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Thursday, 11 February 2016

The CIA’s Presidents

The CIA’s Presidents


by Sartre

Any unmasking of the shadow forces that pull the strings that often determine events requires a time frame context. Historical study can go back to antiquity for classic examples of surreptitious intrigue, but in an age of distorted and diachronic mind control, the creation of the CIA by President Truman was our modern day and literal water shed monument. Coming out of the Office of Strategic Services, the brainchild of Wild Bill Donovan developed into the playpen of Allen Dulles.

The OSS origins on their face are clandestine by nature. Spooks and spies might be a trendy name for a board game, but when the pieces on the squares are pushed in direction of liquidation and oblivion, the uninitiated are truly the uneducated, for not grasping their significance. Being one of those pieces requires the responsibility of every citizen to wake up out of their lethargy.

Research material is so extensive that penning another account on the hidden secrets behind the throne may just confuse the public even more. One needs to take off the blinders and face the consequences of the big picture. Presidents have seldom been autonomous leaders. Those who demonstrated independence, integrity and courage were either marginalized and banished from positions of influence or killed.

The CIA is not just a standalone organization. The “Agency” is more of a euphemism than a society of black bag hit squads. The underlying ethos that underpins the operations and missions of the “Intelligence Community” has a distinct purpose. Never let an administration, much less a President, gain the actual power to rule the country or the global empire.

Until people accept and admit that the “SYSTEM’ is the ultimate crime syndicate, no one can liberate their minds or their circumstances.

Few remember the black and white culture that existed in the United States forty years ago. John Chuckman writes in the Foreign Policy Journal, The CIA and America’s Presidents.

“The 1975 Church Senate Committee looking into earlier illegality came into being because a number of sources were suggesting the CIA had been engaged in assassination and other dark practices, matters which at that time quite upset the general public and some decent politicians.”

Two things are totally different all these years later. Only a grub living under a rock would be shocked by reports that the government continues a policy of “dark practices”. But they would be genuinely surprised if someone could find and prove there is a single descent politician.

Examine the record. George H. W. Bush, was a CIA director, his successor William Jefferson Clinton was a CIA asset during his years avoiding his Rhode Scholar classes, George W. Bush another Skull and Bones diabolist followed in the family’s footsteps and who could forget the current POTUS, Barack Hussein Obama II the son of a CIA recruit and a 3D printed prototype of a mystery man with a false identity. The manufactured indoctrination of these anointed commanders in chief is the true definition of “The Good Shepherd” movie account.

The Great Man theory of history has been relegated to the most efficient synthesis organization that is based upon the official version of elitism “Political Correctness”.

Presidents must surrender their contrary visions, objections and actions against the established order. However, that power embodied by the supra elites, requires a silhouette caricature of subversion as their instrument of coercion, while bearing the focal image of blame.

No balanced observance of sincere national interest would dispute that the function of gathering information and analysis of its significance is out of bounds in a civilized society. The bounds, extent and intrusive methods are fair game for debate; however, the need to know is valid.

Deciding who should have access to that information is a core concern. When Hillary Clinton is allowed to violate even the most rudimentary security practices, one has to wonder why she is so special to get away with her treason.

In the book, Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA by Terry Reed, critic John Cummings looks at the definitive book on the Mena connection that bonds the Clinton’s and the Bush’s with their CIA overseers. A short video that interviews a Former C I A Agent Chip Tatum On George H W Bush Bill Clinton's Cocaine Smuggling Connect, provides first hand testimony.

The point of going over a decades old record that was a bomb shell at the time, but never gaining the critical political mass support within the government is that nothing has really changed in all these passing years.

Looking at this experience from the vantage of a conspiracy perspective misses the very essence of how power is imposed on the planet. The question is not does the CIA control American Presidents, but the proper perspective is to embrace has the psychopathic globalist implement their sociopathic system of command and control  on humanity, using organizations like the CIA to foster the sinister strategy of enslavement that every President promotes.

Taylor Caldwell’s master work in her book, Captains and the Kings, is not just the story of an American Dynasty; it is a template of the way the world actually operates.

The forbidden reality that is suppressed is that any President may order men and women to their deaths for trivial jingoistic reasons, but none of these fearless leaders can tame the hidden cabals that keep the Nefarious Warrior Organism growing and destroying humanity. The NWO is served by intelligence organizations, even when they jockey with their foreign counterparts for a perceived advantage.

