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Thursday 12 November 2009

Electric Pedals

Electric Pedals

A human power station

A human power station

Electric Pedals provides lighting, music, boiling water and other interactions powered by bicycle generators.

We run events in any location without a mains supply and without the drone of a generator constantly running; only the gentle whirr of bicycle wheels. 

Pedal-power is a fresh new social activity that connects strangers together in an electrifying way; everyone working side by side to provide power for amazing events. 

Our client list includes:
Tate Britain
Cake Marketing
Big Chill, Green Man and Latitude festivals
Southwark, Lambeth, Hounslow and City of London

Electric Pedals has been operating since May 2007.
by electricpedals

Our first Stirling Engine!

Here it is. £50 from ebay. Not got it to work yet as it’s been a bit too cloudy! The plan is to power the Sterling engine using a solar focusing Fresnel lens, and to turn a small motor with it to generate some electricity, enough to charge a mobile phone or light a few LEDs perhaps.

We set up a free mobile phone charging station in Einstein’s Garden at the Greenman Festival. People really seemed to enjoy the fact that it was free! However most of the power they were generating was actually charging a deep cycle battery! This battery was then used to power Minima’s accompaniment of a nature documentary as well as a number of presentation and short films throughout the day!
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