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Thursday 3 December 2009

Creation of Free Energy Devices, Electromagnetic Flying Disks and Saving the World

Harnessing Inventiveness
Creation of free energy devices, Electromagnetic Flying Disks and Saving the World

By Prof. John Roy Robert Searl and Bradley Lockerman


Non-experts live in the now, not yesterday nor tomorrow. The expert does not live today but rather in the past. The inventor lives in tomorrow, for he or she creates the future that is to be. Without inventors there would be no tomorrows but a continuation of the today, never changing in any manner except for the change of seasons.
Inventors are labelled as living in a world of fantasy, while so-called experts claim to live in a world of reality; ironically, their world came from the world of fantasy, brought into being by those who suffered and struggled to create the present reality that these experts claim as their right.

Before anyone can conceive a concept to generate some new invention a number of triggers have to be in place.
1. The brain must be free from all conventional brainwashing so that the subconscious can freely communicate with the conscious mind. Thus between these two states the data stored can be made active by the correct input of our body’s sensors.

2 There must be information stored in the brain either at the time of its conception or gained after birth at the expense of time.

3 Once the correct triggers have been stimulated so that the conscious or subconscious mind can start searching and assembling a dream or a thought wave, data makes its way to the conscious mind of the owner and impresses the owner with the possibility of creating a new project.

4 It is extremely unlikely that you can invent anything truly new because the brain that creates does so based on information that was already invented by brains of the past; even as far back as the day man first appeared upon planet earth.

5 My work is based on the success of hundreds of inventors before me; my work has just extended their work. They invented the materials, tools and equipment that make it possible for me to extend their work.

6 Within the laws of nature there is nothing impossible except that the state of your mind makes it so. And it is your mind which has and still does delay progress for a better world then we have today.

7 In my case, the subconscious assembled an extremely simple game which strangely contains the mathematics required to achieve this technology; without that input there is no S.E.G. or I.G.V. [Searl Energy Generator - Searl’s pioneering free energy device]. Anyone making such claims is talking out their rear end. What a shame to waste such energy.

My device is basically a linear motor riding on a magnetic bearing; in reality there are three such units in one body. Its characteristics are similar to that of an autotransformer; again three such devices in one body. The inner unit generates its own output that feeds into the second unit that is also generating its own, but much greater output and is therefore boosted vastly by the input from the first unit. The second unit output is then feed into the third unit which also is generating a much larger output is again, vastly increased by the input from the second unit.

Every operation of the S.E.G. follows Newton’s laws precisely, ‘Expert’ claims that it is not possible are just protecting their image of importance. Such has always been the case since this animal called Homo sapiens arrive upon the planet earth and will always exist until the end of time.

Not only is the problem to design and test the specialised equipment to undertake this research, but one of the really major problems is that there are far too many of this species that suffer from an obsessive compulsive disorder that functions on ignorance and greed. There is no more dangerous combination that has so far managed to delay this technology from reaching its marketplace, and it would had done so back in 1968 and again in 2003 if it was not for the effects relating to this disease.

Today, for the fifth time, efforts to recreate this technology are moving forward but cost is the greatest problem. It increases each year that it takes to reach the marketplace. There is yet another major problem for delay. This is that the man involved has to live and therefore has to maintain a job by which he can survive and find from his pocket that cost which is involved. Time is related to availability of hard cash and spare time to work on it. It also requires absolute dedication and devotion and faith for its success and this man has all three requirements for such a success.

This world is dying from pollution factors to which this technology offers a solution that no other technology can offer. Yet everyone ignores its possibilities because the power man of today would loose profit by such a technology being available on the marketplace.

Yet it would slowly halt this hurricane-forming problem now greatly being experienced along the U.S.A. coast line, which will eventually reach places like Canada and even the UK if we allow this global warming to increase. Is it humane for life and property to be destroyed in the name of ignorance and greed?

You may wonder if the S.E.G. output is Direct Current or Alternating Current. It is an Alternating Current at very high voltage that has to be passed through a step down transformer for the voltage required, like all other power systems available today; current is proportional to the voltage.

