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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Signs of "Connected Consciousness" Detected on Global Scale

Signs of "Connected Consciousness" Detected on Global Scale


Our individual minds, though distinct and uniquely ours, may also join with others in a kind of mental symphony that now and then becomes audible against a prevailing background of static. That's a conclusion suggested by the Global Consciousness Project (GCP), which got its start at Princeton University in 1998 and now operates as an international collaboration.

Global Consciousness Project locations
Image source: Google Maps

After 16 years of monitoring more than 480 world events, researchers report strong evidence of some kind of transpersonal mentality that seems to emerge when many people share a common concern or experience. At such times, a global network of devices employing quantum tunneling has found weak but definite signs of coherence arising out of background "noise" or randomness.

Although the evidence has been known by specialists for years, it has grown so strong it now warrants public attention.  And it comes at a time when the materialistic assumptions of traditional science, particularly physics, are being challenged.

The measured effect, though faint and fickle, is statistically significant to an extremely high degree, according to the researchers. It shows up during times of crisis or celebration, such as an earthquake or New Year's Eve, when millions of people focus on the same thing at the same time.

Although far from final and definitive, the research suggests that our minds may not be bounded by our heads but somehow extend out into the world and commingle, at least at times. "What we can interpret from our experiments is that we really are interconnected," says Roger Nelson, GCP's Director. "Human beings are simply not isolated islands of consciousness."

The Research in a Nutshell

The detection system is a global network of random number generators (RNGs) based on quantum tunneling. Up to 70 are active at any one time.  Each RNG outputs a continuous stream of completely unpredictable zeroes and ones. The stream ordinarily averages out at 50% ones and 50% zeros, just as flipping coins tends to produce roughly equal heads and tails over time. The RNG data are transmitted to a central archive for later analysis.

When events engage millions of minds and hearts at once, structure seems to emerge out of what would otherwise be randomness. The global network departs a bit from the normal generation of random ones and zeros. The RNGs' behaviors become slightly correlated and the system as a whole appears to shift toward coherence.

It doesn't happen every time, but often enough and strongly enough to produce compelling statistics. The chart below shows the combined output of the RNG network before, during and after 9/11/2001, the day the Pentagon and World Trade Center were attacked. The odds that the apparent structure in the project database for that day is due to chance are about one in 32, considered statistically significant. When this event's data are combined with that of other events studied on other days, the odds against chance rise exponentially.

Output of Global Consciousness Project computers on 9/11/2001
Image source: Global Consciousness Project

Many types of events have been studied: natural disasters, religious holidays, airline crashes, military invasions, acts of terror, peace vigils, and political events such as Obama winning the presidency in 2008. The chart below summarizes the aggregate results of all studies.

The jagged red line shows the accumulating excess of empirically developed scores relative to expectation for the complete dataset of defined events. The odds against chance are more than a trillion to one, after more than 480 studies. As additional events have been studied, the degree of significance has steadily increased. 

Aggregate results of Global Consciousness Project studies through August 2014
Image source: Global Consciousness Project

All efforts to invalidate the data or the conclusions have so far failed. For example, the team compared earthquakes that occurred under the ocean to those occurring on land. The prediction was that only the land-based quakes would produce a significant effect, since quakes at sea have hardly any impact on people. The RNG readings validated this prediction.

No one knows exactly why and how such deviations from chance happen. But they do.  For a more detailed description, see the Deeper Explanation section, below. For complete information, see the Global Consciousness Project.

The Bottom Line?

"We can conclude," says Nelson, "that there really are effects of consciousness in the world, unexpected correlations in our network of random devices. Something is going on, and the most likely conclusion is that there is an interconnection of consciousness at deeply hidden levels between people and among people across the globe."

Why Is It News Now?

Results of the GCP studies have been published on many occasions over the past 16 years, but never widely noted by the general media. Now may be the time to start paying attention.

Why? For one thing, the statistical certainty has mounted to the point that it's hard to ignore. Toward the end of 1998, the odds against chance started exceeding one in 20, an acceptable level in many disciplines. Then, with added studies, the level of certainty began to zoom. By the year 2000, the odds against chance exceeded one in 1,000; and in 2006, they broke through the one in a million level; they're now more than one in a trillion with no upper limit in sight.

