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Friday 29 February 2008

Idiocracy: Land of the homeless, free of the brave

Idiocracy: Land of the homeless, free of the brave

A bunch of overfed sports fanatics faces a choice of rich, loudmouthed egotistical megalomaniacs – again.

Taking Liberties by R. Ayana

So Amerika’s going to have another soldier in every nation that won't sell out to the government-approved corporatocracy? What more can you expect of a nation of warmongers run by warmongers for warmongers? What can you expect of a people who teach their children it’s a great thing to play with guns and then act surprised and mortified when some halfwit comes out blasting in a crowded schoolroom every couple of weeks? How many people have fantasised about killing their teachers and classroom bullies while saluting a flapping rag?
Let’s tell children that playing and practicing with weapons designed only to murder and maim is just harmless fun, and see what happens! Ever wonder why these mass slaughters almost only ever happen in the good old USA – unless the CIA is destabilising some poor little country at the behest of the great global bully?

Many nations wonder how Amerika squandered the mantle of ‘leader of the free world’, throwing out habeus corpus, excusing (and attempting to legalise) torture, illegally invading sovereign nations that have no chance of fighting back, and throwing away the idea of universal equality and the very human rights that made it a nation worth looking up to. With so many people in jail or forced to pick up a gun and join the army unless they want to be incarcerated, perhaps the ‘stars and stripes’ should be renamed, using one of its old competitor’s titles – ‘the stars and bars’.
In any tweedle-dum, tweedle dummer two-party political system you can be sure of one thing – mega-rich WASP arseholes who hate everyone else will continue to rule, blaming the Jews and Arabs for the ills of the world and using their money or the gun - rammed firmly into the spleen of whoever makes it into the oval orifice – to ensure their will is supreme. The position of (p)resident is a joke – keep your eyes on the co-opted, bribed and blackmailed ‘leader’, folks, while the Wizards turn their wheels and operate the (ha ha) voting machines behind the patriotic curtain.

Keep watching the well-articulated empty space behind the contenders’ steely gazes and you’ll be watching the greatest blow-job on Earth, designed to distract you from what governments and corporations are actually doing to our beautiful planet and our common wealth and heritage. Keep watching ‘reality’ on TV and everything will be all Right, no matter who gets elected – and an eagle with one wing never flies far. 

The only thing the disunited states has going for it is that the competition is actually worse. In Russia the intelligence agencies barely bother to cover up the fact that they blew up thousands of their citizens as an excuse to go to war and get their resident re-elected. They don’t bother with the farce of trying to make their elections look fair when everyone knows they’re rigged. Their leader is Vlad the Impaler, a well-known pedophile and mass murderer that everyone knows is personally culpable and capable of hideous crimes. 

It’s what you’d expect of a nation of slaves, after Stalin killed all the people with brains in a bloody, vicious icecapade that left only a bunch of downtrodden drunken sheep.Whereas the US resident is usually just some bumbling front-man, a stooge for invested interests, his Russian counterpart is quite happy to get his hands – and other parts of his anatomy – filthy in the pursuit of untrammeled naked power.Let’s not even discuss China in the same breath as these pseudo-democracies - it might be too dangerous for our health. 

Meanwhile, in one-party Amerika – the party of the rich – the illusion of choice is engendered by power brokers who’ve already decided who the winner will be before the race is run. Only the women who back her can’t seem to see that Hilarious Clitoris is a loopy strident warhorse attached to strings being pulled by the same old puppetmasters. Only those who back Barack Hussein Osama can’t see that his well-intentioned smiles mask a hollow pained grimace (personally, I think he’s a relatively nice, bright and surprisingly honest man who’d deserve to win – if he wasn’t already co-opted by forces beyond his control, like everyone else in a major party. And if you knew what the word ‘Baraka’ means you might gain some interesting perspectives on the deeper realities underpinning this sideshow). 

Neither of these contenders can admit that between them they’ve virtually guaranteed a victory for their opponents – who really are the worst of two evils.It’s a pity, because between the two of them they actually have a heart and a brain – unlike the Son of Cain, who only has a broken heart and futile, dangerous vestiges of raw courage; perfect for a nation run by brutish warmongers whose faces you never see. 

