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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Save the World From Home

Save the World From Home
Sites That Save the Ecosystem Each Time You Click
The following sites allow you to save rainforest for free. By simply visiting these pages you automatically save a small portion of irreplaceable ecosystems.
The Rainforest Site

The Rainforest Site is dedicated to the preservation of rainforests around the world. Your daily click funds the purchase of rainforest land by The Nature Conservancy, The Rainforest Conservation Fund, World Land Trust-US, and Rainforest2Reef. These organizations work to preserve rainforest land in Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Paraguay and other locations worldwide.

On average, over 35,500 individuals from around the world visit the site each day to click the green "Click Here to Give - it's FREE" button. To date, more than 150 million visitors have preserved more than 40,500 acres of land.

Why Preserve Rainforest Habitat?

Rainforests are some of the world's most ancient and complex ecosystems. They cover a mere 2% of the Earth, yet more than half of all plant and animal species live there. The rainforest is home to creatures as famous as the jaguar and poison dart frog, as well as lesser-known and even unidentified species.

These ecosystems are an amazing resource that is quickly slipping away. The rainforest is where many modern food staples originated, including tomatoes, corn, and chocolate, but we use a mere fraction of the edible plants available there. In addition, one quarter of modern medicines come from plant species that were first used as traditional remedies. Western science has analyzed less than one percent of rainforest plants for medicinal compounds, and the indigenous tribes that use these plants are rapidly disappearing.

To complicate matters more, the rate of species extinction in the rainforest is undeniably high. As the forests are burned for short-term farming, grazed, and harvested for wood and other compounds at an unsustainable rate, we are swiftly losing the very species that may someday provide needed cures or disease-resistant crops. With them, we lose an extraordinary number of unique creatures found nowhere else in the world.

Help us save the rainforests by clicking every day. The benefits to humankind and to the world are incalculable, and it costs you nothing more than a moment of your time. A click a day can save the world!*

*Facts and figures from: The Rainforest Alliance, World Health Organization, and the Rainforest Foundation.

Ecology Fund

Save Land for FREE!! - Protect 87 square feet every day!

  Click all of the project buttons below & preserve land for free!  how it works...

South American Rain Forest
more info
  Protect highest diversity of primate species (14), river dolphins & manatee in Peru; rare birds & woolly tapir in Andean Ecuador; & giant otter in Atlantic rainforest.

Save 70 sq. ft. for FREE! SAVE LAND - CLICK HERE 
Rainforest Conservation Fund, Project Amazonas, & World Land Trust
Reduce Pollution
more info
  Reduce atmospheric CO2 by visiting websites. This allows EcologyFund to plant trees in the monarch forest & purchase pollution credits to reduce atmospheric CO2.

Save 4 lbs. for FREE! Reduce Pollution - CLICK HERE 
La Cruz Habitat Protection Project
Protect Endangered Species
Mexican Wildlife
Thick Billed Parrot
more info
  Save Mexican Thick-billed parrot nest areas in Sierra Madre & Cuatro Cienegas w/ 100 endemic species & desert pools. (also funded by TNC). Save 16.5 sq. ft. for FREE!
Pronatura/The Wildlands Project
Canadian Wildlife
Grizzly Bear
more info
  Protect habitat for grizzly bears, elk & wolves in the Rockies, virgin tall-grass prairies, & 800 acre old-growth forest on Lake Erie. Save .4 sq. ft. for FREE!
Nature Conservancy of Canada
Nature Reserves in Scotland
more info
  Help RSPB, Europe's largest conservation group buy globally rare active blanket bog peatlands, home to numerous 'red listed' birds. Save 2 sq. ft. for FREE!
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
United States Wilderness
Palmyra Atoll w/ 16,000 acres of reef
© J.E. Maragos
more info
  The last intact marine wilderness in the US tropics with millions of seabirds & 130 coral species. Save .05 sq. ft. for FREE!
The Nature Conservancy
Western U.S. Wilderness
U.S. Wilderness
more info
  Help keep in-holdings in US wilderness - including Trinity Alps,CA, Cascades,WA & Snowmass,CO - from being developed. Save .4 sq. ft. for FREE!
Wilderness Land Trust
Coastal Habitat
Patagonian Coastal Reserve
Sea Lions
more info
  Buy reserve for guanaco, puma, maras, peregrine falcons, burrowing owls, & parrots; w/ 8 mile beach for penguins and sea lions.

This project has been completed.
World Land Trust (WLT)
Plant Trees/Monarch Butterflies
Monarch Butterflies
more info
Plant a tree in Mexico for each FREE offer that you try. Help reforestation of the winter home of most North American Monarch butterflies.

La Cruz Habitat Protection Project

Plant Trees/American Chestnut
Chestnut Tree
more info
Help plant an American chestnut w/ ea. click. Once a dominant tree in East U.S., blight-resistant chestnuts are being bred on research farm.

American Chestnut Foundation
Please note: we can only count one click per project, per person, per day.
human population
natural habitats
natural habitat per capita
Counters courtesy of Fondo per la Terra (Earth Fund) What are these?


Click to donate

click to give a smile (for free!)
Did you know that nearly half of all people in the US lack dental insurance? The Tom's of Maine Dental Health for All™ program supports community organizations that provide dental care to people who would otherwise go without.

You can help Tom's fill in the gap in dental coverage access, just by clicking!
Your clicks help more kids
Care2 members are now sponsoring 16 children in 7 countries. Your daily clicks have provided food, health care and education to 14 children living in poverty. Thanks to your clicks we are now able to sponsor 2 new children: Fridah in Zambia and Santanu in India. You're making an immeasurable difference in the lives of these children - thank you!

Randy Paynter
President and Founder of Care2.com

F*ck for Forest
(Not a free clicks site)


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