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Sunday, 22 November 2009

Landmark E. Howard Hunt JFK Confession Video Tape Ignored

Landmark E. Howard Hunt JFK Confession Video Tape Ignored 


Video tape revelations of former Watergate conspirator deserve mainstream attention in run-up to 45th anniversary
As usual, the only question that needs answering to determine the truth behind most conspiracies is 'cui bono' - who benefits? (Who immediately profits from gulf 'wars' and high oil prices, do you think?) - Ed


The world exclusive E. Howard Hunt JFK confession video tape was released this week [October 2008] to a deafening silence from the mainstream media, while the dumbed-down general public attempted to dismiss the now deceased whistleblower Hunt, a former CIA operative and Nixon White House insider, as a mentally unstable drunk.
In the video, Hunt discusses LBJ, who saw Kennedy as an “obstacle” to the presidency, and how Johnson consorted with top CIA officials Cord Meyer and William K. Harvey to carry out the assassination plot. Hunt had direct knowledge of the plot because he was part of it in his role as a “bench warmer,” as he described himself.
You Tube comments in response to the video prevaricated not around the astounding never before seen revelations of Hunt, but centered on mindless charges that Hunt, whose original disclosure was the subject of a widely read April 2007 Rolling Stone special following his son’s release of an audio tape, was nothing more than “an old quack” or a homeless drunk.
The fact that the public would deny the gravity or the relevance of one of the key Watergate conspirators and dismiss his story as “lacking evidence,” despite Hunt’s credibility and his open admission that he was complicit in the plot, proves how deep a state of denial some people are still in about the malfeasance of which their government is capable.
The fact that people would demand physical evidence for the murder plot described by Hunt, in which he played a role, beggars belief. Do they expect LBJ to have written down his plans to kill Kennedy on paper? Do they expect to see a receipt for the payment to the gunman on the Grassy Knoll or a contract signed by Lee Harvey Oswald?
Hunt’s confession is the evidence, backed up by the mountains of other blatant indicators that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone.

The fact that Hunt sounds a little worse for wear in the clip, which some people have used to attack the credibility of his testimony, might begin to be explained by the fact that he had throat cancer, had all of his teeth removed and was dragged out of his deathbed to do the interview. That might put a bit of a crimp on someone’s ability to speak clearly, I would suggest.
E Howard Hunt’s deathbed confession needs to be treated with the gravity it deserves, it warrants widespread mainstream media attention – especially in the run-up to the 45th anniversary of the JFK assassination [last] November 22nd.
Watch the world exclusive clips below on You Tube below or subscribe to Prison Planet.tv and get the high quality version as well as advance access to Alex Jones’ highly anticipated upcoming JFK documentary, which will feature E. Howard Hunt’s revelations in full, along with a wider in-depth study of the JFK assassination and its cover-up.

PART 1 @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbD_u7nUB_c

PART 2 @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLfl0Mxcbp8&feature=related

Paul Joseph Watson, Friday, October 24, 2008

Study Backs Theory of 'Grassy Knoll'
New Report Says Second Gunman Fired at Kennedy and the Eisenhower/Nixon/Bush/Oswald Connection

The House Assassinations Committee may have been right after all: There was a shot from the grassy knoll. That was the key finding of the congressional investigation that concluded 22 years ago that President John F. Kennedy's murder in Dallas in 1963 was "probably . . . the result of a conspiracy." A shot from the grassy knoll meant that two gunmen must have fired at the president within a split-second sequence. Lee Harvey Oswald, accused of firing three shots at Kennedy from a perch at the Texas School Book Depository, could not have been in two places at once.

A special panel of the National Academy of Sciences subsequently disputed the evidence of a fourth shot, contained on a police dictabelt of the sounds in Dealey Plaza that day. The panel insisted it was simply random noise, perhaps static, recorded about a minute after the shooting while Kennedy's motorcade was en route to Parkland Hospital.

