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Tuesday 29 September 2009

Those Who Serve: Killing for Peace

Those Who Serve

Killing for Peace


'I’ve always been amazed that the very people forced to live in the worst parts of town, go to the worst schools and have it the hardest are always the first to step up to defend that very system.

They serve so that we don’t have to.

They offer to give up their lives so that we can be free. It is remarkable, their gift to us, and all they ask for in return is that we never send them into harm’s way unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Will they ever trust us again?

George Orwell once wrote *;

‘It is not a matter of whether the war is not real or if it is. Victory is not possible. The war is not meant to be won; it is meant to be continuous.

A hierarchical society is only possible on the basis of poverty and ignorance. This new version is the past, and no different past can ever have existed.

In principle, the war effort is always planned to keep society on the brink of starvation. The war is waged by the ruling group against its own subjects and its object is not the victory over either Eurasia or Eastasia, but to keep the very structure of society intact.’

- Michael Moore, Fahrenheit 911, 2004
* 1984, George Orwell

'Fahrenheit 911' Conclusion @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lew6DS9wEyI&feature=player_embedded

Image - http://www.apfn.net/messageboard/09-28-06/images/1984-movie-bb.jpg

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Monday 28 September 2009

Supreme Existence

Supreme Existence

Written by Abdun Núr J.
Active Image  

We exist, consciously.

We stand on the surface of the Earth, seemingly fixed, motionless.

But in truth we are spinning around with the Earth at more than a thousand miles an hour, the Earth itself is orbiting the Sun at around 19 miles a second, and the Sun is orbiting the galaxy at about 140 miles per second, while the galaxy is rushing out from the centre of the universe at about 1250 miles per second. You may think this is the end of the story, but it is only the beginning; the fact you are moving in at least four directions simultaneously whilst standing still is a commonly accepted truth.

From a materialistic point of view (conventional physics), you could ask ‘what does our entire Universe consist of?’

Is it baryonic, ordinary matter - the stuff of stars and of people? This makes up just over 4% of the energy and matter in the universe if viewed as a gravity driven universe, but the universe is not Einsteinian/Newtonian gravity based. We exist within an electromagnetic electrically charged plasma-based universe. Plasma is ionised gas; it is a good conductor of electricity and reacts to a magnetic field. 

This means (if you exclude the incorrect conventional physics) 99.9% of the universe is simply plasma, and baryonic matter beyond the gases is only a tiny fraction of the energy pattern. We exist within an energy system free of the Newtonian gravity misunderstanding, powered by energy attractions, repulsions and interactions.
Put another way the matter density of the universe is extremely low. On average, there might be one atom per cubic meter of space.
Conventional physics creates fantasies to explain its errors. It tells us approximately 30% of the missing matter of the universe is dark (unobserved) matter (not emitting detectable energy). The remaining two-thirds, conventional theorists believe (or mislead), is a mysterious ‘dark energy’ or ‘quintessence’ - a large scale antigravity-like effect that is making the universe expand ever faster; simply a theory created to manifest the vision of a materialistic Newtonian gravity universe, absolutely unproved and in fact impossible to prove, as the weak force of gravity - if the universe was powered by gravity (attraction of mass) - would require 96% more matter than has been observed. But not in a electro-magnetic plasma universe.

So many rationalisations based on the belief in a gravity driven universe have been established. The concept of black holes is a theory without merit (as the theoretic idea of gravity is an instantaneous force, a fact that immediately breaks the conventional laws of physics, which state nothing can travel faster than light, although some energies do). The idea of infinite compression is another lie; they cannot even compress water. Compressive force is countered by the fluidic underlying structure, you can increase the pressure to any extreme but the volume will not alter greatly, making it impossible to overcome volume, so they establish a poor attempt at a rationalisation of a materialistic, fundamentally flawed gravity universe, and for that matter the misconception of a compressed universe exploding out in a big bang. (See The formation of a galaxy, evolving a universe', also A Big Bang A Big Lie)
Another example: the concept of a star as a nuclear reactor makes no sense, where the surface is only about 6000C while the atmosphere above it is about 2,000,000C; but this would be expected if the star was a plasma ball, fuelled with electromagnetic energy, producing electro luminescence. The power of the star is pulled directly from the underlying manifold, from the outside in, through the process of the vast dipole at its heart.



