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Sunday 8 November 2009

Illusory Freedom: Reclaiming Liberty

Illusory Freedom
Reclaiming Liberty

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All modern societies on planet Earth follow patterns laid down long before the time of the Roman Empire. These top-down authoritarian pyramid structures were originally based on the ancient necessity for a vast horde of people working continually, to provide food and goods for the idle few who dwelt at society’s narrow summit.

The world is still a collection of feudal tribes, nations and empires. Only the accoutrements, costumes, technologies and furnishings have changed since ancient times; our lives are still constrained within the same old basic structures as the peoples of Sumer and Babylon. No matter how democratic or outwardly free, even the most liberal of nations is still fundamentally rigid and hidebound, following the ubiquitous hierarchical template of the pyramid builders.

Freedoms exist at the surfaces of things, different colours, fashions and veneers applied to cultures that provide no real choice to their constituents. Censorship and control of mass media are commonplace everywhere, and most freedom of information legislation is a beurocratic nightmare and a deliberate joke on every fair minded or idealistic citizen.

Everyone is expected to follow the same route, paying their way with the lifeblood of their precious time to provide imaginary numbers that flicker across ever-shifting screens. Feudal societies and racist dynasties have masked their ongoing existence with an updated shadow play of newly flavoured bread and freshly painted electronic circuses, grafting their power-mongering nonsense onto the age-old primate pack strategies of dominance and submission.

Rigid post-matriarchal societies can only exist if everyone ignores simple codes of ethics and ‘golden rules’ - the only legalisms any society really needs to survive and thrive – and follows arbitrary statutes and slave-making laws instead. Beurocratic institutions are all based on the superannuated fantasies of clerical dogmatists and most still ensure that true freedom is curtailed via the creation of myriad regulations and victimless criminals, whose punishments serve as warnings to any who would take a step out of line or reach for a tasty morsel of summarily forbidden fruit.

Through the lens of contemporary and recent events, it’s easy to see how modern humans have been bred to maintain servile stances, mirthlessly trudging along daily treadmills beneath the watchful stares of unimaginative overseers. At the top of all social pyramids murderous predators lurk, controlling all that occurs within the idiosyncratic tribalistic communities and states they arrogantly assume that they own, lock, stock and barrel. 

Racism - whipping up fear of those outside one’s immediate bloodline - has always lain at the roots of all caste structures, class systems, the regional lies of religions, eternal vengeful feuding and endless bloody wars. The basis of racism is the natural urge to love one’s family more than everyone else’s. This innate survival trait is easily exploited by those to whom any arbitrary difference from their own narrow range of ‘norms’ means life or death for the unwary.

Keeping the populace ignorant and stupid was always easy in the days of near-universal illiteracy; age-old methods have always sufficed to ensure that individualistic non-compliers, outright superior mutants and tall poppies are bred out of the domesticated primate stock.

For the last few millennia, the more intelligent humans have been regularly rounded up, culled or exterminated. In most times and places, any behaviour other than complete submission to the dominant regime or superstition has been greeted with dismemberment or beheading. Inquisitions, pogroms and witch hunting expeditions have ensured anyone living beyond societal norms has been prevented from contributing to the gene pool.

The ruthless beheading of the Soviet intelligentsia under Stalin is but one obvious example of the deliberate dumbing down of an entire nation. The most totalitarian regimes reduce human potential to the lowest common denominator very swiftly, and ensure that mediocrity soon becomes the norm. Yet the same rapid decline can be found in any society or social grouping based on any exclusivist religion, ideology or dogmatic belief. Every human culture deviates only very slightly from all others in terms of the hierarchical structure which underlies all day to day interactions.

The top-down nature of all these simulacra of truly free civilizations is a clue to their true origins. You know them by their fruits. Everyone and everything is numbered and collated and genetic typecasting is still a sure ticket to a fixed place in the caste system, just as it was in ancient India or antediluvian Atlantis.

Warrior castes dominate the roost, and the most egregious of all are oft warlords supreme, living high on the hog at the summit of various satrapies and notional nations. All countries are but imaginary lines in an age-old game of divide and conquer, no more valid or eternal than transitory teams of ball game players. Everyone is deliberately set against everyone else and any differences are ruthlessly exploited in a system that’s fundamentally based on racist prerogatives.

The rulers in the nations of each great racial family consider themselves a race apart, born to rule over all others on Earth – starting with their own extended families.

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True freedom is not a matter of ‘freedom to’ or ‘freedom from’, but a state of being uninvolved with habitual attachments. The enlightened see through perpetually recurring emotional cycles that thrive on mundane melodrama and evolve beyond the need for an addiction to ongoing tragedies or the adrenaline rush provided by self-induced fear.

The way out of the system is always inward. Knowing your true self is the only path to liberation. Judging and forgiving yourself is the only way to evolve beyond the currently dominating paradigm. Applying ideas and ideals like ‘justice’ or ‘mercy’ to others is as self-defeating as blindly obeying the whims of this week’s dictator or president. The rulership of all our leaders is illusory and their freedom is non-existent. Your consciousness is the only reality in the universe and their orders and regulations are momentary aberrations that will soon pass away.

We all suffer or rejoice in a world of our own creation. The external world is a malleable template that responds to every deep instinct and feeling we experience and project. Which emotion would you prefer to experience? That’s a far more important question than ‘what do you want to do’, or buy, or be; emotions are the fuel that drives you.

What do you want to feel – and why?

 - R. Ayana

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