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Saturday 5 December 2009

Simplistic Thinking: Comfortably Numb Delusions

Simplistic Thinking
Comfortably Numb Delusions

 The 'fact' that high levels of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere have, in the past, followed episodes of global warming, rather than preceded them, is a point often seized upon by climate change deniers and skeptics to justify their position that the world isn’t really heating up, and if it is, then humankind is not to blame.@

These false notions only thrive if you ignore some important facts - that CO2 is, in fact, a greenhouse gas, and that humans in the prehistoric past didn’t dig up and burn the planet’s copious supplies of fossil fuels anywhere near as quickly as we have over the last century. The unduly stubborn idea that we can continue spewing poisons into our own lungs indefinitely represents a failure to comprehend the unfortunate reality that careless tinkering with intricate mechanisms usually leads to bad results.

Only blithering idiots would want to keep spewing toxins into our air or experiment with chemical ‘solutions’ to the problem of Earth’s overloaded thermostat, believing, like powder junkie addicts, that a further fix of chemicals will dissolve all their problems.

Whether co-opted by totalitarian power mongers (the coil, oil and nuclear industrialists who also created and control the world’s toxic chemical and pharmaceutical industries, who hold the world to ransom while they laugh all the way to the banks which they own at our expense) or just blissfully ignorant ignoramuses, populations and politicians alike have failed to recognise the problems we have made for ourselves, much less deal with them.

That we can create a vibrant, free and just global civilization using clean green methods of power production is seen as a side issue, when it is, in fact, the real point. Even if all our current explosively-minded, steam age-derived notions of technological advancement weren’t trashing the planetary ecosystem – and they are, as most of us surely realise by now – why on Earth would we want to continue putting toxic, pollution-spewing compounds into our lungs, bloodstreams and organs when there are much better ways of creating luxurious lifestyles for everyone on the planet?

Why would we want to continue using the unsafe tools of fossilised fools and their nuclear powered water-boiling steam engines (which is all nuclear power plants actually are)? Doing so actually means dusting much of the world with radioactive munitions which will poison our air, land and waters for billions of years – the greatest unrecognised war crime in all human history, created and sold to heartless military supremos by the same bunch of industrious amoral vandals.

Consciousness and unexamined motives are the real sources of all our apparent dilemmas. Why are more people starving today than before the much lauded ‘green revolution’? Why are more people sicker and poorer than ever? Why does almost everyone have less time in which to enjoy their lives (and examine their inner natures and potentials) than they did during the war-torn years of the Twentieth Century? Why are inequity and injustice so entrenched that the Land of the Free has more than one in a hundred of its citizens behind bars? How can confidence tricksters rule the roost, fooling generations of suitable tied-down grey men and poisoned manual labourers?

Because hardly anyone stops what they’re doing long enough to ask why they’re doing it, and some people can’t be satisfied until they ‘own’ all they survey. Many want to believe they are intrinsically better than everyone else. So-called upper castes and classes have to keep everyone else down and depressed in order to elevate themselves, in their minds, to the position they believe they deserve. All ruling dynasties lord it over the ‘masses’, whom they fear and despise as though they were another species entirely, grafted onto the freedom-loving playful spirits of humankind. Most people maintain a little reservoir of this holier-than-thou mentality as a concomitant result of simple self esteem, but others are so insecure they have developed far more complex notions of superiority.

This is why it’s proving so difficult to enact sane legislation to clean up the planet. This is why we don’t yet have clean energy sources. This is why it has proven extraordinarily difficult to spread world of the reality of FREE ENERGY principles and devices, many of which have been patented and proven to work for decades, regardless of what your science teacher or the ‘scientific’ media tell you #. Specialisation is a blinding curse that smites those who spend their lives incarcerated in crusty confining academic institutions, and you can’t really blame most half-blinded scientists, technologists, historians or other serfs for helping to maintain the status quo; they have no idea of the truth or reality.

This is why you will never be allowed to build or own most free energy devices or a flying car or flying saucer; not because the technology is hard to understand or difficult to (re)produce, but because the one-eyed potentates of the world believe that they own ‘their’ populations of workers and consumers, and they certainly don’t want their wage slaves to become capable of becoming independent of their machinations – or crossing the borders of their imaginary nations at will. In fact, freedom of movement has been moving in the opposite direction for decades, ever since passports were first introduced over the last century.

Many who have stumbled upon the incontrovertible fact that flying discs were developed a century ago and perfected by NAZI Germany * believe that humankind was the first species to create these technologies, when there are, in fact, a multitude of sources of saucers. We live in an infinite universe in an infinite multiverse, but the implications of this startling reality – proven by quantum mechanics and the ‘simple’ fact of extradimensional geometry + - are too overwhelming for many to contemplate.

The real problem facing us all is that the world will not simply end in 2012 or any time terribly soon, and we all have to learn how to live together – and with our selves. We have to clean up our mess and stop filthying our nest before we can progress, or even live sane decent lives. We hairless apes have to replant entire continents with forests, and learn how to be the Water Bearers of the oncoming Aquarian Age. We have to come of Age.

And it all begins with self examination. Where are you sitting right now? Who are you, what are you, really?

by R.Ayana

@ This assertion has recently been disproved

+ See Infinity and Beyond

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