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Wednesday 31 May 2006

Belief Is Destiny: Life Is Diversity

Belief Is Destiny
Life Is Diversity


To change reality – destiny – we need a number of options and choices. The universe is not a clockwork motor and our beliefs are not written on stone; our world is always changing, shifting sands beneath our feet sailing through a maelstrom that separates fire from ice.
          This is the time of greatest potential in human history, when we are awash with extraordinary possibilities in which many of the dearest wishes and most fertile dreams of our ancestors have already borne fruit. This is a time when most who read this live in a manner beyond the aspirations – or conceptions -of all the emperors and empresses of antiquity, in which we have literally become godlike – in a blind and puny fashion, with little collective vision for the positive uses of such power. Are we too busy to consider what we can do together in coming generations or is it time to get together in a new form of global hegemony - and to fail to repeat the forgotten lessons of a brutal history? Can we all learn to tolerate, accept and like each other? 

Of course we can – if we want to. If we believe we can - and we recognise the mistaken judgements of our forebears that still burden us with stupid and outmoded messages and programs. 


How do we turn ourselves from grubs to butterflies and keep the evolving planet beautiful and healthy in the process?  
          Most people are eager to do something constructive to change their world and many are exploring alternative ways to live. Compared with the lives of our grandparents, almost all of us have already carved new realities out of old misconceptions. To change track in the human reality tunnel, we create and accept new divergent viewpoints and encourage today’s children to run free. Brick in the wall hypnotic drudgery training centers that masquerade as schools have nothing to do with education and only maintain the current course of the Titanic , the illusion of progress. We need to stop working too hard and start playing and learning with our children while they are children. We need to realise that we’re all children playing childish games together at the barbaric dawn of what will one day be a true civilization comprised of self-aware – and therefore responsible – beings. 

Humans are not that responsible yet. We’re all innocents dabbling at self-creation. To be aware means being aware of the programs and motives that govern our thoughts, words and actions. The destruction of our environment by agriculture and industry is only one obvious result of the blinkers we firmly clamp to the eyes of our children, ourselves. 

          It’s heartening to see all the changes for the better that foresighted individuals and groups have made in the last four decades, alerting responsive societies to dire threats and they, in turn, forced their governments and industrialists to address many of them.  We’re beginning to understand the reality of being primates on a finite ball spinning through timespace. We’ve begun to stop cutting down the trees that birth us. We’ve begun to change our wasteful ways. But the best is yet to come and we all have a long way to go. We’re still no more responsible as a species – it’s just that we’ve finally realised that we’re running out of choices. We have to change our lifestyles and our beliefs. We’ve left it so long it’s hard to kid ourselves for much longer. 

          The time’s here again to explore and nourish new ideas and lives; we know where the old ways will lead us - and it’s not very pretty. Alternatives are what freedom (and democracy for that matter) is all about. Is your life is an exploration of alternatives to the post-industrial nuclear family suburban nightmare? Or are you more comfortable with toxic clothes, food, air, water and houses, living active half-lives with an exhausted accomplice, hopelessly trying to do what dad and mum couldn’t? It’s impossible to be a whole being or family under the sickening  social and personal conditions most people willingly consent to arrange themselves around - and screens and climate control are no substitute for LIFE.  Neither is mindless wage-slavery, nor borrowing from the future to pay for today’s dubious wants. 

          The belief systems and religions that drive our cultures have become obsolete and have led us to this impasse. What we do depends on what we believe. What we believe is up to us, but largely depends on what we encounter as children. The myths that program and direct our cultures are those we’re taught before we can speak for ourselves. They’re all we have to fall back on in new and unknown times or times of stress – the domesticated primate default settings. 

          What were you exposed to as a child? What did your parents believe? Can your beliefs evolve, or are they immutably rooted in that past vision of reality? Do you believe that humans have ‘dominion’ over all other life-forms on planet Earth? Do you believe the world must be destroyed before an all-powerful God can return, or that some races are fitter to rule than others? You’re welcome to your opinion. 

