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Tuesday 16 September 2008

Ripped Off by Inbred Inhumans (Again)

Ripped Off by Inbred Inhumans (Again)
 How Far Has (Humanity or) Democracy Fallen?

What a bunch of bozos humans are. All over the world people die every day for want of readily available goods and services. Food rots because greedy people don’t profit enough from selling it, while millions starve and generations of malnourished children become the moronic cattle and corporate factory cannon fodder of tomorrow.
   Most countries are slightly updated tribal cultures comprised of purblind feuding groups, ruled over by brutal strongmen, congresses of clowns, lying truth-tamers, high-wire corporate flyers, ringmasters of spin, uneconomic illusionists, bearded so-called ladies, obesely fat men and other equally gruesome insecure power freaks. They pretend to provide their audience with bread and circuses while they hypnotise the audience into doing all the real work.
   These control freaks manage to convince everyone else to pay them more than they pay themselves – and then rip everyone off and screw their children while they plan their next luxurious holiday or profitable war! Recognise any faces you know among the mugshots? Chances are you voted for them – if you’re lucky enough to vote.
  Many nations are controlled by dynastically minded inbreeds who believe everyone aside from their vanishingly small genetic group is subhuman. In many cultures certain families manage to get away with claiming divine right to rule - by virtue of falsified lineages leading back unto the imaginary friends of their superstitious ancestors. 

Every tribe and country is stricken by the same problem – they’re run by groups who think they have the right to control everyone else’s lives and micromanage everyone’s hopes, dreams, abilities and destines.
  It’s easy to remain in power if you successfully convince a population to enrich themselves and broaden their minds by watching derivative soap operas, surreality programs and mindless sport. You can easily fool a population of ill-educated morons all of the time. They’ll chant ‘God Save the Queen’ while the king gleefully sings ‘God Enslaves the People’.  It’s easy to rip everyone off by distracting the short-sighted, short-lived homo simians with beer and skittles while you make backroom deals and pass money under tables; there’s no real skill or art to it.
 While people attack their neighbours over falsified crimes, xenophobic racist marauders keep their eyes on the real prize – the real estate of Planet Earth, along with its biological and mineral wealth, and the untold gullibility of its self-enslaving allegedly conscious primates.

  Without these ego-masturbating jerks in charge we’d all be living on a paradise planet right now. Letting bullies have their way - and allowing others to think and make decisions for you - means that we’re all going to a climactic climatic hell together on the same exciting rollercoaster ride. Well, not quite all; the obsessive control freaks we encourage to rule over us earnestly believe that they’ll have a seat in the bunker when the excrement hits the planetary air conditioner.
 But true justice knows no limits - as Ben Elton has so ruthlessly pointed out in his satirical masterwork Stark, who’d want to be trapped in a living hell with them?   People in democratic nations most certainly deserve the governments they get – but how many countries are truly democracies? How many nations are ruled by dynastic self-styled elites, whatever the apparent political persuasion of their constitutions? How many poor people do you see in any chamber of any house of governance? How can you expect justice, fairness and equality to prevail if you allow yourself to be ruled over by those who will kill to hold onto the high ground - the tiny capstone summit of a huge pyramid scam, where it’s ‘first in best dressed’ and to hell with the rest? How many children of politicians sit on hand-carved velvet chairs that they’re keeping warm for their own spoiled stupid children? Can you honestly tell me it doesn’t happen in your country? 
  It could be worse. You could live in Amerika, for instance, where the elephant in everyone’s lounge room is so large that everyone thinks it’s a typically obese representative of the Republican Party making a house call. The transparent pachyderm in front of the idiot boxes of all US citizens is the utterly fraudulent electoral system they’ve allowed themselves to be saddled with.
   The recent and current levels of US electoral fraud mean that no president or government has a mandate to rule! 
 No president has been justly elected in the good old (boys’) United States of Amerika since before the regime of Ronald Reagan’s militant industrialist puppeteers. Unless and until a brave leader finally roots out those responsible for this nefarious state of affairs they remain wide open to the justifiable charge that they’re merely unrepresentative corporate/gangster-funded swill.