Rare earths play an important part in the success of the S.E.G.’s operation. The one that has become the keystone of my work is Nd because everyone wants to follow the same pattern that I used in 1946. It is far from the best but it is the first choice for cost and availability. One major problem is that it looses electrons to the air. As such it will oxidize in air. This can be prevented by the following means:

1 Keep it in argon while not in use which is the better choice; or in oil which is the choice that I do not prefer.

2 Or mix 1% of another rare earth which does not loose electrons to the air that will block the Nd from loosing its electrons to the air.

3 As you move up the element chart there are better options to use. Also it makes the S.E.G. smaller for the same output.

To experts it’s all impossible - as they stated about the bicycle, motor car, train, plane, electricity, gas, telephone, and television and space travel plus everything else made or done by man; in reality they were confirming that it could be done, yet it was only done by those who lived in the world of fantasy, for it is only such people who are capable of free thinking by which progress in advancing man’s knowledge can be achieved.

Everything made by man came out of the world of fantasy which existed there before man ever appeared on earth, including all inventions of the future which have been here since time began. But before any such invention can be brought forth from the world of fantasy into the world of reality some ingenious person must tune in to it; that action requires a set of triggers in a precise order of events and then and only then will such products become available to humankind.

Though the S.E.G. is a marvellous device it can only reduce the pollution problem, which helps to reduce global warming. This will give trees and animals a chance to survive. It will require everyone to help to clean up this planet as we made the mess due to our lack of knowledge and understanding and replant trees which in our ignorance have been cut down. These are urgent requirements to block the creation of hurricanes and tornados.

It takes about 30 years before a tree can fully function in its duty cycle in reducing this global warming; clearly the need is present today to start a massive replacement task in the effort to balance nature to our advantage.

If you really care for your children’s health and welfare then you must act today and help clean up these problems, to assist me to do my best to help nature to recover from our wrongs which we have done and are still doing.

Listen to our children who have no tomorrows if we don’t care; our ignorance and greed is killing this planet. If we don’t stop our destruction of this planet there will be no tomorrows for anyone. There will be just a resting place for our remains.

 - Edited from a press release by Prof. John Roy Robert Searl

John Searl - Electromagnetic Flying Discs - The Story Behind The Story

by Bradley Lockerman, BKL Films
Executive Producer, Writer, Director, Camera for the The John Searl Story

Including comments by John Searl about the film based on his experiences and excerpts from the film log.  Follow-up dialogue about coming film sequel that will address the topic of the powers that be who not only suppressed the technology, but stole it.

Bradley Lockerman in the Scottish Highlands filming scenes for The John Searl Story, released on DVD Jan. 15, 2009. (Ref.)
Bradley Lockerman in the Scottish Highlands filming scenes for The John Searl Story, released on DVD Jan. 15, 2009. (Ref.)

“It’s marvelous… maybe people will realize that ALL of it is interesting information…” said John Searl.
“People are more impressed with lies… than the truth.  I can’t (lie) because I’m speaking from the heart… about what I know… and what I do.”

Throughout the making of The John Searl Story there was one distinct, undeniable constant, Searl was telling his truth.

I spent several years shooting, logging, collecting and then pouring over the sixty plus hours of raw footage in the edit waiting to find a blink or flinch or a stutter that would indicate he was concocting this portion or that portion of his story. It never came.

We were lucky to get permission to enter Saint John’s Hall. This auditorium is where the Sunday lectures were held in the 1960s. Attended by scientists, the press and the public, crowds numbered up to four hundred persons at times, all listening to Searl explain his “flying disc generator”, and his intention to build a “manned craft”.

“The press came… to make mockery,” said Searl. At the end of the ten-hour lecture reporters approached Searl amazed by his continuous delivery.

“They said, we have never seen a man stand there… and talk for ten hours without looking at any papers or references” Searl continued, “And I said, when you talk from the heart… you don’t need papers…”

The anticipation as we approached the locations where Searl had worked or done his research was already high, but that anticipation increased dramatically in Searl himself. Every location was found through Searl’s recognition of the surroundings. “That’s it… stop here,” he said. Then, while walking (and filming) through the field he commented, “I used to have to get permission, to do ‘sort of’ shows (fly the disc!)… they never refused me.” Searl said. “We used to do our take-offs and landings there (pointing to an open area in the field); the audience would be here.” He continued, “The people that say it never happened… they’re dreaming! Here’s the very field.”