Matter is itself energy; Energy = Mass x the speed of light squared (E=Mc² ) which expresses matter as energy - which is true, but not exactly accurate. It should be E=Tc² which will become clear as you read on, as only time mass exists; so if the material universe is simply energy, then what is energy?
Curiously, conventional physicists do not know what energy is. Absolutely nothing is known, no theories have been conceived, no understandings glimpsed; only the flow and interactions of energy are understood to a limited degree. They don’t even know exactly what charge is, only what it does. Or, equally significantly, what it does not do.

Energy is truth, it is palpable knowledge. All of creation is expanding, transforming, evolving information, consciously connected. Each form of energy can be transduced into another. It can jump from virtual to physical and back again, and can evolve from state to state.

The very expression ‘energy source’ is actually a misnomer. Nothing can be an energy source, or a ‘sink’ in the conventional sense. Devices we call energy sources do not create energy, they convert it from a form not suitable for our needs to a form that is suitable, a form we can do work with; generally needlessly, as all energy is simply extracted from the underlying manifold and perceived as converted.

This energy is converted or extracted in a universal open energy system, one consciously interactive with the living manifold, across the membrane of virtual reality. This proven exchange is denied by conventional physics, but all the contrived laws of thermodynamics are false; a closed energy system cannot be intentionally manufactured within this entire universe, so the expressed view that energy cannot be created nor destroyed is both the basis of modern physics and its complete downfall. It is a lie long maintained, as to accept the truth would impact upon humanity in so great a revelation (which would open the doors of truth so widely) that humankind would be utterly transformed. You would logically think this would be a transformation that would be welcomed, but as a family we are subjugated and our sovereigns wish to maintain this subjugation, and so we are fed lies, remaining confused and held in wilful ignorance.

A physical universe in an open energy system, exchanging transduced energy across boundaries allowing both the special energy of matter (time mass) and all other forms of energy to transform, or interact, or remain in space-time.
Nothing except energy (truth) exists; absolutely nothing, as all physical matter is ultimately positive and negative energy in conflict or attraction, a state of dichotomy. But energy cannot exist without the fourth dimension of time; so what is time?

time spiral by strange_wax.


At any moment time exists everywhere simultaneously throughout the universe. In short, time is a multiple connection in three-dimensional space. All electromagnetic energy in three-dimensional space comes from the time domain locally and returns to the time domain locally, in a giant negentropic circulation.

Negentropy is reverse entropy. It means things becoming more ordered. 

Time in science is defined as the direction of entropy. This makes it very hard to talk about ideas of time that would apply to negentropy or its effects.

Life is considered to be negentropic because it takes things in less order, like dead food, and turns them into things in more order, like cells in the body, tissues, and organs.

Time is compacted by the factor c (speed of light), making it the same energy density as mass, but the highly compressed spatial energy has been rotated into the time domain to ‘produce time’ rather than remain in three dimensional space to ‘produce mass’. Photons transfer the information of many things; this is why the speed of the photon dictates the speed of time, as it can only move as fast as the information system.

An example of this would be the speed of light. Time, if unhindered, would pass at the speed of light through a vacuum, but if you extract energy from the time manifold it would slow time locally around the drain, making light pass through the area of the energy drain far slower - as happens with light passing close to a star, because within the fluidic manifold, at the point of charge release into the physical, the demands on the fluidic medium reduce the movement of the information. Time can even be arrested locally around the energy drain.

In other words the entire universe is emanated from a dense, highly concentrated infinite sea of energy (truth, knowledge), without spaces, no vacuum, no void, only energy (a tiny fraction observable, the physical universe, but far more active in its substantive state as the fluidic manifold  - originally called aether. Energetically interactive, almost all physically active energy is virtual, held within the underlying manifold that manifests this physical reality), of which we know little directly; so this means Energy = Time x the speed of light squared (E=Tc² ).