   Until the US government brings back properly scrutinised paper ballots – or better still finds a way to create and maintain honest computer systems whose software is open to scrutiny (unlike those in use now, which the ruling party has ruled off limits to investigation) - all presidents are illegal residents in the White Man’s House. All branches of the government are entirely illegitimate – just like the still unratified and illegal US income tax laws that the ‘leaders’ won’t tell the ‘citizens’ about.
  Of course, things could be worse; you could live in a country like Russia – but at least everyone there admits they live in a gangster-run kleptocracy (except for Vlad the Impaler and his cronies, naturally). Or a ‘country’ like the Philippines or West Papua. Or anywhere in the Middle East or pan-Saharan Africa.  At moments like this it’s important to remember that money doesn’t exist; money and economies are corporate illusions and figments of your imagination – unlike me.
 Unlike the tree I’m sitting under. Unlike the clean air I breathe and the pristine water flowing past in the rainforest stream, and the incredibly mixed bloods flowing through my veins and yours.   Turn on. Tune in. Opt out!   The world is only as clean as your bloodstream and as clear as your mind – and vice versa.  Together we can create a much better Millennium than the one our well-intentioned damaged parents bequeathed to us!  
- R.A.
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Monday 8 September 2008

Gravity Control: Introduction to Project Unity

Gravity Control
  Introduction to Project Unity

Gravity Control has received many submissions regarding antigravity over the years, but none compares with the submission of one W. David Barclay. Read how his theory transcends all rocket and combustion science taking us to the new level of a field within a field that causes abrasion, interaction and resistance to create fuel-less propulsion and achieve antigravity.
 As we continue to pursue this most amazing and wonderful subject, we are now exposed to Project Unity.
  We have embraced Project Unity because after years of research it would appear that if gravity control isn't a project waiting in the wings of government, it is the obvious next step for man as we contemplate our dwindling oil supply and try to reach for the stars.. The thousand year old technology of rockets has taken us to the moon. And perhaps, Mars. But this kind of push propulsion energy and the current understanding of technology is in for a big shake up. The new science, as partially explained by Wilbert B. Smith has nothing to do with rocket technology. It's more in line with the works of Keely, Tesla, Kozyrev and currently Alex Frolov.
  Gravity control is a matter of time. The fact that some of the new science contradicts current thinking should not come as a surprise. Newton's Laws will be challenged as surely as his students were heard to say, this is hard. For those capable of understanding Project Unity is its own reward and with it comes the challenge to help shape the things to come.
  Against a background of mainstream science, W. David Barclay offers new genius with a theory so profound as to be capable of moving our entire civilization forward. If there is a spark of a new idea and it catches fire we are all privileged to witness the beginning of a new era, Project Unity   




Field Frequency Modulator (FFM)
The FFM System is capable of providing gravity control (or antigravity), as well as providing a continuous supply of cheap clean electrical power to any location on the planet, whereby assuring a sustainable future economy.

