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Monday 9 November 2009

FREE ENERGY Home Generator: Zero Point Energy Off the Grid

FREE ENERGY Home Generator: Zero Point Energy Off the Grid

Another Free Energy engine that will soon be suppressed and forgotten; but will it be remembered – or reproduced – by YOU? It can run your house for free...

 Videos of three running prototypes are available below.
Please right-click on the picture and select "Save Target As..." to save the video to your system.

Latest video - October 2007
More on the theory behind the system here (PDF file)

Manufacturers from all over the world are invited to express interest in license purchase.
See www.evergreenltd.com.hk for details

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or Click HERE for the full video (3MB Shockwave movie in a new window)

(See the LEA page)

This latest video is of a machine that was built independently of Lutec involvement. It demonstrates an efficiency of 240% and that others can successfully replicate the technology.

We have made adjustments so that the input and output are both DC. This means we are able to connect digital Watt meters as seen in the above video that measure in kilowatts the input and output. The Wattmeters are identical, this takes away many objections relating to the method of ascertaining correctly the input and output performance of the LEA. 

The meter on the right of screen measures the amount of input power being consumed and reads 0.10 Kilowatts, in watts this represents 100 Watts. 

The output meter on the left of screen demonstrates 0.24 Kilowatts. This means the output is 240 Watts. 

The image at top right is showing the load applied in the form of light bulbs burning the 240 Watts. What this means is that the output over input efficiency is 240%. 

This also demonstrates that if we put a number of these units together, or, build larger ones the output efficiency will remain at this level while the output figure will increase relative to the unit size or number of sections.

An open letter from Lu and John:

We are happy to announce on www.lutec.com.au that after ten years of perfecting our technology and securing patent protection world wide, the time is now right to introduce it to the world.
To increase our changes in being successful in doing so, we ask you to pass on the news about this site to friends, your neighbours, your local radio and TV talk current affairs and morning talk shows, and to contact your local newspaper and your local government representatives, so they too have the opportunity to support the technology as a real alternative to green house gas producing polluters like coal and oil, and the possible catastrophic dangers posed by nuclear fired electricity power stations break down. The LEA can amplify electricity produced by conventional or alternative means. 

Please help us to restore our fragile environment. 

Ten more years at the current growth rate of green house pollution will kill us all. It must be dealt with now. That is right now!! Even if we stopped polluting today it would take thirty years for the earth to recover. That’s Thirty years. But it won’t happen that way will it? There is no way it will stop tomorrow, but it must be stopped or we humans as a species, and nearly every other species on earth are doomed. 

It is therefore vitally important that you/we make people who count aware of the LEA technology. 

Now that we are ready to showcase our technology it is time to act. Others, who support the coal, oil, and uranium industries are lobbying government’s world wide to push their own agendas. They have years of experience, and the know how, financial backing and networks to help them to “play the game” Remember Big Business does not take kindly to what they see as competition. In reality what we propose for our technology actually helps them to extend their resource life and by so doing make them more money. Take oil for example, what if the diminishing supply could last for an extra ten years, what would it be worth a gallon or litre then? We are not in opposition to these people, we want to fit in alongside them and help them as well. 

Well, the good news is the people of the planet are the customers, and the customer is always right. Without consumer support no business can survive. Without public support no government can survive. People power is everything. We don’t say there is no place for oil, uranium or coal, on the contrary there most definitely is. We do say that what we have and are desperately seeking assistance to introduce, is a means of being more efficient in how we control, release and consume the resources available. Let’s become smarter in the way we handle what we have. 

If we don’t we can forget about squabbles between the major religions, the different cultures, terrorists versus the rest, and the constant striving for more and more wealth by big multinational companies fuelled by their shareholders expectations of more and more higher dividends. Because there will be nothing on earth left to breathe, to eat, to drink. 

If you too are serious about helping to restore the earths God given ability to process, purify, heal and restore, and to immediately begin to take steps to help minimize the impact of Global warming, with a view to eventual complete restoration, then we’re on the same side. 

That means we hope you can give a small part of your time toward simply informing your network of contacts, your friends, family, media, politics, and business, wherever you are on earth, to help spread the word about the potential of this technology. 

Send them this site address. Insist they reply to you confirming they have seen it. 

We will back you one hundred percent and demonstrate what out technology can do to anyone who you send our way, who can show us they are willing and able to help in other ways of support such as; Purchasing licenses to commercialize the technology, or providing finance through involving themselves in investment opportunities. Or by exerting influence, or maybe they are interested in manufacture, distribution and sales of product. Such people will either be high net worth corporations or individuals. The man in the street, someone who wants to help in this way can do so, but will need to make direct enquiries by email to find out how. 

It is our firm belief that we will find through these pages a group of determined and willing people, who are intelligent and far sighted enough to see, and have heard all the talk about the hopelessness of the situation, but who can dare to believe that we have a solution to the problem right here, right now. A solution that can address at least part of the problem, and bring with it hope. 

Collectively as citizens of planet earth we simply can’t afford to wait for “someone else” to fix this living growing cancerous problem. Together we can and will make a difference and succeed. We can’t do it by ourselves because there are only two of us, but it will only take for people like you to do just a little bit and success will follow.
Best wishes to all for a future. 

Lu and John at Lutec.
November 2006.
  Video @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g59cGTswGCI

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