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Saturday 4 December 2010

Alice & the Rabbit: Holographic Universe

Alice & the Rabbit: Holographic Universe

Dreams are private myths and myths are public dreams
~ Joseph Campbell

Myths and Stories: Our attempts to describe the phenomenal world in a coherent and intelligible fashion. I use two basic categories of stories for the purpose of this article.  There are stories about individual journeys and there are stories about the collective’s journey, beyond the regionalism of tribes or nations - stories applicable to the collective of humanity because the message is universal in scope. 

The theme of a universally valued story is about a quest relevant to and involving the whole. In other words the well being of the whole is at stake. Certain actions must be carried out in order to insure a continued and brighter future for the collective.

Stories containing universal values and themes are known to us as myths. A myth is a true story told in symbolic terms. A corrupted myth is a symbolic story understood in literal terms (Judeo-Christian). This brings us to the crux of this article.  We live in age of mythic illiteracy and subsequently we are unable to derive the meaning and therefore the deeper value of mythic stories unless we are hit over the head with the obvious. Think Avatar.
Story telling was once how we conveyed the mystery, awe and workings of our world.  Stories were vivified in the language of metaphor, imagery, archetypes and symbols. Motion pictures approach the ritual of ancient story telling much more so than books.

Neo's rebirth and awakening. Every mythic story contains metaphors reflecting the point at which we awaken to some new reality as a result of what we have learned and/or has happened to us. We are dealing with instances that shake or alter our perception of reality. