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The Titor Time Travel Tale

The Titor Time Travel Tale
Has a traveller from a parallel timeline visited our plenum?
A Brief Summary of the John Titor Phenomenon
Although there is debate over the exact date it started, on November 2nd 2000, a person calling themselves Timetravel_0, and later John Titor, started posting on a public forum that he was a time traveller from the year 2036.

One of the first things he did was post pictures of his time machine and its operations manual. As the weeks went by, more and more people began questioning him about why he was here, the physics of time travel and his thoughts about our time. He also posted on other forums including the now non-existent Art Bell site. In his posts John Titor entertained, angered, frightened and even belittled those who engaged him in conversation.

On March 21, 2001, John Titor told us he would be leaving our and returning to 2036. After that, he was never heard from again. Speculation and investigation about who John Titor was and why he was online continues to this day.

Although it may be easy to dismiss all this as science fiction, most people who read his posts agree that there is something very haunting about John Titor and what he said. In addition, and open to more debate, he also made a series of predictions and comments that eerily seem to be coming true.

Unfortunately, I never spoke directly to John Titor but there are many out there who have and continue to wonder about their experience. As you get deeper and deeper into the story, you will find his posts, links to other sites about him, downloads and speculative information attributed to him after he left… As you read, please try to keep two things in mind:

1. John appeared to answer nearly every question that was asked of him over the four month period he was online. Because of that, many people neglected to read the previous posts and asked similar or exact questions he had already answered. It may offer a glimpse of what a time traveler goes through when having the same conversation again and again.

2. These posts were written before 9/11, the Discovery accident and the second Gulf War. Many people believe John may have known of these events and dropped clues without actually referring to them. It's also widely agreed that he made several predictions about future physics discoveries that have materialized as he stated.

I have included a guest book where you may leave your comments. I will endeavor to respond to any questions you have based on my work.

I hope you enjoy your journey with John Titor.


Understanding John Titor
You will hear people who haven't researched Titor's story claim it to be a hoax, but to this day it remains internally consistent and 'undebunked'. Start with the premise of multiple worlds theory being true -- that would mean that we live in a probabilistic universe in which some things are more changeable than others. The laws of physics for example might actually vary across widely disparate probabilistic universes, but not any of the universes that our own could ever evolve into.
So the physical operation of Titor's time machine is not likely to vary from our worldline compared to the one that Titor claimed to grow up in. Nor would you expect major social trends and world events to vary greatly from one nearby worldline to the next, like the assaults upon the American Constitution we have witnessed over Bush's eight or so years and the apathy of most Americans toward those assaults, or the nonexistence of WMDs in Iraq. It would take a VERY LARGE DIVERGENCE between worldlines to make those kinds of things turn out differently from one to the next.
What CAN easily change between nearby worldlines however are details about some of Titor's predictions, like the dates and intensity of civil war he described, the date the LHC would come online, and the date of global nuclear war. These are all easily modifiable by human intention and should not be expected to remain the same from one worldline to another, ESPECIALLY in the case where you have a reasonably intelligent psychopath like Karl Rove whose plans may have been modified as a result of Titor revealing them to us, thereby GREATLY CHANGING OUR WORLDLINE.
It is true that Titor didn't think we would change our worldline, but then again he was pretty cynical about the sheeplike apathy of contemporary Americans of his worldline and ours during the timeframe he was here. But he was just a soldier, not a prophet, and time travel would still be pretty new in only two and a half decades. It would therefore be wrong to consider him infallible, and people also forget that he didn't care whether we believed him or not! Titor explained that we could change our worldline if we wanted to badly enough, and Titor's story remains consistent with DETAILS actually changing while MAJOR things would not, and have not.
It is true that the Bush attacks upon our Constitution never sparked overt civil war, but it should be understood unambiguously that American freedoms were indeed under attack, that civil war could have easily broken out if Bush had pushed things far enough, and that many minor conflicts that had the potential to escalate were filtered out from the public consciousness by a compliant news media failing to report them. He never used the domestic relocation camps FEMA operates for example, whereas in Titor's original worldline they may have been used for the internment of Americans under the guise of imprisoning 'domestic terrorists' and we certainly came very close to accusations of 'domestic terrorists' in our worldline.
That is all it would have taken to cause our timeline to diverge significantly from Titor's, pulling back just enough to stop the overt civil war. But anyone who doubts that our civil liberties were under attack and actually compromised by the Bush administration hasn't been paying attention very well. Titor's predictions about that were spot on, and nobody could have reasonably envisioned that in 2000 or 2001. That is validation no skeptic can deny.

John Titor told us our timeline could be changed

Similarly, the long delay in starting the LHC could easily have been manufactured so that the pre-warned governments would have the opportunity to research Titor's claims out of the public eye; remember how Titor indicated that governments would be very threatened by the prospect of time travel?
The logical conclusion is that Titor's warnings to us were picked up by the very types of people that in his worldline did all the evil things he described, but in our worldline they had to go undercover so as to not be perceived as precisely following Titor's predictions. Consequently it is stupid and wrong to quibble over details as if there was no such thing as multiple universes, and as if the smaller things couldn't be deliberately altered. We are only left in a state of uncertainty over small details today, while the bulk of the evidence - the major events not likely to be easily changed between worldlines - do support Titor’s tale as genuine.
Titor indicated that the next president would continue the policies of the former (Bush Jr.) and while being well-meaning, would not change the direction of anything. That description exactly fit McCain and MAY fit Obama, but probably not; we are going to find out soon, by how aggressive and successful Obama turns out to be in stabilizing American and world financial markets and international tensions.
The most likely situation which fits the evidence best is that McCain won the last election in Titor's worldline, he just kept on doing the same stupid warmongering that Bush did, and consequently there was nuclear war in 2015. But in our worldline enough of us were warned by Titor to make a difference -- the online world is much more powerful than most people realize yet -- and combined with the bad guys pulling back the police state to deliberately avoid Titor's predictions we have instead elected a much smarter and more capable president - quite hard to imagine following in Bush's footsteps like McCain obviously would have.
Consequently it is likely that Titor's story was PROBABLY true, but our timeline changed due to his presence much more than Titor expected it might, and that we now have a chance to avoid the nuclear war of 2015. That chance would be amplified by whatever extent we are able to make progress toward Obama's stated intentions to ratchet down the nuclear weapons in the world. Our major threats are therefore not foreign terrorists and foreign countries but domestic right-wingers soaked in fear and hate (i.e. Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, etc.) and wanting to see Obama and America fail so that more war and strife would be justified.


Takehome lessons
Be smart, people. Titor came seemingly out of nowhere with a message about the direction our culture was headed and the consequences that would follow if nobody cared, and indeed he was correct about the major directions things would go. While details have not been 100% correct that is what multiverse theory predicts across slightly divergent worldliness - as Titor illustrated by books not written and sporting events ending differently. But major things are less likely to be changed, so they are the best indicators of Titor's authenticity.
It could be just an amazing coincidence that Orwell's dystopia came late but reason and logic in the light of the internal consistency of Titor's worldview cannot falsify his story; on the contrary the test of time so far supports it. There have been many attempts to discredit Titor's story, by impersonating him and claiming to know his mother and even fabricating additional documents to conflate his original story with falsehood. Self-styled 'debunkers' seize on any discrepancy, typically ignoring or never understanding the implications of multiverse theory, and spout some of the wildest conclusions as if they have proven something with utter certainty. Their denial of any rational scientific view of accepting reality whatever the evidence indicates it to be invalidates whatever agenda it is they are driven by.
I know that the world I live in now is not the one that Titor described growing up in, although it easily could have been. That is consistent with divergence between worldlines created by the forewarning we received. Millions of people learned about Titor's story and watched it begin to play out at least, waiting for the other shoe of full blown civil war to drop. That had to have an effect. If Titor's worldview is correct enough of us cared to change the worldline, and Obama's inauguration would be evidence of that as most of us have chosen hope and change over hate and fear.
Certainly hate and fear describe the direction Titor's worldline took, and since hope and change seem necessary requirements for changing the timeline, we may have exceeded Titor's opinion of us after all. Time will tell but we are not out of the woods yet. I like to think that the people of Titor's worldline that he judged so harshly did not have the benefit of the warning he gave us, and their normal human tendencies to place trust in their leaders might account for a lot of the 'apathy' that let things get much worse for them. We on the other hand know better by benefit of being warned, desired change, and it looks like it is happening. Only the stupidly warlike and apathetic type of Americans Titor so despised when he first got here could still cause Titor's prediction of global nuclear war to come true, and while there are still plenty of them, we have proven ourselves smart enough as a nation to abandon hate and fear as motivators and instead seek something greater and more noble for our country.
You should still pay attention to whatever new evidence arises and keep your mind open to it, but don't be swayed by the arguments of lightweight right-wing loudmouths who will claim the story a hoax because they are speaking from superficiality and ignorance - and they would be among the Americans that Titor detested for their complacency, apathy, and willingness to accept the status quo. There are still many of them and they would drag us down with them if they could. But we are better than that, America is better than that, we are not driven toward nuclear war like so many lemmings headed toward a cliff so long as we remain aware that WE create the world we live in. That we have the ability to guide the outcome of our worldline explains how we can have free will and is perhaps the most important message Titor gave us.
From http://www.johntitor.strategicbrains.com/

