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Monday 2 November 2009

Remote Viewing: Training Psi Ability

Remote Viewing
 Training Psi Ability


"The Matrix Research Center"
East Side of the Volcano
Middle of the Pacific Ocean

Dear Mind Warrior,

 I have no idea what brought you to this website. Perhaps a friend referred you or you just stumbled here on your own. Maybe you read a book about our amazing mind technology, known as "Technical Remote Viewing". However you arrived here today, doesn't really matter. What does matter is this...

    This will be the most exciting, most fulfilling,
most important journey of your entire life.
I mean it!

    What you are about to discover is a technology that will change how you operate in the world. Giving you an almost super-human ability beyond what was ever thought possible. Even if you decide not to install the skill right now, the ideas and concepts that you are about to encounter on this website will open up a new universe of possibilities unlike anything you have ever experienced. 

     Let me take a moment to introduce some of the many treasures that await you.

Listen: I don't want to blow a logic fuse in your brain so early in your visit, but imagine possessing a technology that gives you the capability to find out accurate information about any person, any thing, or any event...ANYWHERE in the universe. It could be something that happened in the past or the future...using just a pen, paper, and your mind. 

     I know. know. Sounds too unbelievable to be true. How can anyone access information about the future, or go outside the boundaries of time or space using just their mind?

Before I explain how any of this is possible (which may take some effort to get your mind around), imagine for a moment that you posess such an ability. A hidden power of mind that you were born with, lying dormant, waiting to be awakened. And imagine that a breakthrough discovery was made more than 20 years ago that allowed anyone to tap into this hidden power using a precise set of mental procedures. 

   A breakthrough so profound it was immediately classified TOP SECRET by the Pentagon, and only a handful of people at the top levels of our government were allowed to even know it existed.

Why The Pentagon Spent $20 Million To Develop This Top Secret - Spy Technology

   The technology was termed "remote viewing" and was coveted by our intelligence community because of how it could be used for psychic spying missions. In the early days is was used to locate weapons of mass destruction, uncover new weapon technology and even mind probe our enemies and report their hidden agenda. The Pentagon spent $20 million on this program and it wasn't until a general and an intelligence officer from the top secret spy unit formed PSI TECH, that the public was even aware such a technology existed or that the human mind was even capable of such feats. 

    I realize that because you haven't experienced it yet, it must sound like science fiction. I assure you it's all very real. And this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

    As you continue reading this... I want you to remain skeptical. (Skeptics really do make the best remote viewers.) The truth is, I don't expect you to believe anything I am telling you until after you've had a chance to actually see it firsthand, and put it to the test yourself. All I am asking of you right now is that you pay attention and investigate further. And why should you bother to research this? I'll tell you why.  Because this is a very big idea. An idea so revolutionary and transforming, it is as important as the discovery of fire.

    OK then, where should you begin your investigation?

   First you should know what remote viewing is and isn't. Our whiz kids at PSI TECH created a fun animated presentation that cuts right to the chase and explains exactly what remote viewing is and how it works. If you are not able to get the movie to play, it means your computer is not equipped with all the right "Flash" software which is a pain in the you know what, but we can help you download it with a little patience on your part.
     Just click on the box below and it will take you to Professor Ideo's lecture page. If the required software its not already installed on your computer please follow the instructions.

Click Here to See the FREE Lectures on Remote Viewing

If you are having problems watching this click here ----> (www.macromedia.com)

     Welcome back. Hopefully you were able to watch the Professor Ideo lectures and you now have a basic understanding of what remote viewing is and how it works. 

    You should also know there is a lot of myth and misleading information about remote viewing. Since PSI TECH first ushered this technology out of the military in 1989 and began training civilians, others have jumped on the bandwagon to capitalize on PSI TECH's success. Some are former students who sold bastardized versions of our training. Others are complete frauds claiming they were once part of the top secret military unit. The industry has turned into a mishmash of liars and charlatans trying to ride PSI TECH's coat-tails. For now all you really need to be aware of is this... PSI TECH is the originator of it all. The technology. The training. The industry. 

   To get the straight scoop and understand how PSI TECH was able to usher this top secret technology out of the military, and use it for classified spy missions involving national security matters, hunt down criminals like the "Unibomber", and uncover the truth behind mysteries like crop circles, watch this next video. It will give you the true behind the scenes story of how PSI TECH came to be. (when the clip is completed just hit your back button on your browser to return here)

Click Here To See the True History of Remote Viewing

Click here to watch an introduction video about Remote Viewing.

    Were you able to watch the clip? Maybe you sat through it, maybe not. BUT listen up -- If you only have time to watch ONE of these free videos... you really do need to see this next one.
   This is a clip of a LIVE remote viewing demonstration filmed before a TV News Crew. The session was conducted completely in the blind. Which means the remote viewer had no knowledge of what the target was. It is a good example of how a professionally trained remote viewer can use this technology to solve complex problems. (when the clip is completed hit your back button on your browser to return here)

Click Here To See the Live TRV Demonstration

Click here to watch an introduction video about Remote Viewing.

  If you watched this live demonstration of Technical Remote Viewing you now have a glimpse of what is possible. I can see your wheels are finally starting to spin.

   But there is so much more to grasp.
   Imagine being able to use this skill to know the future. To be able to find out the optimum path for your life. To use it as an edge in business, investing, love, or to answer any question you can ever think of.

