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Tuesday 30 August 2011

Earth Resonance Technology: One Person’s Floor is Another’s Ceiling

Earth Resonance Technology
One Person’s Floor is Another’s Ceiling 


     By Elmer Griffin    

 Many investigators know that obtaining ‘free energy’ is possible, and that the relevant technologies have been suppressed. Many more people suspect that such technologies exist, but have no idea how or why. For more than a century the well known demonstrations of free electrical transmission, by an all but forgotten yet once world-renowned Nobel Prize-winning scientist, have been swept under the carpet…    

Around the turn of the last century there lived a visionary genius called Nicola Tesla. He was born in Smiljai, Yugoslavia (Serbia) in 1857 and died in New York in 1943, penniless and disillusioned.

              Tesla was a major electrical pioneer who somehow slipped out of the history books. Some of his more famous inventions include the fluorescent light, the polyphase motor (which is the basis of alternating current or A.C. power transmission), A.C. power transmission itself, the car coil, ultra-high speed electrical switches and robotics, among many more. Tesla also used special coils he invented in connection with his experiments on radioactivity, which took place prior to the discovery of radium by the Curies. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for physics in 1912.

              Around 1900, Tesla was engaged in a race with Marconi to develop wireless communication. Both Marconi and Tesla knew that radio waves were produced by an oscillating electrical current and that messages could be sent by modulating these oscillations. Marconi had a circuit that oscillated and an antenna which was fed the oscillating current. Tesla’s tower system acted as both oscillator and antenna – and it oscillated in resonance with the Earth itself.              

        Tesla’s electrical experiments took place on the slopes of the electrically hyperactive Pikes Peak near Colorado Springs over nine months from 1899 to 1900. He required extra-high voltages for his experiments and, using new dynamos he designed, he invented a novel device which has come to be called the Tesla coil. Small Tesla coils are fairly common in electrical labs and they can be used to detect leaks in vacuum apparatus. The transmitting tower at Colorado Springs was a giant Tesla coil which generated hundreds of thousands of horsepower of high frequency electrical power at ten million volts!   

 The Electric Earth    

At his isolated laboratory, Tesla discovered that the Earth acts as a giant conductor of electrical signals from storms and continues to conduct electrical disturbances long after a storm has passed over. In other words, the Earth itself is a giant electrical resonator. The Earth acts as one pole of a giant capacitor, with the ionosphere as the other.

              Having completed his experiments at Pike’s Peak, Tesla moved to Long Island as Marconi achieved wireless transmission of signals across the Atlantic in 1901. With funding from multi-millionaire J. Pierpont Morgan, Tesla prepared to set up an electrical power transmitter; but when Morgan realised the true nature of Tesla’s dream – to broadcast electric power to the whole planet from a single transmission tower – he terminated Tesla’s funding. Tesla was ruined financially and his tower was literally blown up.

              Scientific and economic attention focused on Marconi’s new technology, which was much less threatening to the status quo.    

Scalar Waves   
 The basis of Tesla’s system was not electromagnetic, but a type of waveform called longitudinal or scalar, which his tower propagated through the Earth. Longitudinal/scalar waves can propagate with very little attenuation – so little that standing waves can be set up on the opposite side of the planet.

              According to retired Pentagon Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Bearden, Tesla was using a form of energy that exists ‘behind’ the electromagnetic spectrum and the space-time continuum. It’s what the scientific community calls the “zero-point energy” of the vacuum or ‘scalar value of zero’ (which is not actually zero, but is expressed as such in most formulae for ‘convenience’ – making people lose sight of the implications inherent in this important distinction) – what occult tradition calls the aether. Bearden says an electromagnetic wave is the interaction of two intersecting scalar waves.

              Tesla did not know that these longitudinal waves only become pronounced at extremely low frequencies (ELF), but his discoveries now form the basis of modern ELF technology, including weather and psychotronic ‘modification’.

              In Tesla’s time not much was known about the ionosphere. We now know that the earth and ionosphere form a kind of sphere-in-sphere capacitor fed by the solar wind, with the dense part of the atmosphere acting as a leaky dielectric (insulator) between them. The ionosphere, fed by the Van Allen belts, is the driving current and the molten layer below the Earth’s crust carries the induced current.

              Two investigators of Tesla technology in the early 1960s were Walter Richmond, a research physicist and engineer, and Thomas Bearden, then an army engineer. They planned to tap the induced Earth current for electric power by shorting out the Earth-ionosphere 300,000+ volt capacitor system.    
     The Solar Tap    
 According to Richmond, a temporary short circuit called an avalanche – lasting only a quarter of a second – can be generated by floating a field wire twenty-five kilometres up in the atmosphere on weather balloons. This ‘electrical avalanche’ can create a ‘cold’ explosion about the size of a Hiroshima bomb (see NEXUS New Times Magazine, Vol 1, No. 1 & 2).