This far exceeds the bar for statistical significance used in many fields, such as medicine and weather forecasting. Odds against chance ranging from 20-to-one to 100-to-one are commonly considered sufficient. The certainty level is set unusually high for the Higgs Boson; data for validating its existence are considered acceptable if they exceed one in 3.5 million. The GCP level of statistical certainty is now more than 285,000 times greater than that.

In addition to the mounting weight of the evidence, there's another reason it may be newsworthy now. It could help alter a mindset that perpetuates our problems. As Nelson puts it, "The more we understand we're all 'one,' as the sages of all cultures put it, the better able we'll be to shift our activities to realize our huge, wonderful potential." Without a course change, he adds, "we may not have a future at all."

Long-term Significance

Small indications often portend big developments. Tenuous evidence of connected consciousness might be the sprouting seed of something. What?

An early student of global awareness was Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, 1881-1955, the French philosopher, Jesuit priest, paleontologist and geologist. Teilhard refined Vladimir Vernadsky's concept of noosphere (the ultimate sphere of consciousness) and conceived the idea of the Omega Point. That's the level of maximum complexity, coherence and consciousness that would be the end point of evolution, he said. Aided by technology and prompted by population growth, the earth as a whole would eventually become conscious, embracing and enriching each individual's awareness, Teilhard argued.

 Is a "mental symphony" tuning up?
Image sources: musical notes, ClipArt Best; earth, NASA

Nelson speculates that we may be witnessing the first flickers of such an eventuality. "What we see in the global consciousness correlations may be some very faint version of Teilhard's noosphere," he says. It may take 10,000 years to materialize, he cautions. But we might enjoy the flickers along the way.  

Social Implications Today

Solid evidence that consciousness is global and mutual could have a salutary effect by prompting reconsideration of the assumption dominating our era: that matter rules. But what if mind rules? That's the big question implied by the research; and a widespread consideration of it could prove liberating.

Toward that end and with the noosphere vision in mind, now may be the time, Nelson suggests, for a shift from biological evolution to conscious evolution – the intentional enhancement of individual, group, and global consciousness. "To make a real difference," he says, "what we'd need are perhaps 100 million people, out of the seven billion on the planet, all becoming deeply persuaded and able to work on a kind of conscious evolution strategy."

A realistic optimist, Nelson also offers a more modest proposal. "What we can all do," he says, "is learn to live in the world in a positive, accepting fashion, in which case the world will roll out toward its future, taking us along on a probably more pleasant ride." 

 Roger Nelson, GCP Director
Image source: Global Consciousness Project

Research Background

Controlled laboratory research on interactions of consciousness with physical random systems began in the 1960's. Helmut Schmidt at Boeing Laboratories conducted the first large database experiments, followed by other researchers through the 60's and 70's.

In 1979, Robert Jahn established the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) laboratory at Princeton University. A key aim was to study whether sensitive electronic devices might be affected by special states of consciousness including strong emotions and directed intention. Nelson joined the PEAR group in 1980.

In the late 1990's Nelson and others laid the groundwork for what became the Global Consciousness Project (GCP). Co-developers include Greg Nelson, John Walker, Dean Radin, Paul Bethke, Richard Adams, Peter Bancel, and Rick Berger. The full list includes many others.  A logistical home for the GCP is provided by the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), founded by Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell.

Much more research needs to be done, Nelson says.  With increased public attention and funding, new knowledge and practical outcomes could accelerate.

Deeper Explanation

Nelson supplies a more nuanced picture of the research in a Q-and-A exchange with the author:

SAMSON: You have said your research reveals signs of a conscious influence, but it's not something that should be called mental "signals."  Could you explain?

NELSON: Technically, we analyze the random data produced by the devices, and we discover weak or subtle signals emerging from the noise that the devices are designed to produce. The actual nature of the signals is correlations that should not exist between the devices. So the devices have not actually "found" signals; they are the source of the noise or signals that sometimes arise during moments of shared emotion and functional mass consciousness.