A new, peer-reviewed article in Science and Justice, a quarterly publication of Britain's Forensic Science Society, says the NAS panel's study was seriously flawed. It says the panel failed to take into account the words of a Dallas patrolman that show the gunshot-like noises occurred "at the exact instant that John F. Kennedy was assassinated."

In fact, the author of the article, D.B. Thomas, a government scientist and JFK assassination researcher, said it was more than 96 percent certain that there was a shot from the grassy knoll to the right of the president's limousine, in addition to the three shots from a book depository window above and behind the president's limousine.

G. Robert Blakey, former chief counsel to the House Assassinations Committee, said the NAS panel's study always bothered him because it dismissed all four putative shots as random noise - even though the three soundbursts from the book depository matched up precisely with film of the assassination and other evidence such as the echo patterns in Dealey Plaza and the speed of Kennedy's motorcade.

"This is an honest, careful scientific examination of everything we did, with all the appropriate statistical checks," Blakey said of Thomas's work.

"It shows that we made mistakes, too, but minor mistakes. The main thing is when push comes to shove, he increased the degree of confidence that the shot from the grassy knoll was real, not static. We thought there was a 95 percent chance it was a shot. He puts it at 96.3 percent. Either way, that's 'beyond a reasonable doubt.' "

The sounds of assassination were recorded at Dallas police headquarters when a motorcycle patrolman “inadvertently” left his microphone switch in the "on" position, deluging his transmitting channel with what seemed to be motorcycle noise. Using sophisticated techniques, a team of scientists enlisted by the House committee filtered out the noise and came up with "audible events" within a 10-second time frame that it believed might be gunfire.

The Warren Commission had concluded in 1964 that only three shots, all from behind, all from Oswald's rifle, were fired in Dealey Plaza as the motorcade passed through. But the House experts, after extensive tests, found 10 echo patterns that matched sounds emanating from the grassy knoll, traveling carefully measured distances to nearby buildings and then bouncing off them to hit the open motorcycle transmitter.

They also placed the unknown gunman behind a picket fence at the top of the grassy knoll, in front of and to the right of the presidential limousine. The House committee concluded that this shot missed, and that Kennedy was killed by a final bullet from Oswald's rifle. Thomas, by contrast, believes it was the shot from the knoll, seven-tenths of a second earlier, that killed the president.

The NAS panel, assigned to conduct further studies after the committee closed down, said in 1982 that the noises on the tape previously identified as gunshots "were recorded about one minute after the president was shot."

The NAS experts, headed by physicist Norman F. Ramsey of Harvard, reached that conclusion after studying the sounds on the two radio channels Dallas police were using that day. Routine transmissions were made on Channel One and recorded on a dictabelt at police headquarters. An auxiliary frequency, Channel Two, was dedicated to the president's motorcade and used primarily by Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry; its transmissions were recorded on a separate Gray Audograph disc machine.

The shooting took place within an 18-second interval that began with Curry in the lead car announcing on Channel Two that the motorcade was approaching a triple underpass and ended with the chief stating urgently: "Go to the hospital." What seemed to be the gunshots were picked up on Channel One during that interval…

The NAS experts made several errors, Thomas said, but their biggest mistake was in using Decker's words to line up the two channels. They ignored a much clearer instance of cross talk when Dallas police Sgt. S. Q. Bellah can be heard on both channels, asking: "You want me to hold this traffic on Stemmons until we find out something, or let it go?"

Those remarks come 179 seconds after the last gunshot on Channel One and 180 seconds after Curry's order to "go to the hospital" on Channel Two. When Bellah's words are used to line up the two channels, Thomas found, the gunshot sounds "occur at the exact instant that John F. Kennedy was assassinated…"

According to Thomas, the NAS panel made other mistakes: in calculating the position of the grassy knoll shooter, in fixing the time of that shot... In all, Thomas said, the chances of the NAS panel having been right were 1 in 100,000.

House committee experts James Barger, Mark Weiss and Eric Aschkenasy, have always held firm to their findings of a shot from the knoll. Similarly, Ramsey, as chairman of the NAS panel, said last weekend that he was "still fairly confident" of his group's work, but he said he wanted to study the Science and Justice article before making further comment. He said he did not recall the Bellah cross talk.

