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Tuesday 25 January 2011

Abundance Extinguishes Money

Abundance Extinguishes Money

Money, trade, barter and bargaining are artefacts of unnecessary contrived scarcity

All the tenets, customs and beliefs of today’s civilisations are based on the notion of scarcity. Trade, barter, banking, business, marriage, schooling – all are based on the idea that a finite amount of resources are available and that scarcity is normal. Priests and pundits have been telling us this throughout humankind’s feuding feudal history.

It’s a lie. We live in an infinite universe.

As populations continued to increase, people tended to compete for just about everything. But is scarcity the source of feuds and wars, or is feuding the real cause of scarcity? Cooperation makes possible many things that would be untenable for individuals or families. It’s the true basis of all human civilisations and societies. Competitiveness is a dangerous illusion that deprives everyone of happiness and freedom.

Competitiveness begins at each parent’s knee, when a child is taught either to scream or communicate for attention depending on the actions and reactions of an uncaring or considerate mother and father. Were you taught to cooperate of to compete? Wanting your child to succeed is normal; wanting them to do better than anyone else is paranoid and unhealthy for all concerned.  Wars are more often caused by greed and egocentrism than by competition for diminishing resources.

Competitiveness, not scarcity, is the root of all war. Many war-bred societies view anyone who refuses to compete with their brothers and sisters as incompetent, and these cultures (or families) foredoom themselves to ongoing strife. Societies that reward the biggest bullies with the choicest cuts and most desirable mates are not enacting Darwinian survival-of-the-fittest modes. They’re dumbing themselves down and creating a world where the fattest and least fit thrive – for a little while.

Ever since prehistoric eras – when nomads developed extended kinship relations based on reciprocal interdependence – trade, barter and other forms of exchange have been beset by an underlying anxiety that any bargain struck might be an inequitable deal. Distrust, feuds and feudalism inevitably arise from these impurely forged relationships, and mistrust ends up determining the structure of societies.

When the human race was jostling for position and territory in feudal times, control of populations and produce was the norm. The land’s bounty was taxed and locked into silos by priests who doled out small amounts of food to the farmers who’d grown it, controlling life and death by ‘virtue’ of supposed holiness. Unjust divisions of resources became ingrained in the minds of peasant and potentate alike as a supposedly ‘natural order’ and the priests eventually devolved into tax men, beurocrats and bankers.
This vampiric system of power and control still pertains today, even after centuries of revolutionary ‘Enlightenment’. 
Overprivileged individuals, families, professions, sects, gangs, private clubs and other fat cats glean all the cream for themselves and allow only crumbs to those below via the ‘trickle down effect’ – as they piss themselves laughing from the remote windows of tall towers, pouring their toxic largesse down on the ignorant peons whose life’s blood sustains them.

Professional bankers, habitual CEOs and apparatchik politicians eventually all come to consider themselves ‘born to rule’. As with law and medicine, it’s a natural result of allowing privileged ‘professionals’ to set the parameters of their work, and to control all numbers (doctors control the number of doctors), including votes and money, that entrench their positions of obsolete absolute authority.

Power tends to corrupt and mammon corrupts absolutely. The person who truly resides at the top of the pyramid of consciousness is not the time-poor authority figure atop the totem pole. The crown of creation is worn by any and every individual who’s managed to find a route to freedom – freedom from and freedom to – way beyond all approved routes, far from the monolithic tombstones of penis-envy skyscrapers and the ticky-tacky fakery of toxic suburban feedlots, where stupid workers and bosses alike have priced themselves out of life itself.

Iniquitous inequitable wealth is the major problem facing the world, along its inevitable creation; widespread poverty.  And yet as megalomaniac bankers have demonstrated time and again there is no scarcity of money, as money does not exist – it’s an illusion, not a real, actual good or commodity. Most who become addicted to striving for it are doomed to seek more and more until they become lost in greed and disappointment, for no matter how much they have, that which they seek isn’t tangible. You can’t eat, taste or feel long lists of zeros – but you can easily compete each other out of affordable homes and lifestyles by subscribing to an unfair system.

Inequity and unfairness are the primary issue for those interested in human evolution and collective enlightenment. Better to keep your eye on the prize than your nose to the grindstone – and the prize is freedom NOW, not in some putative future, but for you, the one who is reading this. If not now, when? If not you, who? Better still – dare to dream of paradise for everyone.