 Amerika seems to forget that its system of electing delegates is a recently-created construct designed to keep the rich in power; changing this convoluted system is a far more pressing need than changing the resident in the white peoples’ house. Doing away with the primaries and their quaint methodologies isn’t like changing the Constitution, folks – it’s just a matter of application and common sense. Abolishing the dangerously outdated Electoral College is even more important; how can you have free and fair elections when this fat rump - who believe they are born to rule - can overrule the expressed will of the people? 

The only way the Amerikan people can win the current residential election is to lodge a protest vote – not by failing to vote (as many morons mistake for some kind of protest) – but by voting for the Greens or Ralph Nader. Or anyone else who doesn’t have a chance. It’s the only way to make your vote count, when the outcome is a meaningless choice between warmongers and dupes anyway. Amerika has one choice if it wants to retain its unfair position as sole global Super-bully, given its geopolitical and economic standing at the dawn of the New Millennium – perpetual war. 

It’s high time people stopped teaching their innocent children to salute flags, swear oaths and pray to primitive tribal deities (including those gods of money-worship, fat insanity claws and the toothless fairy) before they teach them to think. Not what to think – but to think! The U.S. has the lowest standard of living, greatest inequity, highest number of prisoners, highest infant mortality rate, lowest standard of human rights, worst healthcare outcomes and lowest collective I.Q. of any developed country. It’s not surprising its citizens don’t know these things, or consider them important; they’re taught to concentrate on football, baseball and interest rates and leave everything else to their betters – except at election time, when they’re trained to see voting in the same light as barracking for their local sports team instead of a way to improve their lives and the world.

 Democracy is a system whereby representatives elected by their constituents gather together to arrive at the collective will of the people who send them to the Masonic Capitol – instead you get representatives of a party that rules and parties on at everyone else’s expense.  Parties seem like a good idea until you have to clean up the mess afterward – and Western ‘democracies’ are due for a long, painful hangover when their corrupt systems are finally replaced by something much better.

The rigged debacle of the last couple of U.S. elections paradoxically shows us a way forward. If legislation with real teeth can be enacted that actually works to oversee computerised polling (a huge challenge and one that’s not at all simple to resolve) – then we don’t need parties any more! We don’t even need politicians! We can all vote for actual issues instead of power-hungry faces and become actual citizens of a truly participatory global democracy of the 21st Century.

Politicians don’t believe that their populations – those they’ve delighted in dumbing down towards the lowest common denominator – are capable of thinking clearly enough to vote for real issues, even though they’re nonetheless apparently smart enough to elect them to do their thinking for them.

The major challenge to overcome if we’re to achieve a true global democracy - aside from the fact that politicians of all stripes will fight tooth and nail to stop this bloodless revolution from happening - is the inescapable fact that the media and technocrats behind the new computerised system will have all the power in the world.  The question remains the same as always – who guards the guardians? The good news is that with the advent of household computers and the internet, year by year, generation by generation, people are actually growing smarter and better informed than their elected representatives! 
Your parents and grandparents were happy and satisfied to be lied to, by those who still get away with stealing the wealth and knowledge of the Earth (and everywhere else) and suck it up into their bloated, semi-living, hollow insectile corpses – are you?

Turn on. Tune in. Opt OUT! Long Live the Evolution!

-         R. Ayana 

 - Now the bad news:

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Tuesday 19 February 2008

Justice for Military Personnel: Dawn of UFO Disclosure

Request for an Executive Order
Justice for Military Personnel - Dawn of UFO Disclosure

