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Monday 1 August 2011

Time Travel: How to Navigate the Streams of Time Through Hyperspace

Time Travel

How to Navigate the Streams of Time Through Hyperspace



The technology dominating a civilization is determined by the concept of reality believed by its social leaders. Concepts of reality are axioms which cannot be tested. This is not to say that cultural beliefs are refractory to proof; it is impossible for people to examine their concepts of reality because there is a mental block at the depths of individual and collective psychology enforced by taboo. 

The concept of reality must be guarded inviolate from question. Merely to think about it begins to dissolve its absolute power over us and leads to the transformation of one person after another until the civilization disintegrates. 

The fundamental and unquestionable concepts of our civilization are Absolute Time, Absolute Space extending in three dimensions, Absolute Velocity, and Conservation. These realities are so self-evident to us that we are unable to perceive evidence to the contrary. We cannot believe that people in other times and places do not perceive time and space as we do. If we could see the everyday life of the Middle Ages, as it was experienced by the average person who lived then, we should regard the entire population of medieval Europe as paranoid schizophrenic. When Einstein proved that time, space, velocity, and conservation were not absolute but mutable, the heresy was allowed to exist only because it was expressed in a language defying all comprehension. 

Modern inquisitors state that the psychedelic experience provides no insight into the nature of reality, as the mystic heretics claim; the psychedelic experience is nothing but the hallucinations of a disordered mind. But Einstein pointed out that it takes only a single contradictory fact of evidence to demolish a scientific theory. So of all the various psychedelic experiences, we need only one to prove that the prevailing concepts of reality must be profoundly mistaken. It is fairly common for freaks to experience time flowing backward. 

Now, for time to be experienced in retrograde, it is necessary that a person have a clear and continuous memory of the future. If the concept of absolute time is true, then it is absolutely impossible for anyone to experience a memory of the future, no matter how disordered his mind may be. Therefore, time cannot be absolute. 

Mystics are handicapped by lacking scientific concepts to explain their experience in scientific terms to scientific critics. Anyone who has passed high-school science, however, has all the scientific concepts needed to comprehend both the psychedelic experience and the Theory of Relativity, provided he is an acute observer and uses common sense instead of believing the professional gurus. 

To show you how easy it is to break the taboo maintaining mistaken concepts of reality, Buckminster Fuller holds a global map of the world in his hand so that a triangle drawn on its surface can enclose 270 degrees of angle. The first man who got his observation of spherical geometry published in a hard-core scientific journal is regarded as a great mathematical genius, but everyone has always seen that gores on a curved surface enclose more or less than 180 degrees of angle. Tailors and sheet metal mechanics have practiced spherical geometry since prehistoric times. 

Spherical geometry leads directly to the Theory of Relativity and the transformation of our civilization by introducing radically different concepts of reality. The atomic bomb and atomic power are merely the first technological advances made possible by the new beliefs. A number of more or less simple models will enable you to understand the consequences of Relativity and the incredible technology already under study in laboratories for research and development. 

Take a flat sheet of metal or vibrant plastic, sprinkle its top surface with a fine powder, and strum a bow across one of its edges. The sheet will resonate like a violin string. The sonic wavelengths which coincide harmonically with the dimensions of the particles of powder will cause the particles to vibrate sympathetically and bounce up and down. These vibrations carry the particles with them, making the pattern of the field of sound waves visible. This Plate Flutter Model illustrates the structure of the entire universe and shows how it unfolds. 

Sound vibrations travel eleven hundred feet a second in air, faster in solids, so their movement is much too rapid for the eye to follow on a small plate. What you see are standing waves formed when radiant vibrations meet from opposite directions. It may help you to understand standing waves by studying waves on a body of water. Water molecules vibrate as waves traveling through the liquid with sonic velocity.

Where these waves intersect to augment each other, a wave pattern is created that doesn't move. If enough sonic waves augment each other at the same location, the standing-wave pattern grows large enough to be seen as waves rising and failing on the surface of the water. A standing wave is like a stroboscopic image, whereby a high-speed, repeating pattern is made to appear to move slowly. 

In an ideal experiment, the pattern of the standing waves would reveal only the structure of the sound vibrations. A real model, however, is limited to revealing only the pattern which conform to the resonance of the particles and the plate. Furthermore, sound waves are three-dimensional structures; they fill solid space. All the model can show is a plane section through the solid field of sound waves. These limitations must be borne in mind when reading the experiments. 

You can change the frequency of the tuning by sounding another note. You can change the way the vibrations meet by cutting the plate to other shapes. If you use a chord for sounding, instead of a single note, a change of individual notes in the chord will change the patterns. If you use a tuning fork to apply sound to the plate, the patterns will change according to the position of the fork, and you can use more than one fork to alter tuning by varying their positions one to another. The powder will respond to all these changes by moving to form other patterns in other places. 

Watch closely while tuning is changed. As opposing vibrations are shifted from perfect congruence, the standing-wave patterns move. As a standing-wave pattern acquires velocity, its extension in the line of travel contracts. What you are seeing is an illustration of the Fitzgerald Contraction described in Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity happening right in front of your eyes. 

Time is defined by vibrations. If you inspect a standing-wave pattern intently, you will see that as it acquires velocity, it vibrates more slowly; the reciprocating motion is transformed into linear motion. What you are seeing is the slowing down of time as velocity is increased. In most cases, the motion will require high-speed movie film to make it fully visible. 