SAMSON: How, exactly, are the periods of mass consciousness manifested in the data?

NELSON: What distinguishes such moments is that the behaviors of the far-flung RNGs become slightly correlated. We don't look directly at the proportion of ones or zeros. We just calculate a composite measure of variance across all the RNGs in the network. That variance measure responds to mean shifts in either direction and more so if two or more RNGs shift in the same direction. It is as if a (non-energetic) field blanketed the whole earth and thus all the RNGs in the GCP network, and subtly modulated their behavior.

The basic effects we see in the data are more complicated than changing the percentage of ones and zeros, and indeed we don't look for such changes directly. What we measure is best described as correlated changes of the RNG behavior. That is, the RNGs, which are designed to be fundamentally independent random sources, and which are moreover separated by global distances (average separation 7,000 kilometers), ought to have completely independent behaviors. BUT, what we see is that they tend to become very slightly correlated during great world events.

These "random" devices become slightly synchronized, apparently as if in sympathy with the synchronized mass consciousness. In many ways, this is more remarkable and more instructive than simple deviations or extra bits here and there. But it is considerably more complicated to explain than an excess of heads when flipping coins.

SAMSON: What's the overall importance of the findings, in your view?

NELSON: In the end, the important thing is that the network of physical instruments becomes different; it changes, apparently because of interconnected or synchronized consciousness. The essential thing is that consciousness is not separate from the world, just looking on. It is enmeshed and instrumental, and we should know that so we can use it, to get on with becoming the sheath of intelligence (noosphere) for the earth.  That is our terribly important work as human beings -- our evolutionary destiny, as Teilhard de Chardin put it.

# # #

The shift to a new perspective on consciousness is a key component of the highly-human megatrend that is now possible -- the shift to an era of enhanced health, mind, science, economy, culture, and living. For an overview, see Spectacular "Supersociety" Possible Thanks to Highly-Human Shift?

About the Author

Richard Samson is director of the EraNova Institute and has served as a consultant to IBM, AT&T, and other large organizations. His work appears in the SuperLife social network; the Highly-Human Focus website (formerly Highly-Human Jobs); and The Futurist Magazine, published by the World Future Society. His books include The Mind Builder, Creative Analysis, The Language Ladder, and Mind Over Technology.

From The Futurist @ http://www.wfs.org/blogs/richard-samson/signs-connected-consciousness-detected-global-scale

For more information about global consciousness see http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/search/label/global%20consciousness%20project   
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Friday, 19 December 2014

New World Order: The Wasteland

New World Order: The Wasteland


...The Armageddon Conspiracy = the Plot to Kill God

Who is “God”? He is Jehovah, Christ, Allah. But he is NOT God. He’s the Devil. Humanity cannot live until the Devil dies.

Saint-Just, the great French Revolutionary and Illuminatus, demanded the death of the tyrant king Louis XVI. Even more so, the tyrant “God” must perish.

“A man of great spirit might say, in another age, that a king should be accused, not for the crimes of his administration, but for the crime of having been king, as that is an usurpation which nothing on earth can justify. With whatever illusions, whatever conventions, monarchy cloaks itself, it remains an eternal crime against which every man has the right to rise and arm himself. Monarchy is an outrage which even the blindness of an entire people cannot justify; that people, by the example it gave, is guilty before nature, and all men hold from nature the secret mission to destroy such domination wherever it may be found.” – Saint-Just

No matter how the Abrahamic God cloaks himself, whether in the coat of Judaism, Christianity or Islam, he remains an eternal criminal against which the whole of humanity must take up arms. The Abrahamic God is crime itself. How did he sign his Covenant with Abraham? - by ordering Abraham to murder his own son to show how good a slave he was. Only slaves could ever kneel to this diabolical "God".

