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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Earth Government and the Big Lie

Earth Government & the Big Lie

The choice is not whether to have a world government or not – the question is, do you like the world government you have at present?

If you can look a being in the eye they may be able to represent your interests.

Most people realise lawyers are inherently liars – they must be able to misrepresent the truth to make a living – or money, at least. Most politicians are lawyers. This definitely qualifies them as liemakers. Corruption coexists with idealism at all levels of human society - and the higher up the totem pole of power the greater the temptation to ignore duty.

Real representative democracy can only exist if the elected members of government represent the interests of their neighbours. To do this they must speak with their neighbours eye to eye regularly; which must preclude the possibility of effectively running a business.

To avoid corruption, public office must come to be seen as a high calling, foremost a duty and responsibility – a full-time job for the term of a government, which must after all sit for at least three-quarters of each year to be effective. Remuneration for elected public office must cover legitimate expenses, if government is not to become a bloated, self-serving and self-perpetuating dynastic dinosaur populated only by the rich.

Those who would place themselves above their fellows must be prepared to do so on a voluntary basis or not at all. Public office is not a prize to be contemplated in competition with private, corporate rewards but a reward for excellence in itself.

Private Party?

The existence of  political parties makes representative democracy impossible – unless formal parties are allowed to exist only on a voluntary basis with no sources of funding (including ‘donations’) - and only to advertise minimally through publicly subsidised campaigns. Real representatives can take the discussion directly to their neighbours, after all.

These simple changes would overturn entrenched inequity and nepotism which have characterised human government for millennia. The pyramid hierarchy which controls the world must transform into a circle of beings.


Generation Therapy

Most of Western civilisation’s baby boomers - parents and grandparents to today’s children – were products of stunted post-Victorian neurotics who were permanently traumatised by world wars and depressions. Without radical personal transformation many have perpetuated that trauma in their offspring.

The Earth has existed on a war footing for so long its people are kept in perennial shock. Historically this makes it easy for the priestly, warrior and ruling castes – the educationalists, warriors and the owner/rulers - to control the herd/horde. They convince the tribe of the need for hierarchy through fear and bribery in a milieu of artificial terror; a fear which feeds on sibling rivalry and Oedipal simplex. Rulers maintain their position by keeping the castes separate and suspicious of each other.



To know peace is to be peace. For one being on the planet to truly know peace, all must know peace.

The belief in a need for warrior and ruling castes is what holds the Earth back from being a unified planet and maintains the hivelike hierarchies and inequities of human society. To have warriors at all is to have wars – not the other way around. To have a standing army you must maintain experienced troops. To do this you must have regular military conflict – preferably at five to seven year intervals, but once a decade or generation is the minimal requirement for the maintenance of trained killers.

The historical popular predilection for bread and circuses usually leads to obesity and gladiatorial conflict. Sporting grounds and arenas are not merely a highly visible allegory of war – they are a breeding ground for violent killers.

The House on the Hill

Once upon a time almost all humans were nomads wandering through various aspects of a vast garden paradise. As with such surviving peoples today the women collected most of the food and were the nurturers of the children at the core of the clan, the centre of the circle around which the relatively expendable males orbited in wide ellipses. They usually had a separate fire, away from the women and children.

These ellipses carried the males far from the hearth fires and into the territories of predators; the need for defence against these led to the technology and mentality which made hunting meat possible, instead of merely scavenging it.

Their extended spear-wielding forays away from the clan made it possible for the male hunters to develop a sense of heightened independence, mobility, strength and imagined superiority over other clan members. After eating much of the kill (particularly the organs, which must be gutted before the carcass is carried), they brought the remainder back to the tribe, where they were commonly rewarded with sexual and other favours – while the meat from the hunt was a rare and prized commodity.

The tribal women realised that the seeds and roots they collected would grow well every year in certain campsites; learning the subtle secrets of plant propagation they stayed longer at these sites and began to learn how to domesticate animals. Slowly, these sites became villages in which the clans remained all year – except for the hunters, whose meat was no longer a unique gift but merely another option. Their mentality now began to diverge widely from the other more settled members of the tribe.

