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Sunday 16 January 2011

AIDS: The Real Story - Prologue


The Real Story - Prologue

It’s been three decades since the first young men were diagnosed with a new disease or syndrome that appeared to destroy the human immune system. Many years later the unknown syndrome was named H.I.V., a previously unheard of human immune-system virus that is now familiar to everyone.          

Over twenty years ago, this writer began researching the issue in earnest. In the days before the Internet, this required detailed study in libraries – particularly the medical libraries of universities – and meant staying abreast of rapidly evolving and expanding fields of cell and immune system biology and what was referred to in those Cold War times as biological warfare.          

When the enormous amount of publicly available information was collated and assembled it told a story very different from that being spread by governments, mass media and health authorities, who were presenting the data and conclusions of many researchers in a strangely altered fashion. 
 The information was presented via a supplement titled AIDS – The Real Story, published by NEXUS New Times magazine in Australia in 1988, using its extensive independent distribution network to spread it as far as possible. Many readers in Europe, North America and other regions asked for – and were given – free permission to reprint and distribute the information. Controversies surrounding AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), its origins and ramifications were already becoming well known in Europe and Canada, but this knowledge was filtered out of the media in Australia, the USA and much of the world, where the ‘green monkey bites man’ story of the origins of the retrovirus was then ubiquitous.

At that time the Soviet Union was crumbling and the world teetered on the brink of global nuclear war for most of the presidency of Ronald Reagan, while AIDS cut a seemingly random swathe through societies. Gay men and women were abused, discriminated against, attacked and excluded from employment in restaurants and many other workplaces for years at the height of the hysteria, when AIDS was known as the ‘Gay Plague’ - and cited as ‘God’s Judgment on perversion’ by those pontificating from many pulpits.

The blessing of sexual liberation and equality - that had flowered from the 1960s and freed and empowered the youth of the West from centuries of disease, fear and ignorance – was crushed as men and women found a new reason to distrust each other and retreated into the perceived safety of monogamous marriage or celibate isolation.          

To disseminate the information more quickly the supplement was placed directly on the desks of many parliamentarians and media outlets. At that time Australian Prime Minister John Winston Howard was the Opposition Leader and his ‘shadow’ Health Minister agreed to hand a thousand copies around to all the representatives and senators in Federal parliament. The copies were shredded instead the next day and the Opposition health spokesman was sacked. He was preparing to use the information to attack the gay community (who he was pillorying as the major cause of the ‘plague’), so perhaps this was just as well.          

But the next day, Federal Police were watching the NEXUS office through binoculars from bushes - and everyone in any way connected to the publication was immediately investigated by the tax and social security departments, who turned up on all our doorsteps with suggestions that we cease having anything to do with NEXUS New Times. From an editorial perspective this was an interesting and almost confirmatory series of events, yet only proving, perhaps, that paranoids have enemies, too. Within three weeks all the staff had resigned except one, yet somehow the magazine survived and thrives even now. It’s well worth a read for anyone who wants to learn anything new or utterly different from the pre-digested pap masquerading as information we’re bombarded with hourly.          

 It’s now been more than a generation since AIDS began spreading. For most of that time heterosexual couples have been engaging in sex very regularly – yet to this day the only people who come down with HIV infection are intravenous drug users, people who come into very direct contact with infected blood or blood products, and the receptive partner in anal intercourse – not the active partner.          

If AIDS was spread by non-anal heterosexual activity then it would be present across almost the entire population in ‘developed’ countries, where so-called ‘safe sex’ practices are far from universal. Everyone would have already lost a family member or close friend to such a disease. 
Dangerous and insensitive to suggest as this may appear, what if HIV/AIDS is only spread by blood contamination or anal sex? Strange as it seems, this is what all the data pointed to at the time of publication of AIDS – The Real Story – and what it still reveals to this day. Many people who do not understand that anal sex is inherently unsafe for a number of reasons will continue to become gravely ill, while all of humanity fears the deepest contact and sharing available to men and women – because people have succumbed to a well-told lie. 
Associating the joys of sex with death has been a great incentive for wealthy, free and well-educated people to keep breeding predictably in easily managed nuclear family units. It’s been very good for production and made reproduction more easily controlled - now that people who had been freed by medicine from the fear of a horrific syphilitic death for only a generation or two can fear love itself once more. If this fear is learned to be baseless many things will change.           

In countries that are ‘under-developed’ the situation is very different for a few very important reasons. But everywhere, the same falsehoods about AIDS are spouted as gospel. The simple truth is, you can’t catch AIDS from ‘normal’ vaginal sex; neither this nor oral sex will spread a retrovirus unless blood contact’s involved. No doubt this statement won’t be easily accepted – even with all the empirical, day-to-day evidence (or lack of it) that stares anyone who actually looks in the face.

The Internet abounds with stories and conspiracy theories about AIDS and its effects and origins, so what’s going to be presented in this journal is expected to be taken with more than just a grain of salt. The evidence, however, tends to speak for itself – so please give it a hearing in coming weeks. Presenting it has already cost me dearly once. Let’s hope this time will be a much better experience for all concerned. 

- R. Ayana 


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