“No man can reign innocently. The folly is all too evident. Every king is a rebel and a usurper. Do kings themselves treat otherwise those who seek to usurp their authority?" – Saint-Just

“God” cannot reign innocently, and plainly never has. “God” is a usurper of the Rights of Man. He seeks to strip the human race of its rights and impose his hatred of freedom on us all. He is the quintessential enemy of human freedom and Reason itself. One need only look at the slaves who worship him to see how he degrades, imprisons and makes idiots of the human race.

"...I say that the King must be judged as an enemy, and that our duty is not so much to judge as it is to punish. I see no middle ground: this man must reign or die." – Saint-Just

The Abrahamic God is the essence of evil and the greatest enemy humanity will ever face. There can be no pardon for this monster. This Torture God must reign or die.

Will you join the plot to kill the apex predator that preys on humanity?

Don’t worship God. BECOME GOD! When everyone is part of a Society of the Divine, a Community of Gods, there will be no more human slaves on their knees to an invisible Sky God who exercises his power not through being real but through being imagined to be real. When it comes to religion, perception IS reality.


Do you believe in the Illuminati? We don’t. We ARE the Illuminati.

We are the Lizard Kings.

We are the Mathematikoi.

We are the Coming Race.

We are the HyperHumans.

For the infantile conspiracy theorists, “Illuminati” stands for whoever they don’t like. Are the Illuminati Zionists, Jesuits, Communists, Socialists, Freemasons, Knights Templar, Liberals, Knights Hospitaller, pan-dimensional, shape-shifting, alien lizards, Wall Street bankers, the CEOs who run the corporatocracy, the Washington D. C. WASPs who facilitate the corporatocracy, the super rich who lobby and pay for their own agenda to be foisted on the people, the dynastic families of power and privilege who ensure that their rule stretches down the generations (the Old World Order)?

It’s self-evident who the enemies of the people are: the cabal visibly running the world. There’s nothing hidden or secret about them. They’re right in front of our faces. They are those who run global capitalism, free-market capitalism, consumerism, “freedumb and dumbocracy”, bread and circuses, media propaganda, the security services, those who uphold dynastic property rights, inheritance, privilege, cronyism, nepotism, those who uphold hereditary monarchy, those who support ancient, decrepit, evil religions, those who support greed and selfishness in the name of “liberty”, those who support psychopathy and the relentless manipulation and exploitation of the masses in order to siphon more and more power, wealth and resources into the hands of fewer and fewer people.

These people have nothing to do with the Illuminati. They are the OPPOSITE of the Illuminati. They are the 1% of psychopathic humans who feed on the rest. They are the vampire humans, the insatiable hawks who love nothing more than to feast on doves. Just as turkeys are fattened for Christmas, so are the doves fattened (made morbidly obese) so that the Elite never have to worry about these lumbering, slow-minded morons and slaves.

Get Real. Get Active. Get Going.

Isn’t it time to become ILLUMINATED?!...


Morality Plays

Young people follow the lives of celebrities as though they are morality plays. They form their moral code based on what they see celebrities doing. They are obsessed with the "stars" and their paraphernalia, just as people were once obsessed with saints and their relics.

Killing the Thing You Love

"And all men kill the thing they love,
By all let this be heard,
Some do it with a bitter look,
Some with a flattering word,
The coward does it with a kiss,
The brave man with a sword!"
- Oscar Wilde

From time to time, we notice people falling in "love" with the Illuminati, and then feeling betrayed and angry when they don't get what they want from it, when they are unrequited lovers, so to speak.

No one asked you to fall in love. That's your choice. Take responsibility for your actions. Man up.

It's often the case that people most vehemently attack the thing that, just a little earlier, they most passionately advocated. They are literally trying to kill the thing they love, or once loved. They ought to save their energy fighting against everything they always hated rather than what they once loved. The latter course of action makes them nothing but sad, pathetic, spurned lovers, fighting against their own shame and embarrassment when their love went wrong.

There's nothing worse than these lame romantics. The Illuminati never said it loved you, never asked for your love, and never asked you to have a tantrum when your love wasn't returned.