A standing-wave structure manifests all the properties of material mass in physical equations. When a standing-wave pattern is accelerated to the velocity of the radiant waves which create it, its three-dimensional structure disappears altogether. What you are looking at now is the conversion of pure matter into pure energy, as described by Einstein in his famous equation, E=mc2. An atomic bomb is nothing more than the explosive acceleration of solid atoms to the velocity of light, at which speed the material is transformed into radiant waves. 

The model makes it obvious that no material structure can be accelerated to a speed greater than the speed of the waves which create it. This is why the speed of light is the limiting velocity for all material bodies. 

If time slows down in your frame of reference as you acquire velocity, the time of the frame surrounding you appears to accelerate in comparison. The effect is the same as traveling through time into the future. The Theory of Relativity makes it theoretically possible to travel through time. 

In fact, when you leave the city at the end of the day to spend the night in the suburbs, the city you return to is shifted into the future relative to where it would be if you spent the night in a downtown hotel. The shift is negligible, however, because the speed and duration of your commutation is nominal relative to the flow of time. If you could travel to the Sun and back at the speed of light, the Earth would progress sixteen minutes into the future while you were experiencing no passage of time at all. You would have to travel to the nearest star and back at the speed of light to step off your time shuttle ten years in the future. 

Acceleration to the speed of light takes you on a one-way trip into the future. Without a return ticket, the trip is as attractive as dying. If acceleration transports you to the future, then you must travel at less than zero velocity to return to the past. It is possible to have less than nothing in your bank account by overdrawing, but moving slower than standing still seems impossible. Minus velocity only appears to be impossible, however, because of the way we think about speed. In the mathematics of relating, less than zero velocity is equivalent to hyperlight velocity, like five to noon is merely another way of saying fifty five minutes after eleven o'clock. 

The logic of traveling backward in time is as simple as the logic of traveling forward into the future. You see, all acceleration must he through time as well as space. From zero velocity to light velocity, all travel must be into the future. There is only one way to go after the velocity of light is exceeded. That way is back into the past.
You have just seen the Plate Flutter Model demonstrate Einstein's proof that no material body can be accelerated above the speed of light, so how is it possible to attain the hyperlight velocities required to travel backward into time? Intensive analysis of the Plate Flutter Model will show you that although no standing wave can exceed the speed of light, the information contained in the pattern of the standing wave can be accelerated to infinite velocity in the form of a shear-wave pattern. 

A shear wave is illustrated by the angle formed by a pair of scissors. As the blades close, the point of the intersection accelerates to infinite velocity. 

A material standing-wave structure is a highly compounded shear-wave structure. A standing wave is created when a pair of radiant waves meet at an angle of 180 degrees, interpenetrating each other. Three pairs of mutually opposed radiant waves must meet at the intersection of three axes, all at right angles to each other, to generate a solid-material body. The acceleration of a body in a field is the effect of a rotation of the flow axes of the radiant waves which generate it. 

As the straight angle closes like a pair of scissors on one axis, the standing wave accelerates at right angles to the direction of radiant-wave flow. You can observe this in moiré patterns available from the Edmund Scientific Company, advertised in many technical magazines on the newsstand. 

As a standing wave acquires shear velocity, it can be seen to disintegrate in the line of travel; its material dimensions are transformed into radiation according to the Fitzgerald Contraction. The radiation emitted ranges from the gravity waves broadcast by a massive body accelerated in a gravitation field to the synchrotron radiation beamed by an atomic particle accelerated in an electromagnetic field. This disintegration is apparent only to observers in the original frame of reference. To the accelerated body, it is the observers at the home base of reference that disintegrate into pure radiation. 

As an accelerating body disintegrates along the axis of travel, it re-forms along an axis proceeding at right angles to the line of travel. As a result, the standing wave is observed to veer to the right as Relativistic velocities are reached. This is the reason for the right-hand rule learned by electrical engineers. 

As an accelerating body acquires velocity on the second axis of travel, it begins to disintegrate in that direction also, and reform along a third axis at right angles to the other two. As a consequence, all particles moving at Relativistic velocities are seen to travel in a corkscrew trajectory. The velocity of light is never quite reached in any direction because the trajectory curves over an angle of 45 degrees every time the velocity on the relevant axis reaches c/root(2). 

The speed of light is reached on all axes simultaneously when all the flow axes of the waves which create the standing wave rotate through a total of 540 degrees. At this point, the 3 axes of generation close from 180 degrees to zero degrees simultaneously; the standing wave disappears over the event horizon of a Black Hole at the speed of light, and jumps to infinite velocity. At the speed of light, the traveling body is transformed into pure radiation. When the information contained in that radiation flips into the Black Hole, the waves themselves explode in all directions into the quantum field in the form of virtual particles. 

If the coordinates of the moiré pattern are properly programmed into a computer to be projected onto a screen, a strange phenomenon will become manifest when the three generating axes become parallel. The standing-wave pattern is reconstructed the instant it passes through the Black Hole and the corkscrew trajectory unwinds, reversing the directions it took while accelerating. The information exploded into the quantum field reforms the original standing wave, but now the acceleration is reversed. Time flows backward. We cannot see images of events flowing backward in time on the other side of Black Holes because all the radiation containing this information is flowing at the speed of light away from us. The past is reached by passing through a Black Hole. Whatever can be demonstrated by a tangible model can be translated into practical engineering. 

