"All the World's a Stage We Pass Through" R. Ayana

Tuesday 16 August 2011

Global Mind: Unity in Diversity

Global Mind
Unity in Diversity

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We can do ANYTHING. In this new millennium humankind can achieve whatever it fixes its will upon – even the evolution of our species into something more compassionate, wise, enduring and endearing. Or we can keep on repeating the mistakes of our grandparents, fighting our way into common graves. Maybe deep change – though strange and unknown and even slightly scary – will be better than following our quaint, superstitious forebears to early extinction.

If we want to survive and thrive in the Third Millennium it’s time most of us realised we’re all a vast, single consciousness, individual creatures existing at every conceivable stage of development living in a plenitude of sizes, shapes and experiences. We’re all eyes and ears and noses of a unified planetary being, myriad sensors and transducers with infinite potential; the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

            These parts – species and races, for instance - all interpenetrate and rely on each other. They can’t really be parted from each other without the holographic whole being impoverished. Whether you believe a global entity can be conscious or that life is a random artefact of chemical ecology, we are all made of the same stuff – mindstuff. 

Twentieth Century science came to realize all matter is made of energy. It may be some time before humanity ascertains that energy is conceived and shaped by conception, by mind itself. It may be a while before most of us realize that our thoughts literally create reality – if only because so few of us are trained to apprehend the nature of thought and to listen to ourselves. And to learn that we’re all telepathic, along with all other life-forms.

But you can do it – any time or even right now. Listen to your thoughts for five minutes. Ten. Twenty. See where they come from and go to. You may find it’s a good idea to stop them completely – for a while – and concentrate on something else. The ‘monkey mind’ fears extinction and believes that when it stops running through the infinite maze of thoughts it dies. So when you can stop all thought a large part of you no longer fears death and even has some degree of understanding, an intimation of immortality.

            Our human cell-cultures – our nations and tribes and races – can all co-exist in a beautiful balance in the Third Millennium, now that information flows at the speed of light through the world wide web almost as fast as it does naturally through the plenum of the web of life. This suddenly evolving telepathic nervous system of humanity makes it possible to survive the blind gropings of our nascent space-faring technology, as it makes it possible for us all to decide for ourselves truth from fiction, honesty from lies and certitude from error.

            Everyone IS everyone, everyone is telepathic, everyone is an individual in a shoal of near-clones parading their minute differences of colour and shape before each other. Now that evolution has been interrupted by civilization, aesthetics become the primary driver of species selection.

            There is something that creates mind and thoughtforms – an ineffable substance that renders badly into English as ‘spirit’ or ‘aether’ – or will. Beyond bodies, forces and mind is a refined level of conscious awareness, emanating a musical multifarious dialog.

            Geometry, music, harmonics and resonance are the keys to the new awareness and our new technologies. ‘Free’ energy and plenty for all is very easy to achieve with surprisingly little disruption to human life and culture. We all have free will – that’s what it takes to create infinity.

            Scarcity is an illusion. Anything is possible. All we have to do is to learn to enjoy living together – for a long time. That’s all it takes to have a long, good time. Where are you sitting right now? Who is your neighbour, anyway? Time to find out.

- R. Ayana
image -http://pespmc1.vub.ac.be/Images/Brain-Earth.GIF
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