          What new myths can steer us to a happier, healthier future? It’s time to forget those primitive ones forged of deserts, blood and bone. A religion is a region with a li(e) in it and politicians aren’t the only ones who lie whenever they move their lips. Priests have been doing it for much longer. 

          Diversity is paramount if life is to flourish. A thriving diversity of genes, memes, opinions and ideas keeps us alive and growing as a species. A diversity of differing species makes the world more pleasant and stable and the interpenetrating interweaving of their utterly different perspectives holds our world together. But many old tracts and tales are downright pernicious and lethal to harmony and global well-being. 

          What we know doesn’t cause us to act – it’s what we believe. And belief is for the blind and the lost. Self-aware beings recognise belief as superfluous – they understand that they are responsible and that all externalised gods and goddesses become demons in the end. 

          Can you imagine a better way to live?

 - R. Ayana
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Tuesday 30 May 2006

Water Power

Water Power 


“I’ve been following your ‘Fire from Water’ series on the New Illuminati website,” the High Elf tells him. “It’s very interesting. Brown’s gas could really save the planet, couldn’t it? Is Yull Brown still alive?”

“No,” Ram’yana replies. “He died a couple of years ago. But his equipment’s still available. There are links on the site – and at RamPage.”

“Speaking of the Web - have you seen that clip showing the motor that continues to run after the fuel supply’s removed?”

“Aye - you’re talking about the ‘Joe Cell’, aren’t you?”

“That’s it,” says Mech, “That’s the one. It’s powered by Orgone, isn’t it?”

“Orgone, prana, chi, the Odic current, the zero-point quantum foam, the living luminiferous aether…”

“We just watched the clip - when one sceptical investigating scientist leans forward and puts his hands on the body of the car, the motor stops instantly,” Mech observes, smoothing his moustaches with calloused fingertips that emerge from fingerless woollen gloves. “It’s all a matter of belief,” the shaman replies. “The matrix of the mind and will must be tuned to the task…”

“As with alchemy,” the High Elf draws the sublime connexion as he lights a slim smoke. “Precisely,” Ram agrees. “And when working with subtle energy systems that are part of consciousness itself, the belief that something will not work is still a belief – one that will collapse ‘quantum’ reality into the direction of its focus. A so-called modern sceptic will program reality to accept their version of it just as easily as a visionary – particularly one who places their hands on such highly tuned consciousness-sensitive equipment.”

“‘So called’?” Mech inclines his bearded face amid rings of lambent rainbow light.

“A true sceptic has no preconceived belief or disbelief,” the shaman informs him, “and approaches every thing or event with an open mind.” A group of runners races down the centre of the main street, following a flaming torch toward the park. “The world is malleable mindstuff that’s programmed by our beliefs – and our disbelief.”

“There are some reports that people have become ill handling the Joe Cell,” High Elf observes quizzically as an endless stream of festive partygoers parts around the inviolable island of their arcane conversation.