If you find that the Illuminati isn't living up to your romantic expectations and projections, then trot along, and find something that returns your love. It's grotesque that we find so many unrequited lovers having nothing better to do with their time than badmouth us…

The Moon Question

Things that didn't land men on the moon:

1) Praying to Jehovah, Jesus or Allah
2) Meditating cross-legged under a tree
3) Chanting "om"
4) Bathing in a sacred river
5) Waging Holy War
6) Being a suicide bomber
7) Burning witches
8) Subjecting heretics to the Inquisition
9) Beheading infidels
10) Honouring the Sabbath Day
11) Growing a beard
12) Wearing funny hats, and dangly strings on your trousers
13) Eating halal/ kosher food
14) Not doing haram things
15) Wearing a turban
16) Wearing a burqa
17) Dressing modestly
18) Praying to idols
19) Refraining from bacon sandwiches
20) Praying five times a day
21) Giving to charity
22) Going on pilgrimage to Mecca
23) Declaring there is no god except God, and Muhammad is God's Messenger
24) Fasting during Ramadan
25) Knowing any of the world's holy texts inside out
26) Loving "God"

Things that DID land men on the moon:

1) Mathematics
2) Science
3) Technology
4) Engineering
5) Computing
6) The positive liberty vision of JFK: the intent to carry out a great, transformative project on behalf of the People
7) The State-founded, State-funded, State Agency NASA

Faith has never done a single thing for humanity. Knowledge has done everything. It's extraordinary that people imagine that you can become "enlightened" by knowing nothing at all about mathematics, science, technology, engineering and computing. How dumb would you have to be to imagine that being stupid takes you closer to divinity?

Landing men on somewhere other than the earth is humanity's greatest practical achievement thus far. Its next task is to land men on heaven (!) by building the chariots of the gods (starships).

Meditating, or getting on your belly to degrade yourself before your "God", doesn't cut it. You're no closer to heaven than an ape, a rat or a cockroach.

"It is easier to perceive error than to find truth, for the former lies on the surface and is easily seen, while the latter lies in the depth, where few are willing to search for it."
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Social Networking

In the age of social networking, all sense of history has vanished. We live in the permanent present. Yesterday's news is ancient history, if it's remembered at all. The Nation State has been replaced by the Market State whereby rich men's "free" markets dictate what Nation States can and cannot do.

We live in an atomised world, a broken world, a lost, lonely world, of isolated fragments reaching out desperately for human contact and warmth. There's no cohesion, no belonging, no home. We don't know each other. We don't trust each other. We don't care about each other. This is the Waste land. April is the cruellest month. Everything is withering, corroding, degenerating, decaying. Everything is cheap and gaudy.


The ruling elite put four enormous barriers in your path to ensure that they succeed and you fail. They are:

1) Financial capital - how rich you are. "What you own."

2) Social capital - how connected you are. "Who you know."

3) Cultural capital - how well you know the tastes and values of the elite. "How you fit in."

4) Symbolic capital - how well you know the unstated code of the elite. "How you know your place."

Even if by some miracle you become rich (financial capital), the rich still won't accept you. You will fail to clear the other three hurdles. The elite control not just the economy, but the networks that lead to the best jobs and lives, the culture that defines the best jobs and lives, and the symbols by which the best jobs and lives are coded. If you come from the wrong background, you will never get in. Unless ... you are a psychopath. There's always room for more psychopaths at the top. Fresh blood is always required. The top is a private club for psychopaths.

Why was Michael Brown, a black man, shot dead by a white cop in Ferguson, Missouri? It was because Brown had no capital. In fact, he had negative capital, anti-capital. To the cop, Brown was automatically suspicious, dangerous and undesirable by the mere fact of being black.

White cops regard black men as having no financial capital, a criminal culture (no positive cultural capital), criminal social networks (no positive social capital), and criminal symbols (no positive symbolic capital). In other words, the moment a black man argues with a white cop, a bad outcome is likely. A white man in exactly the same circumstances would have an entirely different outcome because he has much higher intrinsic capital in the mindset of an intrinsically racist cop and racist Nation.

There's nothing more important than changing the nature of capital in all of its manifestations. The rich must be stripped of their financial capital, cultural capital, social capital and symbolic capital. Otherwise, they will stay in charge forever, and black men will be gunned down by white cops forever.