The ATS John Titor Project
Archiving the history of comments and statements made by John Titor
Topical breakdown of topics from the material in the main archive.
John Titor On Time Travel And The Cosmos
02 November 2000 - 01:16. Grandfather paradox: Suppose you could go back in time, lets say several decades and found your grandfather when he was two years old. In his house you could grab a knife and stab him to death. He doesn't get the chance to have children with your grandmother. Therefore either your mother or father doesn't get born. Your parents can't give birth to you because one of them don't exist. You could never have been born and don't even exist.
But could your grandfather have been killed by someone who doesn't exist? He must have lived through his childhood. This would allow you to exist if this is the case. Seemingly you can go back in time to commit the murder if you are born but then you would never have been born. And so on and so on. This situation is not consistent with itself. It doesn't make sense and can't possibly happen.
A parallel universe might be created when you seem to change the past. Imagine if time itself was just like a tree. The different branches show different ways events could have happened. Every time we decide to do or not to do something time splits. Even if we are not aware we decided something it have affects. Quantum physics reveals a many worlds theory like this. Conclusion: Since this parallel universe is not really your past (despite its first appearance) anything you do there does not affect you. You can prevent a version of yourself from being born because you are not really related to anyone there. They just look very like your family and friends. You are not home! You may be somewhere that looks like the place you live but a different universe in quantum physics is a completely different reality.
By the way… the basics for time travel start at CERN in about a year and end in 2034 with the first "time machine" built by GE. Too bad we can't post pictures or I'd show it to you.