As soon as explorers leave familiar landmarks by venturing over land or sea, they are in danger of becoming lost. As long a exploration was confined to the surface of a small planet, adventurers could wander all over the world with a fair chance of blundering their way back home. The advent of space exploration, however, demanded accurate courses plotted before the first Mercury capsule blasted off from Cape Canaveral; the navigator had to know exactly where to go and how to get back. Traveling to the future is not quite so simple as hopping into a time shuttle and going. Which way do you go? 

If you blast off at the speed of light and return six months later to the location you left, all you will find is empty space. The Earth and the Solar System will be long gone in their galactic orbits, six months away. To reach a future Earth, you must plot a return course that will bring you to the location the earth will occupy at the other side of its orbit six months from now. 

Relativity proves that the future lies in a straight line in any direction. The past extends from the line of travel at right angles in all directions. This is the basis of navigation through time. But if the future of this Earth lies only in the direction taken by this Earth along its trajectory in space, what future can possibly lie in all other directions? Each direction of travel leads to a different future. When Einstein demolished the concept of absolute time, he proved that each location in the universe travels a unique trajectory constituting a unique stream of time. 

The reason time has been so refractory to scientific understanding is that we have conceived time to he a special kind of dimension. But time is not a dimension at all, any more than fire is the element the Greeks believed it to be. Time is measured in units of intervals, spans, durations, speed, and sequence; each of these measurements refers to a dimension of the waves constituting the universal field of vibrations. 

Einstein showed that a stream of time is defined by the unique sequence in which event are experienced at each location. Once Relativity proved that events follow each other in a unique sequence at each location, an infinite number of unique time streams must flow through the universe. Each time stream is identical to the course of travel in space. 

The existence of alternative time streams can be deduced from a simple thought experiment. When you look at the Sun the image of the Sun takes its place in your time stream in a certain spatial sequence relative to all the other events you experience. When you move, the position of the Sun relative to all other events in the universe changes in your perspective. Each relationship defines a different time stream. We are always moving through space. New time streams are created every time an observer changes directions. The creation of new time streams by steering courses in life is the basis of the concept of free will and an undetermined future. We are all spinning though space together on this planet so the difference between everyone's personal time stream amounts to no more than a difference in the time of day when we look at the Sun. 

Although sequence is created uniquely by each observer in the course of existence events are eternal. This paradox can be explained by referring again to the Plate Flutter Model. 

If the model is cut into the shape of a square and strummed along one edge the powder will move from the edges to form a diagonal cross. The free vibration of the edges drives the powder to the diagonals where there is no vibration at all. The edges represent a pole of pure radiant waves while the diagonals represent an opposite pole of pure standing waves. Between the two poles, the sonic velocily of the radiant waves is reduced along a line of continuous transformation toward standing waves. If a chord comprising a full range of musical notes is used to activate the model, the harmonic interactions of the different notes generate a sequence of audible undertones, and the patterns formed by the powder will move to correspond to the continuously changing harmonic beats. 

When the harmonic interactions exhaust all permutations of tone and sequence the entire pattern in time and space will repeat itself again. This means that all the events the field of vibrations can possibly generate must exist somewhere in the field at all times as a wave pattern forming or disintegrating between the poles of pure radiation and pure standing waves. An event manifest as a standing wave represents a material body existing in the immediate present. All the wave patterns proceeding from the radiant pole toward the standing-wave pole constitute events of the future. All the wave patterns proceeding from the standing-wave pole toward the radiant pole constitute events of the past. In other words, everything that ever existed, everything that exists, everything that ever will exist, and everything that can possibly exist exists right now somewhere in the universal field of vibrations as a wave pattern in a state of continuous transformation. 

Not only does every possible event exist at all times, somewhere in the field, as a wave pattern in a state of becoming real or disintegrating, but every event also exists everywhere throughout the entire field as a wave pattern in a state of realization or decomposition. To illustrate this deduction, waves reaching us from the Sun are manifest as a standing-wave structure when they come to a focus to form the Earth at this location. But radiation does not change from pure waves to pure matter the instant it reaches us. Over the entire distance from the Sun, wave patterns are building up the structure which will become the Earth when the radiation arrives here. The pattern of what the Earth will be in eight minutes time already exists 93 million miles from us in space. By measuring the alignment of waves in the ambient field wherever we are, it is theoretioally possible to calculate the location of any event in the universe and the time at which it will become manifest as a material body at that location. This is how a navigator plots courses through time. 

Space is filled solid with vibrations. If all possible event exist as a wave pattern throughout the universe, it means that the, space in your room must be filled with incompletely formed patterns of yourself doing whatever else you could be doing if you were not reading this. 

When you put this down and move, the standing-wave structure of your body disintegrates at the location where you are, here and now, and reforms in a succession of proximate locations along the path of your movement. But when you move, the wave pattern of you reading this continues to exist in an unmaterialized state. Outside of vour home, patterns of you doing everything you can possibly do cover the entire Earth, not to mention other patterns of the Earth filling universal space. This is the basis of the science-fiction theory of alternative realities. Each sequence of events relating all possible events constitutes parallel time streams. Given enough time, all possible events must become materialized and all possible sequences must become realized. On another time stream, the Confederate States of America is defeated by a Soviet-Nazi Axis in World War II. I'd like to know where I missed the intersection with the time stream where I am irresistible to nubile blondes; that is probably the time stream where I become allergic to penicillin. This may not be the best of all possible worlds, but it isn't the worst, either. 