This infinite ocean of energy is so dense that in every single cubic centimetre more energy is held than in all the visible universe combined. Consider it this way; it is estimated (if you accept the milky way as an average galaxy holding approximately 500 billion stars) there exists, by extrapolation taken from an average of the available observations (approximately 500 billion galaxies), approximately 250,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars. If you allow a single grain of sand of 1mm³ to represent one star, the visible stars of our universe would conservatively have a mass of approx. 250,000,000,000,000m³ (250 trillion m³), and possibly considerably more as the number of stars can only be roughly judged because humanities knowledge of the universe grows ever greater as humanity delves ever deeper. So we have around 250,000 cubic kilometres of sand, each grain representing a star, and all that energy is held within each and every single cubic centimetre of infinity. This gives you both a perspective of the scale of the universe and the scale of Allah (Not God - See essay, God and Allah, to understand the difference). Please note the infinite energy of Allah (Not God) is beyond our ability to observe so only the energy concepts understandable within our universe are described. Allah (Not God, the overarching dichotomy) is beyond comprehension - beyond a conceptual perception.
Time energy, or electromagnetic spatial energy, is required to drive a mass through time, just as spatial energy is required to drive a mass through space. Mass continually moves through the energetic medium of space-time, and interacts continuously with it.

Space-time is charged, but with observably massless (virtual) charge; an energy outside our ability to practically detect.

Time is a circulation. As a linear extension of the underlying circular time reality, it begins with the release or adaptation of charge, which generates action and emits photons causing a ripple as it spins through fluidic space, twisting, corkscrewing out through the fluidic ether and generating a physical wake within observable space. From this helix carrier wave, the encoded source information is absorbed upon impact, then refracted anew back into fluidic space and again as a wake into physical space, encoded with the new information from the newly impacted source point. (See Time Explained)
This energetic pervasive information altercation is part of the transport system of time. This means in effect that electro luminescence (light) is the perception of time for consciousness, and so the perception of the reality of the existence of the physical universe.

This helix carrier wave consists of two types of energy: a weak spring (decompressed energy, or the wake surfacing within the physical realm), and a very stout spring (time energy, composed of a helical fluidic current carrier wave, holding the encoded knowledge).

When a mass absorbs the fluidic ripple, the component is compressed spatially by the speed of light, turning it into an extra amount of mass, so that the mass becomes mass/time by absorption. Considered in another way light carries information both to a point of absorption, and then when absorbed it carries that absorbed information back into the fluidic ether, building a linear progression as an indelible record within time. So helical carrier waves are emitted from mass, travel out to a new point, are then absorbed back into mass whereby encoded information returns to the fluidic manifold ending the wave; or possibly refracted again dependent upon the recipient of the impact. This is an information circulation possessed of poetic elegance. 

Mass alone does not exist outside of time, but ‘mass time’ does exist in time. The state of time mass is an excited, time-charged state, excited by very dense time-energy.

Conventional physics presents electromagnetic waves as two dimensional (as they view the wake as the only event), formed from two transverse waves (at right angles to he source point). This is incorrect; electromagnetic waves are polarised transverse helix waves, three dimensionally formed from two intertwined helices.
These detectable pressure waves are caused by the movement of information through the virtual fluidic manifold, physically experienced as the wake of the journey; ripples of disturbance. Just as when we observe the wake of a fish travelling through the ocean, we do not observe an ocean and a fish; only the result of the events surface in our reality.

Visible light is an example of an electromagnetic pressure wave, demonstrating information transfer and the physical properties of virtual geometric order.



What happens when we think we see an ‘observable object moving through space’ is a continual series of very fast three-spatial snapshot observations, one after the other in serial fashion (much like the individual frames of a motion picture film). Human brain and mind processes have ‘always interpreted’ this serial set of iterative operations occurring in the eyes and in the physical senses - and continually recalled and processed by the mind - as an ‘observable object persisting in time,’ which it is NOT.

This is the implication of the observation process, which yields a frozen three-dimensional snapshot of space existing only at a single instant. Thus any three-dimensional space energy existing in that frozen instant has to have just come from four-dimensional space (from the time domain via the giant negentropy process, if we take the view that ‘the past exists only in time itself’). In other words Allah (Not God) manifests all of creation into existence instant by instant. Without the energy of the infinite making manifest all physical reality nothing would be apparent, in a conscious interaction generated at least 429,228,004,229,952 times a second; this is the atomic resonance of strontium.