05 November 2000 - 03:29. Pamela: 3.what would happen if you would meet yourself on another world line?
Timetravel_0: It has always surprised me why that concept is so hard for people to imagine and accept. Nothing would happen. The universe would not end and there are no paradox problems that threaten existence. Temporal space-time is made up of every possible quantum state. The Everett Wheeler model is correct. I have met and/or seen myself twice on different world lines. The first was a training mission and the second is now. I was born in 1998 so the other "me" is 2 on this world line. There is a saying where I come from... Every possible thing that can happen or will happen has already happened somewhere.
05 November 2000 - 03:29. Pamela: 4. How is this world line different from your own?
Timetravel_0: For starters.... the fact that I'm here makes it different. I've also noticed little things like news events that happen at different times, football games won by other teams... things like that. I would guess the temporal divergence between this world line and my original is about 1 or 2 percent. Of course, the longer I am here, the larger that divergence becomes from my point of view.
06 November 2000 - 09:04. Yes, you can travel forward in time. No, you do not need an ‘invite’ from the future.
06 November 2000 - 09:04. You do not rewrite history. I can only affect what happens here just as easily as you can.
06 November 2000 -16:43. Getting back to my ‘proper’ universe is tricky but possible. Yes, another jump would take me to a different family.
06 November 2000 - 22:13. Pamela: 2. can you travel to the future as well as the past? My understanding of the machine is the trip is recorded so you can get back to your original time line but what about a future beyond your time line - are you able to access it as well? Or does it have to be open[ed] by a future chrononaunt?
Timetravel_0: Yes, you can travel into the future and it takes less energy than going into the past.
06 November 2000 - 22:13. Pamela: 5. when you go back to the future will we remember you?
Time travel_0: Yes, you will remember me if you want to. World lines do not change that way and I will only become an insignificant part of your history.
07 November 2000 -22:18. (In the same vein, if you just happened to arrive at “the year 2000” a fraction of a second in my past, or future would I ever know that you just 'landed soon by’?)
No "you" would not. But the "you" on that world line would.
07 November 2000 - 22:18. (In other words, what makes this time line be 'now' at any given moment versus being any other time. We exist as A point on a time LINE, what is it that defines that point?)
It is believed there are some sort of measurable quantum differences in world lines. I am not an expert on that so I can offer little information.
17 November 2000 - 09:34. It is thought that being close to a gravitational field has a biological effect on all matter including cells. The effect is to slow the movement of electrons in the orbits of their nucleus which thus slows the mechanical and biological functions of the observer close to the gravity. Thus the passing of time is a local phenomenon depending on how close you are to a gravitational source. This is one example of a theory involving "time shells" progressing in size and intensity around a gravitational point from all matter. The more massive the object, the larger and more influential the time shells around it (like an onion)…
21 December 2000 -10:59. In a Universe made up of infinite worldliness (superuniverse), everything is possible and has a 100% probability, therefore no paradoxes.
30 December 2000 -10:28. I’m pretty sure they have a number of experiments going on at the same time at CERN. The one I’m referring to involves very high energies using protons. From my historical perspective on my worldline, I do recall the issue was a point of contention about 18 months ago or so. There were some scientists who thought the experiments were too dangerous to try. The time travel I refer to does not require faster than light travel and due to multiple world ‘reality’, paradoxes do not occur. Natural time machines do exist.
30 December 2000 -11:47. (If parallel universes do exist, did they all start simultaneously? I mean, let's assume that the universe originated from a singularity. Were there any parallel universes at that point? That would not be very logical and it would also imply that there is a parallel universe in which our universe never existed.)
30 December 2000 -11:47. It is thought that the event called the ‘Big Bang’ was the start of not only this worldline or universe but all worldlines and all universes that make up the superuniverse. It is also thought that the superuniverse can be imagined as an expanding sphere with the big bang in the center. Individual worldliness (or timelines as you call them) can be imagined as lines originating at the center and ‘trending’ toward spiraling around the sphere until they reach the edge. The individual worldlines expand in length and widen as you follow them from the center.
Each individual ‘moment’ or ‘event’ on a world line has infinite possibilities or outcomes. Imagine this as a single point with infinite lines shooting away from it, which in turn are made up of points with their own possibilities and outcomes. Now, remember, these individual worldliness with all these points and possibilities are defined by their ability to hold there inhabitants to timelike trips only (no faster than light travel).
30 December 2000 -11:47. Now consider the reality of a spinning or electrified black hole (Kerr). Penrose diagrams of these oddities show mathematically that you can make simulated spacelike trips (faster than light) through the singularity without being destroyed. In order to do this without wiping out most modern physical laws, you must travel to an alternate worldline or universe. Therefore, if multiple worldlines exist, infinite worldlines exist.
30 December 2000 -11:47. If all this isn’t enough to get your head spinning here are some issues we’re dealing with in 2036.
