crime, that is already covered by criminal law. Just as alcoholics who drive while disqualified or rob liquor stores, go to jail, so should addicts who commit crimes, always with the avenue of rehabilitation, but not necessarily a lesser sentence. It is the criminalisation of mere users that is not rational.
I don’t think the present drug laws make good sense in the world we have today. They might have once, briefly, in our attempts to come to grips with the problem, but we should have moved on from that by now, not stubbornly stuck to the familiar for familiarities sake.
We need to concentrate on medical approaches, but without expecting unrealistic outcomes. There is no magic “cure”.

Pro Cannabis Demonstrations in Spain
Click on image above for larger version.
Amigos de Maria - Vitoria has initiated the first Internet Pharmacy for therapeutical cannabis in Spain. This non-profit initiative facilitates the contact between patients and growers through the Internet. Its sole purpose is to improve the quality of life of patients who wish to benefit from the advantages offered by THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).
For this initiative, Amigos de Maria has recieved the support of the regional government of the Basque Country and various political parties. See
Although it operates on the Internet, the administration of the pharmacy is based in Álava, and more concretely in the seat of Amigos de María-Mariaren Lagunak in Vitoria-Gasteiz, which is actively collaborating with various Spanish associations who are working in favour of cannabis legalisation. The new "Cannabis Pharmacy" seeks to facilitate information to patients on the therapeutic use of cannabis and promote the cultivation for personal use by those who can use the plant as a natural medicine.
The pharmacy will maintain of a list of patients and another of cannabis growers who will donate part of their harvest essentially for the purpose of pain control. It will establish contact between both groups. It will not directly administer stocks of cannabis, nor facilitate the transport of it. The sole purpose is to allow the exchange of information that will help patients with cancer, aids, glaucoma, asthma of MS, among many other pathologies, to improve their situation when using cannabis under medical control.
The continuous supervision by experts is one of the characteristics that mark the initiative in Alava. Paco, spokesperson of Amigos de María, explains that the organisation has installed various mechanisms to avoid possible manipulation. “Firstly, we carry out interviews with the people who are interested, in order to confirm that they are patients who fulfill the requirements to enter the programme. They undergo a medical test by a doctor, who establishes the dosis they are entitled to, and the way of administration”, he notes.
There are also procedures to avoid that someone can obtain economic benefits from the initiative. “The growers donate part of their harvest for free, we will make sure that absolutely no sale of cannabis takes place. Altruism is the fundamental element of this programme and we are going to defend it with all means", says Paco.
Every week, two to three persons contact the seat of Amigos de María, in the old town of Vitoria, in search of cannabis to relieve their pains. Most of them want information, as they have already purchased their doses of cannabis on the black market, to a price of 3 euro/gramme. “The other day, an old lady calls us to ask our help, as her sister who is suffering from cancer had swallowed a too large bud of cannabis and she was afraid to call the police. She did not know that what she was doing was not illegal and that the effect of a too high dose of cannabis can easily be reduced with some sugar. We do not wish to accept this state of desinformation and panic" explains Paco.
A visit to the seat of Amigos de María does not guarantee a free use of cannabis. “The other day our doctor recommended someone who suffers from glaucoma not to use cannabis, as the disease was too advanced as was his age, a serious impediment to cannabis consumption", says the spokesperson of the organisation. “We are not afraid as we are convinced that what we are doing is good and helps people. A law is only a good law if it is a just law, and this is not the case today".