Evidence of Second Shooter in J.F.K. Assassination Released in New Book


Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone in the J.F.K. assassination, says former L.B.J. attorney Barr McClellan, and he has posted new evidence on a Web site promoting his forthcoming book, "Blood, Money & Power: How L.B.J. Killed J.F.K."
McClellan states that images posted on the website www.BarrMcClellan.com, identify 14 match points to a fingerprint found at the Texas Schoolbook Depository with that of a known assassin, Mac Wallace. The website also matches a police composite of a suspect involved in an earlier murder with a photograph of Wallace.
The most compelling evidence of all, says McClellan, is not posted on the Web site but is presented in his book, due Sept. 30, 2003 from Hannover House. Photographs, personal memos and other legal records in the book document the payments and maneuvers orchestrated by Texas power broker Ed Clark Law Firm to compensate Wallace and others for their part in the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The book also identifies the money-laundering corporation used by Johnson. The Clark Law Firm handled most of the personal, business and political transactions for then-vice president Lyndon Baines Johnson, who succeeded to the role of president immediately following the death of Kennedy.
Barr McClellan represented President Lyndon Johnson and his interests from 1966 through 1971. He served primarily through Texas power attorney Edward Clark and Johnson business attorney Don Thomas, advising on political strategy, campaign contributions, attorney-client privilege issues, television and labor disputes. He was also personal attorney for Clark in seeking an assassination bonus from Big Oil interests in Dallas, an effort that included two major lawsuits.
McClellan's insider knowledge of deals coordinated by the Clark Law Firm assisted in locating the evidence of the assassination conspiracy to benefit Johnson. A major breakthrough, McClellan reports, was the donation of thousands of unedited documents concerning L.B.J. from the Clark Estates to Southwestern University. The release of these documents helped lift the veil of client-attorney privilege that had blocked many researchers from understanding of what happened surrounding the assassination and L.B.J.'s involvement.
"When I had the necessary corroboration, it was time to complete the book," McClellan said, "because the terrible injustice done to John Kennedy and to the American people had to be revealed." McClellan added, "Only by knowing what happened will we be able to make the necessary improvements in our legal systems."

Source: Hannover House
Posted on: 09/23/2003, via Forensic Focus
Eisenhower/Nixon/Bush/Oswald Connection Early 1959 Special Group 5412/2; 40 Committee