“There are similar problems with many of the original Orgone technologies as well,” Ramses explains. “Reich learned that the build-up of concomitant energies can be lethal – not just from the radiological effects produced by his infamous Oranur experiment, but by careless use of the basic equipment; it builds up powerful charges.”
Mech rubs his hands together. “Electrical charges?” High Elf shakes his hat as Ram’yana answers his companion’s question. “No – do you know about D.O.R.?”
Mech’s woollen beanie bobs up and down. “Deadly Orgone Radiation?”
“Aye. It can condense around the older equipment. It’s not wise to touch the metal casing of a standard Cloudbuster while it’s working; even while it channels and condenses Orgone the material substance of the apparatus accretes a concomitant anti-life charge that stays anchored to it – and can discharge into you.” Ram’yana watches images of the reality he describes projecting into the dimensional spaces between the tripping trio, triangulated in the centre of their small concentrating circle as laughing festival goers flow around them on the concrete footpath. “Can the Joe Cell casing be grounded?” Mech perseveres.
“It’s possible to earth the DOR – but you can’t easily shield the cell from the matrix of belief itself; consciousness pours through everything. To do that you need to build a new matrix of aware beings who are interested enough to maintain their focus on the shared vision. That’s what’s happening - or beginning to happen - here and now in the New Millennium.”
“What about the new Orgone technology?” High Elf asks as his eyes lift to the rising moon. In answer, Ram takes his recently acquired tower crystal from his pocket and hands it to Mech, who squints at the solid state orgone accumulator. “Beeswax?” he asks while the shaman lights up a smoke and passes it to the Elf. “No - organic resin.”
“I’ve been working with beeswax. It’s easier, with the applications I need it for.” They’re conversation is shielded by a cloud of fragrant smoke as a group of riot police passes and dark glasses flash in their direction. They smile at the uniformed plodders and the wall of blue passes on, in search of more interesting victims. “Good idea,” Ram’yana observes.
“So do you think the Joe Cell’s worthwhile? Does it work?” asks High Elf as he passes the spliff to his friend. “Oh, it works all right; there’s no problem there. If you want to have a tormented life of painful disappointments and reversals, try to make it work now.” The shaman smiles at his companions as the Elf examines the tower crystal. “What do you mean?” Mech asks with a troubled expression as he exhales a stream of smoke.
Ram’yana accepts the returning joint. “It’s like this,” he says as colours spread and mingle in the oncoming night and waves of seemingly random impulses and emotions pass through his body-mind. “If you treat the working technology as a proof of concept there’s no problem. You can use the concept as a working model from which you can proceed. But truly proceeding further may imply dispensing with the material equipment altogether – and Orgone technology simply won’t be allowed to come to fruition yet,” h adds, belatedly remembering the original question.
“Not allowed?” Mech is outraged. “Why not? You mean because of the powers that be – vested interests?”
“Only partly – invested interests and corporate clowns are only the faceless masks worn by the current crop of Humanity’s punishers, levellers and straighteners. The old kings and queens and emperors were even worse… This is a primitive civilization of barbarians who are trained to avoid self examination.” 
Ram is on a roll and the other men stand and stare as the words pour from his hirsute lips. “Without self-examination humans fall to the default setting of biological imperatives – reactive fear and the illusion of protection in the known. Such a society is not only unready for most of the new scientific concepts and technologies, it actively destroys those change-agents attempting to bring them to manifestation.” The Centraxian shaman prince’s companions nod their agreement and he continues after a deep draw on the circulating number. 
“You may have heard the saying – ‘you don’t get steam engines until it’s steam engine time’. And I’m sorry to say it’s still steam engine time. Few notice the fact, but even nuclear reactors are just water boiling steam engines. Almost all the functional backbone of our day-to-day technology is at least half a century old and the concepts go back at least a century more.

“If you want a lot of hassles, try to make Orgone work in such a totally controlled and backward society. Or pursue, say, cold fusion.”

Continues at - http://centraxis.blogspot.com/2008/09/water-power-psychedelic-water-11-rams.html - BE AWARE - implicate & xplicit concepts & images!

Geoff Moxham & Yull Brown

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Tuesday 23 May 2006

Fire From Water Part 5

Fire From Water

Part 5 



Everything we need to create a paradise on Earth has already been developed. Technologies, techniques and concepts that can free humanity from the feudal cycle in which it is still mired have been systematically suppressed, ridiculed and ignored by corporations and the public. Vested, tied and suited interests have actively destroyed and hidden advanced ideas (and researchers) deemed to be a threat to their control of society and its economy for more than a century. This is business as usual, not some strange conspiracy. 

The use of hydrogen as a fuel has often been considered our best chance for stopping industry’s fossil fuel fix and a solution to the greenhouse effect and climatic disaster. Hydrogen is literally the most plentiful element in the universe and burns more cleanly than fossil fuels, producing more energy per kilogram and resulting in better engine wear. It creates atmospheric pollution when burned with air, but at an order of magnitude lower than the toxins we currently explode to run our primitive vehicles – whose basic designs, like much of our ‘current day’ technology,  date from the 19th century. 

