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Friday, 5 February 2016

Animal Communicators Prove It’s Possible to Hear an Animal’s Thoughts

Animal Communicators Prove It’s Possible to Hear an Animal’s Thoughts



by Makia Freeman


animal communicators

Many animal communicators have demonstrated that it is possible to fully communicate with animals (just as with people), hearing their words & thoughts in a telepathic or energetic way.

Animal communicators are people who can fully communicate with an animal just as they would with a normal human person. The communication is telepathic and 2-way; the animal communicators can both “speak” (by sending thought out towards the animal) and “hear” (by receiving thought in from the animal). 

Animal communicators have most likely existed for a long time, probably in every single culture in the world. It is only in our modern Western materialistic culture, which has been influenced by mainstream institutions of religion and science based on perceiving a reality of separateness, that such a possibility seems so outlandish. However, as the following examples show, animal communication, also known as interspecies communication, is a very real phenomenon. These animal communicators are able to access knowledge from and about the animal which they could not possibly have otherwise known.


Animal Communicator Anna Breytenbach


Anna Breytenbach is a professional animal communicator who has displayed a jaw-dropping ability to communicate with animals. In the video embedded above, Anna was summoned in the case of the black leopard who had been moved to a South African wild cat park. He was given the name Diabolo (similar to the Spanish word for devil) and was clearly an unhappy cat. He mostly snarled at anyone who went near. The owners of the park (Jurg and Karen Olsen, the Jukani Predator Park in South Africa) were afraid of approaching him. They summoned an animal communicator (Anna) for help. After communicating with the leopard, she learnt that one of the reasons for him being upset was that he thought something was expected of him. The other reason was that he was worried about what had happened to 2 young cubs at the last place he was being kept.

When Anna relayed this to the park owner Jurg (who had professed on camera that he did not believe in animal communicators), Jurg broke down and cried. He confirmed that they were indeed 2 young cubs at the previous place. He told Anna to reassure the black leopard that nothing would be expected of him here – and that the 2 young cubs were safe. This relieved the leopard to the point where he opened up and became friendly. His name was subsequently changed to something more fitting – Spirit.

There is no way Anna could possibly have known this information beforehand. She learnt it telepathically. She was told this by an animal!

animal communication whale shark friendly
Even sharks can be spoken to and heard by animal communicators.

In this video, Anna talks of her communication with sharks at Byron Bay in Australia. She explains how she telepathically contacted a “Great White Shark consciousness” which allowed here to understand how sharks act – and why they occasionally “attack” humans. Anna reveals that the normal food for sharks has been overfished and reduced. Additionally, fishing nets have hemmed them in. Thus, there are more sharks in a smaller area looking for a smaller amount of food than before, which creates a competitive environment. Sharks are very sensitive creatures, and when they encounter humans doing competitive water sports (e.g. water skiing or surfing where a rider catches a wave [predator language]), they are drawn to those humans because of a frequency match. However, Anna stresses that since sharks “test” with their mouths, when they bite a human or approach with their mouths open, they are usually not trying to eat us. They are overall not interested in eating human flesh, which they find unpalatable.

Animal Communicator Kevin Richardson


Kevin Richardson, or the Lion Whisperer as he is known, is an incredible example of how humans can co-mingle with lions, tigers, hyenas and other traditionally fierce predators. Kevin has a very close relationship with many wild animals. In this video, he explains how he became a valued family member of both a hyena and lion pride. He also explains the invisible (to most humans) dynamics of how hyenas and lions arrange themselves in societal structures. For instance, hyenas are matriarchal; the lowest-ranking female is higher than the highest ranking male. Kevin has fully immersed himself in the life of these animals to learn these nuances.

animal communicator kevin richardson with lion
Animal communicator Kevin Richardson with lion.


Other Animal Communicators


There are numerous animal communicators that are becoming more and more well-knownCandi Cane Cooper is often called to help resolve difficulties people have with their pets. Sonya FitzpatrickHeidi Wright, Penelope Smith, Nancy Windheart and Teresa Wagner are other well known animal communicators, among many. The story with many of these people is similar; they grew up surrounded by animals and thought of them as close friends. Many animal communicators recount story after story of how they “talk” to the animals, learn what the problem is (e.g. the animal may have accidentally poisoned itself, have a fear, etc.) and then relay the information to the owner, who is totally surprised as to how they could have known it.

Many of these animal communicators also emphasize how the animals are excellent at teaching humans through mirroring, i.e. reflecting our dysfunctions back to us so we can clearly see them – and hopefully learn from them.


Conclusion: Animal Communication is Entirely Possible Once You Realize the Entire World is Conscious



The rise in recent popularity of this phenomenon just goes to show how outdated and limiting mainstream scientific materialism is. Truth be told, the entire world is conscious. The whole Universe is made of consciousness or “God-stuff”, even supposedly inanimate objects like rocks. As more and more people break the shackles of the false selves and realize their true natures, interspecies communication, including both animal communication and plant communication, will become more and more common. At the same time, we may be able to enter an era where we can peacefully co-exist alongside every kind of animal, even those we have long regarded as fierce predators.

After all, the predator-prey, survival-of-the-fittest mentality is a mindset that is being perpetuated by humans on this planet. If we can disengage from, and rise above, that kind of mindset, perhaps we will find that our relationships with all kinds of animals will take on an entirely new life.


Makia Freeman is the editor of The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at ToolsForFreedom.com, writing on many aspects of truth and freedom, from exposing aspects of the global conspiracy to suggesting solutions for how humanity can create a new system of peace and abundance.



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  1. Brilliant article. Thanks for writing this... We are ALL ONE. Know this, I mean really know this and communication with all species of animal and plant life will be possible. Learn to listen in silence and observe the amazing amount of compassion that animals have for us, they give their lives for us so that we may live. Yes, they are consciously aware of the sacrifices that they make by being here with us. We have so much to learn from each other.

  2. A few short months ago, I had a conversation with my 13 year old buff tabby cat named Charlie, I was concerned about his weight, I always fed him high quality, grain free meat and fish, with veggies, fruits, wheat grass, and flax seed. I gave both my cats small amounts twice daily, but still for many years he was obese. A few short weeks after our heartfelt conversation about his weight, he began to lose several pounds, and he's now at a normal 10 pounds and is doing much better. I truly know that animals understand us probably more than we understand ourselves and them. Yes, we are animals too but unfortunately for the most part we as a western civilization have detached ourselves away from the natural world and hence communication with other species becomes more difficult as our priorities have changed to more materialistic concerns.

  3. Just for some perspective, here is an article on Skepticforum.com that closely examines Anna.


    1. Thanks for the perspective - yet you'll never know the truth of such matters until you experience them for yourself, and as most people only have close, regular access to domesticated pe(s)ts developing insight into the issue can be problematic. One needs to be immersed in natural (WILD) surroundings to truly understand; not merely visiting or encapsulating 'nature' in human settlements.


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