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Tuesday 1 March 2011

Thousand Year Zeitgeist: The Utopian Millennium?

Thousand Year Zeitgeist:

The Utopian Millennium?


Human culture will change in the next millennium as a result of conscious evolution - a significantly different way of life. For instance, we humans will voluntarily decrease our population so that we all may live in the most powerful and beautiful places on the Earth.

But remarkably, many more of these areas will exist in the future, because we will intentionally let the forests go uncut so that they can mature and build energy.

By the middle of the next millennium humans will typically live among five hundred year old trees and carefully tended gardens, yet within easy travel distance of an urban area of incredible technological wizardry.
By then, the means of survival food stuffs and clothing and transportation will all be totally automated and at everyone’s disposal. Our needs will be completely met without the exchange of any currency, yet also without any overindulgence or laziness.

Guided by their intuitions, everyone will know precisely what to do and when to do it and this will fit harmoniously with the actions of others. No one will consume excessively because we will have let go of the need to possess and to control for security.  In the next millennium, life will have become about something else.

Our sense of purpose will be satisfied by the thrill of our own evolution-by the elation of receiving intuitions and then watching closely as our destinies unfold. A human world where everyone has slowed down and become more alert, ever vigilant for the next meaningful encounter that comes along. We will know that it could occur anywhere: on a path that winds through a forest, for instance, or on a bridge that traverses some canyon.

Can you visualize human encounters that have this much meaning and significance? Think how it would be for two people meeting for the first time. Each will first observe the other's energy field, exposing any manipulations. Once clear, they will consciously share life stories until, elatedly, messages are discovered. Afterward, each will go forward again on their individual journey, but they will be significantly altered. They will vibrate at a new level and will thereafter touch others in a way not possible before their meeting.

Yet I also knew that throughout history many visionaries had glimpsed such a world - Marx for example - yet no way had been found to create such a utopia. Communism had become a tragedy. I couldn't imagine how the human race could get to the place considering human behavior generally. Our natural pursuit of the truth will lead us there. But to grasp how this movement will occur, perhaps it is necessary to visualize the next millennium?

Think about what has occurred already in this millennium. During the Middle Ages we lived in a simple world of good and evil, defined by the churchmen. But during the Renaissance we broke free. We knew there had to be more to man's situation in the universe than the churchmen knew, and we wanted the full story. We then sent science out to discover our true situation, but when this effort didn't provide the answers we needed right away, we decided to settle in, and turned our modern work ethic into a preoccupation that secularized reality and squeezed the mystery out of the world.

But now, we can see the truth of that preoccupation. We can see that the real reason we spent five centuries creating material supports for human life was to set the stage for something else, a way of life that returns the mystery to existence. That is what the information now returning from the scientific method indicates: humankind is on this planet to consciously evolve. And as we learn to evolve and pursue our particular path, truth by truth, the overall culture will transform in a very predictable way.

Once we reach the critical mass, and the insights begin to come in on a global scale, the human race will first experience a period of intense introspection. We'll grasp how beautiful and spiritual the natural world really is. We'll see trees and rivers and mountains as temples of great power to be held in reverence and awe. We'll demand an end to any economic activity that threatens this treasure. And those closest to this situation will find alternative solutions to this pollution problem because someone will intuit these alternatives as they seek their own evolution.

This will be part of the first great shift that will occur, which will be a dramatic movement of individuals from one occupation to another-because when people begin to receive clear intuitions of who they really are and what they're supposed to be doing, they very often discover they're in the wrong job and they have to jump to another type work in order to continue to grow. During this period people will sometimes change careers several times during their lifetimes.

The next cultural shift will be an automation of the production of goods. To the people who are doing the automating, the technicians, this will feel like a need to make the economy run more efficiently. But as their intuitions become clearer, they will see that what automation is actually doing is freeing up everyone's time, so that we can pursue other ndeavors.
The rest of us, meanwhile, will be following our own intuitions within our chosen occupations and wishing we had even more of this free time. We will realize that the truth we have to tell and the things we have to do are too unique to fit within a usual job setting. So we will find ways to cut our employment hours to pursue our own truth.

Two or three people will hold what used to be one full-time job. This trend will make it easier for those displaced by the automation to find at least part-time jobs.

But what about money? I can't believe people will voluntarily reduce their incomes. We won't have to; our incomes will remain stable because of the people who are giving us money for the insights we provide.

I almost laughed. What?

That as we discover more about the energy dynamics of the universe, we will see what really happens when we give someone something. Right now the only spiritual idea about giving is the narrow concept of religious tithing. As you know, the scriptural notion of tithing is interpreted most commonly as an injunction to give ten percent of one's income to a church. The idea behind this is that whatever we give will be returned many times.
That giving is really a universal principle of support, not just for churches, but for everyone. When we give, we receive in return because of the way energy interacts in the universe.

Remember, when we project energy into someone this creates a void in ourselves which, if we are connected, fills up again. Money works exactly the same way. We will always have more coming in than we could possibly give away. And our gifts, should go to the persons who have given us spiritual truth. When people come into our lives at just the right time to give us the answers we need, we should give them money. This is how we will begin to supplement our incomes and ease out of the occupations
which limit us.

As more people engage in this spiritual economy we will begin a real shift
into the culture of the next millennium. We will have moved through the stage of evolving into our right occupation and will be entering the stage of getting paid for evolving freely and offering our unique truth to others. If everyone were participating then we would be giving and receiving constantly and this interaction with others, this exchange of information, would become everyone's new work, our new economic orientation. We'd be paid by the people we touched.

This situation would then allow the material supports of life to become fully automated, because we would be too busy to own those systems, or to operate them. We would want material production automated and run like a utility. We'd own stock in it, perhaps, but the situation would free us up to expand what is already the information age.

But the important thing for us right now is that we can now understand where we are going. We could not save the environment and democratize the planet and feed the poor before because for so long we could not release our fear of scarcity and our need to control, so that we could give to others. We couldn't release it because we had no view of life that served as an alternative. Now we do!

But wouldn't we need a cheap source of energy? Fusion, superconductivity, artificial intelligence; the technology to automate is probably not that far away, now that we have the knowledge of why to do it. That's right, the most important thing is that we see the truth of this way of life. We're here on this planet not to build personal empires of control, but to evolve.

Paying others for their insights will begin the transformation and then as more and more parts of the economy are automated, currency will disappear altogether. We won't need it. If we are correctly following OUR intuitive guidance then we will take only what we need.

By Zack Covell
From http://zackcovell.com/The_Zeitgeist_Movement/1000_Year_Zeitgeist/transcript.txt 
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