     The extraordinary gas derived from water by the late Yull Brown, however, produces only charged water vapour as waste when imploded without the addition of air. 

         Tests by Electronics Australia magazine found that a standard internal combustion engine needs little modification to accept Brown’s oxygen/hydrogen mix. The carburetor is simply replaced with a throttle valve and pressure reducer while the engine is re-timed to handle the gas’ higher flame front speed. Electronics Australia researchers found that engines using Brown’s gas have an output about 8% higher than with a ‘normal’ petrol/air mix. 

         “There is also a worthwhile improvement in engine life as the only product of combustion is water vapour,” they reported twenty years ago. “There is no carbon build-up on plugs or valves and no corrosion of the exhaust manifold or muffler due to acid vapours. 

         “The engine runs cooler and there is no pollution.” 

         In 1985 Roger Billings of Roger Billings Energy Corporation in Missouri USA developed another system to run on hydrogen derived from water. 

         “The petrol engine operates at almost the same efficiency on methane and methanol. But when you convert the engine to run on hydrogen you get a 40% increase in efficiency,” Billings reported. He claimed his Dodge achieved 44 miles per gallon on hydrogen compared to 30 m.p.g. for petrol, and topped 80 m.p.h. 

Yull Browns Gas Free Energy
Here is a working model, mannfactured in Canada

         Automotive and aeronautical designs have evolved to the point where hydrogen vehicles are efficient and competitive. But how can we exchange all our fossil fuel-driven vehicles for hydrogen (or electrical or co-generation) powered alternatives quickly enough to slow – let alone reverse – the greenhouse effect? Massive retooling and restructuring preclude the possibility of truly new vehicles replacing their present counterparts for many years to come. 

         LPG or methane gas conversion, in which existing vehicles are slightly modified, provides a transition away from petrol – but to where? Natural gas supplies are limited and pollute the atmosphere. 

         The gas produced by Yull Brown’s process is a mix of the elements found in water – hydrogen and oxygen. A mixture of tese two gases, normally being highly explosive, is usually considered too dangerous to use. But combined in exactly the same proportion as they are found in water, the gases can be used and stored together with safety. Hydogen and oxygen can be separated from water in a proportion which ensures total combustion of the Brown’s gas and requires no regulators for the blending process. What’s more, used in an implosive system their by-product is pure water vapour – engines powered by Brown’s gas can do the job of the trees our civilization has supplanted by pumping clean water vapour into the atmosphere on a massive scale. 

         “It is more than 50% likely the world will be using hydrogen as fuel – cars and planes are possible applications,” said Professor John Bockris, a hydrogen fuels specialist with the University of Texas. 

         “If we do use hydrogen, Mr Brown will emerge as a leader in his field.” 

         By using the mix of hydrogen and oxygen now available with Brown’s system existing vehicles can be converted to run on water. Yull Brown converted cars including a Holden and Mazda to run on tap water and bench-tested many internal combustion engines with Brown’s gas as fuel. The gas can be produced in the home or factory; it can easily be compressed and even sold at gas stations, or the consumer can produce the gas themselves by supplying only water and electricity. If you have sunlight, tides, waves, wind, running water or a mains power connexion you can produce enough power to generate the gas in your own garage. 

         This technology has been sitting around for decades. Yull Brown attributed his inspiration for water fuel research to his namesake Jules Verne’s 19th century novel, Mysterious Island. In his later years Yull learned that a patent is only of any use if you are prepared to defend it in many courts at enormous cost in time, energy and money. He also developed plans for an emission-free waste disposal unit. This writer has seen his functioning engines, welders and Brown’s gas implosive pumps working on principles using atmospheric pressure that have no moving parts, capable of draining or filling a swimming pool in less than a minute. He also developed highly efficient desalination systems before his death. 