The CIA conducts their cloak-and-dagger wars in plain sight. If U.S. Dollars cannot buy loyalty, a hellfire strike from a drone will kill you. Such a foreign interventionism is not a beneficial policy protecting our country.

Managing the poppy field in Afghanistan to keep the opium trade profitable is far more important to the boys from Yale, than defending our own borders from the mujahideen terrorists, who were trained and taught many tricks of the trade under the tutelage of Agency contract mercenaries.

Eating one’s own is not taboo when the political powers on high deem a sacrifice is needed. Former Director David Petraeus is no General George S. Patton, but he was thrown under the bus quicker than in a New York minute.

The irony that the former NY Senator, Hillary Clinton can get another pass to her much more grave violations of security and law, only goes to prove that being the CIA top spy does not provide enough protection, when the ‘Arkancide” mafia family is threatened.

Now you know the substantial value of all those J. Edgar Hoover secret files when it comes down to the blackmail game.

Avid history buffs always ask the question. Who are behind and actually controls the puppets that are selected to win elections? This is no connivance experiment to out the most unlikable villain that a Hollywood CIA script writer can pen. No, the film industry has always been an integral part of a dream machine to spoof the public with subtle reminders of who is really in control.

The flick, 'Spectre' Is The Worst 007 Movie In 30 Years, reveals an important lesson.

 “Pretty much everything Spectre has to offer amounts to something that a previous Bond movie did better. And that’s the trap of doing a Bond movie in the “generational nostalgia” sandbox. You end up replaying the best parts of other films and reminding audiences that prior 007 adventures did it better. The notion of 007 doing generational nostalgia is interesting and timely, but the end result is merely an example of it rather than a dissection or deconstruction.”

The message about replaying the best parts from other operations should not go unnoticed. How else can an immortal demonic enterprise continue their dissection and deconstruction of civilization?

There is no hero coming, who will mix shaken elixirs that will stir the public to go cold turkey and jump on the wagon of political sobriety. The CIA is meant to distract the television addicts to become and remain junkies of false reality propaganda. The “so called” threats of the last sixty plus years were necessary to divert the public away from the consolidation of power under NWO governance that is totally visible for everyone to see.

 Another Bay of Pigs looms. This time it will be nuclear, and there in no JFK in the oval office. Nor will it take place in Cuba. Obama awaits the development of condos on the shores of Guantanamo Bay. CIA agents reserved their slot and are on the waiting list.

The synergistic and comingling of mutual interests drives the interdependency among different factions within the family structure of government mob enterprise. Ideological deviations are mostly for populace amusement.

When the professional assassin bureau engages in plausible deniability, they are really contracting out the assignment to an expendable fall guy. Can anyone shout out Oswald?

The figure head position of the most powerful person in the free world is less mighty than the corpse of E. Howard Hunt. Those magic bullets always hit the wrong victims.

From Forbidden History @ http://batr.org/forbidden/012616.html

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  1. The CIA is not a "standalone organization." The CIA is set up to keep the heads at the head, and yes, the system is the problem and they know this and are also powerless to change the system that we all unwittingly accept. The CIA works with the President of the privately owned US Corporation, along with every other so called anti-intelligence organization throughout the world.... They collude at the highest levels, the owners of the money supply hold no special allegiances to any one particular nation and or state inc. Because they own them ALL. Anti-intelligence works to keep the ship from sinking through the power of MYTH. TV is a prime example of how they keep their myths alive and hence the entire organized crime network. Again, these people are not necessarily bad people, they have simply learned to capitalize within the framework of an inherently corrupt system, totally insane, but hey, we have all seemingly accepted it for what it is, so lets keep Hollywood alive and keeps the magic tricks coming shall we? Good work CIA... Keep the bullshit coming, please..... It's such great entertainment!

  2. If people would just stop watching TV, reading newspapers and magazines, and stop supporting Hollywood BS, the machine would starve. That is one thing that all humans could accomplish. The irony is that engaging in those activities are the very thing that keeps them engaged in those activities. We the people feed the machine with our energy.
    The latest Hollywood hype about the glories of the CIA via Spielberg's "Bridge of Spies" is a perfect example. Making Allen Dulles appear as a good American attempting to save us from the evil Russians during the cold war. When all the while the CIA was involved in nefarious activities that Spielberg refuses to reveal.
    It is a hard pill to swallow when one discovers that everything one has been taught to believe is a lie. Are there any good people in the CIA? And just what kind of human being would be attracted to such work in the first place?
    good article, thanks for posting.