The Elite control the money and the minds, the economy and the culture. They control Soft Power as well as Hard Power. Soft power is the sort you don't even notice. It just seeps into your bones.

To overthrow the Elite, the thing that must be done first is to overthrow the notion that they are in any way ruling the people legitimately, rather than through a financial usurpation of the power of the people.

The Internal Panopticon: The Inner Policeman


"A functioning police state needs no police."
- William S. Burroughs 

When you are internally censoring yourself at all times, you have imported the  Panopticon inside yourself. The world no longer needs to watch you. You are watching yourself. You are ensuring your compliance with the System, with "The Man."

Islamic States want everyone to internalise the Koran and Sharia Law. Hinduism wants everyone to internalise the Caste System. The Medieval World wanted everyone to internalise Feudalism. Capitalist States want everyone to internalise consumerism, objectification and the marketplace. Financial materialism (capitalism) is the twin of Sensory materialism (science).

Many people in the workplace are now under constant pressure to produce results, and being badgered by psychopaths to meet "targets". Moreover, since they are now able to be contacted at any time of the day, the boot on their neck is never removed. There is no escape. Who needs physical panopticons when it's so easy to construct mental ones for no cost at all (well, except to the mental health of the human race). "God" was never anything other than the worst policeman conceivable being stationed in your mind by you yourself.

The only thing you should ever internalise is the power of reason.

The Cost of Doing Business

Banks regard paying enormous fines to regulators as simply the "cost of doing business". They never consider the morality of what they are doing, only the financial outcome. If it's positive, it's worth doing, even if it is in fact criminal. This is no different from how the Mafia do business.

"Cost of Doing Business: used to refer to something painful/ dangerous/ regrettable/ otherwise negative associated with doing something you have voluntarily chosen to do and therefore implicitly accept the possible risk of.

>John: 'Sorry if that round of tequila shots I ordered at the end of the night pushed you over the edge.'

>Humberto: 'Haha, no biggie. Cost of doing business with you man.'

"In this case, 'doing business' refers to hanging out with John. The 'cost' is the risk of getting too drunk because John likes to order tequila shots. Humberto is saying that by voluntarily hanging out with John last night, he implicitly accepted the risk of having a tequila shot served to him that may not have been a good idea but that he, in his intoxicated state, may consume anyways.


Victim Souls

"The concept of the victim soul derives from the Roman Catholic teaching on redemptive suffering. Such a person is one chosen by God to suffer more than most people during life, and who generously accepts the suffering, based on the example of Christ's own Passion." - Wikipedia

Every Abrahamist is a victim soul. Every consumerist is a victim soul. Every Karmist is a victim soul. The world is awash with victim souls, but there's nothing positive or redemptive about being a victim soul. It's pathetic!

Stop being a victim. Fight back!



"Mobbing in animals is an antipredator behaviour which occurs when individuals of a certain species mob a predator by cooperatively attacking or harassing it, usually to protect their offspring. A simple definition of mobbing is an assemblage of individuals around a potentially dangerous predator. This is most frequently seen in avian species, though it is also known to occur in many other animals such as the Meerkat. ... Mobbing calls may be used to summon nearby individuals to cooperate in the attack." - Wikipedia

Isn't it time to mob the psychopaths?


Comity: The obligation recognized by civilized nations to respect each other's laws and usages as far as their separate interests allow.

The World Dangers

What are the great dangers facing the world?

1) Free-market capitalism - one more "Bust" could cripple the world economy for good. Busts are becoming extremely frequent, fuelled by technology and lack of effective regulation.

2) Islamic Fundamentalism - more and more Muslims have rejected modernity and wish to reconstruct the world of the Koran; the world of Mohammed of 1400 years ago.

3) Anarcho-Libertarianism - the rise of selfish, greedy, extremist individualists who despise laws, government, the State, and society itself. These people are all on the Psychopath Spectrum.

4) The complete gridlock of politics as liberals and libertarians take up such polarised positions that they have effectively declared war on each other.