Dear Mr President,  The CIA has made a mockery out of our constitution. Our elected representatives have no idea of what we in the military have done and are still doing, since the CIA decided that ‘they do not have a need to know’. Thus, we in J.M.P. request you, the President, to issue an Executive Order, making it mandatory for all of us in the military and government, both acting and retired, who have knowledge regarding UFOs to testify with total immunity before a special Congressional committee…
             The UFO cover-up is not in our national security interest. It should be stopped, because it hurts military morale. Our group, Justice for Military Personnel (JMP), consists of retired military personnel who were affected by, or involved in different capacities with the UFO cover-up. Under orders of the CIA, in the “interest of national security”, we took part in intentionally misleading the nation, manipulating the press, the courts and most politicians.
             The CIA UFO cover-up is being perpetrated against the American people and not our potential enemies. The Russians have a whole town exclusively for UFO research. The CIA insists that the UFO cover-up must be kept at all costs; otherwise the military will be ineffective. The CIA correctly maintains that military personnel will disobey orders when confronted by UFOs. For example, during the Vietnam War, pilots refused orders to fly night missions against UFOs. Since fatal accidents, UFO related, are relatively rare (with the exception of the Vietnam War), the CIA prefers to maintain the cover-up.
             NSA, NASA, CIA, Rand and AFOSI associates have informed us that UFOs have many origins. Some obviously represent civilizations thousands of years more advanced than we are. Almost everything about them, their motives and operations are strange and incomprehensible to us. There is little we can do to protect ourselves from them. The Air Force is totally helpless to handle the situation, because of UFOs’ incredible flight performance. The CIA and Pentagon are bewildered by UFOs’ apparent ability to jam all our ground and air electronic equipment, or instantaneously disable all our weapons control systems. The CIA has decided to try to understand and duplicate UFO propulsion systems at all costs. This means that pilot lives have been sacrificed in UFO chases to get ‘UFO samples’ for research…
             We in JMP feel that too many military personnel suffered or died as a result of not being informed about UFOs. It is time to tell our armed forces the truth. It is unconscionable to continue to use military personnel as guinea pigs.   

Crimes We Committed Under CIA Pressure   

Forty years ago, the cover-up was confined to a very few individuals within the military and government. Today, many thousands are affected or involved. This deceitful CIA policy is breeding resentment in the services, for we were ordered to act illegally against our fellow military personnel and our nation. Our JMP group has many military personnel and others who are waiting to testify. The following are a few examples of deceptive activities we carried out on active duty:   

1. We intentionally ordered pilots to shoot at UFOs, with the hope of acquiring a UFO for research purposes. These resulted sometimes in instantaneous ‘disappearances’ of pilot and plane. The UFOs’ occupants seemed to be monitoring all of our pilot’s actions. We analysed hundreds of UFO gun camera films and it seems that some UFOs are remotely controlled.  

 2. We have strictly silenced military pilots who reported UFOs. We do not allow pilots to discuss UFO chases even among themselves.   

3. We interrogated, intimidated and harassed military personnel who saw UFOs to ‘convince’ them (excluding pilots and astronauts) that they ‘did not see’ what they saw; frightened them with the prospect of long prison sentences if they told anyone what they saw; transferred them alone to bases around the world, where, even if they were to talk, nobody would believe them; forced some of them into mental institutions; jailed them; destroyed their military careers; did everything possible to intimidate UFO witnesses by fear into self doubt and silence.   

4. We distributed fraudulent information through military and government spokesmen or scientists, to debunk all public UFO sightings.   

5. We forced the FAA, NASA and other Government agencies to conform to CIA UFO policies.   

6. We violated the Freedom of Information Act by hiding documents.  

7. We smeared commercial pilots who publicly reported UFOs and forced their companies to silence them.   

8. We did not confirm when civilian planes around the world also temporarily lost control or completely disappeared when UFOs were present.   

9. We slandered ruthlessly some of our most outstanding and competent citizens, who dared to report UFO sightings, while we knew all along that they were telling the truth…  

10. We silenced Congressmen and Senators who requested UFO information for their constituents. These representatives are now silent partners to this cover-up…   

The national UFO debunking campaign ordered by the CIA in 1953 published books and planted hundreds of articles in the press to create an atmosphere of ridicule around the subject of UFOs, falsely creating ‘UFO contacts’ and ‘UFO’ hoaxes. This campaign, which is still in effect today, infiltrated major civilian UFO groups to ridicule them or divert their efforts towards “other explanations’. The press… did not question why the CIA refused to give UFO information to the then Senator Barry Goldwater who at the time was chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. 