  What is the FFM System? 
 The FFM System is a four phase electromagnetic array, capable of sustaining a unified field system existing relative to the field in which it is situated. This provides for a differential in dynamic potential between the FFM System and the field of frequency in which it is situated.
  In other words, the idea is to create a relative unified field of frequency, (the FFM System), within another unified field of frequency, (the Earth’s field), whereby utilizing the differential existing between the two systems to provide an electric potential.
  This effectively creates a differential in electrical charge between the FFM System and the surrounding environment, which can be transferred to electrical generators and delivered through the existing electrical system.    The beauty of the FFM System is its natural simplicity, as it requires no fuel supply of any kind, in the form of liquids, solids or gases. The FFM System functions on the basis of the existing continuance of field frequency associated with any unified field system, but unlike many other experimental systems the FFM System allows for the controlled modulation of the underlying energy potential.
  In other words, the FFM System provides a controlled flow of energy, which can be increased or decreased by the simple turning of a dial.
  The various applications to which the FFM System can be applied have not at this time been fully explored, but it can be clearly stated that no aspect of human activity would remain unaffected by the versatility of this advanced science and technology.
  The most obvious application of gravity control is in the area of aerospace research and development, with the focus on advanced systems of transportation and communication.  The controlled modulation of the underlying energy potential would also be applicable to human health, increased production of food crops and a sustainable source of energy.    The FFM System brings an end to our dependency on a non-renewable supply of oil, coal and natural gas.  As the FFM System would be located locally, in respect to being located close to each and every community on the planet, there would be no need for high voltage transmission cables stretching from coast to coast and or north to south. Therefore wide spread disruption of power due to seasonal storms and hazards would become a thing of the past.
  In terms of economic benefit, the FFM System could supply low cost efficient electrical power to any geographic location on the planet.
  Project Unity defines the function of a four phase modulator, in relation to the controlled modulation of the underlying force of field, whereby allowing for much research and development to be carried out over the coming years.    It can be assured that all those personally involved with the development of the FFM System will find the process to be an exciting and rewarding experience, as our goal is to provide the world with the first completely fuel free energy system. Not even water is used in the process.
  The diagrams show the basic design of the FFM System.  The Four Phase Modulator can be described as an electromagnetic drive unit, consisting of four tiered rings of magnetic discs, whereby each magnetic disc is mounted on an electrically driven control arm, which can lift and or lower the magnetic disc or turn the disc from side to side.  The calibrated and synchronized lifting and or lowering of the discs allows for the vertical focus of field in an up or down direction, while the turning from side to side allows for the horizontal focus of field in any direction relative to the vertical plain. 

Diagram # 1 shows a plain view of a disc shaped craft with the Four Phase Modulator situated in the center.   


Diagram # 2 shows a section view of a disc shaped craft with the four tiered levels of the Four Phase Modulator situated in the bottom half of the craft. Much like an inverted pyramid turned inside out to form a cone, with the smallest ring at the bottom and the largest ring at the top.


Diagram #3 (a) shows a side elevation of one magnetic disc mounted on a control arm, whereby the magnetic disc can be turned 180 degrees to the left or 180 degrees to the right relative to the vertical plain. Diagram #3 (b) also shows a front elevation of the same operation. 
Diagram #4 shows a side elevation of one magnetic disc mounted on a control arm, whereby the magnetic disc can be lifted and lowered 90 degrees up or down relative to the horizontal plain.  Project Unity allows for gravity control, in that the ratio of energy per unit of mass is modulated by a simple four phase electromagnetic modulator, in relation to a unified field of frequency remaining relative to the system of reference.  And in that the Four Phase Modulator affects the field dynamics of the craft in relation to gravity and electromagnetism, the proportionally dynamic electromagnetic response is sufficient to operate all onboard electronics. Therefore the system is self sufficient in respect to all energy requirements necessary to sustain the craft’s operation.
  The dynamic principles which allow for the design and construction of this system have been thoroughly researched and studied over a period of more than 40 years. Therefore I am confident that the Field Frequency Modulator will provide for a variety of practical and efficient applications, not the least of which is Project Unity.   



Antigravity and gravity control are considered to be the same thing, but there is a difference.

Antigravity has been proven many times by people such as John Hutchison where they video taped the event (see Hutchison Effect). John Searle accomplished antigravity in the 70's and says that BBC cameras were there to film the event. The late Thomas Townsend Brown performed antigravity experiments in the forties till the eighties and it is said he died of ozone poisoning.

Today's antigravity experiments include Evgeny Podkletnov who works for Boeing's Project Grasp under their Phantomworks umbrella. All of these scientists have demonstrated antigravity and all have failed to understand just what is happening.

At American Antigravity they have been experimenting with balsawood triangles covered with foil called lifters. They, too, exhibit antigravity tendencies but again, there is no control.

The only known scientists who have accomplished antigravity and gravity control are John Keely, Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger and Viktor Grebennikov but sadly these scientists are all voices from the past. The current crop of scientists are demonstrating antigravity but no control of gravity. This will change.