An animated gif from TheLivingMoon.com.
An animated gif from TheLivingMoon.com

Professor John Searl revisits the field where he had done many test flights.
Professor John Searl revisits the field where he had done many test flights

While standing in one of the fields where John Searl flew his “levity disc”, I was struck by his demeanor. There were moments when he paused, as if he were reliving the events of the past. The look in his eyes was certain as he examined the geography around him. Occasionally he would glance at the sky, as if he were remembering a particular launch or flight path that he and his team had used.

The documentary states: "The Demo 1 would prove that electromagnetic flying discs were not only real, but that they represent the future in power and transportation."  In the segment of the documentary in which the above image is shown, Searl's voice is played back from that period, saying: "We feel the time is right to go ahead and carry people."  "One day you'll see a [name of] craft, a lone star in the sky; and within a year, you'll see massive giants coming up into the sky taking 2000 people from New York to London in twenty minutes, or fifteen minutes; from London to Sidney in thirty minutes; and we won't think nothing about it."  Then, showing his confidence in the goodness of humanity, he continues: "And I think that this is business; this is really what industry wants: fast movement, cheap price, no noise, and no pollution; and the Levity Disc will give you this."  Later in the documentary he states: "From 1963 until about 1978, ...Demo 1 flew 500 times around the world through the use of ham operators."

The documentary states: “The Demo 1 would prove that electromagnetic flying discs were not only real, but that they represent the future in power and transportation.”  In the segment of the documentary in which the above image is shown, Searl’s voice is played back from that period, saying: “We feel the time is right to go ahead and carry people.”  “One day you’ll see a [name of] craft, a lone star in the sky; and within a year, you’ll see massive giants coming up into the sky taking 2000 people from New York to London in twenty minutes, or fifteen minutes; from London to Sidney in thirty minutes; and we won’t think nothing about it.”  Then, showing his confidence in the goodness of humanity, he continues: “And I think that this is business; this is really what industry wants: fast movement, cheap price, no noise, and no pollution; and the Levity Disc will give you this.”  Later in the documentary he states: “From 1963 until about 1978, …Demo 1 flew 500 times around the world through the use of ham operators.”

As he relived the end of the “Demo 1” effort, his pain from the memory was too much. He broke down in tears. This lasted for a considerable time. I thought I should cut the cameras and give him some privacy because his pain was real. But I chose instead to capture it all. Here was a man who chose his life work over his family. And the memory of that “ripping apart” was flowing out of him.

Searl was pleased with the structure of the dream 1 and dream 2 sequence in the film. “It showed the dreams… that’s always been difficult to explain” he said. “Now you can see it… from the hopscotch game, to the Law of the Squares, to the SEG”.
He also liked the Crawley Road location sequence. “This is where it happened” (the first model crashed through the roof and destroyed the house)… “It was an accident” he said, “and the house is gone!” The police put him in jail for a few nights after that. “They put me in a place where I won’t blow holes through roofs and that again…”

Searl said he thinks the film will help people understand the difficulties he’s had to overcome. “Some people are greedy… once they see it (the SEG) they want to own it” he said. “Greed and ignorance… it’s a terrible combination.”

On the general content and flow of the film. “I hope everyone has a chance to see it… I’ll be able to spend more time talking about the (present) development of the SEG” said Searl. “I don’t mind talking about the past… just rather talk about how we’re doing it again!”

There’s more like this. I have phone conversations with him regularly.

john-searl-4Some of the early reviews are in and we are pleased. Seems people like the film. This latest review (five stars):

Guy Thomas… “Awesome Documentary!!!”

“I’ve bought 2 of these DVDs now and I am really impressed. The documentary builds on the information in the book ‘Antigravity: The Dream Made Reality‘, so you won’t be disappointed if you’ve already read up on the life of John Searl. The documentary provides a fair and impartial view of the SEG / IGV technologies and doesn’t alienate its audience in overly-technical explanations. I found the illustrations of the magnetisation process to be particularly enlightening as this is an area many SEG replication attempts have completely ignored. Overall this is an excellent DVD, buy it now!!!” 

