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Saturday 8 January 2011

Fire From Water: Free, Clean Fuel From Water Part 1

Fire From Water

Free, Clean Fuel From Water

 Part 1


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Most people have heard the old urban myth about the man who ran his car on water. Well, these eyes have seen that myth made flesh - along with many other witnesses, including  journalists, physicists and engineers who were all astounded and/or mystified by the scientific ‘miracles’ abounding around Yull Brown, a Hungarian refugee living in suburban Sydney, Australia. 

A short, balding man peering from behind black-rimmed spectacles, always spreading remarkable ideas in his heavy eastern European accent to those who would listen, Yull fitted the stereotype of a mad scientist perfectly. He wasn’t mad, but he was a scientist in the truer sense of the word – and just a little too clever for his own good.

Yull had worked with various gases for many years when he began to discover the unique properties of what he came to call ‘Brown’s Gas’ and some call ‘Hydroxy’. 

Most people today have heard of the potential of a hydrogen economy. The idea of using hydrogen to fuel vehicles was widely touted in the 1970s as a potential solution to the OPEC oil crisis, but there was no obvious and economically sensible way to split hydrogen and oxygen out of H2O – water – and store it safely. The designs for ‘alternative’ fuel systems involved huge and dangerous separate pressurised tanks for the two gases, that were far larger and more unwieldy and dangerous than even conventional liquid explosive fuels such as petrol or alcohol. 
Brown’s Gas is different in many ways. For a start, it’s a mix of hydrogen and oxygen in gaseous form held in the same storage tank - a state that’s normally declared dangerously explosive and illegal.  But Brown’s gas is stable in this state. 

Realising the potential applications, Yull powered a car with the water-derived fuel and drove for over a thousand kilometers with no hiccups – and plenty of witnesses. Things were looking up, with the likelihood that future transportation could be powered by a clean fuel – and one that could be used in today’s engines.

At this point it should be noted that the forcible wresting of control of patents is by no means unusual in the history of inventions. Baron Diesel – inventor (and patent holder) of the diesel engine – met his end under mysterious circumstances, as did the inventor (and patent holder) of the automatic clutch.
 In this light it should come as no surprise that, in the tradition of the urban myth made flesh, Yull Brown was paid a personal visit by two men in black suits driving a black limousine, who were very insistent that he come for a ride with them. Their strong American accents added an air of unusual menace in quiet suburban Sydney during the Cold War. Leaving friends and family gaping in his front garden, they drove Mr Brown on a winding route up the mountains overlooking the city, where they stopped at a lookout and stepped out of the car with him.

“Nice view, isn’t it Yull?” one of the men asked from behind his dark glasses. The sunset view of the cityscape stretched away to the sea. Yull agreed it was a lovely view.

“Well you know, Yull, that gas you’ve got hold of, it’s very interesting stuff. And you know, it has many, many potential uses. But fuel isn’t one of them, Yull. Our advice to you is, if you want yourself and your family to have a chance to see this view again,” the stranger took in the glorious image with a sweep of his arm, “you’ll forget all about alternative fuels and get on with something else. Do you get my meaning?”

Soon afterward, Yull Brown quietly packed up his family and equipment and disappeared. Years later he turned up again with a swag of international patents under his arm for a new welder – that incorporated a Brown’s Gas generator. The welder and generator could be powered with 24 volt DC power – and otherwise used only water and a 5% catalyst (fully recovered) of caustic soda to produce the fuel, er, gas, and the only waste product was water vapour. His worldwide patents covered the secret of economically splitting the gases from water – his apparently conventional electrolysis cell that produced exceptionally unconventional results…


by R.Ayana

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