"All the World's a Stage We Pass Through" R. Ayana

Wednesday 9 March 2011

Infinite Infants: Surviving the Best of All Possible Worlds

Infinite Infants - We’re All In It Together
Surviving the Best of All Possible Worlds

Hoffman's Children by R. Ayana

We’re living in a melting pot of melding cultures, molten genes and moulting pasts, all trickling together to create a New Humanity – a species and civilization fit to live in the trance-formed transform we’ve made of this Earth; the best of all possible worlds moulded like living clay in our oftentimes desensitised hands.

Domesticated primate life isn’t intrinsically destructive or competitive. Our civilizations don’t have to be ecologically catastrophic. Humankind doesn’t require reengineering, wholesale destruction and subsequent rebuilding to arrive at a better state. Infants possessed of infinite potential, we just need to tweak a few expectations and modify some inappropriate behaviour through ongoing learning and practice.

We’ve become so efficient and wise to the ways of the world we’ve forgotten why we came here, distracted as we are by the sound and fury of an historically tumultuous existence on this wobbly third electron from the Sun. Unless we take time to listen to the silence inside the core of our beings we easily become hypnotized by passing parades and entertaining labyrinths of endless sideshows, and forget the Main Game of enlightened survival.

Once upon a time we had to decide which tribe members to discard in leaner, harder times, continually faced with the terrible imperative of scarcity and the vagaries of an apparently chaotic environment. Now that we’ve become the dominant domineering animal on planet Earth we have to learn to see the world and our selves very differently.

It’s blindingly easy to follow the ingrained imperatives of fight or flight, but those limited and limiting paths are no longer appropriate. They can only mislead us into very bad choices. Now we have to learn to live with each other, right where we are.

Where all our laws, lore and mores were once predicated on sharing a vanishingly small pot between a handful of competitive siblings and cousins, we now have an entire world to share – not a small plot of dirt to divide or conquer. The greatest challenge facing us now is learning how to live with plenty – no longer struggling through painful workaday lives amidst the scar cities of yore but learning to dance with full bellies in a realm of abundance.

There’s far more than enough of everything we need. If we don’t keep flushing all our soils and nutrients into rivers and oceans we’ll easily be able to feed ten billion human souls or more. If we stop murdering and dismembering sentient beings for worthless poisoned protein (destroying all our arable land and clean water in the process) we can feed billions more. Our ongoing problems are stupid addictions, not scarcities.

A little well applied pressure on a few well-placed fulcrums will help restore harmony and allow us to thrive in a paradise planet. The fuels we put into our machinery and bodies can be healthy and clean instead of toxic and filthy. There’s nothing wrong with cars, or private property and transportation; the only real problem is the toxic fuels we’ve been forced to buy from monopolist power mongers hell bent on ruling us all. We could run the world’s fleets of vehicles with zero emissions on water-derived gas or cleanly sourced FREE electricity . We can easily do the same with all home and industrial power, if we can only eject the industrialists who keep us all under their thumbs, who continually suppress all advances that can’t provide them and theirs with obscene amounts of money or centralised power.

Clean free energy is one of the major keys that will open the door to unheralded futures, and the dawn of free energy is already upon us. We no longer live in a self-enclosed system of limited possibilities and constrained imagination. We live in an open-ended realm where anything is possible, and everything is probable!


The limited, limiting view of uneducated, misguided skeptics

All the pieces to the puzzle of an idyllic world are already lying on the table; we just need to assemble them.