Rally, MAY 5 and 6, 2007.
Ganja Faeries, Big Joint, local musicians, performers, street theatre atmosphere, live web-cam feed, Industrial Hemp Displays, Medicinal Cannabis Information, Hemp Seed Oil Nutrition, HempChoices discussion at the Town Hall and at Peace Park the annual MardiGrass Hemp Olympix.
This year, as well as the Gold Medals for the Grower’s Ironperson Event plus the Bong Throw & Yell and the Joint Rolling Contest, there will be a new Hemp Olympix Gold Medal Event.
24 fully certified and professionally trained Orthodox Hemp Jelly Wrestlers, 10 barrels of extra strong Hemp Jelly made in Nimbin by real Hippies
Lights – Camera – Action
Stages are: Orthodox Wrestling, Pole Straddle and Dump the Loser
Plus a Live Band – (Third Eye Screamers)
The Hemp Jelly will be green with a good skunk & mango flavour. Agar-agar or sea weed will be mixed with food colouring, flavouring, perfume, texture enhancer, sparkles, flowers, herbs and water. This recipe has all the ingredients for lots of excitement. All the wrestlers’ costumes will be made of hemp blend fabric. The tournament will be in a large vat, holding more than a ton, of Hemp Jelly about knee deep.
Some of the contenders for the Gold Medal will be Dreadlock Headlock, Gumboot, Jelly Belly Sally, The Masked Assassin, Judge Custody, Dark Horse, Stinky the Lizard, Hempy the Clown, The Weed Inspector, Julia Jellard or maybe The Profit Mahoward could take it out with an upset victory. The winner of this new event will have the honour of becoming the first Hemp Olympix Gold Medallist and World Champion Hemp Jelly Wrestler.
All entrants will sign a disclaimer before the tournament begins on Saturday May 5th in Peace Park.
Entry forms will be accepted until April 1st 2007 !!!
Major sponsors at this stage include: Nimbin Television - Church of the Holy Smoke - Intergalactic Blues Mafia – StickyPoint Magazine - Nimbin HempJobs - Nimbin Gourmet - Nimbin Museum - Nimbin HEMP BAR - Nimbin HEMP Embassy NIMBIN MardiGrass – HEMP JELLY Wrestling
Will the forces of Hemp overcome the forces of evil?
Who will be the first World Champion Hemp Jelly Wrestler?
www.NimbinMardiGrass.com JANUARY PRESS RELEASE
MardiGrass 007 – Jelly Finger.

Click on the Pic above to see a vid of
"The 1976 Tuntable Falls Cattle Truck Raid" Re-enactment
and see other cool vids at

For Images from Nimbin Mardi Grasses - The Annual Cannabis Law Reform Rally - see http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.432584674545.221277.692854545&type=1

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Monday 16 April 2007

Burning Issue: Human Nature Reborn

Burning Issue
  Human Nature Reborn 

 “‘Orthodoxy’ means not thinking, not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness.”

- George Orwell, 1984

 At last, people are waking up, minds born anew into a brave new world full of promise or terror – the choice is ours, for the future is written on water. 

For this brief span of moments consider whether you’re a head of your time. Are you ready to bootstrap your humanity past some very well-known events impending on the horizon? We can still find a better way past painful transitions we all seek to avoid.

The choice for humanity this time round is a Third Millennium or a Third Reich, a thoughtful expansion of prosperity and health for all - or a shrinking biosphere dominated by a inbred gangs of insecure racist predatory eugenicists who tell us there’s there aren’t enough resources to keep everyone happy – or even alive. There’s plenty for all, of course, but the self-styled pillars of society hoard almost everything for themselves. In other words, business as usual.It’s high time for a millennial change in the affairs of humanity and change is here. 

The ‘solutions’ being foisted on us by the military-industrialists who control our civilization and media are short-term self-serving shams that will not work. They’re rooted in a mindset of exploitation and war, rape and pillage, divide and conquer – set minds fixed on the ancient hypnotic vision of harnessing fire and its primitive cousin, the explosion. 

Almost all of our current technology is powered by ‘controlled’ explosions and by boiling water into steam.

The industrialist’s solutions inevitably cause even worse problems. Their monomaniacal vision always sinks in dust’s reality. The ‘solution’ of nuclear power, for instance; a very stupid way to boil water, which is all ‘nuclear power stations’ are – STEAM ENGINES that use unimaginably toxic materials to BOIL WATER. Of course, their other purpose is to keep nuclear weapons in circulation - another very stupid military-industrial idea - to maintain a mythical threatening Sword of Damocles over the heads of each and every man, woman and child so that they know their place and won’t rock the Titanic boat in times of trouble. So they’ll turn up at work and then burrow quietly into a box and stay there, consuming.  

Nuclear weapons and nucleotide pollution are probably the greatest real threat to our species. But then, we can always throw the waste away. At other people, in fact, in the form of munitions – a neat disposal solution, as it disposes of so many pesky humans and their water and food supply  for so very, very long.

