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Thursday 10 March 2011



 (Confirmed by FOIA Document)

UFO Relics

By Anthony Bragalia - The UFO Iconoclast(s)

A research study that has recently been obtained through FOIA offers stunning confirmation that Wright-Patterson Air Force base contracted Battelle Memorial Institute to analyze material from a crashed UFO at Roswell in 1947. Remarkably, the co-author of this very metals study is the same scientist who decades ago had confessed that he had examined extraterrestrial metal from a crashed UFO while he was a research scientist at Battelle.
This just-received document also reveals that another one of its metallurgist authors reported directly to a Battelle scientist who was conducting secret UFO studies for the USAF. It appears that the study represents first-ever attempts in creating highly novel and advanced Titanium alloys. Some of these alloys were later associated with the development of "memory metal" of the type reported as crash debris at Roswell.

This 1949 Battelle research study had never before been publicly available until earlier this month. Its release was compelled under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA.) It was sought because references to it had been found as footnotes within later military-sponsored studies on shape-memory alloys such as Nitinol. It was previously believed to be "missing" because both Battelle and Wright historians were unable to locate it. Earlier research had revealed a paper trail that led from Roswell to Wright Patterson, to the doors of Battelle - and to this 1949 study.

Once received, investigators were astounded to learn that the sought study was in fact co-authored by none other than Elroy John Center. Center was a Battelle scientist who - in June of 1960 - had privately related that he had analyzed metal from a fallen UFO when he was at the Institute. Citations that had been found to this Battelle report had not listed Center as a co-author. When the report was finally received, Center was revealed to be an "et al" or "and others" author of the study. Center's story about examining ET debris was first publicly told in 1992. But it was not known that Center was the co-author of this Battelle study until it was obtained under FOIA in August of 2009!

It was previously determined that Battelle (which operates six U.S. National Laboratories) was a likely organization to have analyzed such material. Founded in 1929, Battelle remains a major research and defense contracting organization.

Some of the crash metal at Roswell
was reported by several credible witnesses to have had "shape memory" characteristics. When crumpled, this "morphing" metal returned immediately and seamlessly to its original form. Shape recovery metals ("memory metals") are today emerging as a technology with applications for use in everything from eyeglass frames to spacecraft. An intense review of this subject (reported in an earlier three-part series on the UFO Iconoclasts website) proved very revealing:

Memory Metal

Nitinol (a lightweight Nickel-Titanium alloy that is the "Cadillac" of memory metals) finds its history in late 1940s metallurgical work at Battelle - in studies that were contracted by Wright Patterson in the months immediately following the Roswell crash.
  • A metals expert at Battelle during the time - Dr. Howard C. Cross - was leading a dual life secretly researching UFOs for government agencies while at the same time directing top-secret Titanium alloy studies. It was found that Cross "seeded" Titanium alloy studies to the US Navy Lab - where Nitinol was later "discovered."
  • Titanium alloy was named as part of the composition of the Roswell memory metal according to General Arthur Exon, Wright's one-time Base Commander. Exon also referred to the material's unique "processing" and that the "reports" on the metal "were still around." Exon spoke of "chemical analysis, compression tests and flexing." These were the precise tests found to have been conducted on Titanium alloys in the Battelle report received though FOIA.
  • General George Schulgen (who led Intelligence at the Pentagon at the time of the crash) issued a formerly secret memo -just weeks after Roswell- informing his officers that the saucers may be made with materials "of composite construction" that used "various combinations of metals" and that were fabricated by "unusual methods" to achieve "extreme light weight." Schulgen's memo was written just one week prior to the issuance of the Battelle report!
  • Major discrepancies in the "official" history of Nitinol were identified. Although Nitinol may not be the "actual" Roswell debris, its development and inspiration was found from material discovered crashed at Roswell in 1947.
  • Citations to this 1949 Battelle report were found (as buried footnotes) within four military-sponsored studies. All of these studies related to shape-recovery or "memory metal" development. This includes a report authored by Dr. Fred Wang, the purported "co-inventor" of Nitinol in the 1960s at the US Navy Lab. Nitinol is comprised of Nickel and Titanium, and much of this 1949 report concerns itself with alloying these two metals. Wang was later discovered to have been involved in bizarre "mind over matter" experiments to see if Nitinol could be morphed using the mind's energy.
The Battelle study from 1949 was obtained through a FOIA request placed by Sarasota Herald Tribune reporter Billy Cox. Many of it pages are missing or are not numbered.