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Friday 5 September 2008

ORMES: Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements 4


Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements

  Superconductivity and Modern Alchemy

  Has the Philosopher's Stone Been Found? – Part 4



Q & A (Continued)


 By David Hudson


  If you read "Holy Blood Holy Grail", you'll find out all about my family and the de Guises and the de Lorraines, and the family that's supposed to be the one that does this. Of course, "The Sign and the Seal" adds another dimension to why the Templars were arrested. They actually were caretakers for the Ark of the Covenant. They met the leader in Jerusalem and went back to Ethiopia with him and put him back on the throne, and they were the ones that cared for the Ark. And when the Pope found out about it, mm-mm, you don't do that, everything comes to Rome, and so he had them killed.

   You can read all about that in Graham Hancock’s book - a very good book. It's just a story about what is documented in Ethiopia. They have had no contact with Rome for thousands of years, and so their society is still like society was about 1,500 B.C.; their Jewish customs and everything. I think it's very interesting to read it and see the information he's dug up and put in this book…

  "Holy Blood Holy Grail" is a little tough to read because it's got so many names in it. But the book's all about Michael Vigen and his emphasis on Christ having children by Mary Magdalene. And that's of no consequence, it means nothing. The significance of that family and what's going on is that there's a Davidic blood line.

And God made a covenant with David, that he and his descendants would be kings forever. God didn't make many covenants. And that particular covenant is why Christ had to be of the Davidic blood line and it is a prophecy that a descendant of that family will do this work.

   Questioner: You're a farmer and we know that a lot of things like the cell structure of plants grow on this kind of electrical energy. Is it possible to take a piece of this [White Powder Gold], treat it like a homeopathic preparation, spray it on the fields like bio-dynamic type farming, and have absolute abundance of food crops available in very small pieces of land?  

David Hudson: I know that iridium can control the vibrational frequency of 56 molecules of water. But I don't think it goes much further than that, and so I don't think that it is like most homeopathic preparations where you can dilute, dilute, dilute, dilute and get stronger and stronger and stronger. The interesting thing is though that when you distil water, you assume you have purified water; the oroides, the iridides, the rhodides act more like iodide than they do like metals and they actually will distil along with the water. And so what you're observing and studying as high purity water may in fact not be pure water.   

Questioner: You were talking about how DNA is like a caduceus. Could you talk about the characteristics of this life force, as you understand it - the Ida and Pingala as seen in the caduceus?  

DH: I'm really not trained in that area and I feel a little bit uncomfortable talking about it. This isn't really so much my work, it's my understanding of these elements; but the effect that these elements have on the body are other people's work. It really wouldn't be appropriate for me to comment on their work. But they say it's a denatured relaxation of the DNA and a recombination corrected, and I strongly encourage you to read "The Keys of Enoch" because he describes this also.     

Questioner: This caduceus spins one way for female energy and the male energy spins the other way...   

DH: I think you'll find what they mean by that is the electromagnetic null; when you're talking about Tesla coils, in the centre of the coil is an electromagnetic null. The Yin and the Yang are the two opposites, but in the centre is the null - the balance, the nothing that's everything, the Void, the vacuum, the zero point energy. Physicists will tell you that if you take all the matter in the universe and totally convert it to nuclear energy, there is more energy in the void or vacuum than there is in all the material universe; if you convert it to nuclear energy. 

  That's where everything is. And it's my opinion that is where you will meet your god, face to face - right there, where it all began, where it all came from; the vacuum.
Questioner: I'm a farm boy so let's go back to farming. In relationship to how this might be of benefit to the farmer, have you heard of Dr. Heironimus' "cosmic tide"? You know the concept of radionics?    

DH: The concept of the resonance vibrations of the Earth, the concepts of magnetic fields, the concepts of time - all of these all are predicated based on there being an underlying communication network that has no distance, no time.

   For those of you who are interested, NASA has learned that you can scrape tissue out of the cheeks of astronauts, and put the equivalent of a lie detector instrument on the tissue; when the astronaut is out there and he's subjected to stress, the cells instantaneously experience stress here on Earth even though they're not in his body.

  They've actually done this and proven it - it takes time for the radio transmission to come back, then to sort through, send it back, etc, but the very instant he experiences stress they know it, even though his radio transmission hasn't come. They know that there is an instantaneous communication between these body parts; it isn't broken when it's taken out of his body. They know that - they're working with radionics.    I know that they're very intrigued and interested in it, let's put it that way.   