1 Did your worldline (D) exist at all before I got here from (C)? (personally I don’t see how it couldn’t)
2 What happens at the end of a worldine at the edge of the superuniverse?
3 If there are infinite worldlines and infinite possibilities and an edge to the superuniverse, doesn’t that mean occurring events on worldliness are staggered as they reach the edge? (time could end at any moment without warning)
30 December 2000 -11:47. In trying to imagine a superuniverse with infinite possibilities and worldlines, I think of a room with mirrors on all the walls. You are aware of your captivity but as you look in the distance, you see an infinite number of ‘yous’ in an infinite number of mirrored rooms. The gravity distortion machine allows you to ‘step’ out of your room and into another next to you. The closer you are to your original room, the closer it looks like yours, the farther away, the stranger it looks to you.
06 January 2001- 13:10. A great deal of the theoretical mathematics behind time travel was discovered by testing various ideas in string theory and eliminating the anomalies. As I recall, it was this original work that led to the final proof that six dimensions do indeed curl up to give us our observable universe. This in turn supported more of the theoretical math behind time travel etc. It’s ironic that the beauty of string theory gives future engineers the confidence to create the distortion unit even though the final proof is still unknown. You’re a physics student, have you ever heard the Princeton String Quartet play?
15 January 2001- 13:36. (The artificial singularity you travel with, you say it forms a local gravity field. Does it physically reduce the size of nearby objects during operation? And if so by how much? )
Actually, there are 2 singularities in the unit. The gravity field is manipulated by three factors that affect it in distinct ways. Adding electric charge to the singularities increases the diameter of the inner event horizons. Adding mass to the singularities increases the area of gravitational influence around the singularities. Rotating and positioning the polar axis of the singularities affects and alters the gravity sinusoid. The effects of the gravity produced by the unit do not have enough time to significantly alter physical objects within a reasonable distance from the outside of the sinusoid. No, things do not get smaller.
15 January 2001- 13:36. (If the electron injection system alters the shape of the field, would that not force the unit to accelerate through space as well as time?)
There is no relative movement in space due to three main factors. Large, kinetic energy inducing effects of the gravity field are compensated for by the interaction of the singularities. The mass of the unit and any objects inside the sinusoid do not exhibit any huge increases on the departure worldline during travel. The observed path of the traveler is obtained by changing the gravity, not by moving the vehicle. The black hole comes to you.
15 January 2001-13:36. (The question is define "time")
To me, time has two definitions. I see time as a mathematical component of a 10 dimensional super universe. It is a variable I use to define my location and existence. I also see time as a metaphysical compromise our senses use to define the area of collective existence God has placed us in. When I can measure and sense time, I know I am not with God.
09 January 2001- 09:28. (How is it possible to send a message through Time?)
Unless the information physically travels with the person, not that I'm aware of.
10 January 2001-23:10. (You said 6 curled up dimensions. The current theory suggests that there should be at least 7 curled up dimensions.)
I may be mistaken but I thought it was pretty well established now that (N -10) was on track.
15 January 2001-12:04. (What is a WORLDLINE?)
Individual worldlines represent the limits and paths physical objects take through space-time under the laws of special relativity. They can be shown graphically on an x-y graph with x representing distance in space and y representing passing of time. In time travel talk, worldlines are used as a way to describe and separate the experiences of a time traveler because various laws of special relativity appear to break down and can’t be defined on a single worldline. Worldline has also become synonymous with "alternate universe" and/or "time line".
26 January 2001-13:32. (Is it physically possible for you to get back to THIS time line once you leave?)
Not with the unit I have.
26 January 2001-13:32. (If all 7 Billion of us here each had our own time machine do you think that would we would end up trashing the rest of the local worldlines?)
Since everything is already happening and possible on different worldlines, the answer is yes and no.
26 January 2001-13:32. (Someone correct me where I'm wrong here but as I understand it, these Parallel Universes or Alternative Timelines are "created" by events in our own, (timelines) or even in others.)
Parallel universes exist independently of each other and only interact to avoid the collapse of the wave function for any given particle that you are looking at. I like to imagine it as a series of parallel lines crossed by a sine wave. Each point on the sine wave where a line crosses it represents an alternate outcome. The multiple ‘yous�’on each worldline record a different result for the activity of the event.
26 January 2001-13:32. (Actually, in science, "Multiverse" theory is something that has NEVER been proven. For lack of evidence. It crops up from time to time as a way to explain certain SEEMING paradoxes like the EPR double slit experiment with polarized light. But then, just because it can be used to explain something doesn't mean it is so.)
I agree with you that an explanation doesn’t make it so. However you can build a model to describe physical behavior. Even if the model is not complete, its ‘truth’ can be measured by how well it predicts the behavior it describes.