To understand this universe consider that the illumination of existence is the expression of the imagination of Allah (Not God) physically rendered, with each fraction of a millisecond like a pervasive 3D energy distribution, fixed, followed by another pervasive 3D energy reorganisation, fixed, and so on, generating the passage of time and applying independently upon each quantum component.
Time itself is only highly compressed energy, so again only energy (truth or Knowledge) exists, absolutely nothing else. Linear time is an illusion of our perception - the overarching dichotomy manifest through the tension of two opposing forces. The tension is so inconceivably powerful in its potency that between these two absolutes, a single consciousness manifests all realities through pure transfinite imagination.

Perceived Linear Events Recorded

The energy of time holds every instant of every point of space within a permanent record. Even the memory and conscious thoughts of the human mind are held within this energy, not within the human brain (a second personal record of our individual experiences is held within our own organic electromagnetic energy field). Every memory and thought is held within the energy of time, within Allah (Not God), manifest as the electromagnetic field. Once more only the wake of our field is perceptible within the physical realm; each person’s organic plasma emotional consciousness is within the fluidic manifold, more directly than in the physical universe.

No vision can encompass Allah (Not God) while Allah (Not God) encompasses all vision. Allah (Not God) is Subtle, Unfathomable, and therefore beyond physical perception. Allah (Not God) is Aware of the minutest details (Surah 6:103)

However the illusion of space exists, so what is voluminous space?

Voluminous Physical Space

Space is not smooth and continuous but instead comprises indivisible chunks just 10 -35 meters in diameter. Space-time can be defined as a network of abstract links that connect these volumes of space. These links can wrap around one another to form geometric structures possessing length and width (two dimensions), which can twist together to form the helix (three dimensions) and can twist clockwise or anticlockwise along their length to produce charge (positive one way, negative the other). 

You can understand this by considering the universe as a giant quantum computer, wherein each quantum of space is replaced by a bit of quantum information. These bits of information, named ‘qubits’, demonstrate resilience, preserving the quantum braids in space-time, and this explains how particles could be so long-lived amid the quantum turbulence. This can be understood as a web of information.

This also demonstrates how charge is related to volume and how photons transfer information from one point of geometric space to another and record it within the helix of volume.

So three dimensional voluminous space is generated from physically transfinite virtual geometric helix structures, inter-connected, indestructible, with the helix structures holding permanent records of events. Ultimately, this information store must form ever greater amounts of physically voluminous space, expanding the volume of the physical universe at the passing of every instant, and retaining every event of that instant within the geometric helix structures.

Quantitatively, the physical elements of our reality hold at a ratio of 99.99% of the whole holding a common structure; the remaining drop is quantitatively 99.99% of the remaining common structure. This progression continues, and the pattern holds as a proportional ratio of creation, with each drop nested in the next. So 99.99% of matter is plasma, and 99.99% of all solid mass is crystalline, etc.
When the helix structure exist within the physical realm as solid mass, or plasma, or liquid, or gas, the energy wakes thus generated exist within and affect the virtual realm. The helix holds the information of the particle, the energy fields intermingle and the virtual wakes interact, generating a physical effect within our reality. From the virtual movements of these virtual helix oscillations, these wakes of interacting electromagnetic pressure waves of the fluidic manifold generate the localised effect of electro-gravitational attraction, just as the physical wake’s interaction with movements of different wakes moving against each other can draw the virtual into the physical, as happens with a dynamo; this is an asymmetrical corollary.

Another way of explaining this is that gravity is generated from the interference of electromagnetic fields generated from matter. These fields interact and a localised weak force is the result - thousands of billions of times weaker than the electromagnetic force.