Pure wave energy is not a mathematical abstraction. You can see it with your eyes. Each wave is seen as a light of the color defined by its frequency. Of course, we can see no more than a small spectrum with normal vision, but our eyes are sufficient to establish the principle. We cannot see a standing-wave structure because all material is a perfect black body. What we see is radiation emitted from either black bodies or white bodies. Between these two poles, radiation carries information of its source in the form of wave patterns. This information is not a mathematical abstraction either, because you can see it, too. Wave patterns between pure light and pure material exist as images. 

Images which can be brought to a focus are called real images. We can see real images because our eyes can bring the waves to a focus. Images which cannot be brought to a focus are called virtual images. We cannot see virtual images. The space in your room is filled solid with wave patterns of yourself doing all the things you could possibly do if you were not reading this, but you cannot see these patterns because they are virtual images. 

The reason virtual images cannot be seen can be demonstrated by looking at the Sun; don't burn out your retinas. You can see the real image of the Sun only along the radial line of sight. There is another image of the Sun just beside your head, but you cannot see it because the radiation does not impinge upon you. As long as you are where you are, the images of the Sun filling all the space around you cannot be seen. The other side of the Sun can never he seen from here because all the radiation is going away from us at the speed of light. The images of the Sun on all sides of you are virtual images on your time stream. Alternative realities exist in the quantum field as virtual state. All radiations in the virtual state of the quantum field possess a vector at right angles to our line of sight. This vector reduces the velocity of waves radiating toward us so that it no longer has the velocity of light at the point of impact. Therefore, no electromagnetic interaction can take place. Whatever does not interact with us does not exist as a real substance. 

The solution to the Michelson-Morley paradox is not that light always travels at the same speed regardless of the relative velocities of the source and observer. `Light' waves travel at all velocities conforming to the classical Newtonian laws of relativity - but only the waves traveling 186,000 miles per second can be detected as light. Waves of all other velocities are not detectable, so they disappear into the virtual state of the quantum field as corresponding waves `materialize' from the cosmic plenum to maintain the absolute velocity of light. 

A lens makes it possible to bend the flow of radiation so that virtual images are transformed into real images, making it possible for us to see parallel time streams. If you will take the lens of your camera - or a simple reading glass - to cast an image onto a small screen, you will make another discovery about the structure of the universe that will demolish your conceptions of reality and contribute further to the technological achievement of time travel. 

Our cultural concepts lead us to perceive the image cast by a lens as two-dimensional. This is so self-evident to us that we cannot understand how anyone could possibly see anything other than a plane image. The image cast by your lens is really three dimensional. You can prove it by moving the screen along the asis of projection to reveal an infinite number of planes of focus. 

The normal lens transmits an image from an acceptance angle of 45 degrees square. Fish-eye lenses accept radiation within an, angle of 180 degrees square. In theory, an ideal lens can transmit an infinite spectrum; a pinhole functions as this kind of lens. If you can imagine your lens as a fish eye with perfect trammission, you can see that within the image cone it projects, there is all the information required to reconstruct a replica of everything in the universe on the objective side. But light goes through a lens both ways. On the other side of the lens there is an image cone projected containing all the visual information pertaining to the other half of the universe. As most of this information is contained within a sphere you can cup in your hands, you can see that you can literally hold the entire universe in your hand. That is an awesome lot of information to pack into a handful of space. 

You may remark that the image cone does not contain all the information needed to reconstruct everything in the universe because most of the universe is hidden behind obstruction to the line of sight. But no material structure is absolutely opaque. Radiation streams through everything. Material opaque to our eyes merely transforms the incoming radiation to invisible wavelengths. With proper technology, the radiation emitted by an opaque object can be transformed back to visible light so that we can see through the opaque material. Image amplifiers used on night scopes are examples to prove that your lens does, in fact, project all the information of the universe into its image cone. 

Cultural concepts lead us to perceive that the information projected by a lens is received from a more or less distant source. If you know enough about photography to use filters, you know that all the information contained in the image cone existed a microsecond earlier at the surface of the objective element. In other words, all the information needed to reconstruct the entire universe exists at the surface of your lens, whether or not it is brought to a focus by projection into the image cone. 

Now, move your lens around. You will find that no matter where the lens is located, it always projects a pair of image cones containing all the information in the universe. You have just proven that in the real universe, every part contains all the information of the whole universe. A structure that contains all its information in all its parts is a hologram. The universe manifests the structure of an infinite hologram. 

In a universe possessing the structure of an infinite hologram, every possible event not only exists in material form somewhere at some time, but every possible event must exist everywhere all the time in a material form. In other words, the universe contains an infinite number of three-dimensional material structures in the same location at the same time. This can be possible only if the universal hologram extends into a fourth dimension of space. Space is not filled solid with dense material because all standing waves except the ones we can see and touch exist in the virtual state of the quantum field. The quantum field, therefore, is the fourth dimension. All events that are going to happen and all events that have happened are invisible and intangible to us because they exist in the virtual state; this is why Einstein described time as a fourth dimension. Actually, the time Einstein referred to is a fifth dimension extending through the quantum field; the fourth dimension to be discovered was energy level defined by frequency. When Max Planck discovered the quantum effect, he discovered a fourth dimension without knowing it. 