26 January 2001-13:32. I believe the closest non-related evidence for multiple universes right now comes from the physics (derived from special relativity) of rotating (Kerr) black holes. If you examine a typical Penrose map, science agrees that you can travel to ‘other universes’ through these cosmic oddities. They can’t be different places in our own universe because you would have to violate the speed of light limit to get there.
Since the existence of multiple universes is a reality from my viewpoint, please allow me to disclose an idea we toss around a bit in 2036. Since all possibilities, outcomes and events are occurring and exist simultaneously, it would mean there are multiple universes out there where ‘you’ are living a day behind and a day ahead of the ‘you’ on this universe. There are some who believe that memory is some sort of information transfer or communication with the ‘yous’ in the past, across worldlines or universes. Although this is seemingly quite ridiculous, if you think that could be true, then physics tells us that the same information transfer from our future selves on other worldlines is not only possible but certain.
Could it be that fantasy or ‘what if’ scenarios are actually future memory from an alternate ‘us’ on a future worldline? According to physics, there is no reason why this cannot be true although I probably fall a little closer to DiViper’s feelings about this as he does on multiple universes.
01/26/01 09:21pm: (So, it would seem to me that your "mission" to go back in time to help your society in the future seems rather illogical, because in fact you cannot help them without the ability to make, what you termed a "ZD", a zero divergence trip.)
The reality of infinite possibilities is rather difficult to get a grip on and if it were not for the math, I would delegate it to the realm of religion. I like to think of it as standing in a room with mirrors on all the walls. I can look to my right and left and see many ‘mes’ all doing exactly the same thing. If we all took a step to our right and passed through a dimensional doorway to the next mirrored room, it would be very difficult to tell if anything had changed. In that sense, there are an infinite number of worldlines waiting for me to return with the computer. If I can get to one of them, I have completed my mission.
From http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread62068/pg1
05 November 2000 - 03:29 (about time travel) Pamela: by the way, can you tell me what it feels like to time travel? when you are in the process of doing it what does it feel like and what do you see and hear. you made mention that you had to get use to the fields. Do you see a bright flash of light?
Timetravel_0: Interesting first question. The unit has a ramp up time after the destination coordinates are fed into the computers. An audible alarm and a small light start a short countdown at which point you should be secured in a seat. The gravity field generated by the unit overtakes you very quickly. You feel a tug toward the unit similar to rising quickly in an elevator and it continues to rise based on the power setting the unit is working under. At 100% power, the constant pull of gravity can be as high as 2 Gs or more depending on how close you are to the unit. There are no serious side effects but I try to avoid eating before a flight.
No bright flash of light is seen. Outside, the vehicle appears to accelerate as the light is bent around it. We have to wear sunglasses or close our eyes as this happens due to a short burst of ultraviolet radiation. Personally I think it looks like you’re driving under a rainbow. After that, it appears to fade to black and remains totally black until the unit is turned off. We are advised to keep the windows closed as a great deal of heat builds up outside the car. The gravity field also traps a small air pocket around the car that acts as your only O2 supply unless you bring compressed air with you. This pocket will only last for a short period and a carbon sensor tells us when it's too dangerous. The C204 unit is accurate from 50 to 60 years a jump and travels at about 10 years an hour at 100% power. You do hear a slight hum as the unit operates and when the power changes or the unit turns off. There is a great deal of electrical crackling noise from static electricity.
05 November 2000 - 03:29. Pamela: what are some of your memories of 2036?
Timetravel_0: I remember 2036 very clearly. It is difficult to describe 2036 in detail without spending a great deal of time explaining why things are so different. In 2036, I live in central Florida with my family and I'm currently stationed at an Army base in Tampa . A world war in 2015 killed nearly three billion people. The people that survived grew closer together. Life is centered around the family and then the community. I can not imagine living even a few hundred miles away from my parents.
There is no large industrial complex creating masses of useless food and recreational items. Food and livestock is grown and sold locally. People spend much more time reading and talking together face to face. Religion is taken seriously and everyone can multiple and divide in the heads…
05 November 2000 - 03:29. Pamela: are you able to control where you go or is it random?
Timetravel_0: Yes, it can be controlled. However, the distortion unit has operational limits. Imagine your path through time is through a cone. The farther away from the center of the cone, the more differences you will see in the world line. The C204 begins to "break away" at about 60 years. This means the level of confidence drops rapidly after 60 years of travel and the world line divergence increases. In other words, if I wanted to go back 2000 years and meet Christ, there is a better than average chance I would end up on a world line where he was never born.
The computer units and gravity sensors "record" your trip and you are quite easily able to return to your point of origin. I am aware that research is being done on faster units with more accurate clocks. I imagine that they will be able to go back farther with a higher degree of divergence confidence…
05 November 2000 03:29 (about time travel) 10
Pamela: 9.Are you able to go back to your own world line?
Timetravel_0: Yes.

