"All the World's a Stage We Pass Through" R. Ayana

Saturday, 26 November 2005

Building Better Humans

Building Better Humans


What is the 'human condition'? Is it different from 'human nature'? Politics, fear, work, corruption, recreation, nepotism, drama in the days of our lives - all these ephemera have been an ongoing performance for millennia. Almost every player plays their part, following the script, improvising few lines.

This garbage is the default setting to which a culture plateaus when individuals lose their inspiration and consciousness of the living moment. Numbed and separated from the divine present, trapped in thought, past and future; the culture fixes itself in time through mindless repetition.

To be conscious and aware, to be here now is all it takes to recognise the footprints of mindstuff in every moment, the hidden hand moving matter. To really be present in this moment, right where you are sitting now, generates (and requires) the internal, eternal guidance systems known as conscience and ethics - an open heart and a living awareness of truth and consequences. The evolution of the human condition is here, now.

Conscience - compassion, the small voice within - is the truest teacher and is always available to help us recognise that everyone is everyone. 

Ethics are not morals. Morals are merely mores of a particular society or culture, of more or most of a population, writ or wrong. Morals exist to keep society going. Ethics arise from attunement to your place in the world and universe, creating an awareness of the singular source of all things, of all phenomena - your truest self - and the interconnectedness of all things. In short, the 'golden rule', and the dictum "as above, so below" guide us well in any world, any culture. Morality and religion don't even qualify as the kindergarten of the ethical world. They are ephemeral nonsenses.

Acting with this in mind makes happiness - and humanity - evolve.

After all, thou art god and the sleeper must awaken. What will you waken to tomorrow? What will you have created? If you maintain a sense of immanence, with an open heart and creative mind's eye you can make anything manifest - your greatest hopes or your most terrible fears. Which do you prefer to put your time and imagination into?

All the world's a stage we pass through...

- R. Ayana

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