The photographic lens cannot show you that virtual images of past and future events exist right here and now; much less can you see them exist in a material state. But another simple model will demonstrate the principle. Cut a strip of paper about an inch wide and two feet long. Put a half twist into its length and paste the two ends together. This construction is called the Möbius Strip. The Strip is a model of plane space extending for an infinite distance while rotating around 36O degrees on one axis and 180 degrees around the other. The Strip appears to have two sides and two edges, but if you trace a line with a pencil along one side, you will return to your starting point after traveling 720 degrees of length without crossing over an end or an edge. Likewise, if you trace along one edge, you will find that you have covered `both' edges without raising the pencil from the paper. The Möbius Strip has only one side and one edge. 

Now, if you trace a line around 36O degrees of length, you will find yourself back at your starting point but on the `other side' of the paper, a paradox because there is no other side to a Möbius Strip. If the Strip were an ideal plane, the back side and the front side must not only be the same side, but they must also be in the very same space. If you cut a small asymmetrical figure - such as the letter L - from a piece of paper, and move it around the Möbius Strip for 36O degrees to reach the `opposite' side, you will see that its orientation has been reversed up for down. In other words, traveling to the farthest end of a Möbius Strip is identical to remaining where you are and rotating the structure of your body 180 degrees on a horizontal axis. 

Regardless of its length, any location on a Möbius Strip can be defined by a distance expressed as degrees around its circumference. If the length of the Möbius Strip is reduced to zero as a limiting case, it means that traveling to any location on its length is identical to rotating the equivalent number of degrees around a horizontal axis without changing location at all. 

A universal hologram must possess the structure of a Möbius Strip, the only difference is that universal space rotates around five axes instead of two. This means that the farthest end of the universe occupies the same three-dimensional location as your material body does right now. 

A standing-wave structure is the black-body pole of the universal field. The opposite pole is pure radiant energy. If our material body is what exists here, then pure light must be found at the farthest end of the universe where time ends.
But both poles of the universe exist in the same place, separated only by axial rotation of wave flow. Therefore, each person's body must be filled with light. This light can be seen in certain states of consciousness - it is the human aura. 

The rotation of wave flow from the radiant pole is what transforms pure radiation into wave patterns and wave patterns into solid material and vice versa. In between the two poles of light and darkness, the wave patterns pass through stages of radiation as real images. These images are what we see radiating as photons from all objects. This radiation is the only way that black bodies can be seen. 

It is the rotation of the line of sight that makes it impossible to see images of the Sun radiating on all sides of us. Therefore, it must be rotation of the axis of wave flow that transforms the material structures existing in the quantum field as virtual images of infinite probability into real images we can see and then into real material and back again The rotation of wave axes is identical to the flow of time. 

If the two poles of the universe coexist in our bodies, then all the images in the quantum field must also exist within our bodies. As these images are transformed from the virtual state to the real state, they become visible as the form of ideas in the mind. 

The farthest end of the universe is the ultimate goal of all xploration. Now that we have reached it, we find that it has been here all the time. Because the universe is a hologram, we also find that our personal bodies contain a perfect replica of the entire universe. This is what William Blake saw when he discovered the universe in a grain of sand. 

Outside of our personal bodies, the universe is perceived only as images - real images and virtual images. All images are replicated in the human body, forming the stream of ideas we call consciousness. Therefore, your mind already contains all the knowledge informing the entire universe. The real images in your mind constitute our state of consciousness. The virtual images in your mind constitute your unconscious. The whole universe is a state of consciousness, and the quantum field is identical to mind. The dichotomy of mind and matter, one of the basic conceptions of this civilization, is resolved. Although the discovery that the quantum field is identical to the mind blows the heads of Western scientists like a dose of acid, the fact that everything is a creation of mind is the basic concept of Oriental civilizations. This is why Orientals perceive space, time, and conservation differently from the way we do, and they developed a different technology. We call them backward mystics because we cannot comprehend that what they say and do are real. 

The conclusion is inescapable. Time travel is a head trip. In fact, all transportation is a head trip. The Oriental mystics have always been telling us that everything is a head trip. It was this understanding that led them to train their minds to achieve the powers we call Psi, clairvoyance, telepathy, visions of the future, memories of past lives, levitation, soul travel, and the miraculous materializations commemorated in the miracles performed by Jesus. All that we disbelieve as mysticism is another kind of science, and all that we call science is our kind of magic. Whatever can he done by a mystical transformation of the human mind can be duplicated and made more reliable with technological assistance. This is why drugs are useful to stimulate the psychedelic experience, and why television has replaced clairvoyance, even in Japan. 

So now we can understand that the achievement of scheduled time travel devolves on giving technological stimulation to the mind of the traveler. Chemicals have the troubles associated with blasting the mind in all directions at once. Television is limited to network scheduling. What we need is a portable TV transceiver in every garage capable of focusing on any location in the quantum field. 

Note well that the camera lens reverses the orientation of the Projected image - up for down, right for left, and proximity for infinite, like traveling around a Möbius Strip. The virtual state of alternative realities in the quantum field of time is the negative of material reality. 