Shells within shells

Fluid-dynamic, wave-resonance mechanisms form a pattern of repeating, concentric, square-of-the-distance shells. Virtual fluidic pressure bubbles, contiguous to the core of every structure from the atom to the Earth, unto the solar system and beyond and set at a proportionately common ratio, hold reality in order, with the differential fractal structure repeating throughout all realities.
And if all the trees on earth were pens, and the sea were ink, with seven more seas yet added, the Words of Allah (Not God) would not be exhausted (Surah 31:27)

Allah (Not God), the single consciousness, emanates the conscious energy of all creations - from the nucleus of everything outward - from an infinite source point, due to the circular time structure of the underlying realities. So consider this, rather than any concept of a God or human-shaped personification of deity. (See Transfinite Consciousness’)



We exist in spatial dimensions generated by a web of information - knowledge if you will - forming an ocean of virtual energy. The first three dimensions are well known; length, width and height, three dimensional space. The fourth dimension is time, and all are held and emanate from a universal fluidic manifold; but seven other spatial dimensions simultaneously exist, surrounding yet inclusive of both our physical universe and the manifold emanating this physical universe - meaning that we exist within eleven dimensional space (the ocean of energy is eleven dimensional), as inaccurately expressed in membrane theory.
However, as previously described space is not a fixed point; it is a very fleeting point, so fleeting it could never be observed, spinning in many directions simultaneously. This system allows no truly fixed point in space, possibly so it can be pooled at a far greater density within the manifold. (See Melded Multiple Infinities’)

Allah (Not God) it is who has created seven Highs and their seven Lows. Through all of them descends Allah’s (Not Gods) Command. (This is said) for you to know that Allah (Not God) is the Powerful Appointer of Allah’s (Not Gods) Laws. Allah (Not God) has gauged everything, and that Allah (Not God) encompasses all things in Allah (Not God)’s Knowledge. (Surah 65:12)
And We have created above you seven layered heavens, and never have We been of (Our) creation unaware. (Surah 23, 17)

Yet another element of this verse points out that Allah (Not God) has created Adam, the world, the universe, the seven layered heavens, and all they encompass, but Allah is greater still as Allah (Not God) exists even beyond this creation, having created all this from Allah’s (Not Gods) infinite knowledge. This demands Allah (Not God) be greater still, creating all from a location before creation.
I say ‘Not God’, as no God exists. A God is a controlling force that dominates the universe, and this is not a true concept; Allah is Not God, Allah is the only thing that exists, a single consciousness that emanates everything instant by instant from the inside out. To understand this properly, read the linked essays within this essay, or on the website (see link below).

The concept of infinity has just become redefined; the universe is in fact a single infinity, layered as multi-infinite nesting dimensions, melded integrally within each other.

If you feel daunted by the scale of the universe, the universe is truly daunted by the scale of Allah (Not God) in equal measure.

To amplify this single infinity, layered as multi-infinite melded dimensions, to even more incredible proportions, we need only utilise a few fields and frequencies of the energy mass of the theoretically infinite diversity available. This means that within the same four dimensional space, above and beyond the universes of the additional spatial dimensions, ethereal multiple realities could exist within our universal space; this of course assumes Allah (Not God) is, or would desire to be, infinite in every possible facet.


In truth the physical realm is an illusion - holographic in nature as an analogy - as we employ only a cubic centimetre of the infinite energy mass of the energy (thought) of Allah (Not God), dispersed over infinity as a backdrop to our interactions and understandings. We are unaware of reality; we dream in consciousness, culminating at the conclusion of the human experience simply as the sum of our actions linked with their intensions [sic], held fixed as an indelible record within the energy of time - held to account from the conviction of our beliefs, the result of which is the product of this physical journey; the transformation of your emotional energy from entropy to negentropy.

However, you may think we have a consciousness that is separate from the energy field. No.



Our unique, organic, electromagnetic plasma field (expressed as the soul within religion) scientifically constructs objective reality by interpreting a minuscule fraction of the frequencies and fields of energy, using our physical senses. Reality is ultimately projections from another spatial dimension as described above, a deeper order of existence that is beyond both space and time. 

As the linear time we are aware of has no bearing on the sea of infinite energy which simultaneously exists within all perceived time, we record every event we are exposed to, forced to carry out, premeditatedly act out, or any situation driven reaction we perform within this brief life, in the essential conscious organic electromagnetic energy field we all possess. In truth we are organic electromagnetic entities, and our energy field circulates through the heart.

It is the fire of Allah (Not God), (eternally) fuelled, which mounts directed at the hearts. (Surah 104, 6 - 7)

The infinite seas of infinite energy are conscious; the actions and interactions of the entire system are a conscious creation, the imagination of a single conscious infinity, layered as multi-infinite melded dimensional reality, pure energy, pure knowledge, pure truth, pure Allah (Not God).

