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Monday, 24 January 2011

That´s Impossible! - Weather Warfare

That´s Impossible! - Weather Warfare

Full Documentary from The History Channel  

Connections between Tesla technology, HAARP, weather weapons, climate control, earthquake manufacture, chemtrails and much more.

Image - http://sitfu.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/HAARP-MAP.jpg

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  1. So this world is like corrupt. Ofcourse they will say that the HAARP is for military reasons but everyone knows that this is just another sign of the end times. I do not believe it's only the government behind anything that's going on in the world today. I feel it goes way deeper than what some can imagine. I enjoy this article. Also this isn't anything I will take for granted. There is only one God. When will "Man" realize that they will never be him? I recommend anyone to trust him only because the days we live in are very wicked. People are trusting the wrong people and praising the wrong people. Doesn't anyone find it funny how everything in Revelations in the Holy Bible is coming to past. Disasters, killing, Gay rights, careless presidents,very low income, homeless people, etc. It goes on and on and this is exactly what "they" want. Hmmm..

  2. A close reading of Revelations - a history of past Babylonian events masquerading as prophecy, thanks to the inane and coercive cathoholic church - fails to provide one with these insights, anon. If thy god is everywhere and everything and humankind is created in that image then thou art god.There is no divine being who requires worship or praise; perhaps you've met a demon in de skies - but angels do not play this HAARP.


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