The lens shows us that it is possible to bring virtual images into focus as real images. The time transport, therefore, will be modeled after the operation of a fishbowl lens, capable of rotating waves flowing from ail directions so that they came to a focal point at the intersection of three axes to materialize as a real structure. The principle has already been proven for the practicability of this kind of lens, beginning with the experiments of Nikola Tesla. The best-confirmed proof for transforming information from the quantum field to this reality is provided by the inventions of Henry Moray. An array of electrical transformers amplifying the geometry of a crystal lattice will function as a variable-focus zoom lens to rotate the flow of waves in a resonant chamber contained within its coils. 

David John Graham of Toronto has already put an electronic head transport on the market in competition with street drugs; his invention stimulates a psychedelic state by rotating its passenger in an electromagnetic field. It can be speculated that the Mark IV flying saucers use the electromagnetic field generated by the annular particle accelerators as a tunable transformer to bring about its levitation, flight, dematerialization into a holographic image, and materialization at other times and place. 

Optical engineering has already proven the principles involved in the engineering of a variable-focus transformer with an acceptance angle of 360 degrees solid. When you look at the Sun, you are seeing rays diverging from a point source, and the image you see contains the past of the point source. Therefore, the past is found on diverging radiation. A converging lens is used to bring diverging radiation to a focus as a real image. When real images projected from all directions are brought to a common focal point in the resonant chamber contained by the transforming coils, a real material structure is created. The process is the reversal of the operations that make an atomic bomb explode. Conversely, radiation coming to you from all directions contains the information of your personal future on your unique time stream. 

Therefore, the future is found in the ambient field of the universal hologram by a lens that selectively filters the converging rays of a specific angle and bends them apart by a diverging optical formula. Diverging radiation contains virtual images, so another converging lens must bend the incoming radiation again to bring the virtual images into focus as a real image. When the real images are brought to focus from all directions, the future reality becomes materialized in the resonant chamber. 

Outside the resonant chamber, the transformers alter the angles of radiation from the capsule perceived by observers so that the time transport is seen to condense into the future or explode into the past, disappearing from detection as well as view.

Time is a function of field acceleration. Therefore, any engineering that can accelerate the acceleration of any field will serve as a time transport. If, for example, you can build a vehicle that will be accelerated by a gravitational field, you will eventually reach the velocity of light and disappear through a Black Hole. We already know that time travel can be achieved in the manner, and we already have a vehicle that is being accelerated in a gravitational field. We are traveling through time on the Spaceship Earth. What we want is to accelerate the gravitational acceleration so that we can get to the future sooner or later than everyone else in this planetary time stream. 

As Einstein proved, a traveler can reduce the velocity of his personal time stream and reach the future by increasing the gravitational acceleration generated by a vehicle containing him. Conversely, a traveler can reach the past by reducing the attractive forces holding his personal material together; reducing cohesive forces is identical to achieving hyperlight velocity so that matter waves explode into the quantum field. Time travel, therefore, is implicit in the antigravity engineering of flying saucers. 

The most clearly defined experiment proving the feasibility of field engineering by the tuned focus of ambient radiation was performed by directing the beams of four microwave generators to a resonant chamber in the center. A hundred-gram weight suspended over the focal point loses seventy-five milligrams. A reduction in the acceleration of gravity can be expressed as a negative acceleration added to the universal constant. A negative acceleration of gravity carries a vehicle into the past. This experiment shifted the hundred-gram weight into the past about as far as orbiting astronauts are shifted into the future, but the achievement is as significant as splitting an atom of uranium for the first time. It is only a matter of time before enough engineers will have undergone a change of basic concepts of reality so that the manpower required to field a flying saucer, complete with its operational infrastructure, is assembled. 

If time travel is feasible, then it must be inevitable on some time stream or other. If time travel is achieved on our time stream, then it must he achieved in our future because we have no record of the technology being developed in our past. If a future people have achieved time travel, we should expect an expedition of future historians to have visited us by now on their field trips into primitive civilizations. As we know no future anthropologists resident in our camp, it is reasonable to conclude that time travel was never achieved in our future; the theory will never be developed beyond speculation. 

But time travel is not so simple as Margaret Mead taking a trip to New Guinea. Our belief about reality determines whether any records of visitors from the future will be entered into our annals. A lot of people testify that they have seen flying saucers, and a lot of photographs have been published. Nevertheless, all of the evidence and testimony have been denied credence by the authorities. I have little doubt that most of the reports are either mistaken identity or hoaxes, but even if they were true, the authorities would still deny the facts. Unless the UFOnauts decide to announce their presence to everyone by means of their own superior communications technology, we could be a colony of a galactic empire and never know it; the aborigines of the East Indies were colonies of the European nations for centuries without knowing that white men existed. 

The beliefs a person holds determine what he will perceive of reality. According to Magellan's log book, cited by Lawrence Blair in Rhythms of Vision, the barefoot natives of Patagonia could not see the European ships when they arrived at South America for the first time. To the aborigines, the shore party appeared out of thin air on the beach. Eventually the shamans discerned a faint image of the tall ships riding anchor offshore. They pointed the images out to their tribespeople, and after everyone concentrated on the concept of giant sailing ships for a long time, the galleons materialized. And then the aborigines were annihilated by cultural shock. The UFO phenomenon is presenting our civilization with the same kind of experience. 