Carbon sequestration – the burying of carbon dioxide from coal burning steam engines – is another uneconomical and very stupid idea. Producing polluting biofuels from plants grown industrially on land that’s destroyed in the process is equally monomaniacal, unsustainable and downright stupid. Instead of using precious soil and water for more important purposes, growing monoculture plants for fuels simply destroys the planet a fraction more slowly than using petrochemicals. As do the ‘substitute ozone-friendly’ toxic chemical coolants we’ve been sold for our air conditioners and refrigerators – they still destroy the planet and poison your personal airspace.The motors that were designed to explode kerosene and push a cart down a road more than a century before our time still pollute the air of the Third Millennium, essentially unchanged by manufacturers whose job it is to get us to burn more fuel.

It’s not as if a thousand better alternatives don’t exist. They simply don’t provide enough leverage for total control to please the self-styled financial and industrial lords of the Earth in their internecine squabble for dominance of their myopic extended family of nepotic clones.We could describe the concepts and reality of electric and magnetic motors that run on literally NO fuel, but this has been covered extensively elsewhere (see http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/search/label/free%20energy or http://www.nexusmagazine.com or keelynet or a multitude of other free sites by free thinkers). 

Don’t take my word for it – learn about these simple, ground-breaking technologies yourself. Even well-known alternatives such as solar cells are barely used at millennium’s dawn. You probably wouldn’t believe the technologies that have been developed over the last century while everyone’s been fooled into ogling the latest internal combustion engine to hit the road. Free energy itself has been here for quite some time, despite the silencing (and killing) of many of its proponents over the last decades. It’s actually possible to obtain power using no fuel and this has been demonstrated – and patented – many times. 

Many of the patents are still available for your perousal. And they’re not theoretical. They can power your home, car or factory today. No, this is not the stuff of urban myth. I’ve seen many of these devices work and spoken to many of their inventors in depth – as have many reputable scientists and academics from leading Universities and government institutions. I’ve seen three inventors ‘disappear’ along with their inventions and lives with my own eyes. Many solutions can be applied by a single person to provide themselves and their family with all they need, but of course, no being is an island just as no-one is ever alone, but part of a continuum. 
Power Mongers

The powerful want to provide you with power. Their power. Far better to distance yourself from the hideous power grid that ensnares the globe, wasting up to NINE TENTHS of the power generated before it even reaches your appliance. Most of the power generated at these wasteful steam-age coal and nuclear electricity mills is burned up as waste heat from the utterly inefficient, ancient power lines that disfigure the living world. Most of the fraction that arrives at your power point is then literally burned up as waste heat by a ‘ transformer’ whose job it is to be very inefficient in a controlled way, throwing power away as wasted heat. 
Almost all of your appliances are actually low-wattage and low voltage devices that can be run at a fraction of the cost in power that industry ensures you must use as a captive wage-slave. You can run your house on a twelve volt car battery supply you can easily generate on site. You can safely do it yourself or even pay someone else to install it for you. Our computers don’t need mains power to operate, any more than we need to use a toxic and depressing light bulb to stop burning up the Earth. Your car can run today on hydrogen extracted economically from water. If it’s all too hard you can just keep watching the screen until the power goes off. 

How Many Suckers Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?

One ‘energy solution’ currently provided by magnates to their captive consumers is that of low energy light bulbs. While using less energy is commendable, using light frequencies that are known to cause melanomas and other skin cancers along with eye diseases and a number of other debilitating conditions is NOT a good idea. It’s a cheap unethical way to make money from other people’s misfortune - that’s all most of the low wattage alternatives being sold and given away actually are. Human health requires a full daylight spectrum and these light sources do not even attempt to provide that. Incandescent bulbs are much better for you and many low-wattage varieties exist.In any case, domestic power uses only a fraction of the power our civilization consumes. Almost all of it is used by grossly inefficient industrialists and their support services in the ongoing pollution of the planet and mindscape – so that you can continue to shop for their painted plastic garbage.

An inexpensive12 volt truck-level power supply is all you need to run all your daylight-spectrum, non-fluorescent lights and you can charge it in any one of a number of ways. If you want to be incredibly lazy you can charge it from mains power – but at least you’ll have a safe low-voltage lighting system. Many thousands of us live this way already. You can easily run a music system or notebook computer from a car battery. The problem, of course, is that batteries are utterly toxic and inefficient and they don’t last very long. There are much better ways.