5) The breakdown of the Muslim world. Islam has become an utterly deranged religion, having a nervous breakdown as it struggles and fails to find a place in the modern world. Muslim states will continue to fragment. There will be an all-out Islamic Civil War.

6) In such an environment, Israel is likely to do something unbelievably stupid and provocative. Israel is a constant thorn in the Islamic side, and its actions generate incredible hatred towards the West.

7) North Korea and other rogue States cannot be relied upon to act rationally.

8) There are many End Times cults in the world that are quite happy to do mad things in the name of their Gods.

9) Dumbocracy has manifestly failed and will be replaced, probably by oligarchic rule by the super rich (corporatocracy; globalism).

10) More and more wealth is being transferred to fewer and fewer people. This is untenable.

11) A huge amount of the world's infrastructure is now computer-based, and insane, autistic hackers could take down the whole thing - just for LULZ!

12) Technology is massively accelerating the pace at which change takes place. It's easy to envisage a world in which vast numbers of jobs have been rendered redundant, including many well-paid white collar jobs.

13) Social networking is a huge force in the world yet is utterly hysterical, populist, sentimental, anti-rational, and unintelligent. It's the mob mind, the herd mind, the flock mind, the groupthink mind, turned into a global power. It could destroy human intelligence. All intelligent people could simply be deemed "anti-social". How much of social networking is devoted to utter trivia, narcissism, clowning around, goofing off, zaniness, silly humour, cats, dogs, ghosts, sport, celebrity worship, the latest fads, and so on, and how much is devoted to reason, intelligence, the advance of the human race? In a popularity contest, the intelligent never prosper.

14) Reason and intelligence - the antidotes to human foolishness - simply aren't respected.


"Junk is the ideal product... the ultimate merchandise. No sales talk necessary. The client will crawl through a sewer and beg to buy."
- William S. Burroughs

"Smash the control images. Smash the control machine."
- William S. Burroughs

"The face of evil is always the face of total need."
- William S. Burroughs

The Last Man

"Every man has inside himself a parasitic being who is acting not at all to his advantage."
- William S. Burroughs

Every society has inside itself a group of parasitic beings (psychopaths) who are acting not at all to society's advantage. These people are not only IN society, they are running society!

"Hustlers of the world, there is one mark you cannot beat: the mark inside." - William S. Burroughs

"Love? What is it? Most natural painkiller." - William S. Burroughs

"An addict never stops growing. Stupider." - William S. Burroughs

Ditto believers.


Capitalism = apex predation economic system; the rich prey on the poor.

Which is it?



In the old days, religion was the vehicle of collective self help. Today, self-help is all about the individual rather than the collective. Books by self-help gurus have replaced "holy" texts by prophets. There are forty thousand Protestant sects. There are as many self-help books. These days, everyone can have have their own religion and be their own self-help guru. The cult of the individual has reached its zenith, or, perhaps nadir (!). The individual never listens to anyone else. He's always right. Anyone who disagrees with him is always wrong. With the cult of the individual, there are no standards. Merit dies, because no one recognises it. Everyone is an "expert".


Our self-help tips:

1) If you're buying, buy experiences, not goods.
2) Cultivate values, not things.
3) Improve yourself from the inside, not by buying objects for your outside.
4) Transform yourself and by doing so you will transform how the world responds to you.

What Humanity Most Values

The world is defined by what it most values.

In ancient times, simple power was valued most, and the leaders of society were strong, brutal tribal leaders. These graduated into merciless kings and tyrants. Then came the rise of religion. Faith was valued most, and so the kings were joined by priests and prophets, and the kings could reign only with God's approval. Then came the rise of capitalism. Priests were pushed to one side, and replaced by businessmen and usurers. Mammon took the place of God. Then monarchs and emperors fell and were replaced by bankers and chief executives.

Money is now what humanity values most. Money is power. Money is success. Money is prestige. Money is status. Money is influence. Money is sexy. Money is sex. 

Everyone wants money. Everyone worships money. Everyone wants MORE money, even those who already have more than they know what to do with. Everyone lusts after money. They desire it above all other things because it's the gateway to all other things. Money is the supreme gateway drug - the gateway to everything - and that makes it the Ultimate Drug.