Cruising the seas of time in a Mark V Flying Saucer is a profoundly different reality from sailing a Spanish galleon. When the time transport lifts off its launching pad on a trip to the past, it rises straight up on an antigravity beam and explodes into virtual radiation. The virtual radiation comes to a focus to form real images at the destination. The formation of a real image is attended with electromagnetic effects in the focal space; this is why disturbances are manifest where UFOs appear. Although a saucer from the future appears as an image to us, the vehicle is perfectly solid to its crew; it is we that appear to he a ghostly image. As a holographic image, the Saucer can maneuver without being subject to inertial forces generated by their incredible accelerations. 

As an image, the Mark V is actually a mental structure. Whether or not one of us natives will be able to perceive a flying saucer depends on whether that person's consciousness is tuned to the proper time stream. All of us do not see the same material structures in this reality, as you realize in court; much less do we a11 perceive the same real images. What is a tangible body to some people is a real image to others. By and large, there is general agreement within any given civilization as to which patterns are solid material and which are merely images. The Patagonians, for example, perceived the European vessels to he images when they were first able to see them, while other people will perceive the images on a movie screen as material bodies. 

At the borderline between real images and virtual images there is much less agreement as to which is real. When you experience a hallucination, the images you see are perfectly real to you, but they are merely virtual images to everyone else. If someone else could see your virtual image too, he would not regard it as a hallucination. Other cultures have a whole world of images which they recognize as real - the colony at Findhorn, for example - but those images are virtual to us, so we say that the whole community is subject to mass hallucination. The Mark V Flying Saucer travels along flight corridors where virtual images are transformed into real images. These corridors are the creation of the universal field as radiant energies are transformed into terra firma. Along these corridors, some people will see flying saucers, and other people won't. Some cameras will register a real image on film and others won't. An image will appear on some wavelengths while being absent on others. As long as the basic concept of our civilization maintains that whatever is real must be equally real for all observers, and all the more equal to all laboratory instruments, the flying saucer must be ignored as unreal. 

Modern Americans are not altogether unlike the barefoot Patagonians who were psychologically blind to the sight of a superior technology. There are historical records of time travelers among us, but they ate not perceived even by the people who read them. The twenty-fifty chapter of Exodus was written over three thousand years ago. Regardless of the distortions accumulated over the millennia of successive translations, there is not the slightest doubt that the King James Version has been reproduced to the letter for over three centuries; antique copies are still available to anyone determined to establish the date of printing. Now, if you follow the directions the Lord gave to Moses for constructing the Ark of the Covenant, you will build yourself a spark-gap radio transceiver powered by a Leyden-type condenser, almost identical to the models Marconi began his experiments with. Shittimwood is no longer stocked, and the price of gold is a barrel of oil, but pine and aluminum foil can be substituted. The Ark of the Covenant has been recognizable as an electronic device for the past hundred years; finding a modern radio in ancient Judea is as significant as finding a flying saucer in modern America. As long as the first is ignored and denied, even when you have the palpable evidence in your hands, you can be reasonably sure that the other will not he recognized on sight. 

Critics disregard the Ark of the Covenant as a coincidence. After all, many religions artifacts have electrical properties. But the Bible clearly states that God told Moses to use the Ark for communication with Him. The Ark of the Covenant was intended to he used as a radio. Any God worthy of His divinity communicates to His Chosen People by means of mystical visions vouchsafed to Holy Prophets, so how come the Lord who walked the Earth as a man had to equip Moses with CB? 

Radio cannot possibly he developed outside of a society so widely spread that electronic communication is necessary to keep it organized. The description of the Ark of the Covenent in the Holy Bible is proof that a vast and technologically sophisticated society existed on this Earth over three thousand years ago, within historical time, without leaving any recognition of their existence. 

In the heart of the Great Pyramid there is a stone coffer said to possess the same volume as the Ark of the Covenant. Considering the precision demanded by the Lord in the dimensions of the Ark, it is difficult to accept the coincidence between the Ark and the coffer as chance. The Pyramid is a solid-state module in a worldwide radio commumcations network capable of broadcasting and receiving intelligence throughout interplanetary space. The Ark of the Covenant has the features of a mobile remote unit in the broadcasting system. 

As well as being a radio, the Great Pyramid is the most precise and durable clock known to exist. Navigation through the seas of time is impossible without a chronometer of absolute accuracy. The Great Pyramid could not be better designed to function as an unmanned radio beacon marking traffic lanes through the holographic oceans of the universe. If this is so, we may expect to find other pyramids on other planets, like the black monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey

The most fascinating problem of time travel as the Time-Loop Paradox. What happens when a traveler from the future meets his ancestors and alters history? It is generally concluded that any alteration of the past will cause the future to disappear, leaving the time trekkers stranded. The Time-Loop Paradox is inevitable if time travel is ever achieved, so this is the main argument against the feasibility of the technology. 

The Time-Loop Paradox, however, is a figment of the concept of absolute time. As soon as time trekkers touch down in the past, they create an alternative time stream, running more or less parallel to the manifold time streams we call our own world time, but existing in the virtual state of the quantum field. When the trekkers want to return home, they beam themselves back to the future and then across the angular distance separating the two divergent time streams. The proof that absolute time does not exist provides a Time-Loop Exclusion principle that makes the Time-Loop Paradox impossible. 