            To move closer to the surface of your skin, it’s important to note that human skin absorbs chemicals even more quickly than the human gut. Never use a soap or shampoo or cosmetic you wouldn’t eat – because that’s what you’re doing when you put it on your skin. Most of these chemicals are just toxic industrial solvents with poisonous additives, colours and scents. They have nothing to do with hygiene or cleanliness. It’s another good example of the industrialist’s ‘solution’ to the human condition, like filtered cigarettes; the filters, once made of asbestos, are now made of fibreglass – a known carcinogen that emits radiation when heated (like the toxic stuff they sell you as ‘insulation’ for the place you’re probably sitting in right now – the asbestos of the future).

            The basic idea is to keep humans in their place, quiet and compliant and not quite feeling up to thinking about anything too deeply. But we don’t need to study and work so our leaders can survive the coming storm. Not us. Those critters see themselves as a breed apart, born to rule, another species feeding off us, their human host. Whether you can swallow the notion or not, I assure you that most of our corrupted leaders view the people as nothing more than dangerous vermin in need of control – and extermination. Remember the image if you want to know how the other fraction thinks.

            Healthy living makes it impossible for parasites to get their hooks into you. Stay out of debt and out of their clutches. The first step is realising that everything they want to sell or tell you is poison for you and manna for them. 


There Is A Future And It’s Wild 

The future is a cooperating hegemony, a distributed network of self-sustaining communities. Nations do not exist – they are corporate notions born of war that lead to more. Abandon the idea of different nations and separate human beings. The world is one and we have won. 

            The explosive nature of early human industrial cultures grows from a primeval reliance on fire as a power source and the resultant misapplications of electrical and magnetic theories. More correct models can be found all over the free network of human knowledge that is helping to bridge the gap to our better future. 

The internet is the distributed network model that can be applied to all human discourse, technology and society itself to achieve freedom in paradise for all. A distributed network requires and provides feedback that’s the desperately needed component to make our pyramid-based hierarchical system really function as a healthy living entity. Feedback makes healing and self-awareness happen. Feedback makes the nascent distributed electrical networks possible – networks that aren’t based around archaic central power structures but are by their nature a living network of free association. Feedback makes the new generation vehicles possible. You can buy one today.

Feedback changes everything. Our political and technological systems are being transformed by direct input from millions of free minds choosing to concentrate on, analyse and improve our world and society. A new chaotic, dynamic order is emerging from this consensus.Humans can’t be lied to by their masters or anyone else as successfully as before. We’re becoming smarter and faster and more tolerant and peaceful – that’s what all the statistics actually say, but you wouldn’t know it from watching, reading our listening to our drama-queen mass media dominated by dinosaurs with leather wallets for brains. You can fool fewer people less of the time.

This kaleidoscopic feedback of a variety of opinions and perspectives is allowing minds to expand and the eternal search for truth to flourish. We’re developing very sensitive bullshit detectors. People are beginning to wake up to the fact that we can do literally anything we choose to do.Why not choose paradise on Earth with an unpredictable flowering of the new – a newly conscious, healthy, supersensory, sensual and intellectual humanity?If you really want a better world you must make these ideals and ideas real for yourself. Many other less palatable alternatives exist if we prefer to wait for someone else to make our world for us. 

Turn Swords Into Words 

Q: What’s the difference between a soldier and a paid killer?
A: The colours of their clothing. 
Q: What if they had a war and nobody came?

The time has come to end war. All that’s required is the first step –outlawing the movement of any weapons or troops across national borders for any reason, overseen by the only collective union this planet actually has – the United Nations. In the process this body will itself be reformed into a truly democratic institution reflecting the combined will of the planet’s people – you will vote for your delegate instead of having cronies appointed by corrupt national governments. The obscene trafficking in all weapons of human destruction is the major vampire sucking the surpluses from world economies, the life from Earth’s resources and the brightest vital youth from human creativity and culture. War is terror, fear and death. Who needs it? We sure don’t. No civilization can survive it.

Vote with your wallet and vote with the work you choose to do and the things you choose NOT to own, eat or buy. That’s real power. And vote – not just for the lesser of two evils, but for starry-eyed idealists who will never achieve power to be corrupted by it, but will keep the other bastards honest. Most politicians are lawyers and a lawyer is paid to lie creatively. How can you expect better of them as a group? Like all professionals who control their own numbers to control the price they’re paid (a breed apart, unlike all other workers), they’re incorrigible. As in all things, there are alternatives. The colour of the inner heart is green, not red, and this is the way to a joyful awakening.

