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Monday, 22 February 2016

Pravda’s Russian Apollo Revelations US astronauts spotted UFOs on the Moon?

Pravda’s Russian Apollo Revelations
US astronauts spotted UFOs on the Moon?




Evidence of Aliens on the Moon in Apollo Film Footage


The Apollo 11 mission took off from Launch Pad 39A of the Kennedy Space Center in the small hours of July 16, 1969. The crew of the spaceship comprised the astronauts Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin Aldrin. Having flown to the Moon for several hours, the crew reported that some “shining balls” were on the heels of the spaceship. The balls were reportedly trailing Apollo 11 flying the same maneuver patterns.

The report worried personnel at the mission control center in Houston a great deal. Some people believed the Soviets could be playing some dirty tricks. A lot of theories were put forward. According to one of them, the Russkies launched torpedoes and time was ticking. Three days dragged on, no detonation yet many feared the worst was yet to come. Nobody could get relief from a “simple explanation” blaming it all on UFOs. An assistant to Armstrong would recall years later: “Three unknown objects approached the spaceship at a distance of three feet. Three UFOs measuring from 15 m to 30 m in diameter landed on the edge of a crater as the module began to descend for landing.”

The whole world except the USSR and China was listening to live broadcasts from Apollo on the Moon. One of the broadcasts from the crew seemed weird: “I can see many small craters … Those craters measure from 6 m to 15 m in diameter. There are some tracks approximately half a mile away from our ship; they look as though they have been left by a tank.” Suddenly millions of TV viewers around the globe heard some strange sounds resembling the breath of a locomotive combined with the buzz of an electric saw.

NASA’s operator sounded pretty worried on the air: “Are you sure that you did not communicate with THEM?” The crew checked a transmitter. It was obvious that the strange sounds were coming out of somewhere else. Armstrong changed a frequency and asked the operator: “I want to know what it is going on here,” The operator could not understand a thing either: “What’s happening? Is anything out of order?” The crew replied: “Sir, there’re big objects over here! Goodness! They’re really huge! Are they sitting on the other side of the crater? They are here on the Moon watching us!” Ironically, the astronauts were located at the Sea of Tranquillity at the time.

Five hours later, Armstrong and Aldrin finally decided to climb out of the ship as tensions eased a little. Collins, who stayed on board the orbiter, had been warned to stand by for an emergency escape from the Moon. Then Armstrong got stuck in an exit manhole. For a while humankind could hear nothing but his wheezing breath and the sounds of his tossing and turning in the dark. Photographers took the opportunity to take a series of historic pictures of the NASA staff going grey and Armstrong’s relatives with panic-stricken eyes glued to the monitors.

At long last, Armstrong moved down the ladder and took the first step onto the lunar surface. He then said those famous words: “It’s a small step for man but a big leap for mankind!” Having walked about a hundred meters across the Moon, the astronauts got back into a lunar module for docking with the orbiter in two hours and thirty minutes.

The mysterious objects were also spotted during other lunar exploration missions. Unofficial sources talk about two incidents involving some unidentified disks, which came close to Apollo 8 while flying at 11,000 km per hour. Instruments and radio equipment of Apollo 8 went out of order during those encounters. The astronauts Stafford and Sernan of the Apollo 10 mission photographed the flyby of an unknown white object over the Smith Sea.

Two unidentified objects approached Apollo 12 by following all its maneuvers while the ship was heading for the Moon on November 14, 1969. The objects were escorting the spaceship for 150,000 miles. Despite the mysterious minders, the mission ran smoothly, the lunar module of the spaceship landed safely near the Ocean of the Storms. The mission commander Charles Conrad could not conceal his joy: “Lucky we are! They treat us so well.”

In November 1970, the astronauts Scott and Irvine were riding on a lunar rover in the vicinity of the Apennines in November 1970. At the same time, their crewmate Warden took a picture of another “easy rider” zipping above the lunar surface at a low altitude. In April 1972, two crewmembers of Apollo 16 were roving around the edge of the Descartes Crater. Suddenly they noticed some moving objects on the side of the hill. They reported the incident right away to Houston and filmed the objects. They also saw a large UFO fly near the surface of the Moon. Their crewmate Mattingley was watching the scene as he floated in an orbiter. He confirmed that the incident was not a hallucination. The mission commander John Young found a glass prism in the lunar dust. The prism is estimated to be several thousand years old.

