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Wednesday 23 March 2011

Good Guides, Gods and Goads: Inner Voices Known As ‘Thoughts’

Good Guides, Gods and Goads
Inner Voices Known As ‘Thoughts’


Growing up is adoption and adaptation to the mores and beliefs of the tribe and place into which you’ve been born. Growing out and growing further requires going within, beyond the cage of the acculturated mind and the arbitrary dictates of local customs. Past the surface world of mice and men, evolution involves being in the still silent place within where all is one.

We all grow up with gods and guides – externalised teachers we adopt and incorporate into our selves until teacher and pupil become united in our growing mind. These instructive inner programs were once ubiquitously taken to be the Word of God or Goddess, often heard as the voice of our father or mother – the gods of our creation. They manifest as thoughts to the modern antediluvian mind. 

Some of these thought forms are discrete personalities, pursuing agendas of their own. Some are literally disincarnate ancestors viewing (or even puppeteering) the world through their living descendants. Others are creations of mental focus that have achieved independent existence; individualised thought forms with a will of their own, usually mirroring the will or wills that created them. Some are spirits that dwell beyond space and time, though they may be anchored to aspects of both. 

Some of them are You – a different but similar You in the future or past; in this holographic cosmos all of them are aspects of You on one level or another. It’s easy to misidentify them as an external ‘god’ or ‘goddess’ speaking to You from above, below or within. They are all aspects of You, the Chosen One – the one particular being you have chosen to be here and now.

Some trustworthy guides are You in the future, lending a widened perspective to your present personality – helping you choose a path through innumerable probabilities, leading you to the one most optimal, fortuitous route. Many spirits can’t tell the difference between good or ill, simply giving you what they think you want, guiding you toward your fondest dream or nightmare - whatever hope or fear you magnetise to yourself with your strongest, deepest desires. Some are like wise parents or grandparents, leading you into pathways you may need to experience to grow beyond your present self. Some entities are very different beings indeed, merely masquerading as god, guide, family or familiar. 

But no matter how trustworthy, wise or otherwise they may be, all are disincarnate. None of them know as much as you do about being really alive here and now. Magi, shamans, witches and humans in general make good or ill use of insights derived from these externalised entities, but one black or bright day - one magnetic moment when all things hang at the cusp of transformation - these familiar spirits will disappear, leaving the practitioner who relies on them naked in the New Dawn.

It’s better to learn how to see and hear for yourself than to rely on the dictates, suggestions and inspirations of externalised gods and guides. Far better to be one yourself.


Beyond the realms of personalised personalities a certain something travels with us wherever we go, whoever we are. Like fish swimming through its invisible substance, we’re only aware of the pressure it exerts to guide our movements. Its fuller, deeper nature remains unexamined, except during glimmerings of clarity or moments of divine distraction.

At any instant we may begin to notice the inner workings or the matrix and decide to peer more deeply into its subtle intricacies. We can look into the water at any time and recognise patterns we’ve barely noticed before, beckoning us onward to greater understanding. The purest You dwells in the heart of the matrix, as the substrate substance inside and behind every apparent part and particle; the indwelling God of Creation.

Who are you? What are your thoughts? What is your mind? Any time you wish – even right now, right here – you can take a glimpse into the hopes, dreams, fears, drives and compulsions that combine to steer and guide your will. When you’re aware of the biological, psychological, ancestral and societal programs you’ve adopted since long before birth you have a chance of altering them into healthier patterns, more appropriate to life in the here and now. 

Anyone who begins to pay attention to the workings of their mind discovers an unknown territory which transcends the borders of individuality - a secret country of images and words strung into a mystifying dreamscape that extends beyond all visible horizons. Mind is an infinite mystery, a multidimensional puzzle box, a Royal Maze of endlessly ponderable probabilities. Like the world that surrounds it, the mind is a hologram that contains the entire cosmos – a droplet of water that reflects and refracts the entire universe, inextricably interwoven into the fabric of combining realities.

Reams of notions, snippets of information and entertraining titbits echo back and forth within the closeted mind, training and guiding us through the world as we work them into the grain of our beings through ongoing repetition. We continually re-mind ourselves of everything that may possibly concern us and rebuild the accustomed image of ourselves and the world from instant to instant, reinforcing our shifting, malleable reality with the bulwarks of familiar ideas and conceptions.

If you listen closely enough to the various thought-voices passing through your head and being you may notice that some carry more weight than others, speaking with a resounding timbre that resonates more clearly than the frantic or lethargic scraps of thoughts that bind and abound. Many people are fortunate enough to encounter discrete patterns of thought that can best be described as ‘gods’ or ‘guides’ – trustworthy quasi-entities that come to be identified as sources of veracity.

