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Wednesday 2 December 2009

Vaccine Truths: Vaccination Liberation Information

Vaccine Truths
Vaccination Liberation Information

What part did vaccines play in the eradication of Polio?

A few facts:

Before the first Salk vaccine trials, polio incidence had already declined greatly. Decline was even greater by the time the Salk and Sabine vaccines came into widespread use. The intensive use in 1958 was followed by more than a doubling of incidence. At no time after the introduction of the two vaccines against polio was decline greater than before vaccine introduction.

Graph showing Death from Polio:
The Polio Death Rate was Decreasing on its Own
Before the Vaccine was Introduced

Original available at: www.vaccinationdebate.com/web1.html
[United States and England]
According to VACCINES Are They Really Safe & Effective? by Neil Z. Miller,
"From 1923 to 1953,before the Salk killed-virus vaccine was introduced, the polio death rate in the United States and England had already declined on its own by 47 percent and 55 percent, respectively. Source International Mortality Statistics (1981) by Michael Alderson."
See page 16.

For a great graph: Images Of Poliomyelitis Polio in the United States
Graphic Timeline: U.S. 1870-1998     http://www.geocities.com/harpub/pol_all.htm
For a table of USA polio incidence: http://www.post-polio.org/ipn/ir-usa.html

For a graph of Reported Polio Cases and OPV33 Coverage in the Western Pacific Region, 1974 -2004 see this URL http://www.wpro.who.int/sites/epi/data/DAT_Polio_OPV3.htm
Note the generally poor fit between vaccination rates and polio incidence rates. Click on the graph to see enlarged version.

For a PowerPoint slide, but with less than complete coverage of the vaccine numbers click here:


1. Before the modern era, polio was a mild disease seldom resulting in paralysis.
2. The largest epidemic occurred about 1950 and had significantly declined by 1955 when vaccine was first introduced.
3. Disease can not be 'conquered' without addressing the disease cause.
4. Disease is not caused by a lack of "cow-pus", rotting material or carcinogenic poisons in the bloodstream.
5. Polio causes included:
* pre-polio vaccines
* nutritional imbalances
* environmental poisons, most notably pesticides
6. Creation of and introduction of the Salk vaccine was motivated by fear that, without the vaccine, contributions to 'polio research' charities would drop.

Test results on the Salk vaccine were biased by throwing out polio cases 'after the first vaccination'. Test results were also biased by including only data from the '11 most accurate states' while ignoring the data from the other 33 states included in the test. I wonder what the '33 least accurate state' data would have shown?

7. Introduction of the Salk vaccine was beset first with known deaths related to the vaccine and then by a rise in polio cases.

8. Truth of the vaccine's true detriment was withheld from the public. Several states had rises in polio rate following vaccine introduction.

9. In the 3 years following the introduction of the vaccine:
* The definition of epidemic was changed from 20 cases to 35 cases [per 100,000]!
* The definition of polio was changed from paralysis occurring for 24 hours or more to paralysis occurring for 2 months!
* The remaining polio cases were then diagnosed as meningitis!
Thus the factor(s) which caused the 1950 and onward decline was in no way contributed to by vaccine. The vaccine was a cause of disease, not a preventive of disease!
"Jonas Salk, inventor of the IPV, testified before a Senate subcommittee that nearly all polio outbreaks since 1961 were caused by the oral polio vaccine."
"Official data shows that large scale vaccination has failed to obtain any significant improvement of the diseases against which they were supposed to provide protection" - Dr. Sabin, developer of Polio vaccine.
"Many here voice a silent view that the Salk and Sabin Polio Vaccines, being made from monkey kidney tissue, has been directly responsible for the major increase in leukaemia in this country." - Dr F. Klenner, M.D.
"Provocation polio. That is the truth about those outbreaks of polio. And I offer a well considered personal opinion that polio is a man made disease." -Viera Scheibner, Ph.D.
"Poliomyelitis trends in Pondicherry, south India, 1989-91" (Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health [London], vol. 51, no. 4, August 1997, pages 443-48): About 54 percent of children lamed as a result of poliomyelitis had received three doses of oral polio vaccine before the onset of paralysis.
Above quotes and many others to be found at:

http://www.newsmax.com/ - NewsMax.com Wires
Monday, Aug. 7, 2006

India Officials: Coke, Pepsi Contain Harmful Levels of Pesticides
The group said that Coke samples had 25 times the amount of pesticides as three years ago, while Pepsi products contained 30 times more.