    1. And, FYM... Alan Dulles was a brilliant a noble person who simply learned that the very basis of the political-monetary system is NUTS, so they put a team of people together and learned to EAT instead of being eaten.... Very good man! Yes.... Mark my word on that one.

  3. Yes, there are many good people in the CIA, great people, though they are unwitting victims like the rest of us. We're programmed into the system, FYM. Indoctrinated to believe certain things, that doesn't mean they're bad, it just means they're gullible.

    The people are recruited into the system (CIA) they need have a certain psychological profile for following orders, or they have family who preceded them who were involved with them. It's a close knit group of people.

    I call their organizations anti-intelligence because they're really not interested in reality based problem solving even though they firmly believe that they are. Good people are everywhere, they just get caught up with their beliefs that have nothing to do with the complexities of the
    real world.

  4. And people often believe that the CIA conducts assassinations, well, maybe a few but for the most part they're experts at faking assassinations. They give the leader a choice, get out and let us replace you with some other sales person by faking a public assassination, or we'll simply slaughter you in the mainstream news. Assassinations are for the public to believe, when actually the people on the top work together and are on the same team.

    Think about that, if the people collude at the very top of ALL privately owned governments that are owned by the same people, why the need to assassinate anyone that they appoint into their offices? It's a game of make believe, and yes, I do think JFK and Company faked his death in Dallas. The reason why? Well, there are probably quite a few reasons but you won't hear or read about them in the news that they own.

  5. No good grows from bad beginnings - remember the salient detail that this organisation was incepted by the Skull and Bones; pirates of the worst stripe. On a concordant note, the most recent Manchurian Candidate (p)resident is no less part of the process; see http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/2011/05/obamas-mother-worked-for-cia.html
    and http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/2011/09/mystery-scars-on-obamas-head-prompt.html

  6. It simply doesn't matter that Obama's mother may have worked for the CIA or that Obama was born somewhere other than the US, perhaps even under another name... Remember the U.S. government is now a privately owned enterprise. So they can appoint anyone they like into their offices.

    It's so important for people to awaken to this fact. Again, the U.S. government is now a private enterprise owned mostly by the Rothschild's and company. We are their DEBTORS, and they have mythically been allowed to become our masters, in fiction...

    We have socially accepted our roles, hence you can't blame the Rothschild's and company for the games that they created and we joined through their legally binding contracts that were signed by our parents or by us. It's a game of control and the CIA is just another organization that operates for the benefit of the masters at the great expense to all.

    Now why do we accept their deception games, their outright lies, their tactics of control? On the one hand, I see why the pirates do what they do, they do it because the head actors know the system is insane, so they feel justified in their actions. I get that, I also get why they're demonized, but again, why do we demonize children who have simply convinced us to play by the rules of their GAME?

    One has to really take a look at both sides of every coin to see the game for what it is... If we want real change, we need to start a new reality show and convince people to see REALITY for what is is, and how to use reality for solving our most complex problems.

    The CIA is not in business to solve problems for everyone, they're in business to keep the profits flowing to the TOP DOGS either by hook or crook. And can you blame them when one realizes that the basis of all money and politics is corruption?

  7. And Illuminator, why do you call the privileged Skull and Bones "pirates of the worst stripe?" Come on... They're just people like you and I, except they were born into the system that they own, they inherited it, it works for them.

    They get it, the motto is eat or be eaten under the framework of an insane system that the pirates themselves didn't create. They're privileged people who expect it all, and were raised that way. Can't blame them one bit.

    Yes, there are assholes, megalomaniacs, and sociopaths in their organization just like anywhere else inside the asylum of fools system we've all accepted, but hey, after all the system breeds that kind of character, doesn't it?

    1. No - their parents breed that kind of character. Many other kinds of parents breed people with character - or different kinds of characters. Every individual makes their own choice about what to believe in and how to behave - and scum usually rises to the top.

  8. Yes, but their parents are a part of the same system and they teach what they know to their offspring. If we're a part of society then we're all part of the same conditions and all those who rise to the top of it are those who own it and can manipulate others to march lock step in line with their objectives and yes, that kind of character however defined is indeed the rightful ruler to the operating insanity that is our accepted fiction! Call them scum, all you like... They are simply a reflection of you and I, a mirror of what we're willing to follow and what we're willing to consume from what they want to feed us.


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