05 November 2000 03:29 (about time travel) 11
Pamela: 10.how are you protecting yourself from radiation? it alters DNA if you dont.
Timetravel_0: I'm not sure what radiation you mean. If you mean from the unit, you can see it vents X-rays and Gamma radiation out of the rear. As long as you stay away from that, you should be okay. I keep a radiation detector with me to check my environment and make sure the unit isn't "leaking".

05 November 2000 03:29 (about time travel) 12
Pamela: 11.How long would you say that ultraviolet radiation lasts? about 10 seconds? and when you are in that light can you see anything around you or does the light kind of "fill up" everything and that is all you can see at the time?
Timetravel_0: The light bending only lasts a second. Its like driving under a tunnel and being in total black.

05 November 2000 - 03:29. Pamela: Do your people know where you are right now? Can you communicate with them? do you have a biological implant?
Timetravel_0: No. They do not know where I am and I can not communicate with them. Interesting idea though. From their point of view, I will return almost exactly at the same moment I left. From their viewpoint, I will only have aged more than expected.
05 November 2000 03:29. Pamela: after the flash of light is gone are you then in another time? what does it look like as the new time unfolds? Is it just there? or does it slowly come into view? does it fade in and out for a time?
Timetravel_0: While the machine is on. Everything is black. When the machine is turned off, it is the reverse affect. It appears you are driving out from a bridge. To tell you the truth, I'm usually sleeping when the unit turns off but yes... it does appear that the world fades in from black.
05 November 2000 - 03:29. Pamela: what happens if the device messes up? Do you end up in space? if it goes offline and shifts ? does a hole open elsewhere?
Timetravel_0: Good question!!! That one almost never comes up. The hard part of traveling through time is not the bending of gravity but the plotting of your course and holding to the basic "position" in your environment. This is done through a system called VGL (variable gravity lock). Basically, the unit takes a reading of the local gravity and samples it during the "trip" in pulses. If the gravity is too far off, the unit stops or reverses itself to the last sample period where the readings were correct. If there is some sort of failure, the unit shuts down and drops out to where ever you may be.
05 November 2000 - 03:29. Pamela: what affects are caused on the immediate area where the gravity has been distorted after you leave it and when you arrive? are there permanent effects left on the land such as electromagnetic disturbances in that area?
Timetravel_0: Another good question!!! The only real physical trace is a large chunk of ground missing from the point of origin and a large pile of dirt at the destination. The gravity field surrounds a small portion of the earth under you and takes it along for the ride. There is really no way around this…
06 November 2000 - 09:08. No, the ice caps are not melting any faster than they are now. There is also far less smog and industrial waste in 2036.
06 November 2000 -16:43.
You asked about the North Polar ice pack. I never said the environment wasn't a problem. Doesn't water expand when it freezes? If the polar ice cap melted, wouldn't sea level go down? I don't know if there's enough ice for this to make a difference and I'm not an expert on global warming.
06 November 2000 -16:43. Cement block - good question. The hard part of traveling to other world lines is just that. There is a system of clocks and gravity sensors that sample the environment before dropping out. It’s called VGL, (variable gravity lock). If a cement block were there, the machine would ‘backtrack’ until it sensed relative congruity to the original gravity sample. A great deal of time and effort goes into picking just the right spot since you can not physically move during a displacement.
06 November 2000 -22:13. Pamela: can you explain to me in detail the basic physics and mathematics behind how the machine operates? and exactly how it distorts gravity.
Timetravel_0: 1) Time travel is achieved by altering gravity. This concept is already proven by atomic clock experiments. The closer an observer is to a gravity source (high mass), the slower time passes for them. Traveling at high speeds mimics this effect which = the twin paradox of faster than light travel. However, this type of gravity manipulation is not sufficient to alter your world line.
The basic math to alter world lines exists right now. Tipler first described a working "time machine" through his theory of massive rotating spheres… Certain types of black holes also exhibit the "time travel" abilities of Tipler cylinders. Kerr was one of the first to describe the dual event horizons of a rotating black hole. As with Tipler's cylinders, it was possible to travel on a "time-like" trip through a Kerr black hole and end up in a different world line without being squished by the gravity of the singularity…
The mass and gravitational field of a microsingularity can then be manipulated by "injecting" electrons onto its surface. By rotating two electric microsigularities at high speed, it is possible to create and modify a local gravity sinusoid that replicates the affects of a Kerr black hole. For those asking how come a microsingularity doesn't swallow the Earth or want to know details about the size, stability, mass, temperature and resulting Hawking radiation from such a thing… those details I must keep to myself…
07 November 2000 -17:18. I would equate the "future" GM distortion units to their current jet engines. The first one worked great but they can always make it better. The C204 unit uses 4 cesium clocks. The C206 uses 6 cesium clocks but they use an optical system to check the oscillation frequency. This makes the world line divergence confidence much higher.
From http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread61544/pg1
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  1. Now that we are on the cusp of 2012 a bit of hindsight is in order.