Coca-Cola syrup is shipped from the U.S. to bottling plants around the world, and mixed with local water. [Thus the question, is it India's water or the imported syrup, or both, that are polluted with pesticides. In any case, pesticide poisoning is a primary cause of polio.]

Download Part one of the New Polio Articles as a PDF (Acrobat File) 855K
Special report: Polio: the virus and the vaccine by Janine Roberts published in The Ecologist, May 2004. Part 1

"The weight of evidence also strongly suggests that the search for this virus, and for a vaccine, was and is based on a flawed theory. This has tragically distracted the medical establishment from the science that might have cured a large number of children - and which could still do so."
Download Part 2 of the New Polio articles as a PDF file 156K
Part 2,
In 1954, a scientist discovered that many hamsters injected with polio vaccine growth medium 'grew large cancer tumours.'

" 'If you continue to allow these contaminated [polio] vaccines to go out, I guarantee you that over the next 20 years you will have epidemics of cancer unlike the world has ever seen'. Bernice Eddy's testimony to the U.S. Congress in 1972."
THE WEB INQUIRER - An Investigative Journal

With information on Viruses, toxins and good health.
Polio - the wrong virus, the wrong diagnosis, the wrong vaccine and the wrong cure
While on their website, be sure to click on STATISTICS to bring up their graph showing that Polio, renamed AFP now, is actually increasing in the SE/E Asia region. (http://www.vaccines.plus.com/AFP-graph-1.html )
http://vaccinetruth.org/page_13.htm A mystery with enormous implications has stumped some of the smartest minds in cancer research. How, might a cancer-causing monkey virus, wind up in human tumors? The mystery began in 1988 with Dr. Michael Carbone. He found the SV40 virus in 60% of the human lung tumors he was studying, (SV40 stands for Simian Virus the 40th virus found). Eventually, sixty different labs confirmed the results.
Neil_Z_Miller_Peer-Reviewed_Study.pdf Neil Z. Miller, author of Vaccines, Are they really Safe and Effective? has compiled a 13 page history:
The polio vaccine: a critical assessment of its arcane history, efficacy, and long-term health-related consequences
Two 200Kbyte JPEG files of: The Cutter Incident, 50 Years Later by Paul A. Offit "The agency's scientists found that two production pools made by Cutter Laboratories (accounting for 120,000 doses) contained live polio-virus. Among the children who had received vaccine from these pools, abortive polio (characterized by headache, stiff neck, fever, and muscle weakness) developed in 40,000; 51 were permanently paralyzed; and 5 died. Cutter's vaccine also started a polio epidemic: 113 people in the children's families or communities were paralyzed, and 5 died. It was one of the worst pharmaceutical disasters in U.S. history."
A simian virus known as SV40 has been associated with a number of rare human cancers. This same virus contaminated the polio vaccine administered to 98 million Americans from 1955 to 1963. Federal health officials see little reason for concern. A growing cadre of medical researchers disagree
Tetanus and Polio Article by Viera Schiebner
Polio has been painted as some natural scourge of humanity.

Yet, epidemics and outbreaks of polio in Europe go back to only less than 100 years. The 1949-50 and later outbreaks of polio were demonstrably caused by intensified diphtheria and whooping cough vaccination, tonsillectomies, other injections (painkillers) and a variety of traumas. They invented a name for it: provocation poliomyelitis.

Even though this has not been discussed in literature, the earliest outbreaks were no doubt triggered by intensified smallpox vaccination. The evidence for this connection comes from Egyptian excavations: some mummies had withered limbs; but of course, variolation (a crude form of smallpox inoculation) has been practiced thousands of years ago, and most particularly, in Egypt.

Editorial for the Vaccine Risk Awareness Network (VRAN) Newsletter (June-Oct. 2001)
That the polio virus is the sole cause of polio is accepted by most people as gospel, and that the Salk and Sabin vaccines eradicated polio in the western world is etched into our collective consciousness as the major medical miracle of our time. But the history of polio and its vaccines is shrouded in a murky mist of politico/scientific manipulation, altered statistics, redefinition and reclassification of the disease, increased cases of vaccine induced paralytic polio, and monkey viruses transmitted by contaminated vaccines to millions of people worldwide.