On a more fundamental level thoughts create and contribute to very tangible fields that we’re all immersed in. You’re always telepathic, bathed in the inspirations and mundane observations of billions of minds, at least half of whom are asleep at any given moment. Most adult(erated) humans have learned to keep their third eyelid firmly closed, having been exposed to the unshielded reality of the unexamined passions and drives of the desperately groping blind people that surround them from birth. All our problems are caused by fear of the other, ANY other, exemplified by the primal split in humanity, the illusory Great Divide that leads to all war. War cannot end until this primal struggle is consummated, a struggle deeper and older than any race or creed. 

War will not end until woman and man are firm, fast friends, not merely engaged in a suspicious detente across a scorched earth of past wrongs but coming together in a realisation that we’re all one, not two opposites or halves but ONE united being, a vast continent of content. Each of us carries that which the beloved cannot carry alone. We’re all complementary eternal nomads with an ever-changing vista; change occurs continually in response to our journey through it.

What everyone seeks is deep contact. When we achieve it the world is free. It’s as easy as breathing. Remember breathing? Do it now! 

- R. Ayana

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Thursday 12 April 2007

More than enough dirt under his fingernails - Seeing the forest for the trees

More than enough dirt under his fingernails
 Seeing the forest for the trees


Growing up near Taree [Australia], Ken Henry would wade out, with his father and brothers, in the river estuaries of the NSW North Coast and stand there, up to his armpits, to catch flathead late at night on the turn of the tide. That was 35 years and more ago. He learnt early to move with stealth among predators. Henry still risks deep water. He still lives with sharks. And he still stalks flathead fish and, at times, boofhead ministers… 

The Howard Government appointed Henry head of the Commonwealth Treasury on April 27, 2001. At 43 he was already one of our most respected bureaucrats. He has an honours degree in commerce and a doctorate in economics. For five years in the late '80s and early '90s he was Treasury adviser to Paul Keating. Now, at 49, he has 22 years in Treasury and Peter Costello is his sixth treasurer. Last Australia Day, the Government made him a Companion of the Order of Australia, our highest gong. The award jointly acknowledged his "care of native wildlife". It meant the real thing, not the politicians. 

Henry dedicated that speech to "my father, John Henry, timber worker". It was the year the timber worker's son became the most senior economic bureaucrat in the country.Here is what he said, in part: 

"At the age of 13 I didn't know what economics was. But I had already had my first lesson in economic policy. It is, quite plausibly, a lesson that may well explain why I am where I am today."Some 38 years ago, my parents walked off the dairy farm they had been leasing and my father returned to cutting railway sleepers and, later, logs for local sawmills. For all but a few years of the remainder of his working life, my father worked in the timber industry, mostly felling logs in state forests. He worked long hours, leaving at dawn and returning after sunset.

 "One day, about 30 years ago, he arrived home in the late afternoon. He had something he wanted to show his three young sons. He bundled us in the car and took us down to the sawmill. There, on the ground was the biggest log we had ever seen. When our father stood at its base it was apparent it measured some two metres in diameter. And it was 12 metres in length, as long a log as a truck could carry. All up, about 7000 super feet of timber."He was very proud of his achievement: to have taken out a log of that immense girth, single-handedly, with nothing more than his chainsaw. And we were very proud of him. 

"Then the questions started. 'Dad, how old do you reckon that tree must have been?' 'Oh, very old. At least 100 years. Anywhere up to 500 years.' 'Where did you find it?' 'It came out of the Lansdowne State Forest.' 'How many houses do you reckon you could build out of it?' 'The framing for at least three houses.' 'So how much would that log be worth?' 'I'm not sure, but certainly thousands of dollars.'"When I think about it now, it seems to me it could have been at that instant that my future career was set. The continuing questions and answers went something like this: 'How much do you get?' 'Not much, only a couple of hours' wages' 'So the sawmill gets the rest?' 'Not all of it. The state government charges royalties on all timber taken out of state forests. Royalties are like a tax.' 'So what would the royalties be on that log?' 'A few dollars I guess, perhaps not that much.' 

"Our father told us he had cut down hundreds of trees just like the one from which this log had come, but he'd had to leave them lying in the bush. He explained that old hardwoods typically had hollow cores - 'pipes' he called them - and the sawmill didn't consider it economic to pay the transport costs to bring in a log with less than one foot of solid timber around the hollow core. 