Their meetings with other hunting bands had often led to bloody skirmishes, but now these bands of brothers could raid fixed settlements and their tribes were raided in return. Long before raiding groups were mounted on horses the warrior caste was an established unit in human society. They return to the tribe and camped separately in a strategic point, often on a high hill.

Soon this merry band became the baron on the hill with his retinue of pikemen, holding the villagers hostage to his protection – ostensibly from the baron on the next hill (though they also protection from his own war-heeled men). And the baron on the next hill was usually his brother – or cousin.

Thus the seeds of the modern hive society are sewn into the fabric of primate behaviour, leading to the propagation of the fattest and most insecure control freaks -  the military/industrial complex. But they are not the true rulers. Long ago, the baron was suborned by even greater vested interests…


The Fourth Reich

The spokespeople for the Earth’s rulers in the early Third Millennium have, over its first years, mixed great truths with big lies in their pronouncements to the globe.

The resident Bushes and their current fellow front men of the US (the rest of the world is ‘them’) have, before the nations and tribes of Earth in the UN General Assembly, announced that there is a New World Order – the New World gives the Orders and the Old World had better shape up or ship out. This represents an internecine struggle between the hidden rulers whose spokespeople you see and hear.

Further global announcements by the Resident detailed this policy further - widely reported for a few hours and immediately buried among the deluge of mediated debris; foremost among them is the announcement before the United Nations that the US will not tolerate an attempt by any other nation to approach its level of power, militarily or economically, in the future. This is a rare truthful statement by the power elite.

Another is that the US will maintain supremacy in space, not allowing any other nation a foothold; a fence around a prison planet.

The Big Lie

You can fool all of the people some of the time, some of the people all the time, but not all of the people all of the time. As shown by the Third Reich of the Nazis however, it’s only necessary to tell a breathtakingly enormous lie to fool most of the people most of the time. A huge lie will almost never be exposed (as attested to by modern human civilisation itself) and is usually created to band the tribe together to fight an imaginary enemy.

So we come at last to the lie of the Millennium; that an organisation called Al Qaeda (the Quest) destroyed the World Trade Centre, necessitating the invasion of Afghanistan (already long planned for the same month), Iraq and, ultimately, the rest of the world – starting with the oil fields, of course.

Actually, there is no Al Qaeda. Those who remember the non-existent Symbionese Liberation Army from the non-existent nation of Symbia well recognise the precedent. In the 1970s this fake CIA front kidnapped newspaper tycoon Hearst’s daughter and ‘reprogrammed’ her to become a terrorist, breaking the power of the family of the real Citizen Kane. This is merely the same on a larger scale. Many already realise half the truth and believe that Al Qaeda was created and funded by western intelligence. The breathtaking reality is that Al Qaeda doesn’t even exist! The perpetrators were mainly Saudi nationals – paid assassins who were anything but devout Muslims.

Osama Bin Laden is/was the son and brother of billionaire business associates of both the Bushes. George Bush Sr is a previous head of the CIA – a far more important post than the titular reward of the presidency. Bin Laden represents a modern Hassan I Sabbah to the Islamic world – the Old Man in the Mountain who was the father of the first Assassins in the time of the Crusades – the man after whom the assassins (and some say hashish, although this also means ‘dried herb’) were named; the first millennial ‘terrorists’, Ishmaelies who were rewarded in paradise for martyrdom.

And the date of the strike against freedom was impressive as well – until 2001 September 11th was the sacred date of the anti-globalist, anti-capitalist movement – the brilliant and characteristic work of Psy-Ops all round. That 911 is the US emergency phone number should come as no surprise – ‘emergency’ and the WTC bombings are now inextricably and subliminally intertwined concepts in the American mind.

How much more do you need to know before the truth begins to dawn amid the miasm?

By R. Ayana, July 2003

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