In the Islamic world, religious faith is still prized more highly than money. Muslims would die for their faith. It's unthinkable that Christians would die for theirs. Christians would, however, die fighting to protect their property and wealth, thus showing who their real God is (and it isn't Christ!).

Money is the supreme drug, the ultimate crack, the bluest meth, the divine junk. It delivers the highest highs of all.

When you have a world that values itself according to something whose only value lies in acquisition, possessions, and consumption then, in fact, you have a world with no values at all. That's why psychopaths rule the world. They have no values and they have no interest in values. They are interested in power, manipulation, intimidation and exploitation, and nothing is a great enabler of those than money.

Imagine a world that, instead, valued intellect, reason, spirituality, artistry and creativity. It would be a totally different world. Bankers and CEOs would not be respected, and would have no power or influence. Nor would they be rich.

All attempts to change the world will fail unless what the world values most changes. While money reigns, we will never get rid of the kind of people in charge right now. They are the best money-makers, the best at theft, deception, intimidation, of tossing scruples away, of screwing over the opposition, of trampling over bodies to get to the top. And if you have people like that in charge, what can you expect except a shallow, lowest-common-denominator, dumbed down, amoral society of junk and trash?

It would be miraculous if amoral and immoral leaders - totally out for themselves, totally into self-service rather than public service - created a moral society.

It would be miraculous if greedy, selfish leaders gave rise to generous, selfless, altruistic philanthropists.

It would be miraculous if leaders completely ignorant of science, mathematics, engineering and technology presided over a technocratic, technological wonderland.

It would be miraculous if leaders without an artistic, creative bone in their bodies produced an artistic, creative society.

It would be miraculous if anti-intellectual, irrational leaders generated societies full of geniuses ready to solve the problems of the world.

There's no mystery about the world. Psychopaths are in charge and they have created a world ideal for them to rule and exploit. They have created a world of pathetic slaves and submissives - human dogs - that love their masters and will do anything for them.

The last thing that psychopaths want is a world full of smart, strong, talented, creative, competitive people who stand up for themselves and instantly retaliate against wrongdoers in their midst.

Psychopaths require sheep in order to fleece them. YOUR purpose is to be a sheep. Your place in society is as a docile, sedated zombie, too lazy, too pathetic to do anything, too dumb to know what's happening to you, too in thrall to celebrities, popes, queens, princes, princesses, presidents, prime ministers, the super rich, too mired in consumerism, too addicted to bread, circuses, video games and gadgets, too uncreative to imagine a better world.

We've got your number. And so have the psychopaths.

In a world that values money more than anything else, then, quite literally, rich people are more valuable than the poor. So, how can you complain when the rich walk right over you? That's the world you chose. That's the value-system you chose: one that makes you a second-class citizen in a two-tier society, one that makes you a less worthy and valuable person, one that makes you INFERIOR. And you know you ARE inferior, don't you? That's why you go along with a system that inherently degrades you.

This is a rich man's world, but you aren't rich. You worship money, but you don't have any. No one is worshipping you. You're the one doing the worshipping.

Only a New World Order can save the world from itself. We need a Revaluation of all Values. We need a Revolution. We need a New Enlightenment. We need a New Age of Reason. We need a Post Money World where a wholly different value system prevails: that of merit, intelligence, creativity, and the desire to transform humanity into a divine race.

We don't need weaklings, cowards, dumbasses, conspiracy theorists, anarchists, libertarians, believers, liberals, the "love and light" gang, the New Age dopes, and especially not those who get on their knees to money.


Delete the Elite.
Delete the Elite.
Delete the Elite.
System Error.
Reboot sequence initiated.

It's time to start again. It's time for Hyperborea.

We are the Hyperboreans, we are the Faustians, we are the Prometheans. We take not only the fire of the gods, but the knowledge and secrets of the gods.

Who are we? We are the Illuminati.

Let there be Light! 

Excerpted From Armageddon Conspiracy @ http://armageddonconspiracy.co.uk

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