Q: Have you found some specific correlations for the farmer?  

DH: No. Nothing of consequence, other than that when these elements are present you have great agricultural production. Over in Hawaii and places where there is volcanic ash and soil, the production is just unbelievably dense. Everything grows lush and I know that these elements are critical; I know these elements must be present for there to be proper life.

   If you analyse the human body, you can find out exactly what's supposed to be in the body and you can mix all of these elements together in those proportions, and add water and gases to it, but it doesn't come to life. You know, if you take these elements and put them into pure water and subject it to the air, they begin to assimilate and grow these long chain polymers that you can actually see; they respond to sunlight and they're actually catalysts that take nitrogen out of the air and carbon monoxide out of the air, and assimilate it in these long chain polymers.
   This man up in Canada called Gaston Naessens has this material called somatids, which means "little bitty things"; they’re .6 to 1.8 angstroms in dimension. You know that rhodium is .6 and iridium is 1.8 angstroms in dimensions, and that they're in your blood naturally and they are literally what grow the structures of life. 

  There’s a man named Merkle in El Paso, Texas who has "life crystals" - that is, pure gold, and he doesn't know it; he calls it ATP. Once you know this, you begin to see the science in all of this and the explanations for it, and it begins to make total sense. There is real science behind these herbs, there is real science behind these medicines, there is stuff in the herbal materials that do cure AIDS and cancer. 

And I took it to the Mayo Clinic and presented it to the Head of Research there, and you know what he said to me? He didn't say, "Dave, I think you're crazy", he didn't say, "Dave I think you're out of left field", he didn't say, "Dave if you'll pay for it we'll try to evaluate it", he said, "Dave, this is illegal".     The Mayo Clinic is about nothing but making money. It's that simple. They have a Board of Directors; their job is to make money. If they don't make money, they don't stay in business. They don't care about curing cancer - their job is to treat cancer, not to cure cancer. And that's what they want. If that's on tape, so be it - that's what the man said to me. And then he wanted me to give him the names of the doctors who were working with me, and he said, "I'll see to it that they're turned over to the proper authorities".   “Yeah, yeah,” I said, "Thank-you very much, this dumb farmer has got to go home". I walked out.  

Q: Thank-you very much for what you have presented. I find the very extraordinary phenomena that you have talked about very believable because of experiences that I and friends have had in the past. One I wanted to tell you about is a very close personal friend at one point had an instantaneous teleportation in a situation of great need to save the life of her child. And she has spent her entire life dedicated to her own spiritual development and to healing other people through prayer.

She was at one end of the house in the kitchen and she just saw clearly that her little child on the tricycle was behind a car backing out of the neighbour's garage, and she turned to run through the house and was right there by the window and stopped the car.

   Another friend of hers was scaling a rock, doing some rock climbing one time alone with no rope, no help, anything, and she got totally stuck. And this lady also spent her life devoted to spiritual development, and she prayed very deeply to God at that point, and she heard a voice that said, "Take off the cape and throw it to the ground", and when she did that she was instantaneously standing on the ground with the cape. So I fully accept that these things that you are talking about can happen.  
DH: Well most people don't. And you know, what we need to do is get to the point where it isn't an issue of faith, it isn't an issue of belief - it is a scientifically reproducible understandable phenomenon. And that is what my job is, is to bring scientific credibility and understanding to things that otherwise have had no scientific understanding behind them. And so, you know, this will go to the world of science. It will not go to the world of philosophy and religion, because science can take it in three or four years, and religion has been trying to do it for 2,000 years and has failed miserably. 

    You know, the churches are not going to receive this very well. But if you remember in the Bible, you can sin against God and you can sin against Christ, and you can be forgiven; but there's one sin you never can commit and that's to sin against the Holy Ghost, or the light body. Because when you have the light body, when you're a "high priest", when you know all things and then you sin, it's an unforgivable sin. In the Bible it says in the end times there will be a nation of high priests, not an elect high priesthood - and that's why it has to be given to everyone who seeks it for the proper reasons. I have to hand the key to literally everyone who's ready to open that door and step through.