    Obama has done nothing to water down the Bush agenda. TARP under Bush was doubled down with Stimulus and Quantitative Easing. Gitmo remains open. The patriot act is not only alive and well but strengthened thanks to Obama. There is the current NDAA that would give the standing president power to assassinate or incarcerate any citizen he deems a terrorist under his own review, not the due process we are guaranteed in our bill of rights. Also in the NDAA, the standing president is given a pass and can initiate military action anywhere in the world, including the US since the US would be re-designated as a battlefield. It hasn't been signed into law yet, but I am still anxious about it. On to other things. Obama retracted our forces from Iraq under BUSH'S timetable. The Bush tax cuts remain. Heck this guy has tried to associate himself with the great presidents in history such as Abraham Lincoln (getting sworn in with the same bible....ect).

    There is civil unrest in the form of the TEA party and the Occupy movement. Gun and ammo sales have been at a record pace since the guy took office. That in and of itself makes the whole "you don't need a gun, just be familiar with them. When you need one there will be plenty to go around" statement to a whole new level.

    And lastly, both sides are driving the wedge deeper to consolidate their own power. Let's get away from the whole right wing terrorism thing for a sec and analyze what's being said on both sides of the isle for once. Take a look at the current political environment with as little bias as you are capable and try and tell me different.

    If Titor were real and this were our possible future then it's looking like instead of the long ramp up it's going to spool up rather quickly.

  2. I don't think "Right Wingers" have renewed the NDAA. Obama has. The Libertarians have been for GUN Rights, JUST READ John Titor's story! >nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/
    So why don't you call John Titor a "Radical Right Winger"? John talks about an out of control Government. The American Federal Empire. Well what do you call a Nation that Ignores the will of the people, about Illegal Immigration, Gun Rights, and Out of Control Spending? Nexis you are nothing more than a cheap Commie Psy-op!

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  5. I think that John Titor was another Hidden Hand and Family Insider who was using a sci-fi premise to tell us what would happen as well as what could posibly happen. Some of what he said is in line with the elite's goals such as population reduction.

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