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Saturday, 28 November 2009

The Human Soul Nexus

The Human Soul Nexus

Written by Abdun Nur

Jewish/Christianised religions consider your soul as a separate element to yourself. They hold that your mind is in the brain, your memories, your consciousness, and then detached your soul - as if you could extract the soul, sell the soul, lose your soul, and continue on; ridiculous concepts.
The spirit is a term also applied to the soul, and means ‘breath’, from the Latin spiritus – breath - while another term applied is essence, and means ’be’. The word soul itself is so old in its origins it can not be established with certainty, but it most likely derives from ‘sea’ , or ‘binding’. Another word meaning human soul is psyche, derived from the Greek ‘to cool, to blow’ and is commonly translated as ‘breathe’.

There would appear to be three main elements to the human soul:


The primitive Iblis soul - Nafs

All conscious life must have a soul (non-physical aspect), from a dog to a mouse - but they do not have a human soul, which is distinct in its higher state. However, all animal life must, by design, have a primitive soul (measured by degree).

By definition the soul of humanity is pure emotion, and the challenge is to shed the dominance of the primitive animal soul and purify the higher emotional soul; a rare accomplishment.

Lataif-e-sitta, (the six subtleties), are a concept of Sufism, consisting of: Nafs, Oalb, Sirr, Ruh, Khafi, and Akhfa. These lataif (singular: latifa) designate various psycho-spiritual "organs".

Nafs means self/psyche, or idiosyncratic consciousness /temper (to cool, to blow), so Nafs means to mix (combine elements) and restrain yourself with time.

Within this Sufi view of the soul, the Nafs would be the primitive aspect of the soul, and the Ruh would be the higher soul. From this concept we are designed to mix and temper the Nafs and so transform the Ruh, through the Qur’anic concept of the evolution of knowledge - a lower knowledge building a higher knowledge.

We are told within the Qur’an that upon death we shed the animal aspect of our soul; it is removed. This indicates animal souls do not advance beyond this reality, only souls of a higher state. This does present the question: If your base soul is removed, is it destroyed, made autonomous, transferred, or recycled?

The Qur’an tells us Allah makes nothing idly, so the destruction of our base soul would seem unlikely. It also tells us that it is removed, inferring it is extracted, or disconnected from the Ruh, so it was never in the reality of the higher soul and would not exist autonomously alongside the higher soul. That leaves two possibilities; it is recycled or transferred.

If it is transferred to a new alternate reality, I can see no logical advantage to this being the case. Although this is not impossible, in my opinion our base soul is recycled, reused within this physical universe. This primitive soul energy has nothing but a residue of the Ruh soul after separation, and this persona residue dissipates, as is found with all imprinted thought energies.

If through logic we accept that this aspect of the soul, unlike the higher soul, does not dwell in the fluidic manifold but is a physical energy presenting only as a wake within the manifold - just as our higher soul presents as a wake in the physical - this would account for the reported slight loss of 22 grams in weight at the moment of human death. Another interesting aspect of the description of Iblis, your Nafs soul element, is that we are informed Iblis was placed outside of the fluidic manifold.

In 7:14 Iblis (also spelt Iblees), your Nafs soul element, is given respite (refuge- shelter or protection) until the day of your death.

The higher soul - Ruh

The best way to see the reality of this facet of soul is through the parallel of a magnet; a magnet produces a magnetic field and this field can only be detected through its physical effects upon the objects around it, otherwise it is completely undetectable, invisible to perception. The human soul likewise has physical effects but is otherwise undetectable to perception.

The magnetic field does not exist within the physical, it exists purely within the fluidic manifold. Only the wake of the energy movements are within the physical realm; this wake is like the ripples on a surface in response to movement beneath the water. Of course in the case of all fluidic wakes there is no true surface, only the movements of the fluid itself acting upon the surrounding fluid.

This is the same for the higher soul, the undivided ‘you’, in your entirety - your memories, your consciousness, your fundamental ethereal physicality as purely a wake upon the surface of the physical universe.

This means ‘you’, as the immortal aspect of existence, do not exist at all as a physical being, but you only perceive yourself as physical, so when your symbiotic body dies you are ‘physically’ unaffected. You remain within the fluidic manifold; only your perception is transformed.

The subconscious mind, calculated as a million times more powerful than the conscious mind, is in truth the higher soul, meaning it is asleep. Iblis, or your primitive soul, is awake but feeble in comparison, being only 0.0001% as potent. This ratio exists throughout creation; for example 99.99% of the universe is plasma, 99.99% of solid matter is crystalline etc. This ratio is pushed to extremes within the energies of a human consciousness.

This state of Ruh sleep is a matter of degrees. You can be asleep far more deeply than the average, or you can be on the very verge of waking; you can - through your intentions and beliefs or your physical actions and lusts - alter the amount of influence imposed upon the Nafs, from almost complete control (as Muhammad) to none at all (like Nathan Rothschild). 

We cannot make the Iblis soul subservient to the Ruh soul, because you cannot dominate something that is awake with something that is asleep.

Knowledge, experiences, intellect, desires, all imprints upon the subconscious, beliefs, fears, greed, hate, love, hope, mercy, etc, all imprint; they shape the soul, fashion and colour its attributes.

Psycho-reactive energy

Your physical body is around 30 trillion cells working as a symbiotic unified organism in submission to your soul. Your consciousness and memories exist within the soul, not the human brain, and the physical body connects your consciousness to the physical, so if the physical is damaged the connection is damaged.

The connection is so powerful the emotional desires expressed from the soul can physically change the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) of every cell. This applies to animals as well as humans and this is the aspect of evolution never accounted for, the real engine of diversity.

This means when a human being fundamentally changes a guiding belief (shepherd), this will physically alter the DNA within them, so profound are these guiding shepherds.

The symbiotic life is a psycho-reactive energy, an ambient scalar field (all scalar field commutative rings are automatically two sided, demonstrating a circulation of information between the active manifold and the manifest physical universe), coalescing within the mitochondria within every cell. The perceived battery of the mitochondria is in fact the physical life force. The higher form of this scalar psycho-reactive energy field is the primitive Iblis aspect of your soul. In contrast to this, the Ruh soul is a tensor field (a field existing independently of latitude and longitude, beyond physical constraints). Only its wake has perceived coordinates, and the number of mitochondria in a cell varies widely by organism and tissue type. Many cells have only a single mitochondrion, whereas others can contain several thousand mitochondria. The DNA of mitochondria is different to the host’s DNA, being a scalar field energy - a psycho-reactive, dynamic energy transfer system.
The Qur’an tells us Allah breaths the soul into us, and it is pure when it is first created. All these soul energies are ethereal in nature, like our own invisible breath within the air around us.

When Allah tells us our soul is pure upon its first creation, it means free from contamination, a virgin source, much like a blank sheet of paper. Life is a test, and what we write on the paper determines our ultimate result.

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  1. boo! i don't like tests! i rather life be a game instead. nah, but anyways... this was a great paper! thanks for posting it.

  2. It isn't exactly just a test, it's a life to get ready for the next reality

  3. You can say you're playing a game to be ready to play the next game that is transfinitely superior


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