 That doesn't mean they're going to go through, but I have to hand it to them because at the time they're ready, it has to be available to them.   It's probably the most serious decision you're every going to make in your life. Because something like this shouldn't be taken very lightly; a lot of people go, “I'm next, I'm next!”
  No - think about it, convince me you know what we're talking about and you're ready to do that. If you're the wealthiest man in the world, you're 95 years of age and you're on your death bed and dying, and someone tells you that you can live 800 years; he'll give you everything he's got. What good is to him if he dies? In the next 800 years he can make it many times over. Do we all have to wait until we're right there at our death bed before we understand what this is all about? It is literally changing the nature of mankind; it’s a very serious decision. You will not be the same person you are now. It deserves some real serious thought and contemplation. 

   Q:  I was curious about how you found out about Sai Baba's Vibuti containing rhodium?   DH: A lady in Phoenix just had some of it in a bag. She had been over there and seen him and she said ‘here's the Vibuti, can you find out what it is?’ It was the cinder material and apparently it was made by a burning process - it wasn't the material that came out of his hands - because we looked at it under our microscope and there was carbon ash in it. There was some carbon ash, but the rest of the material was pure iridium.
  I believe that there are certain plants that they pick over in India that they put on the sacred pyres that always burn and never go out, and I believe that they are burning all of the carbon out of this. And then they take that ash and water-wash it, which gets rid of the alkali salts, the alkaline metals - and these plants just happen to be very high in iridium.

   That's how I think they come up with it. That's my opinion. Now I know Sai Baba claims he manifests it out of the air; well if so, his body is so saturated with it that it literally is coming out of his hands. That's the only explanation I have for it. Because believe it or not, as philosophical as I sound I really am my own worst enemy. I'm a very severe critic myself.    
Q: I've made two trips to India and it's been awhile since I've been there. I spent three months in 1978 with Sai Baba, in two main ashrams. I was very close to him on several occasions and I saw him manifest other things besides the Vibuti...
DH: That's what I told you - he manifests jewellery, gold objects....    
Q: It affects you spiritually. I saw people change spiritually, mentally, physically. A man got out of a wheelchair and walked and never went back to it while I was there.    
DH: But did you know him before - know that he hadn't been brought in by him, that he didn't walk before?    
Q: No, I didn't know that man personally.    
DH: You see, I'm a sceptic. I always have to ask these questions, but...    
Q: But people that I knew at the beginning of the trip in one ashram and then another one tell me I have changed. I knew I had but I didn't know that other people could see it. I think it really affects your life. But after I did see him manifest the Vibuti you do begin to believe in miracles if you hadn't before. So I believe in what you have discovered, for this reason...    
DH: Well, for those people who are not physicists and don't understand what I am talking about, John Hagland who is the head of physics at MIU back in Iowa ran for president. Some of you remember him, he ran for president with the Natural Law Party. He was right behind Ross Perot's advertisements when he ran - a very good looking fellow. I met with him for about three days back at MIU and went over all the physics and everything with him. He went over and told the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ,who has a degree in physics. The Maharishi said, "This is the stuff that will allow us to live a thousand years". The Maharishi has never ever endorsed a western technology ever until he heard about this. He said, "This is the stuff".

   You know, I have to go through all the testing. I have to see it myself. I have to get it to where it's independently confirmable by other people. ButI've seen enough right now. It's really concerning me that all of it is correct, because everything fits this far. (End of Introductory Lecture)

-         Continues 

  See Part 1
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ORMES Manufacturers: www.asc-alchemy.com   David Hudson: British Patent # GB 2,219,995 A --- Non-Metallic, Monoatomic Forms of Transitional Elements  

Preparation of ORMES


This is excerpted from an edited transcript of a February 1995 introductory lecture and workshop by David Hudson in Dallas Texas. Transcribed from the video tapes which were recorded by The Eclectic Viewpoint on February 10 and 11, 1995. The video tapes are available from:  The Eclectic Viewpoint P.O. Box 802735 Dallas, Texas 75380 Contact hot line (214) 601-7687  rexresearch.com


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