Polio Vac & Accute Flaccid Paralysis http://www.chronicillnet.org/articles/paralyticpolio.html
With So Little Poliovirus Detected Around the World, What Is Causing Today's Outbreaks of Acute Flaccid Paralysis?
By Neenyah Ostrom

Polio Vaccine Linked to Lymphoma
"The small DNA-containing polio viruses (simian virus 40 [SV40], JC virus, and BK virus) are known to infect human beings, to have cancer causing potential, and to be associated with some human cancers."
"However, now a major journal, Lancet, has published clear evidence that contaminated polio vaccine is responsible for up to half of the 55,000 non-Hodgkin's lymphoma cases per year.
SV40 Polio Vaccine - Deadly Cure? [More on contamination]
"that almost 100 million Americans were exposed (to SV-40) through a government sponsored program, but for over 30 years, there has been virtually no government effort to see if anyone's been harmed by the exposure." He added, "The government will not fund science that makes it look culpable."
SV40, polio vaccine, and cancer: Now beyond coincidence?
9 April 2002, " San Francisco - At the American Association of Cancer Research meeting here today, controversy continued to swirl around accusations that contaminated polio vaccine stocks are to blame for certain cancers, based on the publication a month ago of two high-profile papers linking the simian virus SV40 to human lymphomas."
Paralytic Polio Linked To Vaccinations - Compiled by John Lesso, CAFMR - Not only did the polio vaccine have nothing to do with the decline of paralytic polio, evidence shows that vaccinations for this and other diseases - notably diphtheria, triple antigen (diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus), and smallpox - were responsible for its increase.
Read at www.pnc.au site

"In 1907, [during] an epidemic of poliomyelitis... no infant who was fed exclusively on the breast developed poliomyelitis."
This and lots of other goodies found at:
including a wonderful graph of CNS poisons versus polio:
Quotes follow:
"The experiments of Clark, Frazier, and Amoss show that after intravenous inoculation in monkeys, the virus [filtrate] of poliomyelitis disappears from the blood within 72 hours; and other observations have shown that it is only after enormous intravenous doses of the virus that the monkey develops the disease. Smaller doses intravenously fail to produce any disturbance."
"If injected with 250 to 500 cc [1 to 2 cups!] of the virus by a similar route the animal succumbed to the disease."
George Draper, Acute Poliomyelitis (1917) 1 to 2 cups injected into a 20 lb Rhesus monkey is equal to 7 to 14 cups injected into a 150 lb man.

Salk Vaccine:
Read full article Quotes follow:
Full scale vaccination begins April 12, 1955. The target age group is 6-9 years [Not the age of maximum susceptibility](Scheele, A.S., Shannon, J.A., "Health Implications In A Program Of Vaccination Against Poliomyelitis", JAMA, August 6, 1955).
The Cutter Laboratory disaster is discovered 13 days later, April 25, 1955. Documented cases caused by the Cutter vaccine were 79.
Polio incidence began its sharp plummet in 1952. This is 3 years before the the vaccine was licensed by HEW in 1955. Thus, the Salk polio vaccination did not significantly correlate with declining polio incidence. However, a significant correlation with declining polio incidence is found with reports in 1952 that nursing cow calves were dying with of symptoms and physiology when their mother's were fed fodder that had been treated with DDT.
The plummet also correlates with the 1951 government/industry debate over pesticide safety.
The plummet also correlates with the phase-out of persistent pesticides production in the early 1950s. ("Persistent" pesticides are those which do not easily biodegrade, such as DDT, BHC, arsenic compounds, and lead compounds.)
Dr. Thomas Francis did not mention in his key evaluation of the 1954 Salk field trials that those who contracted polio after their first inoculation and before their second inoculation were placed in the "not-inoculated" list.'
At the bottom of their web page is a long list of Vaccine Links.

From Archive Of Pediatrics (April, 1952)
The Poison Cause of Poliomyelitis And Obstructions To Its Investigation
Statement prepared for the Select Committee to Investigate the Use of Chemicals in Food Products, United States House of Representatives, Washington, D.C.
Ralph R. Scobey, M.D.
Polio in the United States
Graphic Timeline:
U.S. 1870-1998

Hiding Polio: After vaccination 'polio' became 'meningitis'
July 1955
July 1961
July 1963
Sep. 1966
The above often quoted figures are credited to the Los Angeles County [USA] Health Index: Morbidity and Mortality, Reportable Diseases

Vaccination Liberation - Idaho Chapter
Contact: Vaccination Liberation
"Free Your Mind....From The Vaccine Paradigm"
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