This makes consciousness simply another facet of the energy substrate, as absolutely nothing else exists. Additionally, every individual is unique because they are a space-time path rather than merely a physical object.

The Qur‘an describes Allah (Not God) as follows. ‘Allah (Not God) is the light of the heavens and the earth. The parable of Allah’s (Not Gods) light is, as it were, as a pillar (or niche) on which is a burning wick -the burning wick is in a glass (lamp), the glass is as it were a shining pearly white as a radiant star - lit from a blessed olive tree, neither eastern nor western, the oil whereof would well-nigh give light, though fire touch it not - light upon light. Allah (Not God) guides to Allah’s (Not God’s) light whom Allah (Not God) pleases. And Allah (Not God) sets forth parables for men, and Allah (Not God) is knower of all things.’ (The Qur’an 24:35)

All energy is conscious at some level, if viewed from its source. Consciousness so subtle as to be almost unperceivable, yet all are on a journey of evolution and energy is in a constant state of flux, as change is the fundamental state of reality.
The concept "Allah (Not God)" is in direct opposition to any concept of “GOD”. As the proof of physical evidence-based science makes clear, there is not a duality of a God and “a separate universe”, ONLY Allah (Not God) exists, being the outpouring of the tension of the single overarching dichotomy.
The meaning of the concept of Allah (Not God) constitutes the basis of Islam and must be understood:

NOT: ‘There is no God; there is only God,’ which is obviously wholly simple-minded.
The fundamental state of a person who has attained the Truth is his removal from faith as a basis for belief, since one need not have "faith" - a state of ignorance - amidst what is already apparent!

‘There is No faith, there is only firm belief established through reason.’
‘There is No Worship, there is only submission and servitude.’ Meaning we must work for the transformation of humanity, not the pointless worship to a sky god.
‘There is No religion, there is only deen, or erudition of existence (Guidance and comprehension, originating from the singular consciousness, discernible within the text of the Qur‘an (Divine energy)’

‘There is No following blindly, there is only searching out the truth’.
We have been created for knowledge alone.

Allah (Not God) has no beginning and Allah (The outpouring of the tension generated from the single overarching dichotomy) has no ending. Allah (Not God) is the Evident in Allah’s Attributes and the Hidden in Allah’s Nature. And Allah is the Knower of all things. (Time and Space are Allah’s (Not God’s) creation, the totality of which is beyond the grasp of human intellect). (Surah 57:3 )

Slightly edited for English-speaking readers  from Servant of the Light - http://servantofthelight.com/content/view/10/1/

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Saturday 26 September 2009

German Geothermal Project Leads to Second Thoughts After Earth Rumbles

German Geothermal Project Leads to Second Thoughts After the Earth Rumbles

LANDAU IN DER PFALZ, Germany — Government officials here are reviewing the safety of a geothermal energy project that scientists say set off an earthquake in mid-August, shaking buildings and frightening many residents of this small city.

Torsten Silz/ddp

The geothermal plant in Landau in der Pfalz was under construction in 2007 and is now operational. 

A quake shook Landau in der Pfalz and set off an inquiry.

The geothermal plant, built by Geox, a German energy company, extracts heat by drilling deep into the earth. Advocates of the method say that it could greatly reduce the world’s dependence on fossil fuels by providing a vast supply of renewable energy.

But in recent months, two similar projects have stirred concerns about their safety and their propensity to cause earthquakes. In the United States, the Energy Department is scrutinizing a project in Northern California run by AltaRock Energy to determine if it is safe. (The project was shut down by the company last month because of crippling technical problems.) Another project, in Basel, Switzerland, was shut down after it generated earthquakes in 2006 and 2007 and is awaiting the decision of a panel of experts about whether it can resume.

The Landau project will be allowed to continue operating while the review panel, which held its first meeting last Friday, deliberates. Geox officials initially denied any responsibility for the temblor and continue to dispute the government’s data linking the project to the quake. The panel will, among other things, have to sort through the conflicting data presented by the company and government scientists.
But some experts in the field say they worry that projects like the one in Germany, if the managers deny responsibility for inducing earthquakes or play down the effects on people’s lives, could damage the reputation of geothermal energy, even in highly environmentally conscious areas of the world like California or Western Europe.