 (PESNews/Published under GNU Free)


John Searl

From PESWiki

John Searl is one of the most controversial figures in Antigravity research, but since beginning his work in the 1940’s, he’s arguably become “the father of modern Antigravity”. His claim is simple: that after a childhood dream showing a rotating set of rollers on a metallic ring, he constructed a device called the Searl Effect Generator (SEG) that seems to produce massive Antigravitational thrust. Searl is one of the cultural icons in the Antigravity movement.

John Searl Profile

ohn Roy Robert Searl (born 2 May 1932) is the inventor of the Searl Effect Generator (SEG) and the Inverse Gravity Vehicle (IGV), both are open system (system theory) energy converting devices, utilizing linear motor technology with sets of multi-phased rollers riding on a magnetic bearing. An electrical autodidact, Searl conducted his initial experimental research and development from 1946 to 1956. The SEG successfully generated electricity, but also unexpectedly repelled itself from the earth’s gravity with a powerful lifting force; subsequently he was able to control it with the development of the IGV.

A repeating set of simple dreams spanning six years inspired John Searl to build the first SEG prototype. Convinced of their import, he diligently interpreted them, realizing they detailed the principles for creating a uniquely superior electrical generator, yielding massive forces of energy. His first attempts to prove his theory took place as an apprentice employee of BR Rewinds at Grays Inn Road, London. There he gained permission to use the company’s facilities and all of the technical resources needed to make the device. In December of 1946, with all of the magnetic components manufactured to his specifications, he assembled the unique generator at his residence at 30 Crawley Rd, Haringey, London, UK.

Searl Effect Generator (SEG)


When Searl first activated his device, the rollers (rotors) began to rotate around the plate (stator), generating a charge-pumping action on an open circuit configuration. At threshold speed, the device maintained its rotation with no additional energy input from the peripheral electromagnets. In the case of the original prototype, however, Searl had not provided a dampening mechanism, which caused a positive energy feedback loop to occur (circuit virtually closed) as the machine charged or ionized the air surrounding it, causing the device to accelerate. Eventually the generator experienced a severe drop in temperature inversely proportional to the increasing electric current as the electrical resistance decreased into lines predicted by the Pinch (plasma physics) effect. The random kinetic energy of the electrons became uniform in motion (physics), directly resulting in very high electron velocity, and thus the SEG quickly achieved superconductivity at extremely low temperatures. In this state, quantum tunneling electrons surged through the generator in the form of unimpeded Cooper pairs, resulting in very high negative potentials at the device’s periphery.

Through a process similar to ionization, a pink halo formed about the machine and intense electric fields repelled the surrounding negatively charged air strongly enough to form a vacuum. This vacuum and the geometry of the SEG prevented flashover of the millions of volts generated. The energy levels escalated enormously as the SEG effectively absorbed or converted the ambient temperature and all other environmental sources of the electromagnetic spectrum immediately surrounding the machine into useful electrical power. The process is believed to strip the electron’s kinetic energy by rectifying its normally random motional state in to a uniform state, accelerating it back into the environment, where the electrons regain normal levels of kinetic energy. The SEG’s electric fields would then re-attract the surrounding electrons through the relativity positive center of the generator creating a continuous cycle, a process that Prof. Searl has described as an “electron ramjet”.

Upon reaching a threshold level of efficiency, the generator’s weight dramatically decreased to a negative state at very cold temperatures. The SEG’s mass inertia concurrently also inverted its state which effectively created what may be termed as an anti-gravity machine with superconductivity due to the extreme electrical and spin-orbital rotating magnetic fields. Then most unexpectedly, the SEG promptly shot through the roof of Searl’s lodge and was never seen again.

Several more units were made and lost outdoors until he incorporated a dielectric layer to its construction and the practical power generator (SEG) was thus realized.

Prof. John Searl is currently pursuing developmental work again on the SEG, particularly in Thailand and the United States. His efforts center upon a revised prototype of the machine that can be produced more cost-effectively employing a proposed solid-layering manufacturing technique, rather than the powder-pressed original method.

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