"The problem was you couldn't tell how hollow a tree was until you cut it down. That didn't trouble the sawmill, because it paid royalties only on what it took out of the forest. The Forestry Department didn't get a cent for what was left behind on the forest floor. So hundreds of trees, hundreds of years old, were torn down, their carcasses left to rot where they fell. The memory of that afternoon has troubled me ever since."I don't know if I managed, at the age of 13, to discover the source of the sense of unease I felt at the time. But if I did, I hope that as I looked at that enormous hardwood log, that I found entirely unacceptable the fact that somebody could legally appropriate, for only a few dollars, this extraordinary asset of the people of NSW that would take perhaps hundreds of years to replace. I hope this smacked to me of highway robbery. I hope I was less than impressed that the elected representatives of the people of NSW appeared to be demonstrating such disregard for the protection of their citizens' property. I hope I wondered about the ability of governments - and not just the venal - to redistribute wealth so arbitrarily, and to disenfranchise future generations. And I hope I vowed that one day I would do something about it…

 "Growing up on the NSW mid-North Coast, I was reminded, constantly it now seems, of the failure of economic policy. I recall my disquiet on learning that ancestors on both sides of my family were 'cedar getters'. 'What's a cedar getter, Dad?' What I heard him say was something like: 'Well, that's why we don't have cedar trees anymore.'

 "I remember being concerned when I learned that every generation of Australians caught fewer and smaller fish than the preceding generation. I remember learning that weeds were not native plants, and that rabbits that destroyed river banks and foxes that killed chooks were not native animals. I remember learning that soil erosion was caused by humans. I remember being horrified by the apparently wanton destruction wrought by the rutile miners who ripped through the sand dunes where I used to surf, leaving a moonscape devoid of the stunning Christmas bells that used to grow there in profusion. 

'"I remember being perplexed when the Killabakh Creek that tumbled down through the rainforests of the Comboyne Mountain and then swept around the periphery of my maternal grandmother's dairy farm simply dried up.

 "I remember being absolutely staggered to learn that one of the conditions of my paternal grandfather's retaining possession of his 600-acre 'soldier settler' block of rainforest timber was that he clear a certain number of acres each year, and watching over the years as the trees were replaced by bracken fern and lantana, and as the soil washed into the creeks and gullies, replacing the native fish that had long since been exploited to extinction. And I remember, too, that as the weeds spread and farming became too difficult, my grandfather turned to more facile means of making a quid, stripping the native orchids out of what was left of his rainforest property. And if I didn't understand the 'how' or 'why' of these things at the time, I did at least develop a deep conviction that something was horribly wrong…

"When I asked my father the other day why the Killabakh Creek dried up when I was a schoolkid, I suggested that unpriced access to irrigation water was surely the culprit. He thought that might have had something to do with it. 'But don't forget,' he added, 'we fell timber all over the Comboyne Mountain, pushing in dozer and snigger tracks and roads for the log trucks. That's where the water would have gone. You can see it from the erosion left behind.' My question for policy advisers, then, is this: how much erosion are we going to leave behind?"


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Wednesday 11 April 2007

Living the Dream: Tree Changers

Living the Dream
Tree Changers  


Most in our ‘developed’ world of pleasant and well-intentioned domesticated primates live in cultures created by barbarians. Our ancestors were barbarians by modern standards, just as we live in barbaric times when viewed from the utopian futures that are within our reach (if not our grasp).

            Many people existing in urban metropolises relish the dream of escaping one day to live a freer healthy life ‘in the country’. It’s comforting to believe that out there, somewhere, there’s a place that will harbour and succour us, Mother Nature’s haven in an ustable human world. It’s nice to believe there are people actually living the dream, learning to live with the land – and there are. But in practice, almost everyone - whether living inside cities or in the agricultural lands that humans have slashed and burned out of primordial paradise - lives off the land, not with it. The phrase exposes our primitive underpinnings, the indwelling notion of a hostile and unknown universe.

            Our lifestyles and eating habits have developed at the expense of the planet’s soil and water. Deserts continue to expand, soil-stipped claypans and sand dunes created by short-sighted human aggressive culture – aggroculture. Most nations and individual landholders continue to trash the land we and our descendants depend upon, out of sight and many out of their minds. All the feelgood spin about responsible farmers and legislators turning things around is smoke and mirrors while all that’s actually done is akin to rearranging deckchairs in the face of business as usual. Big business. Titanic busyness.