            Richmond saw that a continuous avalanche was possible. By 1962 he had developed a theory of a solar tap; a continuous flow of controlled power which drains the ionosphere and is fed directly by the solar wind. This avalanche would burn the ground, Richmond said, unless properly insulated. Richmond’s design for the insulator was a replica of the truncated Cheops pyramid, housing a resonant Tesla coil.  Richmond said there is sufficient power from a solar tap to power the whole world – or destroy it. 

        The Earth is an electric motor in ‘space’ and an electric generator. With the tremendous increase in power that an avalanche within thirty degrees of the pole would give, the ‘Earth motor’s’ rotation would begin to speed up, though this would be fought by the generator mechanism below the crust. If the avalanche continued, the Earth would eventually tear apart from increased centrifugal stress. If the avalanche takes place more than thirty degrees from the poles, the tap extinguishes itself with magnetic winds as soon as it reaches resonance. But if the avalanche takes place at or near the pole, the tremendous increase in power would speed up the crustal rotation and the poles would shift up to thirty degrees

       Richmond, also an accomplished archaeologist, believed that this actually happened in 6,600 B.C.E. when the ionosphere ‘blew out’. Violent cataclysms shook the planet and tidal waves and hurricanes swept the lands, causing extinctions and wiping out ancient civilizations, according to Richmond, Dr Immanuel Velikovsky and others.  When Richmond took his research papers on the solar tap to President John F. Kennedy’s science adviser in 1963, the papers were classified. Thomas Bearden, later retired as Lieutenant-Colonel, was a U.S. Army engineer who was receptive to Richmond’s research, having studied Tesla himself.  
Military Uses

In many published articles, Bearden constantly maintains that the Soviets have had an advanced knowledge of Tesla-ELF technology since 1960.

                         Bearden is convinced that the Soviets used psychotronic weapons to destroy the US nuclear submarine Thresher in April 1963 after backing down over the Cuban missile crisis the year before. The day after the Thresher was destroyed, Bearden says, the USSR successfully deployed a Tesla device to transmit an explosion to an ocean location 100 miles north of Puerto Rico.

              Despite the prompting of genocidal geophysicist Gordon J. F. MacDonald and others, both the Russians and Americans have shown considerable restraint in their use of this technology. As a member of President Johnson’s Science Advisory Committee, MacDonald was advocating the use of the ionosphere to indiscriminately damage the environment. In one article titled Brain Waves Around the World, he tells how, by means of lightning strokes timed to coincide with the alpha-rhythm frequency of the brain, “one could develop a system that would seriously impair brain performance in very large populations in selected regions over an extended period.”

              He also wrote of selectively destroying parts of the ozone layer in order to destroy farm crops and herds.

              The stand-off continued until 1975. Then, a draft treaty presented to the August 1975 Geneva Conference on International Disarmament by delegates from the US and USSR contained a ban on nineteen ELF weapons which could cause such weather catastrophes as landslides, avalanches, volcanoes, earthquakes and tidal waves, as well as harnessing lightning bolts, guiding hurricanes to strategic targets, melting the ice caps, changing the direction of rivers, generating hail, fog and rain, and destroying portions of the ozone layer. US President Ford told the media that the US and USSR didn’t have these weapons, but were signing the treaty ‘just in case’.   

 Choice of Futures   
 Tesla/ELF technology is a two-edged sword. Bearden points to some spectacular implications of this technology, including antigravity, materialisation and dematerialisation, transmutation and mind-boggling medical benefits. John Bigelow writes in Earth Energy that this technology can be used to detect secret nuclear and electronic installations anywhere in the world.

              Tesla was aware of the social revolutions which could follow the applications of his system of broadcast power and other discoveries. He envisioned a world in which the deserts would flower, arctic wastes would become fertile and war would be abolished. Carefully developed, this technology could enable us to modify the Earth’s weather, stabilise the magnetic field, destroy nuclear waste, clean pollutants including radioactive fallout from the biosphere and even repair the ozone layer.

              This technology gives us power over our destiny on this planet. Do we use it or abuse it?    


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  - Elmer Griffin     

We first published this article in NEXUS New Times magazine exactly twenty years ago. Tesla’s well-documented work was conducted over a century ago. Not much has changed with regard to the world’s awareness of these technologies and their implications in that time. How can this possibly be?  

Many still wonder:  Are we living in a world of lies and corruption, where a small and powerful elite practices these dark arts for their own purposes?  Does ‘free energy exist’? Is all this for real?    

THEY DO. IT DOES. IT IS. Wake from the lie that is the world. We can only create a better Millennium if we stop feeding these human-hating terrorist power mongers – our politicians, captains of industry and all other petit tyrant ‘leaders’ who would fill our hearts, bodies and minds with poison. We feed them every day with our time, money, taxes and energy – unless we band together into groups of like-minded compassionate enthusiasts and Turn on. Tune in. Opt out.  

- R.A.


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