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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Two Compelling UFO Shots from Space Shuttle Missions

Two Compelling UFO Shots from Space Shuttle Missions

STS-80 Space Shuttle video of the best UFO dance yet that shows a ring of UFO's making themselves obvious. NASA can not explain this one away as space dust or any other nonsense. NASA archive footage.

UFO shot from NASA Shuttle – UFO Dodges Ground Based Energy Pulse Weapon (Closeup)
(It has been alleged by Stanton Friedman and others that this beam originated at the Pine Gap ‘joint’ USA/Oz secret facility in central Australia)

Footage from Secret Space - See the full movie @ http://www.thefuneralreserve.com/2010/movies/secret-space/

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    NASA STS-75 "Tether UFO" Video - Explained And Replicated

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