         Alvin R. Crosby of Auckland, New Zealand developed what he claimed to be a similar system derived from Brown’s ideas which he sold internationally. He has pointed to patents taken out by the Hanes Corporation of Phoenix, Nevada (USA) in 1966 and 1967 (Patents 3,262,872 [1966] and 3,310,483 [1967]) that produce a hydrogen/oxygen gas mix as well. He used the gas from the 1970s to run a lawnmower. In 1982 he bought the New Zealand Brown’s gas manufacturing license from Yull Brown (for three years) in an attempt to “quickly bring his H2 plus O2 gas system to the New Zealand public.” These gases, it may be noted, are not stored in the stochiometric proportion found in water claimed for Brown’s gas. 

         “H2 plus O2 gas is produced from more than 50 different machines made around the world, for jewellery soldering,” according to Mr Crosby. 

         “I developed new designs totally departing from anything Brown had put together. My designs incorporated machines producing two to four times the output or Mr Brown’s machines. I designed 100, 200, 600, 2,000, 5,000 and 10,000 litre per hour machines and I spent $NZ1.6 million [in 1980s dollars] doing it.” 

         Crosby cites a figure of 126% efficiency in producing his gas, using some of the latent heat in water molecules to provide the additional 26% in energy return. “You can run a car on water and it runs very well,” he said in 1983. 

         “If we went into the automotive area it would make too many waves. And I’m not prepared to take that risk. The whole subject is very political.” According to Mr Crosby Brown’s gas can be compressed up to 2,000 pounds p.s.i. – making it easy to carry enough fuel aboard a vehicle. Yull Brown stated that conventional LPG bottles can be used for storage. 

         “There is tremendous potential for water powered vehicles and they are the quickest way to halt the greenhouse effect,” Mr Crosby told me in 1989

         “All the engines are out there now – we don’t need to build new technologies. Automotive engines are ideally suited to direct conversion. The optimum, of course, would be to produce the gas directly as you drive… But there are a number of ways in which it can be used. The gas can even be bubbled through and added to petrol, for instance, greatly increasing fuel efficiency. 

         “But the technology for this conversion is fast disappearing as new models of vehicles are doing away with carburetors in favour of fuel injection. This may have been foreseen by techologists.” 

         After two ‘offers’ to shut up shop, Crosby sold his interests in his systems in 1986 to Hydrox International Corporation (formed from the assets of Crosby Energy Systems) and subsequently sold all rights and patents to Peers and Company Merchant Bank of Wall Street. 

         Now, in the Third Millennium, we have all come to realise the need for these technologies if we are to save the planet and ourselves and children. Are we allowed to use them yet? 

         We don’t have to wait for the bankers and oilmen to decide for us. We can do it ourselves – NOW! 

See also NEXUS New Times Magazine Vol 1Nos 7,8,9, Sydney Morning Herald 13-9-88, The Australian 30-3-88
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  - R. Ayana

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Sunday 21 May 2006

Pagan Love Cult

Pagan Love Cult

Pagan beliefs and practices are varied and geographically diverse. The most common thread is an awareness of nature and humanity's place therein.
A major tool for reaching this awareness has always been the direct sensory and psychological experience of the inter-connectedness
of all life on the planet.
The ritualized use of psychoactive substances,
trance-based immersion in music, art and dance,
and prolonged and dynamically charging sexual practices
have always been the keys...
sex, drugs and music if you like.
All this of course means nothing
without a thorough understanding
of the planet we live on...

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Tuesday 16 May 2006

Gaia's last stand

Gaia's last stand

Climate Change is Everybody’s Business by Helke Ferrie
“Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees . . .” Revelations 7:3
When I was a child, the Earth was incomprehensibly huge, solid and eternal. Now it seems as fragile as a Christmas ornament. Within a hundred years most life forms and human civilization may be completely gone, as if they had never existed at all. As I write this, I cannot believe I am actually doing so.