       If Senator Goldwater (who has been aware of the cover-up) did not have a high enough security clearance to get UFO information, then who in the government does? The press failed to ask, if UFOs “do not exist”, why did the CIA tell Senator Goldwater that UFO data is classified ‘above top secret’ and “above any other secret in the USA”?... One of the most audaciously deceptive acts by the CIA involved President Carter (who himself had sighted a UFO), when he looked into the possibility of UFO research. 

       Until that moment, all of us who were involved with the UFO cover-up assumed that the President was informed by the CIA about UFOs the moment he entered office and that he was aware of the huge sums of money invested in UFO research since 1953. Until that moment, it was inconceivable to us that the President of the United States would be kept totally uninformed by the CIA.          

At that time, NASA’s scientific team concluded that the UFO cover-up should end because the public already knew that most astronauts in space photographed UFOs or had been followed by UFOs, and that the astronauts were forced by regulations to lie to the press. Shortly before NASA’s release of the news to the press, the CIA insisted on continuing to maintain the cover-up and pressured NASA to lie to the public… Victor Marchetti (former Executive Assistant to the Deputy Director of the CIA) openly maintains that President Carter probably was forced to participate in the CIA’s UFO cover-up…         

 This manipulation of American public opinion and the advanced mind control techniques employed by the CIA, were described by one Air Force doctor as: “Psychiatric fascism contrary to any democratic principles”. Now more than ever, due to our highly sophisticated detection systems, UFOs are being detected frequently over our bases and missile silos and they have tampered with our nuclear missiles. They are being photographed in restricted areas, monitoring our military experiments. We track them visually and/or on radar across the USA and Canada almost daily. Worldwide intelligence reports indicate very similar sightings.   

Many of us objected long ago to this senseless UFO cover-up, because it led to a monumental loss of scientific data. But we could not do anything, because the CIA controls all our military agencies and has overwhelming influence over many government agencies…         When our country requests us in the military to give up our lives for this land, the least the government can do is tell us against whom we are fighting and why. We have the right to know… 

JMP members have prepared a program that may effectively disintegrate the UFO over-up… This insane CIA UFO cover-up must end. It is a ‘time-bomb’ which can’t be disarmed. This ‘time-bomb’, according to Rand, is gaining momentum and must explode one day. Let us expose it now and help save additional unnecessary loss of military lives. This letter intentionally omits the most spectacular events in the UFO cover-up. 

        Members of JMP feel that it will be more appropriate that the President himself, once informed by the CIA, will disclose these events to the nation. 

       We regret the anonymity of this letter, but we have no other choice because the CIA has a clear policy of eliminating any insiders who may expose the UFO cover-up. As soon as the Executive Order is issued, we will be the first to testify… Mr. President, you have a unique opportunity in the history of mankind. With the interests of national security and unity in our hearts, we respectfully wait for your actions.J.M.P., San Antonio, Texas.     

This letter was sent to us at NEXUS Magazine along with over 6,200 copies to other media outlets worldwide – very few published it, preferring instead to fill people’s heads with ephemeral crap to this day. The original was mailed to the White House under the Reagan ‘administration’ (Ronald Reagan wasn’t very bright, folks – his Presidency was a ‘Being There’ template for the military/intelligence/corporation-run  ‘administration’ of George II) on September 4th, 1987.   

JMP was the precursor to a group that has exposed huge amounts of information to a deluded (and mainly disinterested and disbelieving) public – the Disclosure Project. Strangely, the most important story of all time has been largely ignored by the media and most of the wage-slave citizens of Earth for decades.  Your brainwashed parents and grandparents were happy and satisfied to be lied to - by those who still get away with stealing the wealth and knowledge of the Earth (and everywhere else) for themselves – are you? The world you know is a feudal hive, constructed to keep a few greedy insect-brained power mongers in charge of everyone else – keeping us all poor, struggling and ignorant of our true birthright. Let’s create a better millennium!
You can’t reform the system from within. Turn on. Tune in. Opt Out - TODAY!

 - R. Ayana  

See The Disclosure Project 

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