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Monday, 1 May 2006

Fire From Water Part 4

Fire From Water

Part 4 



The late Yull Brown’s gas fuel system can readily help save the planet – and preserve the lifestyles of those in developed countries while allowing clean fuel and energy growth (prosperity) for all.

When Brown’s gas is burned in a confined space  it implodes (bursting inward rather than outward). In a vehicle designed for implosion, atmospheric pressure forces the pistons down into the cylinders to occupy the 99.95% vacuum created by the implosion. 

We can scrub all existing power stations that pollute and replace them with clean tidal, solar and wind energy units to create electricity, storing it as hydrogen and oxygen in a balanced, stable ratio as Brown’s gas. This can fuel implosion motors (or, temporarily, today’s fleets of explosive motors can be used with slight alterations to timing and carburetion) that can also be used for power generation that don’t pollute the air or water and essentially run on atmospheric pressure. 

Implosion technology is compatible with a sustainable green environment. With it we can save human society and the planetary environment from otherwise likely destruction by selfish industries based on the explosion of hydrocarbons, or the glorified toxic steam engines which are nuclear power plants. The heralding of alternative fuel supplies and an efficient way to create a hydrogen economy has arrived in a number of forms – but Brown’s gas is probably the most economical, and it’s feasible now on a number of scales, from backyard workshop to full factory production. 


One litre of water produces nearly 2,000 litres of Brown’s gas. Yull told me that a gallon of water will power a car for 1,000 miles - even using today’s adapted vehicles with explosive motors – by replacing the carburetor to burn Brown’s gas mixed with air, as this results in an explosive mix. An implosion engine based on Yull’s ideas would provide us with inexpensive, almost inexhaustible and non-polluting fuel supplies that can be locally produced using nothing more than water and a small amount of power.

       One litre of Brown’s gas burns to produce just half a C.C. of water, leaving a 99.95% vacuum. There’s no other simple technology for producing a vacuum of such high purity in such a short time. 

The gas can be used for a number of purposes. “With Mr Brown’s method we can provide hydrogen power in a hydride form, i.e. the hydrogen is actually absorbed by a ‘carrier’ and when the polarity of this impregnated ‘carrier’ is reversed it will give off the hydrogen which is then processed into liquid hydrogen for almost immediate atomisation, in the same manner as jet fuel, prior to entry into the turbine section of the jet engine.” – Australian Aviation and Defence review, 1977

“There’s nothing phony about it. I think Yull Brown is a very brilliant man; there is no doubt he is a pretty terrific inventor. All people who come up with new things are considered cranks at first. 

“I think water can be a very successful fuel for the internal combustion engine; hydrogen cars do run. 

“It is not right to say Yull Brown is the first man to compress hydrogen and oxygen together but he has at least found a mechanism for keeping the two together stably without exploding.” – Professor John Bockris, former Flinders University chemistry professor and Australian leader in alternative energy and hydrogen power. 

See also NEXUS New Times Magazine Vol 1Nos 7,8,9, Sydney Morning Herald 13-9-88, The Australian 30-3-88  and FREE ENERGY @ http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/search/label/free%20energy

- R.Ayana

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