In the fall of 1973, NASA slightly lifted a shroud of secrecy by confirming that 25 astronauts in total had seen the UFOs during a number of lunar exploration missions. Speaking to Esotera magazine, Werner Von Braun, head of the lunar exploration program, made it quite clear that “the extraterrestrial powers do exist, and they are more powerful than previously thought. I’m not authorized to give you any more details on the issue.”

The Soviet probe Luna 24 took lunar soil samples and took off from the Moon on August 19, 1976. It was the last time a man-made spacecraft disturbed the peace of the ancient lunar dust[..].

The Moon Exposed! MILES HIGH Tower Discovery & Much More!



Aliens forced Americans from the Moon

One of Russia's central television channels, RTR, has recently aired a documentary about US astronauts who allegedly came across extraterrestrial civilizations. The film showed Russian ufologist Vladimir Azhazha and astronomer Yevgeny Arsyukhin telling that expeditions to the Moon launched within 1969-1972 allegedly came across UFOs.

The researchers state that flying objects of extraterrestrial origin were persistently spying on American Apollos. They said the expeditions to the Moon looked very much like a race and presented a film demonstrating a luminous object closely following an American spaceship. Records of communication between astronauts and the Mission Control Center were also included into the film but they were absolutely inaudible as they had been purposefully jammed by Americans. They expected that the expeditions would find something astonishing on the Moon and with the view of keeping their communication with the surface secret they encoded their messages to the MCC. When the records of communication were later deciphered it turned out that the US missions came across lunar bases, remains of space vehicles and deserted towns on the Moon.

The film stated that lunar creatures would not tolerate the presence of Earth dwellers for long. When Americans brought a lunar car and furrowed Moon craters, the creatures living on the satellite began to demonstrate their furious protest against the US presence on the Moon. Filmmakers said that green dwellers of the Moon told Americans to go home as they wanted to keep secret the sublunar bases that they used to observe the life on the Earth. It was alleged that NASA was afraid of conflicting with a highly developed civilization and immediately stopped the program. Does the film sound believable?

In a couple of days, Americans demonstrated their documentary about the Apollo expeditions, In the Shadow of the Moon, with records of the flights to the Moon that were specially processed after the video archives of the Moon program had disappeared. Is it true that the archives were lost? It seems that the CIA wanted to wipe out tracks of a contact between US astronauts and extraterrestrials.

It is an open secret by the way that films demonstrating the landing of American astronauts on the Moon and Neil Armstrong’s walk about the lunar surface were lost. What is more, records telling about astronauts’ health during the flights to the Moon, information about spaceships and another 700 messages sent from spaceships launched in the framework of the Apollo program are also missing. Before the late 1970s the films had been kept at the US National Archives then were moved to NASA and later disappeared. It took NASA officials a year to conduct searches for the films but they just managed to find not more than ten films. Will anyone believe that evidence of US’s biggest triumph may so easily disappear from the NASA archives?

An expert on Moon pictures in a Russian documentary revealed that they were no ordinary photos but simply some daub. Deputy director of the Comparative Planetology Laboratory Doctor of geological sciences Alexander Bazilevsky says that experts are from time to time requested to conduct examinations of these types of photos. The Lunar Orbiter stations shot the Moon surface, then developed films right on board the spaceships and telecast them to the surface. As a result of this film development any unexpected things or elements could appear on pictures, and it explains why one of the pictures shown in the documentary had the word ‘spire’; none of the pictures demonstrated in the documentary can be evidence of aliens’ existence on the Moon.

It is strange that films with really important evidence can disappear from NASA. Several years ago, over 100 g of lunar soil and meteorites were stolen from the collection of the Johnson Space Center. And that was not the only incident of the kind there. A former NASA official explained that the unique films had probably been lost after they were moved several times from one place to another within the past forty years.

