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Saturday 27 August 2011


Don’t Panic!

How often have you been told to put on plenty of sunscreen before venturing out into the bright summer sunshine? If you are anything like the average American you have been or will be told about 8,463.2 times before the age of 21, according to the Federal Statistical Institute.

Why? Because you've also been brainwashed to believe that ULTRA VIOLET RADIATION is harmful to your health, but the only thing being hurt by UV radiation is your wallet.

The Sun

Picture Obtained from NASA

A Bottle Of A Popular Sunscreen

According to research scientist, Dr. Matthew Kingston-Brown, and his colleague, Dr. Harold Schafferton, UV radiation is absolutely harmless. In fact, it is essential for your continued health and well-being. "Ultraviolet Radiation is not the demon that governmental "health" agencies and news media have portrayed it to be," states Dr. Kingston-Brown. "Your body must absorb an ample supply of UV to keep the skin properly conditioned in order to repel infection, as well as aid in breaking down waste produced by dermal cells."

Dr. Schafferton also explained: "Sunburn is not a serious sign of skin damage. If you eat too much sugar, you will get hyper; too much wine and you will get drunk. Likewise, if you absorb too much UV you will get a painful sunburn, but it does not cause skin cancer! That (cancer) is a result of air pollution combined with, of all things, sunscreen!"

According to the two doctors, they have uncovered a plot by "Big Business" and "Big Brother" to trick the American people into believing that UV is harmful! "If you think UV will give you cancer, then you will buy products to 'protect' yourself from it. It is really an ingenious plot," Dr. Kingston-Brown stated. According to Dr. Kingston-Brown and Dr. Schafferton, the people have been convinced that UV is harmful, and thus will buy sunblock to protect themselves. The sunblock has chemicals in it that not only are harmful, but are also mildly addictive! People will then continue to buy sunblock throughout the summer months until autumn arrives and the weather cools.

During the autumn and winter months people are not outside as much, and not as exposed to solar rays and thus quit using sunscreen. That is when withdrawal sets in which is illustrated by the cold/flu-like symptoms seen during the winter and fall months. People BUY a FLU SHOT or COLD MEDICINE to protect against and alleviate these symptoms!

They say there is no cure for the cold, because there really is no cold causing virus! The companies (which as we all know own most of the government anyway) want you to keep feeding them your hard-earned money all year long! "We (Dr. Kingston-Brown and Dr. Schafferton) are very concerned that this hoax has been allowed to propagate for as long as it has, but, what can we do against it? We are only two dedicated scientists wanting to alert the American people to the fraud and health risks that their government has placed them in." Now, thanks to the UNCOVEROR, the truth can be known: DON'T USE SUNSCREEN!

From http://www.uncoveror.com/sun.htm

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  1. I still believe that sunburns are unhealthy, personally. There is some kind of cell damage happening when you get sunburnt. I believe that the sun can improve our health, in proper amounts. I think it is important to slowly "work your way up" to staying out in the sun extended periods of time. Go out for 30 min the first day, then go out for an hr a few days etc. The goal being to maintain a healthy tan that protects you from the sun


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