  How would you use such a skill in your life? To find a better job? To find your optimum mate? To win at the race track or peek at tomorrows stock market?  PSI TECH Remote Viewers use this technology for a variety of such things every single day…

    I invite you to cruise around the site, read some of our e-zines and newsletters (click here) and do whatever investigation you think is necessary before you take the plunge.
    Because when you do, your life will never be the same again.
                                           Yours truly,

                                            Dane Spotts
                                            A fellow TRV student

PS. If you just want to see if you REALLY can do this I put together a simple little remote viewing test for you. It does not teach you to be a TRV but it will give you a taste of how your "psi" apparatus works.  Click here for the QuickStart Remote Viewing Test ---> (QuickStart Remote Viewing Test)

Technical Remote Viewing is a highly structured and standardized technique that allows you to consistently obtain accurate information, on demand, using a rigorously applied set of protocols. It is a trained ability to acquire accurate direct knowledge of things and events - targets - distant in time or space, while conscious awareness remains totally "blind" to details about the target itself. It is a data collection skill. Like any other skill, practice is required to become proficient. The TRV techniques result in an accurate transfer of information from the viewer's unconscious mind into conscious awareness, before the aware, creative, and analytical part of the mind has time to distort, contaminate, or otherwise interfere with the data flow. The target information is then converted into words or sketches, using only a pen and plain white paper. 

During this process, the viewer becomes linked directly to the collective unconscious - also referred to as the Matrix. The process works whether the target is in the next room or on the other side of the world. This information can exist anywhere in time or at any point in the Universe, as mind exists outside of time and space.

        All humans have the innate potential to receive detailed information on a target, using only their minds. But throughout history, only a small number of exceptional natural psychics developed their ability to a point of repeatability and consistency. It was not until the late twentieth century when the U.S. intelligence community poured millions of research dollars into the area of psychic functioning that a true breakthrough was realized. In an effort to use psychics for intelligence gathering purposes, the Defense Intelligence Agency contracted Stanford Research Institute to develop a reliable technique that could be used to collect accurate information on distant targets. The outcome of this research was a set of protocols and a training program that allowed virtually anyone to be trained to perceive psychically derived information, while surpassing the accuracy of the best known natural psychics. 

For the first time, a remote viewer could learn how to consistently separate imagination from true target data and remain locked on to the target signal. Unlike earlier research involving "out-of-body experiences" and freestyle Extended Remote Viewing (ERV), the remote viewer worked fully conscious at a state of high attention. The protocols were designed to slowly bring the viewer to closer target contact, working from the general to the specific, collecting bits and pieces of data in a specific and structured manner, with all viewers following the same rigorously applied six stage process. 

Remote Viewing as an Applied Military Intelligence Tool


General Albert N. Stubblebine
- Former Chairman of the Board of PSI TECH

The refinement and development of the process did not end in the laboratory. In the Defense Intelligence Agency's unit, these remote viewing procedures were tested against top secret and distant targets often involving life or death situations - a motivating factor which simply does not exist in the laboratory research environment. The work these viewers produced had to be accurate and they used it to save lives, find hostages and solve complex problems involving the security of the United States. 

This resulted in improvements in the techniques and training regimen and brought great strides in perfecting the accuracy of the skill. It was now a highly accurate military intelligence collection and problem solving tool, applied by highly disciplined military intelligence officers. One of the training officers of the remote viewing unit formed a private corporation, in 1989, and the former presiding General of INSCOM (Intelligence Security Command) sat on the board of directors, to help usher this technology out of the confines of secrecy and into the private sector. That company is PSI TECH.

How does TRV work?

First, a target cue or name is formulated and assigned a set of eight random numbers, which serve to keep the process blind and act as a label for administrative purposes. The viewer only receives these numbers and then follows the stages of TRV structure, in order, working for usually forty five minutes in a single session. In the end, the viewer working alone or in concert with a team, almost always has an extremely accurate description of the target, including sketches and often the solution to a problem.

(View the lecture How Technical Remote Viewing Works, then see an actual Technical Remote Viewing demo session performed for a class.)

Where does the information come from?

Think of all of the information in the entire universe existing as patterns of information, at a single dimensional space somewhere. Think of a computer disk. Except this library of information is active. It isn't passive like a regular library or a random access memory disk. It's as if your personal unconscious mind is interfacing with a library that's talking to you. And the way that the books are stored, in this collective unconscious, is in the form of information patterns. Each of these patterns is unique for every person, every place, every thing and every event. 

When Technical Remote Viewing, you are turning your unconscious mind toward these specific patterns of information that you or your tasker is interested in, in a consistent and very accurate manner, producing descriptions in terms of words, and sketches that fit this pattern - this target. That is essentially the way that the unconscious mind communicates data to conscious awareness, when your mind is trained in this skill.

        Properly creating a target cue is analogous to an internet search, or a library search for those of you who are unfamiliar with internet search engines. In a library, you fill out your library card, and you give it to the librarian, and if you're interested in, let's say Abraham Lincoln, the librarian comes back with several books, or tomes, on Abraham Lincoln. 

If you're interested in something that's more specific that only existed momentarily, then you might only get one book. If you conducted a library search or an internet search on something that was an abstract or general term like "medical cures," you'd get dozens of books. Because, in that case, you're dealing with a very general term that is associated with other abstract ideas, a problem for instance, that affects many different things. And so, for us, in our library search of what we call the Matrix, or the collective unconscious, this is a very unwieldy search term. However, if you select a specific disease as a search term, the results will be limited to that specific cure or treatment. So, using our model, that is essentially how the process works and how information is downloaded.

 TEL (425) 643-7917    FAX (425) 643-7928
email: dane@psitech.net

July 28, 2009

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