“My concern is that the project leaders for different geothermal projects are about to waste public confidence as long as they don’t talk openly about the seismic risks involved in their projects,” said Rudolf Braun, who is the leader of the Basel study and is following events in Landau.

Like other earthquakes that have been attributed to geothermal plants, the Landau temblor was sudden and brief and was accompanied by a sound that in some cases has been likened to a sonic boom. There were no injuries and there was no known structural damage to buildings in the city. But the 2.7 magnitude quake has stoked fears and set off debate in the state Parliament, which subsidized the construction of the plant, about the method’s safety. 

The police logged as many as 200 calls after the quake, which struck shortly after 2 p.m. on Aug. 15. Stefanie Schuster was at the local supermarket when she heard a loud bang. She said she wavered unsteadily on her feet “like when you feel dizzy.”
“My first thought was the geothermal plant,” said Mrs. Schuster, 48, a clerk in the city government. “I thought, There’s definitely a problem over there.”

Citing an academic paper, officials of AltaRock, the company running the California project, claimed that the Landau plant caused no earthquakes — a claim that Geox says it never made. In fact, in May, the state geological survey for Rhineland-Palatinate, the state where Landau is located, concluded that four minor earthquakes, too small to be felt by residents, had been generated by the project.
Seismologists at the geological survey said that the larger Aug. 15 quake was also caused by the project. The epicenter was roughly 500 yards from a drill site at the plant and at about the same depth — 1.5 miles — as a steam bed that the plant was extracting heat from. “We are sure it’s from the geothermal plant,” said Harald Ehses, chairman of the geological survey. 

In interviews last week, Geox officials conceded that the plant had set off tiny earthquakes and said that they were not certain what set off the Aug. 15 temblor. But consultants for the company dispute the data cited by government scientists to back up their conclusion that the project caused the earthquake: their own data, they said, proves that the quake originated more than two miles from the site of the plant and six miles below the earth’s surface. Those figures would essentially rule out a connection with the plant.

“At this point we can neither deny nor confirm” that the power plant had anything to do with the earthquake, said Peter Hauffe, managing director of Geox.
The Landau plant, which cost $30 million, went into operation in 2007 and produces electricity for 6,000 homes by drawing heat from beneath the bedrock, nearly two miles beneath the earth’s surface. Geox said a coal-burning plant producing the same electricity would emit 30,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually.
Not everyone in town was troubled by the quake. “It’s really not such a big deal,” said Volker Weisenburger, 43. “Gas has its own set of risks.”

But other residents said they were skeptical about the new technology. “The engineers always say that they have everything under control, until something happens that they never expected,” said Sabine Hofmann, 47, who lives near the plant. 

Nicholas Kulish reported from Landau in der Pfalz, Germany, and James Glanz from New York.

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Friday 25 September 2009

Uranium mine told to address dust risks

Uranium mine told to address dust risks

BHP Billiton told to address dust risks from any uranium mining expansion
(user submitted; file photo: Randall Crozier)

Issues such as dust risks from a planned expansion of BHP Billiton's uranium mining operations in outback South Australia will have to be addressed by the company.

SA's Mineral Resources Development Minister Paul Holloway has told the SA Parliament BHP Billiton will need to prepare a supplementary environmental impact statement addressing dust management.

Mr Holloway says dust obviously could be a problem but the issue is able to be resolved.

He says the company will have to give an assurance it can manage dust from proposed open cut mining before permission is given for expansion of its Olympic Dam uranium, copper and gold mine at Roxby Downs.

The minister says there have been more than 4,000 submissions about the likely environmental impact of an Olympic Dam expansion.

Academy Award-nominated documentary maker David Bradbury claimed this week that red dust dumped onto east coast cities was a reason to be concerned about BHP Billiton's proposal to turn its uranium mine into an open cut operation.
He has made four documentaries on nuclear issues and says figures in the company's environmental impact study suggest 70 million tonnes of radioactive tailings will be dumped at the mine site annually.