Ford’s appointment of Bush as CIA director seems to come from nowhere until you look back. Nixon was Eisenhower's Vice President for eight years. During that period, Nixon would have "co-presided" over the National Security Commission that was first established in l947 to help slow down the "transformation" of the US Military...
The NSC operated a "Chair of Clandestine Operations" which was Richard M. Nixon. ie..Special Group 5412/2. It has also been called the "40 Committee". The primary oversight of Special Group was "international" covert oversight of the CIA.
Thus, for example, when "Oswald" defected from US Satellite (US Army Corps of Engineers) Command in Japan to Russian satellite reconnaissance in Moscow… the 5412/2 Group would be very familiar with him.
Why am I talking about Oswald when Kennedy was assassinated in l963? Because Oswald "was sent under" to Moscow in l959, during Eisenhower and Nixon's watch over "international covert operations:" So, do I need to keep spelling this out for you?
Ok! So now let's talk Nixon/Bush connection. One of the earliest frustrations of the NSC was the "offshore problem". In other words, what the US couldn't accomplish within a sovereign nation for fear of arrest and involvement of political interests...the "offshore island" was used as an NGO.
Just as surely as we are "stopped" from pursuing "Yemen" by a declaration of war because Yemen is alleged not to have accepted responsibility for the action of persons carrying their passport... so too, the US can't hold a citizen of "Jupiter Island" responsible for acts of treason against the US planned offshore.
Especially, if the offshore island was "privately owned" and not within the sovereign territory of any major government… (ie Jupiter Island... I know, you still think I’m nuts about Jupiter Island being UK territory) then anyone can operate with a free hand. So what does "Offshore Islands" in 1958 or 1959 have to do with George Herbert Traitor Walker Bush?
I'd thought you'd never ask. It was precisely in 1958 when Bush organized "Zapata Offshore Oil". Many people know of "Zapata Oil" with Bruce Liedtke, but most overlook the incredible value of the "Offshore" Division that Bush retained long after he sold his stock in Zapata.
Today, Zapata Offshore Oil is the world's largest leaser and developer of "offshore oil rigging". Just in case you are a little connection challenged..."offshore oil rigs, in international waters" are "private Island nations" all on their own. They aren't subject to any law at all.
I'm going to leave it to someone else to draw the direct connections for when Richard Nixon needed the Services of George Herbert Traitor Walker Bush, but I think you're getting the picture.
By the time of the Bay of Pigs invasion, George Bush and Zapata offshore had already partnered with Howard Hughes of Hughes Tool & Die (now Raytheon) to create dozens of little "sovereign islands", called oil drilling rigs, throughout the Gulf of Mexico...from which all manner of "evils" would emanate but NEVER be characterized as illegal.
Why oil rigs? Because Bush & Hughes patented the first offshore drilling rig set up and drill bit to go through the much and mire of the open ocean. That's what brought them great riches..as well as Opium dealing and gun running. So, by the time that "4215' started operation Zapata, aka Bay of Pigs, it's little wonder why they turned to George Bush and Howard Hughes to create private islands in international waters of the Gulf.
Actually, Kennedy actually tried to "stop" the little Nixon/Bush/Dulles/Ford/Rockefeller world domination scheme. Why Ford? Remember, Ford nominated Bush for the CIA director after they kicked Nixon out and brought in Rockefeller as VP and new head of the NSC! (EVIL rULES EVIL vileLY)
Some people claim that Kennedy was killed for "calling off the bay of pigs". Some say Kennedy called off the "air support". Some say Kennedy warned Castro. Still, radio Marta was blabbing about the invasion for weeks. Even gave out locations and was double-dog daring Castro to stop it…. Actually, Kennedy never warned anyone, but he did try to stop the entire "offshore Island" world domination of "Dr. Loveless Kissinger". How? Simply by outlawing ALL oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico by ANYONE, for ever.
If you want to check just google Kennedy and the "Offshore Drilling" battle. What he and Bobby were trying to do was to extend the 3 mile limit for US jurisdiction out to 1,200 miles from shore for "mineral rights". That would have put all "reachable" oil deposits into the hands of the Federal Govt and the People (where they belong) and out of the hands of the Bush/Hughes/Nixon/Rockefeller/UK cartel that wanted them.
Kennedy was dead within 30 days! AND THE little "Island Squad" has created tens of thousands of offshore islands ALL over the Freaking Planet. I understand that there are thousands of "private islands" off the Bande Aceh coast.
So, I'm just wondering about Tsunami! Didn't it destroy the drilling platforms? You know, with the right drilling equipment you could use your offshore island to "kidnap" beautiful women from Aruba! On your own island you could create "money oases" where you could launder billions of dollars from the Iraq war chest and no one could touch you.
You could run Heroine Smuggling rings! Child prostitution rings! If you are on an oil rig in international waters you can do ANYTHING... just like a US Navy Ship can do. Yup! Just because you are in the US Navy or the Old Navy Air Corps like George Bush and Richard Nixon doesn't mean you have to obey the law of the US.
In fact, once a US Navy Vessel or Naval Aircraft reaches international waters they could kill anyone they want. Pilots assume command of their own aircraft as "commanders" assume command of the ship. They make their own law and execute it.
Is that enough Food for thought, now?
One more! Remember President Johnson's mistress went on TV and said that Johnson and Nixon were at a meeting at her house discussing the killing of a political figure. Didn't J. Edgar Hoover mention a George Bush as a witness to a plot to kill Kennedy? Who else was at that meeting?
by zorrosc

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