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Thursday, 29 December 2005

Longer Memory

Longer Memory


Your memory only shows you what you've prepared yourself for, partly because when you 'go back' in your memory the things you remember most easily and vividly are the most intense things - moments which leave strong imprints - and the most intense things are sometimes incredibly pleasant, even ecstatic.

But they are often intense for other reasons. An interesting feature of human vision is that if you see a person dressed in blue next to one dressed in red and another in yellow, the first thing you will usually see is the person dressed in red. Your consciousness will automatically be drawn to an intensity that involves or reminds you of blood. It's a survival mechanism that's virtually hard-wired into the system and takes some work to retrain, like the retraining necessary to perceive 'problems' as 'opportunities'.

Often the first things you remember will be so intense they'll put you off exploring your past and finding the truly extraordinary - and ordinary - events that reside there.


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