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Tuesday, 4 April 2006

Between Fire and Ice

Between Fire and Ice

Events hidden behind the shroud of history leave their marks in the makeup of human beings down to the current day. It’s amazing that anyone survived the times when planetary bodies passed close by the Earth. Beyond decimation, some survived on the surface where natural refuge existed due to luck or geography or both. In a time of tidal waves and meteoric bombardment many regions were rendered virtually lifeless while a few emerged almost unscathed. 

          There were many places of refuge beneath the surface of the Earth, from caves known to tribal peoples for many millennia to subterranean citadels beneath mountain fastnesses and ancient catacombs beneath cities. Modern humanity has, to a large extent, replicated these sanctums. Many would be surprised to know what lies beneath their feet in this age, in natural and man-made habitats; bunkers for rulers and their servants and tunnels used by the modern intelligence priesthood., to mention only a few modern troglodytes. 

         Replicating the conditions they had left in the shattered places of their origins, some dwelt between fire and ice in places that were suddenly frozen in areas of geothermal activity. The most recent series of these inter-global events in ‘historical’ times is recalled by the Hebrews as a time of Mara, of bitterness, of the all-consuming wind Moriah. Rabbinical sources aver that less that one in ten of the people survived to leave Egypt in the time of the Exodus. 

         The biblical plagues of Egypt are a clear description of that time, with some misinterpretations through mistranslation. The ‘flower’ of the people were killed, for instance, not the ‘first born’. 

         'Disaster' means 'evil star'.

         Another description, recorded originally by the Babylonians, has often been mistaken for a prophecy of the future. It may well be, but the Book of Revelations is actually a description of an earlier series of these cataclysmic events, when Marduk/Lucifer fell past Gaia. It’s a tale with its origins in the time of the split between the sexes.

         The fall from grace, from the golden age, takes many forms and is reiterated on many levels. Some fell through the rainbow of light – beings who existed before matter, before Mater Gaia, before the mother, as conscious entities (sometimes in plasma form and some more truly multidimensional) even before the congealing of matter as we know it. They came to explore these more solid dimensions which they discovered. Many incarnated here, often as group entities. 

          And then came another series of Falls…


- R. Ayana

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