He says the tailings contain alpha radiation, which is known to be carcinogenic to humans and animals.


Waste pile


The Greens say the dangers of an Olympic Dam mine expansion spreading radioactive dust across wide areas of Australia will be an issue for centuries to come.
SA Greens MP Mark Parnell says a mine expansion would create the biggest radioactive waste pile ever seen.

"What we've seen from this extreme weather in recent days is that dust can go everywhere - it could end up on Eyre Peninsula, it could end up on the eastern seaboard," he said.

"BHP Billiton must be forced by the [SA] Government to manage radioactive waste, stockpiles and their tailings forever."

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Wednesday 23 September 2009

Rinspeed’s Zero Emission sQuba: Submersible Electric Car

Rinspeed’s Zero Emission sQuba
Submersible Electric Car


Go ahead and day dream, it’s supposedly good for you and you can have what ever you want without costing a dime. Need a subject? Well picture this; the futuristic 2 door sportster “sQuba” is a James Bond inspired, zero-emissions, electric aqua-car from CEO Frank M. Rinderknecht and the geniuses at Swiss Rinspeed Design Company

The sQuba “moves like a fish in water” to depths of up to 33 feet (10 meters) and still manages to reach speeds of around 75mph (120kmh) when on dry land. In the 1977 James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me, 007 dove below the waves in a futuristic vehicle that moments before seemed to be an ‘ordinary’ car. Well, that really didn’t happen – it was movie magic. Not only is this vehicle real, it’s better because it’s green. The zero-emissions sQuba can transport a driver and passenger in its open cockpit design which is intended to allow the occupants easy escape, in case of emergency. When underwater, the occupants breathe air carried in the vehicle through scuba-style rebreathers and without occupants the sQuba will surface automatically.

The twin water jets mounted on rotating louvers at the front of the vehicle provide steering and lift while it is underwater and the propellers at the rear provide forward movement. On dry land a single 54 kW electric rear-wheel drive powertrain, utilizing rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, powers the sQuba allowing it to achieve 0-50 mph (0-80kmh) in 7.1 seconds. In the water it will do 4 mph (6 kmh) on the surface and 1.5 mph (3 kmh) underwater.


The sQuba features powerful yet energy-saving LED lighting technology and employs carbon nano-tubes to keep the weight down and buoyancy just right. It floats on the surface until the operator floods the interior to submerge. It is designed to “fly” when underwater like a submarine, not to drive along the surface at the bottom of the water. The salt-water resistant interior of the one-off (Lotus Elise) concept is built to stand the punishment of a marine environment and yet able to feature genuine mother-of-pearl trim and diamond-plated non-slip inlays. The high-tech instrument cluster and controls create a futuristic ambiance and allow controlling all vehicle functions even while submerged.

But that’s not all! On terra firma the sQuba can drive entirely autonomously (without a driver), at the touch of a button made possible by laser technology called LUX from the Hamburg-based company, Ibeo. LUX laser sensors permit a variety of driver assistance functions using one single small device, such as automatic emergency braking, pedestrian protection, collision protection, traffic jam assistant and others.


Rinderknecht said that because they have used a zero emission engine, it was very clear from the beginning to minimize the pollution in every aspect, especially because this vehicle also moves in the precious element of water. All the lubricants and greases in use are made rapidly biodegradable.

The prototype cost more than $1.5 million to build. When the sQuba enters production, they are expected to “cost less than a Rolls-Royce”, according to Rinderknecht.

Rinderknecht is known for his extraordinary automotive creations. The acknowledged James Bond enthusiast kept revisiting that scene in his mind over and over: “For three decades I have tried to imagine how it might be possible to build a car that can fly under water. Now we have made this dream come true. The sQuba lets me be one with the elements and lets me immerse myself in a new and fascinating world. It is our duty to protect this world in which we are guests to the best of our ability.”

If Rinspeed can devote enough resources to a concept car obviously marketed as a “toy for rich people”, yet at the same time ensure that the vehicle maintain an environmental consciousness, that should be a wake up call to those who would steer away from ecological innovation and continue to toe the status quo line.
I take my green-dreaming – shaken, not stirred.

…. as the green future unfolds.

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