Research & Development On Titanium Alloys (Snippet A)

The study's full title is "Second Progress Report Covering the Period September 1 to October 21, 1949 on Research and Development on Titanium Alloys Contract No. 33 (038)-3736." It is authored by "Simmons, C.W.; Greenidge, C.T., Craighead, C.M. and others." The Battelle report was completed for Wright Patterson Air Materiel Command.

The citations to this Second Progress Report were found in later military-sponsored studies on shape-memory metal development. They list the authors of this report as C.M. Craighead, F. Fawn and L.W. Eastwood. However, it was learned from reading the report that the citations to it were actually listing the authors of a subsection of the report - not the authors that are listed above, in the study's main title. This subsection (to which the later shape-memory metal studies refer) relates to a Nickel-Titanium Phase Diagram- that is required to make Nitinol.

Elroy John Center (who confessed to UFO debris analysis) is not listed among the study authors shown in the report title. He is rather, one of the "other" authors - as indicated in the study's title. The report's title identifies the three primary authors- and then follows with the phrase "and others." The technical subsection of the report that Elroy Center authored is very revealing, as are many sections found within the study:

Center's section in the report (on page 97) is especially telling. General Exon spoke of the Roswell material as having undergone chemical analysis. Center was a Chemical engineer and his section of this report details chemical analysis to detect and quantify metal impurities. It is entitled "Analytical Methods for the Titanium Base Alloy." Titanium must be of ultra-high purity to be used for shape-memory metal applications. Center concentrates on detection of Oxygen in Titanium, a challenge faced when creating the memory metal Nitinol.

Elroy J Center Battelle ScientistCenter was a Senior Research Chemist who worked for Battelle from 1939-1957 in materials sciences. University of Michigan alumni files and other papers that he authored while at Battelle confirm his employment and position. Originally from Hibbing, MN, Center received a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor in 1939.

Dr. Irena Scott (a former employee of both Battelle and the Defense Intelligence Agency) had known of Elroy Center's connection to ET metal analysis years before this Battelle report was released. She had even related Center's confession to MUFON, a civilian UFO research organization, as reported in a 1992 Ohio MUFON journal. But Center's name was not known to be associated with the Battelle 1949 metals report until it was received this month under FOIA.

In May of 1992, Dr. Scott talked to a mutual acquaintance who told her that in June of 1960 Center had privately related to him something very disturbing. Center had told his friend that while he was a Research Chemist at Battelle he was directed by his superiors to provide technical assistance on a strange project. He was to conduct evaluation of an unknown material that he was told was retrieved some time prior from a crashed "flying saucer." He said that the debris - like the Roswell debris - had highly unusual hieroglyphic-like markings. Center then stopped short and said nothing more. Center passed in 1991. Center's family confirms his intense interest in UFO study and in the extraterrestrial, including while at Battelle. Additional information confirming Center's involvement is now being developed and will soon be released.

Although this story was known publicly as early as 1992, no one knew that Elroy Center was a co-author of a Battelle report for Wright Patterson that has long been suspected to be associated with Roswell memory metal debris analysis! The likelihood of a story about Center examining UFO debris when at Battelle - and then 17 years later discovering for the first time that he was the very scientist who had co-authored the suspect 1949 Battelle report- cannot be mere coincidence. Of the thousands of reports and employees that Battelle has had over the years it could not be coincidence that it would be that very report -and that very scientist - that would be associated with the debris analysis years later!

Receipt of the Battelle report was challenging. Historians at both Battelle and Wright Patterson were unable to locate this Second Progress Report even though they saw the same citations and footnotes to it that we did. This was why the report itself had been previously characterized in past articles by this author as "missing."

It was then decided that a FOIA request must be filed to secure the document. It required filing two FOIA requests, a reminder telephone call and the passage of 10 weeks. The report was subjected to official review for release by the office of the Secretary of the Air Force. It is now known that the document was previously restricted to viewing by authorized DoD (Department of Defense) personnel, despite the passage of over 60 years! According to the Air Force, the report was finally found in archives of the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) of DoD. The report was received through FOIA with portions of it missing. About 30% of the 119 pages are not included. Many are not numbered. The Air Force offers the explanation that this is due to document age, illegibility or the inability to reproduce certain parts of the report.

We learn on Page 96 in the subsection of the report, "Investigation of Melting Titanium," that Battelle scientist L.W. Eastwood was examining ways to optimize the melting of Titanium to the greatest efficiencies possible. Effectively melting Titanium is required to make Nitinol memory metal. It appears that Battelle possessed an advanced arc furnace that Wright did not.

