"All the World's a Stage We Pass Through" R. Ayana

Sunday 14 May 2006

Farther Than the Other: Unity In Diversity

Farther Than the Other   

Unity In Diversity 


 We’re all one, all uniquely the same being beneath surface appearances. Only ‘ego’ separates us from awareness of this primal, telepathic bond, a fragile eggshell that cracks at birth and death – and at primal points in between...


The primal split, the first duality comes for all mammals at the passage of birth when we breathe for ourselves and are finally one isolate being, apart from the world-womb which is our mother. 

         The mother is the first other. 

         The father is father away. 

         The ideas of us and them, me and you, past and future, all dichotomies and hominid psychology arise from this primal beginning. These illusions of separation fracture our view of the world around us, warping our perceptions of similar suffering, eccentric beings into complementary or opposing categories - women or men, friends or enemies, citizens or foreigners, adult or child, young or old – accentuating diversity until everyone becomes black or white, either fellow humans or something other. Until the Nation State – whose only reason for being is the prosecution of and preparation for war – keeps us all apart and feeds a fear of the unknown brother. 

The roots of racism are locked in the same fertile soil as the love for your own family over the love for any other human. 
It's not a question of conditional or unconditional love - another point entirely - but of extended narcissism masquerading as love. To love your family is wonderful! 

But in our heart of hearts we must realise that our most loved ones - including our significant other - appear more like ourselves than anyone else in the world. 

This self-identification is one of the roots of love (and of genetic theory) and, without self-awareness and self-reflection, can feed the concept of others - particularly other races - as alien or fundamentally different. 

In fact we are all one, a vast unity within diversity. This is Illuminism.

Vive la difference! 

The primal split is echoed in the apparently eternal struggle between women and men, that enfeebles the power of both. Together we can imagine and create a paradise world. Apart we shall strip it to bedrock in our search for ourselves. Acculturated to drama and tragedy, it’s easy to become absorbed in the textures of life as emotion and live out the myths of others in an ongoing living theatre that can become a life-long addiction. 

         We’re all aware of our identity as a single unified being at a sublime level of perception and communion, available to us all at any given moment. Turning it all around is only a breath away, an instant of perception of the high frontier where everyone is everyone. Beyond the mundane hive mind of mendacity is a plane of communication we’re partaking in all the time – customarily ignoring and disassociating from the ongoing reality of it by calling it the ‘unconscious mind’. By embracing it we become whole, one with our surrounds, immersed in an infinite womb of our own creation where synchronicity – luck – abounds. 

         You are always creating ‘your own’ universe. We’re doing it together. The will behind our visions is fuelled by our passions and together we magnetise reality to our wills. Now when we do it consciously (in, for instance, a circle of equals), focusing together on a common dream, our dreams become reality more readily. If we’re careful, compassionate and in harmony with each other and the universe our hopes can manifest. 

         Clarity of unity between all beings can emerge full-blown in an instant of shock, ecstasy or any moment of focused consciousness, of accelerated awareness when time slows and perception expands. A slower, deeper shared immersion – in for instance Tantra or the practice of ‘psi’ abilities - over a longer time can produce a crystal of great purity, the pearl of great price; conscious evolution. 

         By transcending the illusory split between men, women and children we can heal the other schisms of humanity’s inhumanity. To embrace the other in ourselves – see past the surface of race, culture and sex – prepares us for the great changes and new faces to come in this new millennium. 


We are a vast, global network communing on many levels. Would you alter the human form in any way? Can you imagine a physical change that would be an improvement and not also a liability? 

         Or would you alter your nature instead – or as well?

- R. Ayana

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