A civilisation that develops true abundance will have no need for money or other forms of formal exchange. In a world of plenty trade is unnecessary and cumbersome. Believe it or not, it’s technically feasible to create anything from nothing. All it takes is energy, and energy is free and abundant when you aren’t trying to smash atoms to boil a cup of tea or dig up a mountain to electrify blankets. We live at the tail end of stupid times.
The once ‘futuristic’ notions of working for credits and electronic transaction systems will be superfluous when everyone has access to everything they require or desire.

Decades ago it was realised that automation would do away with most mind-numbing and dangerous jobs. For many years people seriously discussed how humankind would deal with expanding amounts of leisure time. What do you do with all that free time when no-one’s ordering you around any more – when all you’ve really been taught is to obey and conform? Instead people have been suckered into working like dogs until they die for no real purpose at all, propping up endless wars and needless competitiveness that profit a self-chosen few.

Now it takes three working parents to ‘afford’ to live in a house and no-one is free, least of all children. What a terrible, deplorable joke – and yet the majority have fallen for the dumb rise and given up all their time – their freedom – for handfuls of imaginary potage, to pass imaginary debts down to their grandchildren instead of patrimonies.

Few people can stand being idle for long. Most want to create, to work, to build and be constructive. But in the world we’ve created people can’t easily choose to work at the tasks they wish. It would be so easy to contrive a truly civilised civilisation, where people could pursue their dreams and exercise innate talents, instead of being coerced into humdrum or makework jobs because of artificially contrived shortages and carefully maintained inequities.

Today’s humans have been so thoroughly brainwashed with images of the necessity of ‘working for a living’ and the ‘virtue’ of endless work that they imagine toil is a virtue in itself and that peaceful enjoyment and hedonism are vices. Enslaved societies of tired workers have long been entrained to keep each other on leashes and lock themselves into barred suburban cages at night. Domesticated primates are trained to keep each other ‘in line’. It’s remarkable how peaceable most people are – how millions can cohabit tiny cramped spaces with such extraordinary harmony. We are truly a cooperative and well meaning species.

We now have unprecedented abilities and technologies at our fingertips. We can tap inexhaustible supplies of eternal energy and create any material or form we like from energy itself. The implications are astounding – but who’s ready to live in such a truly brave new world of unparalleled freedom?

Who is prepared and able to live in a world of abundance, where there’s no need for work or for lord, god or master? Who’s ready to simply kick back and enjoy the ride, secure in the knowledge that the universe will provide if we only believe it will? Who can cope with the wisdom of non-security?

Some are always ready to take this next step. A new era dawns and humankind evolves to suit the changing times, piecemeal, one at a time. Do you want to be free?


Freedom IS free. Turn on. Tune in. Opt out and drop into the party. Stop working for the Man and jump off the treadmill. There’s plenty of REAL work that needs to be done, and plenty of fun to be had. Stop using the redundant tools that keep the planet-munching juggernaut of destructive corporate competitiveness rolling onward. Get out from under. Tell the boss he’s wrong. Make a real friend, and spend time with your real friends and family. Go for a walk at take a good look at the extraordinary wonders of all creation. It’s your world.

Listen to the strange thoughts banging around in your head. How many are yours, and how many are repetitive programmed mush? You create your own reality with every deed, word and thought. You are a child of the universe. The world responds to your will, and will always provide for your true needs if you realise the truly benevolent nature of nature and human kind. Open your heart and mind to the wind and the wild.

The other, ‘normal’ option is a nasty road to oblivion. Do you really want a normal life for yourself and your children?
Scarcity is bullshit. Abundance is real. Make some now.
Time appears to flow onward…
- R. Ayana

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  1. Yes RA. People talk about what they would do if they had enough leisure time, and many say, "I don't know what I would do" And I often say, you'll do what you love to do and nothing more. Some people love to grow organic foods, some people love to take care of people, some people love to take care of animals, some people love to pick up garbage, some people like to invent free energy technologies, etc... A basic chore that one person might hate doing, another person might love doing. Think about it, in a non-money based society roughly 95% of all current wasteful jobs would simply cease to exist. The remaining 5% would be production, distribution and service jobs that people would naturally love to do. And people who love doing what they do are most always the BEST at what they do. So the incentive to contribute to betterment of society will not be money, but rather the genuine love one has to make things measurably better in harmonious balance with nature laws.


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