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Sunday 19 December 2010


We don't need no steenking aliens

by Harry Mobley
'At one point I believed that UFOs came from some distant planet, but, after much research, I've come to the determination that they are actually human made.
The following is their development timeline as far as I can tell.  I welcome additional information and comments…'
- H.B.
Thomas Townsend Brown becomes a physics student of Dr. Paul Biefield at the California Institute for Advanced Studies (later renamed Cal Tech). He discovered that if you apply high voltages of direct current to two metal plates separated by a dielectric, it would reduce their weight by a small percentage. The higher the voltage, the lighter it became, until it became weightless and could even lift a small payload.

Electro-Gravitic propulsion (what UFOs use to fly) is patented by T. Townsend Brown - who had expanded work done by Nikola Tesla.
This is called "The Biefield Brown Effect" or "Ion Wind".

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBBlZ8agldE





T.Townsend Brown submits proposal to the Pentagon for the development of a Mach 3 disc shaped electro-gravitic fighter craft.  It is called 'PROJECT WINTERHAVEN'. This is a copy of that document:

The proposal is not accepted.


Germany decides to develop Brown's antigravity discs for its Luftwaffe. Hitler can't admit that it is American technology so he claims that they had learned to harness 'Vril' - which he says is 'the mysterious energy of the Black Sun'.  In reality, the 'Black Sun' is only occultspeak for the solar eclipse.
The Nazi's first attempt was called the 'RFZ', after which came several models of 'VRIL' saucers, followed by seven models which were named 'HAUNEBU' - the latest having machine guns mounted on top and a Panzer style tank turret on the bottom.
Here are some images:

Germany designs a 360 foot long cigar shaped 'mothership' to be a mobile lauch platform for the smaller discs. They call it the 'ANDROMEDA'.

At this same time, they are sending expeditions to Antarctica to attempt to set up an air base to attack the United States from the South Pole. This area they called 'NEUSCHWABENLAND'.

Under 'OPERATION PAPERCLIP', over 760 captured top Nazi scientists and physicists who created these discs, and from other fields such as rocketry and mind control are brought to Fort Bliss, at El Paso, Texas; and White Sands Proving Grounds near Alamogordo, New Mexico.

A UFO disc crashes near Roswell, New Mexico. I believe it was a test flight of a NAZI craft.

Another disc shaped craft crashes near Aztec, New Mexico.....or does it?

Lubbock Texas - by this time our pilots are becoming adept enough to fly groups of Haunebu in standard 'V' formation. This became known as the 'LUBBOCK LIGHTS'. Sightings went on for about two months. Lubbock is just East of Alamogordo and White Sands.
Rene' Couzinet shows off his new French 'aerodyne' which he calls 'RC360'

A Canadian company, A.V. Roe contracts with the U.S. military to produce disc shaped aircraft under PROJECT SILVERBUG.

They name the disc AVROCAR..

Take a look at the picture at the top of this page. Beautiful, isn't it?

This is what that same disc, the AV-7055, looks like today...50 years later:
1950s and 60s
NASA uses the PEPP AEROSHELL - which was balloon launched from Roswell, New Mexico to test parachutes for the Voyager Mars lander program.  Oops!

British Airships develops the 'SKYSHIP',  which it hoped to use for passenger use.

Since 1962 MOLLER INTERNATIONAL has produced several types of VTOL craft, from disc shaped to the 'SKYCAR', which looks more like a Formula 1 race car.
John Searl tests his 'SEARL DISC' which uses his 'Searl effect'.
Astro Kinetics Corporation of Houson, Texas introduces it's 'DYNAFAN' VTOL disc.
At Wright Patterson AFB, four different sizes of disc shaped aircraft were sighted. I originally downloaded this pdf file from a site called 'USAF UFOS' in about 2003, and within a couple of days the site disappeared.
As far as I can find, this is the only place it still exists in it's entirety:

A few more photos from this file can be seen here about halfway down the page:
Here are some listings from the U.S. patent office:
Patented July 30, 1957: Constantin Lent, Saucer-shaped Aircraft, Pat.# 2,801, 058
Patented Mar. 11, 1960: John Sherwood, Vertical Lift Flying Machine, Pat.# 213, 529
Patented Dec. 11, 1962: Irwin Barr, Rotating Flying Machine, Pat.# 3, 067, 967
Patented June 7, 1960: Heinrich Flei├čner, Rotating Jet Aircraft with Lifting Disc, Pat.# 2, 939, 648 
Patented Nov. 27, 1956: John C. Fischer Jr., Rotating Circular Aircraft , Pat.# 2, 772, 057
Patented March 10, 1959: Homer F. Streib, Circular Wing Aircraft with Tiltable Ducted Power Plant, Capable of Vertical and lateral Flight, Pat.# 2, 876, 965
Patented Sept. 10, 1963: Nathan C. Price, High Velocity High Altitude VTOL Aircraft, Pat.# 3, 103, 324
Patented March 10, 1964: JCM Frost, Circular Aircraft Populsion and Control, Pat.# 3, 124, 323
Patented Jan. 26, 1965: Donald Eral Ordway, Circular Aircraft, Pat.#  Des. 200, 183 200, 183
Patented May 1, 1956: Leonor Zalles, Circular Aircraft, Pat.# Des. Des. 177, 564 177, 564
Patented Feb. 24, 1976: Paul S. Moller, Dixos, Calif. assignor to Discojet Corporation, Davis Calif., Flying Saucer Aircraft, Pat.# Des.  238, 938 usw. 238, 938, etc.

There are several reports of Lockheed making a two man anti-gravity fighter disc which was supposedly tested during Desert Storm in Iraq and called 'X-22A DARK STAR'. However, I haven't found any reliable sources to confirm that this craft exists.
Russian aviation company, 'EKIP' creates a saucer shaped ship. It has both passenger and cargo models
More recently, UFO sightings have mostly changed from disc shaped craft to triangle shaped.
These are reportedly built by Northrop Grumman, and they are the  'TR-3A BLACK MANTA' , [2] and the 'TR-3B ASTRA LOCUST'.

Several years ago, when I first heard of the TR3A, I was searching every possible place I could think of for pictures of it.
Even though the US government denies that this craft exists, the Czech army is well aware of it, and sees it as a very real threat.

I caught this drawing off their '.mil' web site:
 Why are the militaries from other countries familiar with these craft, when the American citizens who pay for them aren't allowed to know - and in fact, are lied to about their existence?

This picture I found on a site from Belgium.

A couple of years ago, I found a TR3B flight simulator program and did some test flying of the TR3B, but now, as you know if you clicked that last link, all links to that program download are dead.
This will give you an idea of what it was like:
Now begs the question:
Since there is ample evidence that  several countries around the globe have been flying these 'UFOs' for roughly 75 years, why are they still TOP SECRET?
The answer to that is 'PROJECT BLUEBEAM' - the last ditch effort to install the New World Order global government if all else fails... utilizing the time proven method called 'THE HEGELIAN DIALECTIC' .

Here's some examples of how it works, how it's been implemented in the past, and how UFO's fit in with the 'fake alien menace' scenario which is planned:

 ....you won't believe what they can do now...
Holograms in action:

..but but but...   if there aren't alien piloted UFOs...  what about crop circles?
Here's the people who make them:  
This is their teaching manual:

Here is an article showing some of my personal favorites:
Article on the profitability of making crop circles:
Here's a challenge for you...
If you still believe in aliens and that they make crop circles..
Find one picture of a crop circle without plank marks, and I'll post it here and admit that aliens could possbly be involved.
Can you?
The best way I can see to counter the 'Fake Alien Menace' and Project Blue Beam plan is to make sure the maximum percentage of the population is aware of reality. Please share this link:
From: http://reality101blog.blogspot.com/2010/02/evolution-of-ufo-we-dont-need-no.html
New Illuminati comments: Despite this elucidation of the Earthly evolution of UFOs this article does not constitute evidence for an absence of UFOs originating elsewhere and elsewhen. The sources of saucers are multifarious. Similarly, crop circles have more than one point of origin.

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