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Friday, 5 August 2011

The Inventors of Water Powered Cars

The Inventors of Water Powered Cars

‘If simple electrolysis worked to make hydrogen from clean H2O, then we would have water powered cars already.’ Most engineers and mechanics are taught it takes more energy to produce enough energy to propel a car, therefore it will never work. You cannot break the laws of physics. They say you will not get enough BTUs from hydrogen or Egas to push an ICE motor. They are right - gasoline gets too hot, and 78% of the energy produced goes right out the exhaust pipe. A complete waste of energy is applied every day we drive our present vehicles and also the heat contributes to the Global warming.

With "On Board Electrolysis" with egas or supplied by hydrogen tanks, you don't need all this heat. What you need is strong combustion to push the piston down. Hydrogen has 2-1/2 times more combustion power than gasoline, with less heat! The inventors below managed to propel a car on hydrogen, and so can you. A trillion dollar industry awaits you. Many of the inventors’ lives were threatened. Yull Brown had shots fired into his kitchen, Stan Meyers was threatened and eventually poisoned, a few months later, Yull Brown died of old age. Andrija Puharich mysteriously fell down a flight of stairs. Carl Cella died in prison. Today there are way too many of us to control. The time is now.

See the Buggy idle on egas alone and see Stan's 4' tall cell. Video taken from his twin brother Steven (still alive). The other fellow - Ted Holbrook - who just passed of old age is helping him; he’s supposedly responsible for confiscating the dune buggy from cronies who took Stan's precious life. Ted's wife & associates have their famous buggy for sale (as of 9/25/08) The Dune Buggy sold to this guy. Steve is moving forward with the technology. Listen now.


How did all these inventors listed below
make a car run off water as fuel?

William Nicholson (1799)
Experimented with electrolysis

Isaac de Rivas (1805)
He made the first water car!

Rev. William Cecil (1820)

Jean Joseph Etienne Lenoir (1860)
2nd car that ran on water as fuel.

Info. on Rivaz, Lenoir & Delamare-Debouteville

Luther Wattles (1897)

Rudolf A. Erren (1930)

Henry"Dad" Garrett (1932)
from Texas, I believe he was bought out
and his water fuel carb , forgotten about.

Michael A. Peavey (1956)
Wrote the "Water as Fuel" book

William A Rhodes (1967)

Yull Brown (1970-1998)

Daniel Dingle (1970 - 2009)

Francisco Pacheco (1972)

Rodger Billings (1976)

Archie Blue (1950's)

Robert Zweig (1978)

Dr. Ruggero Santilli (1978 - alive)

Sam Leslie Leach (1978)

Steven Horvath (1978 - alive)
Use of radiolysis to a hydrogen cell.

Carl Cella (1978 - died in prision)
Heavymetal Rocker/ Water powered Cadilillac

Stan Meyer (1980-1998, murdered)

Herman P. Anderson (1983 - 2004, died of old age)

Andrija Puharich (1918-1995)

Joe Cell (Joe X) (1990- TILL THE COWS COME HOME)

Bob Boyce (1980 - forever)

Peter Lowrie (2004) He used to run a yahoo forum called
EgasPower and had egaspower.com He either gave up
or sold out.

Dr. Cliff Ricketts (1996 - 2012)

Steve Ryan (motorcycle 2005 & on)

Captain Patrick (2000 BC) Patrick has donated all his time for mankind to live on.

Bookmark his site, he has hundreds of LOW COST ENERGY devices and inventions -  FREE PLANS

Isaac de Rivas was a Swiss inventor who, in 1805, was the first to make a car powered by an internal combustion engine. That was an accomplishment in and of itself, but what did the engine use as fuel, since gasoline wasn't invented till the 1870s? Amazingly, the first automobile ran on HYDROGEN extracted from WATER!

Yull Brown - from Sydney Australia developed a method of extracting hydrogen from water in 1978 and utilizing it as a car fuel and fuel for cutting steel and brazing. After much publicity (see The Bulletin (Aust.) Aug 22, 1989) he had managed to raise over 2 million dollars.... UCSA offers this technology for cutting and brazing steel.

Why are we all stuck on gasoline? It is smogging up our planet, causing cancer, global warming, wars, bad weather, holes in the Ozone and the end of the world as we know it. It seems that our governments are not allowing us to have free energy.
Everyone needs fuel to survive,

Why not make clean hydrogen out of water rather than from dirty hydrocarbons?

The Oil Corps. own most of the stock of all industries. Petroleum being the largest industry in the world. Industry. The DOE sets up guide lines these Car Manufactures have to follow. Every Water Car inventor, once his car is advertised on TV or Newspaper, the DOE, FBI, CIA MIB, Sheriff, the MOB, show up at your door, they tell you to stop with your car. They take your water car experiment away. They tear apart your garage looking for plans parts, everything you have may have been working on. Some get bought out. Some are poisoned. No joke. Or they disappear. Hard to believe, but I had heard this over and over again.
I get tired of hearing the bad ending, or dead ending. What happened to the triumphant ending! You say, Dude you are out there! Well, we all our right to our opinion. We will leave at that. I seek the truth and truth shall set you FREE!

Do you see me selling something on these pages? Then why bother with all this information, if it will never be manufactured? Well because someday it will. Without a vision the people perish… At present, this is the way we are headed. The Water Powered Car is the new trillion dollar industry a coming. The snow is ripe for harvest.

Don't you want to breathe clean air? Next time your near a high traffic corner in any city in the United States, take a deep breathe of what you smell. You are breathing unburned hydrocarbons & nitrates, carbon monoxides, 13 total bad chemicals you should not be breathing. The air is not safe to breath.

When I go on road trips I always after wards feel tired and sick from the breathing of it. The only way to escape car exhaust, is to live in the country and avoid road trips. Stay put. Oil reserves are running out. Iraq has the last best reserves, now the US wants it. I dislike the entire War scene in Iraq. We don't live here. so we will never know what it is like living in Iraq. Does not seem like good karma at all.

You have to make the water car yourself, It is not that hard. Start by reading.

Murray from Down Under explains it very well here, so does Patrick from the UK. I'm just a bum who put this website together, on my spare time. Beats voting. I tell you. Diebold needs to stop making voting machines. Vote for "Back to Hand Voting ballots, counted by the communities."

I joined the Green Party lately… As time goes by you will eventually find out, that all these conspiracy sites are true and the well paid news media is false. Good spoken of evil and evil spoken as good…

Learn, Seek,and you shall Find. Water is Life

Contact the Hydrogen Trucker Dudes today!

Energy Invention Suppression Cases
A 139 .pdf online book on 95 cases, by Gary V." A good informative reading of
why this technology is being suppressed. They knock out people, just like the Mafia does.

The banned book "200 MPG Carburators"
no longer published.

FREE .pdf file DOWNLOAD NOW? (large 57KB file, be patient)

Supreme Court Justice Edward H. Lehner was asked the question
“Why did Building 7 come down?" His reply was "Building What?"
The demo-ed building that fell in 6.5 seconds on 9-11-01 at 5:30PM

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