Even the stark reality of a surveillance society makes some kind of sense to the helpless, old and weak who crave protection from an all-seeing benefactor. If we lived in an OPEN surveillance society where all governments and other corporate entities opened their books and secret files to public scrutiny then we’d be able to trust the endless oversight systems we now live in. In a world where all politicians are viewed as publicly supervised public servants we’ll have fair governance by people disinterested in controlling the free-willed lives of others. With really free freedom of information we’ll be able to know what – not just who – to vote for and follow.
A few basic changes can wreak greater good; citizen’s initiated referenda, carefully built voting systems in which people vote for issues and policies - not unrepresentative self-serving parties or politicians - would usher in an era of a real and truer democracy by, with and from all. Political power will no longer just be the province of a bunch of well-connected greed merchants and power freaks. The centralised propaganda mills of the olden time media are crumbling at last – no longer able to control the minds and decisions of entire populations. Governance by real consensus is coming at last, and woe betides those who would stand in its way.
Escapee by R. Ayana
Remaking our cities into vast market gardens will soon stop pollution in its tracks. To grow clean healthy food you need a clean healthy environment, and there’s no point attempting to remain clean in a toxic metropolis; no matter how clean and healthy you try to be, you’ll simply be poisoned by osmosis until your immediate environment is cleaned and wholesome. The glasshouse mountains of skyscraping office builders can produce power and supply food to vast numbers, producing biomass and oxygen for a healthier ecosystem.

Teaching anatomy to children and letting them grow intimately familiar with their bodies will create generations of wise and autonomous beings, freed from the lying poisoners who masquerade as doctors and healers in today’s purblind crap-laden system, that’s designed to make profits for corpse-making corporate chemical corps.

We live in a world of preponderate abundance in which we flush away vast amounts of the things we all need to survive. There’s far more than enough of everything to go around; in the modern world scarcity is a carefully maintained illusion, propagated to keep everyone working on pointless treadmills, spending illusory money and precious time. 

Money and monetarism are crazy illusions. Economics is not a science; just another competing religion. We could easily put everyone on the planet on a guaranteed minimum wage that would supply everyone’s basic needs for food, water, shelter and edutainment. No-one needs to suffer or work at jobs that destroy the planet in the name of illusory money. Everyone can be free to choose what they do with their precious time; most will continue to work like slaves for generations, unused to having free time on their hands and free space in their minds.


Human longevity is another abundance we must learn how to live with, or perish in the process. What will immortals or multicentenarians choose to do with their leisure time? This is a question anyone who wishes to live a long healthy life needs to seriously consider. Practice learning how to use leisure time now. What would you do with immortality? Work forever at a job you hate or learn how to live in paradise on Earth? Our expectations limit or free us. It’s no secret that literally create our own realities; we have no need for money to have what we require, or even those states and things which we really desire.

There are plenty of positive, healthy things to do right now. We need to repair rivers and ecosystems and replant entire diverse forests – not as canals, drains and plantations, but as living, breathing, breeding realms of possibility and promise. We need to build fresh networks of clean green technologies and recycle the egregious old toxic systems built by dumb robber barons into self-sustaining technologies of growth and renewal. We need to do all this without being PAID to do it! Money solves nothing, and dissolves one’s will to see and act clearly.

We’re continually told there are too many people, but this is another lie. Those who think the world has too many people need to think again, lest they throw out the baby with the bathwater. If you think there are too many people you’d best rid the world of yourself and yours before judging others as superfluous. According to the most accurate projections human population growth is already tailing off.

Wherever women gain freedom over their bodies and lives population growth ceases to be a problem. Population growth trends are already waning all over the globe, and it’s very unlikely that humankind’s numbers will swell too much further after all. Fear of more babies and children is actually unnecessary; we’ll be lucky to stay fertile enough to maintain current numbers. The problem isn’t the number of people on the planet, but the ways we choose – or have been forced and coerced – to live.

Great positive changes can come to pass, if we steer the titanic ships of probability away from the approaching iceberg ice age with our thoughts, expectations and deeds. In a best-case scenario the warming we’ve already induced in the world’s climate system may carry us through the approaching Maunder Minimum – a prospective era of impending cold which would bury much of the inhabited planet beneath overdue mountains of snow and ice – and deliver us into a stable, healthy environment in another century or two, if we put the brakes on overheated and misguided expansionary development right now.

We don’t live in a zero-sum game in a finite universe, but inhabit a flowing holographic reality of infinite multiple possibilities. We all move in small human circles on what is a very big world after all.

What will you do with infinity? Would you prefer to consider a lesser destiny within a realm of oppressive density, or to open your mind to the real open-ended possibilities and challenges facing you, here, now, today?
You have no real choice but to change. What do you want to evolve into?

- R. Ayana



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