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Tuesday 30 May 2006

Water Power

Water Power 


“I’ve been following your ‘Fire from Water’ series on the New Illuminati website,” the High Elf tells him. “It’s very interesting. Brown’s gas could really save the planet, couldn’t it? Is Yull Brown still alive?”

“No,” Ram’yana replies. “He died a couple of years ago. But his equipment’s still available. There are links on the site – and at RamPage.”

“Speaking of the Web - have you seen that clip showing the motor that continues to run after the fuel supply’s removed?”

“Aye - you’re talking about the ‘Joe Cell’, aren’t you?”

“That’s it,” says Mech, “That’s the one. It’s powered by Orgone, isn’t it?”

“Orgone, prana, chi, the Odic current, the zero-point quantum foam, the living luminiferous aether…”

“We just watched the clip - when one sceptical investigating scientist leans forward and puts his hands on the body of the car, the motor stops instantly,” Mech observes, smoothing his moustaches with calloused fingertips that emerge from fingerless woollen gloves. “It’s all a matter of belief,” the shaman replies. “The matrix of the mind and will must be tuned to the task…”

“As with alchemy,” the High Elf draws the sublime connexion as he lights a slim smoke. “Precisely,” Ram agrees. “And when working with subtle energy systems that are part of consciousness itself, the belief that something will not work is still a belief – one that will collapse ‘quantum’ reality into the direction of its focus. A so-called modern sceptic will program reality to accept their version of it just as easily as a visionary – particularly one who places their hands on such highly tuned consciousness-sensitive equipment.”

“‘So called’?” Mech inclines his bearded face amid rings of lambent rainbow light.

“A true sceptic has no preconceived belief or disbelief,” the shaman informs him, “and approaches every thing or event with an open mind.” A group of runners races down the centre of the main street, following a flaming torch toward the park. “The world is malleable mindstuff that’s programmed by our beliefs – and our disbelief.”

“There are some reports that people have become ill handling the Joe Cell,” High Elf observes quizzically as an endless stream of festive partygoers parts around the inviolable island of their arcane conversation.

“There are similar problems with many of the original Orgone technologies as well,” Ramses explains. “Reich learned that the build-up of concomitant energies can be lethal – not just from the radiological effects produced by his infamous Oranur experiment, but by careless use of the basic equipment; it builds up powerful charges.”
Mech rubs his hands together. “Electrical charges?” High Elf shakes his hat as Ram’yana answers his companion’s question. “No – do you know about D.O.R.?”
Mech’s woollen beanie bobs up and down. “Deadly Orgone Radiation?”
“Aye. It can condense around the older equipment. It’s not wise to touch the metal casing of a standard Cloudbuster while it’s working; even while it channels and condenses Orgone the material substance of the apparatus accretes a concomitant anti-life charge that stays anchored to it – and can discharge into you.” Ram’yana watches images of the reality he describes projecting into the dimensional spaces between the tripping trio, triangulated in the centre of their small concentrating circle as laughing festival goers flow around them on the concrete footpath. “Can the Joe Cell casing be grounded?” Mech perseveres.
“It’s possible to earth the DOR – but you can’t easily shield the cell from the matrix of belief itself; consciousness pours through everything. To do that you need to build a new matrix of aware beings who are interested enough to maintain their focus on the shared vision. That’s what’s happening - or beginning to happen - here and now in the New Millennium.”
“What about the new Orgone technology?” High Elf asks as his eyes lift to the rising moon. In answer, Ram takes his recently acquired tower crystal from his pocket and hands it to Mech, who squints at the solid state orgone accumulator. “Beeswax?” he asks while the shaman lights up a smoke and passes it to the Elf. “No - organic resin.”
“I’ve been working with beeswax. It’s easier, with the applications I need it for.” They’re conversation is shielded by a cloud of fragrant smoke as a group of riot police passes and dark glasses flash in their direction. They smile at the uniformed plodders and the wall of blue passes on, in search of more interesting victims. “Good idea,” Ram’yana observes.
“So do you think the Joe Cell’s worthwhile? Does it work?” asks High Elf as he passes the spliff to his friend. “Oh, it works all right; there’s no problem there. If you want to have a tormented life of painful disappointments and reversals, try to make it work now.” The shaman smiles at his companions as the Elf examines the tower crystal. “What do you mean?” Mech asks with a troubled expression as he exhales a stream of smoke.
Ram’yana accepts the returning joint. “It’s like this,” he says as colours spread and mingle in the oncoming night and waves of seemingly random impulses and emotions pass through his body-mind. “If you treat the working technology as a proof of concept there’s no problem. You can use the concept as a working model from which you can proceed. But truly proceeding further may imply dispensing with the material equipment altogether – and Orgone technology simply won’t be allowed to come to fruition yet,” h adds, belatedly remembering the original question.
“Not allowed?” Mech is outraged. “Why not? You mean because of the powers that be – vested interests?”
“Only partly – invested interests and corporate clowns are only the faceless masks worn by the current crop of Humanity’s punishers, levellers and straighteners. The old kings and queens and emperors were even worse… This is a primitive civilization of barbarians who are trained to avoid self examination.” 
Ram is on a roll and the other men stand and stare as the words pour from his hirsute lips. “Without self-examination humans fall to the default setting of biological imperatives – reactive fear and the illusion of protection in the known. Such a society is not only unready for most of the new scientific concepts and technologies, it actively destroys those change-agents attempting to bring them to manifestation.” The Centraxian shaman prince’s companions nod their agreement and he continues after a deep draw on the circulating number. 
“You may have heard the saying – ‘you don’t get steam engines until it’s steam engine time’. And I’m sorry to say it’s still steam engine time. Few notice the fact, but even nuclear reactors are just water boiling steam engines. Almost all the functional backbone of our day-to-day technology is at least half a century old and the concepts go back at least a century more.

“If you want a lot of hassles, try to make Orgone work in such a totally controlled and backward society. Or pursue, say, cold fusion.”

Continues at - http://centraxis.blogspot.com/2008/09/water-power-psychedelic-water-11-rams.html - BE AWARE - implicate & xplicit concepts & images!

Geoff Moxham & Yull Brown

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