Incredibly, this very same scientist – L.W. Eastwood - reported to Battelle's UFO researcher for the USAF - Dr. Howard C. Cross. Eastwood and Cross were also frequent co-authors of technical treatises. Cross was not only a chief metallurgist at Battelle in the late 1940s and 1950s, he was at the same time a secret US government agency UFO investigator! Cross authored large sections of early Project Bluebook reports and was consulted by many agencies about UFO events. His story is told more completely in an article archived on UFO Iconclasts - "Roswell Metal Scientist: The Curious Dr. Cross." Cross had direct connections to government-sponsored UFO studies with such agencies as the USAF, NACA - the predecessor organization to NASA, the CIA and with U.S. Navy Intelligence. He was also the author of the controversial letter to Wright-Patterson on UFOs known in research circles as the "Pentacle Memo."

On Page 65 we find the section, "Evaluation of Experimental Titanium-Base Alloys" by C.M. Craighead, F. Fawn and L.W. Eastwood. On the next page we find a Nickel-Titanium (NiTi) Phase Diagram. This is the first military-sponsored study to create a "recipe" for mixing the two metals that comprise Nitinol memory metal. Citations to this are found buried as footnotes in four military-sponsored published later. All of these studies citing this diagram relate to the subject of shape recovery memory metal.

The report reveals an intense and sudden effort to conduct first-ever research on purified Titanium alloyed with other metals. As mentioned earlier, General Exon speaks to "Titanium" and "another metal" and that "the processing was different" when describing the composition of the Roswell debris. General Schulgen's memo (written one week prior to this Battelle metals report) speaks of UFOs whose "items of construction" are specially fabricated composites, using a variety of metals and possessing extreme light weight.
Pages 82-85 of the document reveal an interest in the properties of Titatium-Zirconium or TiZr. In a study contracted by Wright-Patterson in 1965 to NYU, this 1949 Battelle report is cited by footnote. The subject of the NYU report, entitled "On the System Titanium-Zirconium," is on the shape-memory potential of TiZr!

On Page 95 the document reveals a technical chart showing first-ever research in such areas as "Elongation," and "Minimum Bend Radius" of various advanced Titanium alloys. This indicates that they were closely examining elasticity, malleability and tensile strengths of newly created, high-purity Titanium alloys, including Nickel-Titanium, required to make Nitinol.

No reference whatsoever to what must surely exist - a First Progress Report - is made in this 1949 Battelle Second Progress Report for Wright. What does the First Progress Report contain? Why is there no reference to it in the literature - or even within the FOIA-obtained Second Progress Report? Without a title, date or the authors' names, it is proving very difficult to locate this First Report [Naturally, these references may have been contained in the missing pages – Ed].


Dr Edgar MitchellThe Battelle-Roswell connection is further established in a telling statement made many years ago by a Man Who Walked on the Moon. Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man on the Moon, has recently made some very public supportive statements about the reality of Roswell. But in 1996, Dr. Mitchell provided clues to reporter Billy Cox about who kept the UFO secret:

"The information is now held primarily with a body of semi- or quasi- private organizations that have kind of spun-off from the military intelligence organizations of the past. There have been private groups involved with the issue for a number of years because they have the expertise." Breaking down Dr. Mitchell's sparse statement we can correlate that:
  • Battelle is a "semi or quasi private organization"
  • Battelle was "spun off from the military intelligence organizations of the past." {In fact, it has recently been learned that Battelle's Director at the time of the Roswell crash was Clyde Williams. Williams was at the same time serving on the government's Research and Development Board- and as Trustee of the Rand Corporation. Williams worked at the R&D Board with Dr. Eric Walker and Dr. Robert Sarbacher- both of whom later indicated their personal knowledge of the crash event! Other documents show that Williams had an intense personal interest in advanced Titanium alloy development.}
  • Battelle is shown to have been "involved in the issue for a number of years." It is now acknowledged that Battelle played a significant role as a contractor to Project Blue Book and to other official government UFO studies.
  • Battelle scientists - like Cross and Center - certainly had the needed "expertise" to analyze such things.

Battelle (like its think-tank cousin RAND Corporation) is an organization that is part of the "military industrial complex" of which a former General, President Eisenhower warned we should make sure remains in check. With this investigation, we have done what the General ordered.


Battelle's historic involvement in applying our science to understanding extraterrestrial science is no longer hidden. The truth is now revealed. Battelle Memorial Institute analyzed the materials of construction of a crashed craft from another world.