The quantitative figures are simple: last year saw the largest increase of greenhouse gases on record – CO2 and methane (which is 24 times more potent than CO2). In one year they rose by 2.6 parts per million in our atmosphere, bringing the total to 381 ppm – the highest in 30 million years (BBC, March 14). Unless drastic action is taken immediately, we will reach the critical point within four decades, namely 500 ppm. Then greenhouse emissions will have increased average global temperature by possibly five degrees Celsius.

The oceans would no longer support life; the Greenland ice sheets would begin their unstoppable meltdown, splashing giant ice cubes into the oceans and drowning entire countries and the coastal cities of the world; the Atlantic thermohaline circulation current would collapse and stop regulating ocean temperatures and rain and cloud cycles would stop; most of the Earth would become a desert. One leading climatologist, James E. Hansen, director of NASA’s Goodard Institute of Space Studies, says this would “constitute practically a different planet.” (Washington Post, January 29). Maybe “a few breeding pairs of people will survive in the Arctic where the climate remains tolerable,” predicts James Lovelock in The Revenge of Gaia, the subject of this article.

Lovelock has three maps showing life’s distribution on Earth – 1) during the last Ice Age when average temperatures were five degrees Celsius less than today, 2) the current Earth, and 3) what to expect in another 100 years. The first map shows life everywhere, even in all current deserts. The third map shows life supported at the tip of South America, a corner of southern Australia, the Himalayan regions of India and Tibet, a sliver of northeastern China, a thin long swath of Siberia, all of Northern Canada, and Alaska.  This understanding of climate change is based on international consensus which is: it’s happening and we did it with “combustion, cows and chainsaws,” as Lovelock puts it. Or, gasoline-powered vehicles and all economic activities causing CO2 production, the beef/poultry/pig industry, agricultural methods that increase methane output, and the relentless deforestation that removes the Earth’s air conditioning system.

The Bush administration has tried hard, and failed, to shut up climatologists. The Washington Post reported on April 6 that the White House requires clearance of all media requests to climatologists through the government first. Press releases coming from climatologists have key words routinely “purged” – terms like “global warming” or “climate change.” The US government wanted them removed even from the proceedings of the Seventh International Carbon Dioxide Conference held in Boulder, Colorado, last fall, but was ignored. NASA’s James Hansen told the New York Times, the Washington Post, and a university audience about this pressure to silence climatologists as being “more like Nazi Germany or the former Soviet Union than the United States.”

Confirmation of the reality of climate change actually comes from President Bush’s decision last year to replace the chairman of the world’s most influential climate policy body, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), because oil companies didn’t like their “alarmist” pronouncements about global warming. To the administration’s shock, the successor Bush chose, Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, announced that “without very deep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions we are risking the ability of the human race to survive.” (World-Watch, March/April, 2006)

James Lovelock’s new book is in my opinion
the most important book of our time — bar none. Not to take it seriously and act on it would be global suicide, or lunacy, or both. In the book, the end of civilization on planet Earth is projected as a real possibility within a century or so by climatologists on five continents. Alarmed? Damn right I am.

James Lovelock is a British scientist whose CV would take up most of this article. Among his many inventions is the electron capture detector which in the 1970s led him to discover the ozone depletion caused by chlorofluorocarbons. International treaties ended their manufacture. His work with NASA and the first space photographs of planet Earth led him to the insight that planet Earth is a self-regulating living system, just as our bodies are homeostatically regulated within critical limits. Lovelock founded a new discipline now called geophysiology. His friend, Nobel laureate William Golding, suggested the name Gaia, after the ancient Greek earth goddess.

Lovelock explains:Gaia is the whole system of animate and inanimate parts ... a thin spherical shell of matter that surrounds the incandescent interior; it begins where the crust’s rocks meet the magma of the Earth’s hot interior, about a hundred miles below the surface, and proceeds another hundred miles outwards through the oceans and air to the even hotter thermosphere at the edge of space. Gaia includes the biosphere as a dynamic, physiological system that has kept our planet fit for life for over three billion years ... it is a physiological system because it appears to have the unconscious goal of regulating the climate at a comfortable state for life.

