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Thursday, 18 August 2005

Free Power in the Medieval Space Age

Free Power in the Medieval Space Age


Here in the medieval space age our solar panels work fine; they're almost indestructible. I've seen panels from the 1970s that are still working perfectly. Some - even with bullet holes or other major damage (like being run over by vehicles) - continue to function. But the real problem with solar power is the batteries - they're expensive, toxic and don't last long. There ARE much better alternatives; on a basic level, various forms of hydro power can be made to work 24/7 using blacksmith-level tech or lower. A dam or a flowing stream or pipe is a battery. Current is current!

Of a higher order, there are devices that I've seen work which will produce usable power from LITERALLY NOTHING and cars can be run on water - I've seen this as well. For more details see http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/2011/01/fire-from-water-free-clean-fuel-from.html   and http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/search/label/free%20energy

It’s a 21st century medieval (or stone age) existence out here in the bush. Actually, there are LOTS of vacant caves. I stay in some for a few days every now and then. Fortunately, most hominids prefer the decaying creature's imagined comforts to a cave - preferring realty to reality - or they'd be more crowded no doubt. I have to walk a small distance to reach most caves; sometimes climbing is necessary too.

The real trick is knowing which caves to avoid. Caves attract many things, as the cave of the skull attracts the resonance of thoughts - or gods.

Leaders require followers; it isn’t the other way around. In Buddhism the Maitreya is the one who will become the Buddha. The crown of godhead – the crown chakra - descends from heaven and settles where it finds Will.

Contemplating the is a good idea in enlightenment. Thinking is useful, but NOT thinking is much better than following any dogma, dog or god.

Seth is a red boar, old Saros Set in his ways. Satan literally means 'accuser' in a judgmental sense, Lucifer means light maker (not bringer), a change agent. One culture's deity is another's devil and focused belief creates the gods, demons and spirits; but when humans forget them a link to other realms of perceptions is broken.

“If Adam was a black fella he would’ve eaten the snake and had the apple for dessert.”
-         Uncle Joby

Rationalism isn't always a survival trait. Yet those old souls and solar panels just keep on keeping on…

By R. Ayana

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