* Special Thanks To Tony Bragalia & Rich Reynolds

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  1. The very words unidentifiable flying object (UFO) discredits any observable flying phenomena. When we simply place the label of (unidentifiable) on anything there is simply no credibility to our observations. On the other hand, A FACT is a close agreement of a series of observations of the same identifiable phenomena. Placing the word unidentifiable on any flying technology we possess is a clever way to distract and discredit the general publics attention away from what we don’t want you to know. Look at a Boeing commercial airline Jet that we were flying 40 years ago, and compare it to a commercial Boeing Jet that we fly today, they look and perform similar don’t they? We can’t advance beyond a certain Technological point because the current economic model doesn’t allow us to.

    The advanced flight technology we possess is hidden because it is propelled by FREE ENERGY technology and we can’t place that kind of technology into the market place because it would destroy the current scarcity driven system. Any free energy that we use to operate these flying objects is much too abundant to place a price on. That kind of energy would simply destroy the current economic program that we have in place. I know, we’re all insane as we keep using a system that is technologically obsolete- but, I'm sorry, we have all socially agreed to stick with the dark ages, so we must hide the realities of what we know.

    Oh, and the other thing we do, is place the word (alien) to the flying technology we possess for the purpose of really discrediting what we want hidden from the general public.

  2. Aye - the word 'Unidentified' sets the mind up for an unending conundrum; an excellent piece of psy-ops, Anonymous.
    Another reason for these technologies to remain deliberately concealed is the fact that governments won't allow 'their' people to cross national borders without lethal Xrays and/or body searches. Free energy and freedom in general are incompatible with today's outmoded pseudo-democratic or outright autocratic regimes.
    Property isn't theft but controlling people is the theft of freedom & the monetarist system is designed to steal the planet from everyone!
    We can't afford money any more. It's costing the world.

  3. Yes, we have a former governor (Jesse THE MIND Ventura) fighting this Xray intrusion that he believes may be effecting his health. He has a titanium hip and he sets the alarm off every time he's at the Minneapolis airport. He's now suing a few rascals down there at home land insecurity for violating his 4th amendment rights. Little does he know that he probably won't win because these overtly fascist organizations are protected under various UCC-1 laws. These people literally have a different set of laws and or codes of conduct that render constitutional laws obsolete. They have literally un-incorporated themselves from governments around the world. I actually like Jesse, even though I think he's a modern day pirate. I think he should consider renaming some of his shows Conspiracy FACT.

  4. Interesting, (POTENTIALLY)- "if it's not already been done, humans can duplicate this foreign "MEMORY METAL". At first many people believed that this metal was a Ni/ X2 composition. Now, appearently, this recovered "memory metal" is a certain % percentage and (or) Ti/Zr )elemental) composition. Yep, that sounds about right. I am sure that a process could be created (here on earth), undwer certain atmospheric pressure (maby, an environment VOID of O2) to forge/duplicate this "aluminum foil- like" metal. The properties are "pretty neat". Hmmmm, what about all that HYPE on the 40's about the difficulty attempting to destroy or alter the metal. The reports that I have read claim that diamond cutters, Cobalt drills were destroyed during the testing process. If this stuff is only made/composed of TiX/ZrX, then, exactly why was this metal stronger than a "DIAMOND"? I am a little confused here?????????

  5. HUMANS ARE READY, HUMANS ARE INTELLEGENT ENOUGH AND HUMANS ARE PROGRESS ORIENTATED! At this point in TIME, TIME humans can create a "very interesting" device. A device which utilizes AMBIENT/ENTHROPIC ENERGY to create "just about", FREE ENERGY. A small contraption can be created that converts/stores/harnesses certain/specific energies and convert this energy to limitless power source(s). These modules can be combined with otherts (with a universal) adapter. Just place the cube anywhere. The cube is designed to utilize sunlight (ohotonic energy), magnetic/electromagnetic energy (from the earths magnetic field and vartious other sources), heat (weather changes/ the sun etc...), Gravity (blank, blank etc...), Radio waves, microwaves, cosmic waves background radiation (ambient sub-atomic electromagnetic energy), and dozen(s) of more ambient/entrropic energy. Your CUBE(s), can be connected to other cube(s), IE- your neighbor, familt, significant other, friend(s) etc.. Now, you haqve a device of limit-less power that can be connected (almost infinatly) to other cube(s) "in order to increase stored power" to power almost anything. A system could be created even to sell this power (or) energy, ise this energy in your home, car or vacations. This cube would have to have several universal adapters to connect to your car, cell phone, appliances (anything). I would imagine that the Government would have control over the number of cubes that could be connected, the CUBE- to - CUBE connecting adapter(s), and the other specs. With all the SEEMINGLY WASTED ambient/enthropic energy floating around, Well, it's just a matter of TIME before (practically) everyone has at least 3 or 4 of em. I have located over 350 sources of AMBIENT/ENTHROPIC ENERGY that is just waiting to be harnessed and utilized.
    Time Travel Institute Member/