            Every time you see a river or stream without a shielding buffer of uncut trees and shrubs shielding it and holding its banks for at least twenty metres on both sides you’re seeing an ongoing disaster, the inexorable creation of future desert. Every time you can see the sky through a ridgeline or through the broken or nonexistent canopy above your head you see the sun and wind drying the world through a gaping hole torn in Mother Nature’s protective shielding.

            There are no ‘untrained eyes’. When most people who have grown up in cities or towns see grassland full of fattening cows or sheep they see an image of bucolic paradise. To the eyes of an environmentalist the scene ushers in visions of thin bumfluff still sprouting on future desert. To native indigenous eyes the scene is one of Apocalypse Now.

            The cattle still graze on places where the soil hasn’t all been washed away – yet. They eat every struggling sapling and compact the soil while humans consume the thousands of species that would otherwise be there and consume the nutrients that have no way to replenish themselves without their natural biosphere. And all the meat is unnecessary, superfluous and toxic to boot.

            Right now as you read this, another few people are making the decision to buy land on which to manifest their dream or to survive the coming times. Most will have to sacrifice a certain portion of nature’s native bounty to establish themselves, building houses and outbuildings, gardens and orchards. If the land has forest cover a certain amount of it will inevitably be ‘cleared’ (a handy euphemism, like ‘final solution’ for the hundreds or thousands of species living there).

            As you read this another individual or family that imagines themselves to be pioneers pitting their wits and skills against nature is ‘developing’ another block of land, carving their signature into the tree of life. If they’re lucky or smart enough to have tree cover, many will strip the place. Trees are now worth real money ‘in the country’ – the bigger and older the better, but even young trees are now valuable, though their price can never repay the cost in species diversity, soil loss and the silting of rivers and harbours, of polluted water and air or of the loss of water to the immediate area. Trees make clean air and even produce rain (although this wasn’t scientifically proven until two years ago) and canopy cover keeps it in the area. Merely breaking the canopy up will lead to increased local temperatures and massive loss of water supply, almost as much as clear-felling strips of land.

            If the forest isn’t being seen as immediate cash it’s usually eyed as future superannuation, a dependable pension to tide one over in senescence. A human lifetime is short compared to the life of a tree and it’s hard to see the future for the trees. Many trees don’t become ‘old’ for hundreds or thousands of years and need almost as long to replace themselves. A forest takes even longer to grow – often a lot longer.

Before we attempt to manifest our dreams we need to ensure they aren’t nightmares to someone else.
 'Sea changers' who move to the beach are not as much of a problem as 'tree changers' who make the lifestyle change from the city to the land - the damage done to the coasts by individual landholders is nothing compared to what will happen there soon anyway. Words to the wise that the New Illuminati have been spreading for decades, long before global warming became the currency of daily conversation - don't buy beachfront and don't build structures there that someone will die in one day.

We blithely go on as if we can replace millennial multi-ton giants that pump out huge amounts of water and oxygen into the atmosphere with tiny seedlings that may or may not ever survive to replace the mammoths we steal from the Earth. We imagine we can replace millennial forests when the sapling trees we plant struggle in the harsh new world we’re creating, stressed by unprecedented heat and drought. Far better to stop destroying what we already have. Unlike our desperate pioneering ancestors we have millennia of mistakes to learn from and a future we know we are responsible for preserving. It’s only in times of plenty that we really have a choice whether to destroy our environment or to find a better way of living than blind wage-slave ‘consumerism’ (another spin-word for gross materialism). Shopping makes the world go browned.

Fortunately there are alternatives – plenty of them. Before you try to live the dream, study widely and carefully. Don’t use many of the ‘tried and tested’ methods of local farmers. We need to do much, much better and be much wiser.It’s not rocket science. We don’t need the reports of thousands of researchers to intuitively know that polluting the air, water and soil is a dumb idea that will reap the whirlwind.

‘Uneducated’ native people and ‘dirty hippies’ have been telling us all for quite some time, but soap opera television is so very diverting – and the modern Titanic is pull of screens. Turn them off and get some air while you have some. Smell the roses and the petrol fumes.We don’t need sages to tell us that there is something more than blind, stupid materialism (or a dum, humdrum career that destroys the world) to engage our minds and spirits with. Help create a better Millennium. 

 -R. Ayana

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