The beliefs a society holds about reality determine the technology it will develop. The technology determines the direction and the range the civilization will develop. As long as beliefs are constant, technology proceeds slowly and steadily to the limit of belief. When the limit of belief is reached, the development of technology must stop. At this point, the civilization becomes old and decays. But all people do not accept the same beliefs. Those who do not agree with the cultural limitations are regarded as mystics, if not disregarded as insane. The leaders who take technology to the limit of the culture are the people in the most favored position to carry technology beyond the limits of belief. Advanced physicists have reached the limits of our civilization right now, and this is why the rest of us in the rear regard them as reverting to mysticism. 

The insights and discoveries of the scientific vanguard cannot be believed by the people in the mainstream of civilization, nor can the facts make sense because the new information contradicts the basic concepts holding the civilization together. Taboo prohibits thinking about the basic concepts. 

If it should ever happen that a party acquires the means to advance technology beyond the limits set by the culture, new concepts drive engineering to a quantum leap beyond the ken of ordinary people. When the force of this engineering becomes too great for the mainstream to deny, like the atomic bomb was introduced to the citizens of Japan, the civilization is subjected to cultural shock. The shock forces social leaders to examine the basic concepts of reality; the taboo is broken. When the taboo is breached, the civilization must collapse. Although it was the Japanese who were the target of the atomic bomb, Americans are also being subjected to cultural shock from the advance of technology, so the civilization of the victors is doomed to dissolution along with the vanquished. The only way to survive the collapse of civilization is by reconstructing the basic concepts of reality capable of comprehending the facts of life as rapidly as the old beliefs are swept away. Those who are capable of reconstructing their beliefs suffer a psychological death and rebirth into a new reality; they transfigure their civilization as a consequence of their personal renaissance and they become the founding fathers of a new civilization on the ruins of the old. 

The development of any system of beliefs by expression through a technology fertilizes the seeds of doubt, which must eventually transform belief. The technology of Rome led ineluctably to the monotheism of Christendom. Unfortunately for the Romans, most of them were unable to change their beliefs before collapse set in, so little remains of Rome except ruins and an alphabet. The monotheistic belief of Christianity made it possible for an agrarian society to become transformed into an industrialized society. Industry brought belief of God into question by bringing the power of machinery into existence. The leaders of the industrial Society changed their beliefs just as rapidly as technology advanced beyond the limits of the writers of the Holy Bible, so when Sir Isaac Newton appeared to lead civilization into a new age by proclaiming a Third Testament of classical physical laws, the transition was made without the usual traumata of death and rebirth. 

Albert Einstein is the latest prophet; he gave us a Fourth Testament of universal laws to guide us into the coming holographic age. The Japanese civilization has built-in feedback mechanisms enabling them to examine their basic concepts of reality at the drop of an atomic bomb, and reconstruct new concepts without dying from shock. 

The industrial development of time travel, therefore, will be subsumed into the systems familiar to us, with no more changes than the technology enforces for its operation. Time travel begins with the testimony of prophetic visionaries who are disre- garded as insane. But as soon as a few solitary freaks produce convincing proof that time travel is really possible, think tanks, begin to organize around the world to do research, completely unknown to the general public. Then the military takes over and nothing more is heard for a generation. After all the mistakes and expenses are underwritten by the taxpayers, the machinery is handed over to Pan Am and Aeroflot to operate at a profit. 

Time travel will be sold to the public when trips can be packaged like Cook's Tours. It would be impolitic to shatter faith in established reality by opening alternative time streams; commercial transport will be limited to the current time stream, and all other channels will be reserved for military patrol and exploration. You will buy your ticket for a vacation on a planet in the Sirian System much as you go to a travel agency for a trip to Hawaii. Departures are scheduled by harmonic windows through hyperspace, as sailing ships wait for wind and tide. All seats are coach class because transit is instantaneous. 

As soon as the mooring lines are cast off, beams of radiation come to a focus on the starship, and it dematerializes while accelerating straight, up to the velocity of light. No one plays holographic chess to pass the time en route, because rematerialization at Starport follows immediately after takeoff. After docking, passengers are discharged. The crew takes leave to exotic fleshpots, cargo is off-loaded, and the officers prepare ship's articles for the return voyage. The return of the starship to Earthport could be scheduled for any time before or after the original departure, but there would be continual problems if tourists returned home before they left, and if they remained away more than a month, their employers would complain. Two weeks is just about the time everyone needs to complete the paperwork between shipments. The only limit on the time that travelers spend on the Sirian planet is the amount of money they take with them. The one problem defying solution is negotiating scale with the Space Jockeys' Interplanetary Union for time worked in hyperspace.

The holographic civilization is based on a concept of infinites. Infinity is supported to be beyond any human conception and apprehendable only by God. But it isn't. It is our cultural beliefs alone that make it impossible for us to conceive of infinity. As holograms become increasingly understood, the concept of infinity will become as self-evident as any other basic belief, and we shall take another faculty for granted, a faculty hitherto perceived as an attribute of divinity. 

Holographic concepts do not merely advance technology. The achievement of time travel literally demolishes the cosmos and creates a new Earth under new heavens. When it is possible to travel to the future, time ceases to exist as we know it. The future becomes an immediate present, just as Los Angeles is the suburb of New York to the jet set. The power to travel through time is the power to create sequence at will. Sequence is the principle of order by which all reality is established. Therefore, the technology of time travel confers upon the technocrats the power to create entire worlds to order. The engineers accede to the power of the immortal gods, transcending time and space.
When we meet the gods, we shall find that they are us.

By T. B. Pawlicki

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