You are a memory to the future You - and a guide to the past You, remembered. Every time you recall the past you affect it by the simple act of observation. The uncertainty principle extends through the dimension of time; so does quantum connectivity. In a ‘higher’ geometric dimension all that arrives or passes is right here, right now, inextricable interconnected – the All(ah) – and there are an infinite number of equally real and visceral past, present and futurealities available to the free willed gods that are human beings. That’s why Hassan i Sabbah, the Old Man in the Mountain (after whom both assassins and hashish are named) said “Nothing is true; all is permissible.”

You affect anything you focus your consciousness and will upon – including every past and future You. Everything and every being is connected to your present self, most directly though focused acts of attention.

Many of the voices in your head are you, extending through time and times, unbound by constraints of here and now, impinging on your current state. Depending on which you choose to entertain they can be trivial annoyances, dangerously destructive impulses or life saving observations.

Beyond this realm of guides and goads, carrots and sticks there exists a far deeper you, immersed in the much subtler matrix of the implicate order. Beyond thought and dreaming is a deeper, clearer reality where wilfulness fades away and true will is supreme. Past several veils of potent distraction there is a core of stillness, empty yet full, silent yet resonant; the true throne of consciousness in the centre of all.

At any moment you can begin to discern what and who you really are – and are not – by listening for the silence that exists beyond the troublesome hubble and hassling bubble of endlessly streaming words and images, sounds and ideas. No matter how complex or beautiful, most thoughts are merely reactions to external stimuli - a tale told by an idiot, signifying nothing but ingrained patterns. To unearth true uniqueness, significance, meaning and enlightenment we must dig far deeper than the swirling miasma of the mind – all the way past the whirling periphery to the centre of the cycle, to where stillness and wholeness abides.

You can reach the throne that leads to enlightenment at any time you choose – and in reality there’s no time but the gift of the present.


Breathe deeply, down into your belly, and place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth to reconnect the great cycle of energy circulation that is your true birthright. 

Straighten your back, elongating your spine as though being pulled upward by the crown of your head. Breath deeply, centred in the core of the space your body occupies. If your spine is erect the centre of your head – the pineal cavity – is directly above the centre at the lotus bowl of your hips, which is directly above the ‘g-spot’ – the base chakra between the anus and testes or vagina. You can locate this point with gentle contraction and relaxation.

This is all you need to do to begin to find a path out of the maze of mind. The rest leads on from here, and will automatically come to the true seeker who hearkens to the wisdom within. Let’s go a little further…

Swallow, and follow the swallow right down through your torso and down past your navel, until it reaches the very centre of the bowl of your hips; your personal centre of gravity. Feel nourishment spread throughout your being in ripples that expand from this spreading droplet of divine nectar.

Now view the world from the centre of your head – not from the space just behind your eyes, but from the very centre of the Heavenly Pool in the core of your brain. As your awareness shifts to this central axis your peripheral vision will widen and you’ll become aware of a wider field of view than the accustomed tunnelling vision reality. As you continue to view the world from this central point other senses and supersenses will clarify and become available.

When you’re awareness is located at this central place – the central root point of both Third Eye and Crown, smaller than a sesame seed, like all the chakras – you are at the still centre of the cyclone, the true throne of consciousness. When you’re Here, Now, the spinning skein of mind and thought whirls around the untouchable, inviolable place where you reside in repose. It’s far easier to remove your self from the thought stream from here, at the centre of now, than while you’re swimming through its turbulent flow.

Possession is nine tenths of the lore. If someone or something else is already at the centre of the godhead - blocking the central point like a spike driven into a tree - you can dislodge it from your throne with pure will, as the throne’s rightful occupier. If this proves difficult you can vibrate the blockage away with the syllable ‘Om’. Focus the pitch and vibration of this primal word at the central point and it will help clear the path to your home, vibrating free anything that doesn’t belong there. ‘Om’ will also open the vortex of the Third Eye.

From the central point the world itself turns round your will. Like everything and everyone else, you are divine. Stilling all thought is the major key to enlightenment. Everything grows from this point. Above it, in the Crown of Creation, all is one and one is all. 

A crowning tree can only flourish if its roots are secure, so working with the base and navel and solar plexus chakras is the only way to secure the foundations of the living temple, the Tree of Life. When you prepare the altar of the lower three energy centres through breath, posture, yoga and meditation the blossoming heart chakra and all higher centres and structures will grow of their own accord.

But you can always centre your awareness in the central point occupied by the physical pineal gland – the Heavenly Waters balanced directly above the navel chakra; the waters below.

See you there.


- Ram Ayana

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