    The UNIVERSE seems 'quite ;arge" - "so 2 speak", who knows exactly what strange thingas are out there, "going on". Maby theres a planet where diamagnetic (or para0magnetic) material/elements/compounds just float on the surface. Maby, theres a planet stuck between 2 (or several) dimensions and (or) shifting between time (the past,present or future) itself. Maby theres a planet where you are constantly moving into the past , opposed to the future. Maby, theres a planet where ther planets actually FLAT. Maby there are energy/matter interchangable beings that can go from matter directly to energy and travel at 186,000 miles per second (or beyoned that) and "at will" condense or re-shape back into solid matter beings again. Maby, there are beings composed "totally" of solid matter "no atomic/biologic spaces between thier atomically solidified life-form composition. Maby there are places where space/time is traded like money is traded here on earth. Maby, there are planets where the entire planet is "somehow cloaked" Maby, in earth's past super-genetically advanced dinosaurs came back to earth in spaceshjips breathing fire from flame throwers (like Draco the dragon wearing a back pack with a flame thrower,. Maby, there are certain planets dimensionally connected to one another (so if you were traveling on a road on one planet you would continue traveling on a similar road but on another planet). maby there are places where energy condenses at a given focal point to create solid matter. Maby there are worlds where time is stopped or frozen, a world where time actually stands still. Maby there are worlds where "long passed" that had left numerous resources for man to locate. Maby there are worlds where plant life is not only the dominant species but plants can walk, talk and think. Maby millions or even trillions of years from now another species of humans (on another planet like earth) will hear the music and watch the movies that we have been pumping out into space in the form of radio and television waves , in amazement and awe! Maby some race of beings figured out a way to send energy communications into the past in order to contact us in the present (1977 WOW), Maby, just maby there are creatures or beings that have an extremely and highly developed emotional region of thier mind where emotions, desires, dreams expand to include many many other mystic and diverse cognitative functions. Maby, there are beings that have hundreds of sences, opposed to our 5 sinces (excluding those with a 6TH sence of humor). Well, the imagination can be an invaluble resource to any person "here on earth", imagination, thoughts, ideas can change the world and create a world of unlimited possibilities. Who knows , maby with nano-technology a miniture earth can be created. Can you imagine a duplicate earth "the size of a basket ball" / "with actual water on the surface" spinning and moving around "in a circular path" around a heat/light source that "very much" resembles our own sun.


  7. Smart metal is strictly terrestrial, despite the disinformation above planted on the web for suckers of the ET cover story for advanced tech squandered by the DoD. Nitinol's discovery predates Roswell by decades. History (from Wikipedia):

    The first reported steps towards the discovery of the shape-memory effect were taken in the 1930s. According to Otsuka and Wayman, A. Ölander discovered the pseudoelastic behavior of the Au-Cd alloy in 1932. Greninger and Mooradian (1938) observed the formation and disappearance of a martensitic phase by decreasing and increasing the temperature of a Cu-Zn alloy. The basic phenomenon of the memory effect governed by the thermoelastic behavior of the martensite phase was widely reported a decade later by Kurdjumov and Khandros (1949) and also by Chang and Read (1951).[1]

    The nickel-titanium alloys were first developed in 1962–1963 by the United States Naval Ordnance Laboratory and commercialized under the trade name Nitinol (an acronym for Nickel Titanium Naval Ordnance Laboratories). Their remarkable properties were discovered by accident. A sample that was bent out of shape many times was presented at a laboratory management meeting. One of the associate technical directors, Dr. David S. Muzzey, decided to see what would happen if the sample was subjected to heat and held his pipe lighter underneath it. To everyone's amazement the sample stretched back to its original shape.[5][6]

    There is another type of SMA, called a ferromagnetic shape-memory alloy (FSMA), that changes shape under strong magnetic fields. These materials are of particular interest as the magnetic response tends to be faster and more efficient than temperature-induced responses.

    Metal alloys are not the only thermally-responsive materials; shape-memory polymers have also been developed, and became commercially available in the late 1990s.


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