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Monday, 29 August 2011

Everything you know is wrong: Prehumans, Hominoids and Genetic Intervention in Human Evolution

Everything you know is wrong 
Prehumans, Hominoids and Genetic Intervention in Human Evolution

By Lloyd Pye

Full length presentation (1:58:35) @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObjiTKIPDjU

Have You Ever Wondered...?

Why our skin is so poorly adapted to the amount of sunlight striking Earth?

Why we are so physically weak compared to our closest genetic relatives?

Why Earth is the only planet or moon with moveable tectonic plates?

Why Earth’s moon is so extraordinarily outsized relative to other moons?

Why megalithic structures like the Pyramids cannot be duplicated today?

How the ancient Sumerians could know Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto existed when we discovered Uranus only in 1781, Neptune in 1846, and Pluto in 1930?

How and why the Sumerians kept cosmic time in units of almost 26,000 years?

Why humans have a gene pool with over 4000 genetic defects, while our closest genetic relatives, chimps and gorillas, have very few?

Why the human genome clocks is only about 200,000 years old but anthropologists insist we descend from creatures 6.0 million years old?

Why humans in no way resemble those ancient so-called “pre”-humans?

Why humans have 46 chromosomes while our closest genetic relatives (sharing over 95% of our DNA) total 48?

image - http://wikicompany.org/wiki/images/thumb/South_america_elongated_skull_005.jpg/384px-South_america_elongated_skull_005.jpg
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