A NASA official who requested anonymity also told a really interesting story. When President Bush announced recommencement of the lunar program the National Aeronautics and Space Administration asked aged researchers who had taken part in the Apollo expeditions earlier to meet experts who were going to start a new mission. One of the aged researchers who came to the meeting had designed a device to measure lunar radiation. The device could measure radiation before humans landed on the planet and could transmit information even when the Apollo craft were back to the surface.

In the framework of the program heaps of records were collected. When the program was no longer financed and stopped, the bobbins with ciphered films were discarded. But the old engineer took the films and placed them in his basement where they are still being kept. Unfortunately there is no opportunity to decipher the films as a special device able to decode such records was also utilized when the program ended.

The NASA official admits that the flights to the Moon were rather a political mission as the USA wanted to gain revenge after the Soviet spaceman Gagarin was the first to enter space. And the USA spent $150 billion to start the lunar program to demonstrate the power of American science and engineering. It was a very expensive project that was easily abandoned as soon as financing was stopped.[…]

As it turns out, meteorites hit the lunar surface more often than is usually believed which is really dangerous for automatic stations and manned spaceships. The Moon has no atmospheric protection, and even a small meteor can cause a tragedy if it hits a spaceship or a manned space station.

Today, the project of the Russian Moon expedition is even less developed than it was under the direction of Korolev.

The documentary In the Shadow of the Moon includes an interview given by five of the eight extant men who first entered space. They are now aged over seventy. None of them has ever officially stated that he saw something supernatural in space. At that, they are unanimous that the lunar race was part of the cold war when pure science was of secondary importance.


Neil Armstrong, the first man to land the Moon, was living an anchorite life in Ohio where he taught astronautics at the university.

NASA is going to conduct another mission to the Moon with spaceship Orion, resembling Apollo stuffed with steroids. It is planned that four astronauts will fly round the Moon. If the project goes well a landing module is to land the lunar surface.

Russia’s ambitions concerning Moon exploration are rather modest. A Russian astronaut may land on the planet only as a member of a Chinese-Russian expedition. Chinese researchers are working on this project and have invited Russia to participate in it as well.

Translated by Maria Gousseva

Alien Base On The Moon
In Detail, Clear UFO Photos Released By NASA

Apollo Nasa Link Released

Waring says, “I was looking over old Apollo photos when I came across this one that looks like a definite structure created by intelligent beings. The circle structure has an arm the goes off to a four leaf clover-like area with buildings on it. This is really strange and I ask that others look into this by clicking on the links below.” 

One link in an official NASA link. It no longer has the hi-res photos but only the low-res photos of the area. The other link is of a person's site that saved massive amounts of NASA photos ten to fifteen years ago for the public to view. His photo of the same area is hi-res and gives us this amazing close up that is mind boggling to say the least. 

The hacker Gary McKinnon said in an interview that he hacked into US military computers and saw first hand documents that stated the US military has off world officers stationed on an alien base, and since the moon is the closest celestial body it has to be there. 

The UFOs shown in the video are in the NASA photos. It is a rare thing when a UFO photo sneaks its way out of NASA by accident, so this is a treasure for UFO researchers around the world.


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  1. Regarding, "evidence of aliens on the moon in Apollo film footage." Take a look at the 1:21 mark of the film. Footage of the capsule flying over the moon. Now any intelligent investigator would ask, how did they get film footage of the capsule from outside of the capsule as it moves above the surface of the moon at thousands of miles per hour? There must have had two capsules, right? One for the astronauts and one for the camera crew, right? Unless they sent some remote controlled camera with a sophisticated propulsion system to shoot footage of the capsule flying over the moon, steady shot of the capsule, hmmm... I think NASA is full of shit. We never went to the moon using any kind of rocket technology. It's all such a crock of crap!

    1. Ignorance isn't bliss; it's embarrassing. Each Apollo mission had two craft - the lunar lander and the lunar orbiter, which remained in orbit around the moon until the astronauts were ready to return.
      Your comment is an excellent illustration of why moon landing denialists belong in a safe place with flat earthers (often one and the same), where they can't corrupt innocent minds - why not move to some benighted medieval Abrahamic theocracy where nothing but ignorance exists, tarted up as wisdom?


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