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Thursday 24 December 2009

AMPLIFYING GOD: The True Purpose of The Body

The True Purpose of The Body

by qball


There are those who believe they owe their existence to chance, that human beings are nothing more than the result of some freak evolutionary accident that took place in a bubbling primordial, electrochemical soup billions of years ago. And then there are those who subscribe to the belief that life was created by the divine hand of God, by the will of an all-powerful supreme being.

Either way, it is assumed there is no reconciling these two very different belief systems. But it is now a commonly held belief among the world’s most prominent astronomers and physicists that there is in deed some strange underlying force present in the universe that is the cosmic equivalent of a super-fluid sea of energy flooding the vastness of interstellar space.

Some of these same scientists even swear allegiance to a controversial yet exciting model of physics that claims every cubic centimeter of empty space contains more wave energy than the total energy of all the matter in the known universe. That consciousness itself may be the ground of all being is also garnering some close attention from a wide circle of highly respected and intelligent scientists in all fields of the mind and physical sciences.

It has been proposed that just like a hologram, a complex, omnipresent network of sub-atomic sentient wave particles that behave as carriers of information bits like microprocessors in a giant supercomputer may be the source of everything in existence. Could this apparently conscious, universal energy presence be what some would call God? And if so, how might we, as one of nature’s highest expressions of consciousness fit into the grand design?”

Many believe the pinnacle of true spiritual enlightenment is attained by observing that we are at one with the universe, and that there is no greater peace than living only in the now. Although this is certainly mind expanding and empowering, it’s not the truth in totality. There is a deeper, more profound objective in the human experience that many spiritually aligned people fail to account for. As beings of consciousness, before we inhabit the “world”, we first inhabit a “body”. And it is through this mechanism alone that we experience being alive. But it might surprise you to learn that we do so for reasons other than the ones you might imagine.


In AMPLIFYING GOD: The True Purpose of The Body, luminary and motivational speaker Nelson Vanvickle gives us full disclosure on the real purpose of our existence. From the perspective that the human body is nothing more than a transceiver, a precisely tuned device capable of intercepting and manifesting the reality of an otherwise imperceptible energy presence, he suggests that by learning to fully inhabit our bodies as a separate presence, we establish a mind level connection with this universal consciousness and become able to distinguish suffering from experiencing, identity from being, and emotional distress from compassionate detachment.

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  1. Indeed, the Body is the image of the Mind, Powered by the Spirit. We are Self perpetuating and Self renewing, but as the 'engine' of the mind is 'clogged up' with error, it does not run smoothly.

    The re-generation is the method of 'unclogging' the mind so it can run smoothly and once again become Consciously Self Perpetuating and Self renewing - immortal.

    Each of us is a Dynamo of Spiritual Power - each organ and faculty has a specific purpose and when used knowledgeably and in harmony with the principle of each of the parts the Inner Springs of energy flow from deep within energizing us.

    WE are the perpetual energy sources that the human family has been looking for, but the secrets of HOW are hidden from the selfish mind, because selfishness clogs up the 'engine' of the mind causing more damage than any other state.

  2. Indeed! Yet is active compassion required to overcome the blinders of selfishness when simple meditation - clearing the mind completely - can accomplish all this and more?


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