At first Lovelock was considered a New Age crazy man, but in 2001 the world’s climatologists unanimously put this preamble in their Amsterdam Declaration: “The Earth System behaves as a single, self-regulating system comprised of physical, chemical, biological and human components.” Lovelock comments that “humanity and the Earth face a deadly peril, with little time left to escape ... [because] we live on a live planet that can respond to the changes we make either by canceling the changes, or by canceling us.”

Lovelock wrote his book between the December 2004 tsunami and the drowning of New Orleans, observing that those events, both due to destabilized greenhouse gases, “are nothing compared to what may soon happen; we are now so abusing the Earth that it may rise and move back to the hot state it was in fifty-five million years ago, and if it does, most of us, and our descendants, will die ... I speak as a planetary physician whose patient, the living Earth, complains of fever; I see the Earth’s declining health as our most important concern, our very lives depending upon a healthy Earth ... Even if we stopped immediately all further seizing of Gaia’s land and water for food and fuel production, and stopped poisoning the air, it would take the Earth more than a thousand years to recover from the damage we have already done, and it may be too late even for this drastic step to save us.

We, as a civilization are all too much like someone addicted to a drug that will kill us if continued and kill usif we suddenly withdraw.” The March 2006 issue of Scientific American reported: “If China and India were to catch up [with consumption levels in North America and the EU] then the resources of an entire second planet Earth would be required to sustain just those two economies.”

Great minds suffer from great blind spots.
Mahatma Gandhi was so determined to restore India to its ancient simplicity, he seriously wanted to have the parks surrounding the elegant government buildings in Delhi handed over to farmers to plant vegetables. Dr. Theron Randolph, the father of environmental medicine, initially could not wrap his mind around the concept of detoxification and the need for nutrients in therapeutic doses, believing that in order to cure environmentally induced illness only avoidance of offending substances needed to be taught. Linus Pauling and Dr. Abram Hoffer finally changed his mind.

Similarly, Lovelock is not disturbed by the increase in cancer and recommends that nuclear power, being “clean energy”, is the ideal alternative to all the CO2 producing energy systems. He relegates environmental medicine and the organic movement to mere silliness; he is clueless about pesticides.

It would be foolish, however, not to examine his blind spots carefully. Blind spots in great minds highlight the important ideas these minds produced. What they don’t see clearly makes what they do see clearly even clearer. The sheer enormity of the destruction we may face within less than a century becomes very real when we observe Lovelock dismissing environmental health concerns, a soaring cancer rate, and organic agriculture as mere band-aids. How many people died at Chernobyl does not interest him because billions will be wiped off planet earth if average temperatures increase by five degrees. Nuclear powered generators would prevent this mass destruction but increase cancer rates. “So what?” says Lovelock.

The valuable insight that connects destructive climate change with his obvious ignorance in other matters is this: we are made for the Earth, the Earth is not made for us. We are one item in the biosphere, not its master. Being our true mother, all her children — from bacteria and butterflies to humans — are equally important or potentially annoying to Gaia; we are not her favourites. Expanding on the anthropomorphic metaphor, Lovelock observes: “Like an old lady who has to share her house with a growing and destructive group of teenagers, Gaia grows angry, and if they do not mend their ways, she will evict them.” 
Lovelock argues that “sustainable development”
and “stewardship of the earth” are ludicrous notions. “To expect sustainable development or a trust in business as usual to be viable policies is like expecting a lung cancer victim to be cured by stopping smoking.” Needed instead is “sustainable retreat” and recognition of the arrogance inherent in the concept of stewardship. Lovelock demands that we re-write the Hippocratic Oath to state: “Do nothing that would harm the Earth.” He wants this warning “placed on every bulldozer, chainsaw, and on all energy-using devices [because] the well-being of Gaia must always come before that of ourselves: we cannot exist without Gaia.”

On the other hand, Prime Minister Stephen Harper appears to belong to the family of ostriches which leads most industrialized countries (he just cut programs for minimizing global warming by 40%). This potential global disaster cannot be left to politicians, who are the least qualified. Politicians are never stupid, in my experience, and I have found most of them to be very nice people, but their hands are tied by the economic delusion that celebrates theft on a planetary scale.

Imagine a Prime Minister announcing the need for reduction in energy use such as turning off the lights in all cities, stopping SUV production and phasing in large-scale public transit, stating that meat consumption must be reduced drastically, encouraging organic food, reducing all mining and logging activities, focusing on recycling absolutely everything, implementing waste reduction in packaging, and curbing advertising to cool the fever we call the economy. Imagine him then proudly announcing that any decline in earnings registered on the stock market and in annual GDP constitutes  environmental solvency and shows that civilization is succeeding, not failing. That  would, of course, be the break-out of sanity — it won’t happen.

We must do this ourselves. You and I. Every one of us.
We are the consumers and only we can stop it. And apparently we want to: on April 9 the Detroit News reported that 71% of Americans believe global warming is real and caused by humans. Of those, 90% are willing to do whatever it takes to reduce global warming. Here are some suggestions:
  1. In the December 6, 2005, issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal the editor reported that “if every household in Canada replaced just one regular light bulb with an Energy Star-qualified compact fluorescent one, the reduction in pollution would be like taking 66,000 cars off  Canadian roads.” They emit 70% less CO2. Energy Star, initiated in 1991, is an international effort involving more than a hundred countries and thousands of businesses. Their website reports that in 2005 Americans switched to such bulbs and similarly designed appliances in such large numbers that the savings in energy costs to the consumer were equivalent to $12 billion (USD) in that one year alone and the reduction of greenhouse gases equivalent to  23 million cars. Last fall I changed all 32 bulbs in our house at a cost of about $300. By this March our monthly billing plan was reduced from $344 to 148. We then gave one of our daughters a big bag of these bulbs for Christmas with similar results. Now that hydro prices are going up, as indeed they must, these bulbs are what you and Gaia need. 
  2. We decided some time ago to eat fish once a week, and meat at most once a month, and never beef. My culinary skills have vastly improved, I probably grew new brain cells under this creative stress, our meals are better, and the methane that arises from beef production is reduced as well. This planet cannot afford to feed even one billion people on meat, let alone six billion. What’s more important: your hamburger or planet Earth? 
  3. Last December we placed magnetizers (about $200) on our 15-year old Volvo station wagon. They are the equivalent of chelation therapy for cars, cleaning pipes and hoses of accumulated debris and streamlining fuel flow. By the end of March our fuel consumption had gone from 550 km to 720 km per tank. As well, on February 16 the mandatory emissions inspection report showed drastic reductions in toxic emissions from our car — way below the allowable limits of even a new car. The magnets are easily transferred to a new car. (See Resources at end.) 
  4. Here is my challenge to you. How would you like to join me in a campaign I have provisionally dubbed “Starlight Only by 2007”? (My e-mail address is Helke@inetsonic.com). The idea is to expand on Toronto Mayor David Miller’s excellent light-reduction program to save birds’ lives. I suggest, in addition, that Toronto to be the first city that turns off its lights after sundown, leaving only the most important street and emergency lights etc., so that one can walk through the city at night and see stars again. The reduction of CO2 emissions would be gargantuan. If Toronto were to do this, all other big cities in the world could do it. Lovelock’s demand to turn off the lights in the world, before Gaia turns the world off for us, would be met. 
One World

Resources :
R.C. Anderson, Mid-Course Correction
Chelsea Green, 1998. Featured in the documentary “The Corporation,” a Fortune 500 member and pioneer in planet-friendly industry.
E. Kolbert, “The Climate of Man”
three-part series in The New Yorker, April 25, May 2 and May 9, 2005. Best comprehensive survey of climate change.
J. Lovelock, The Revenge of Gaia
Penguin, 2006. The must-read book of our time.
R. Wright, A Short History of Progress
Anansi, 2004 Massey lectures; a Canadian perspective on global collapse.
images - http://www.alexgrey.com/a-gallery/8-24/gaia.jpg

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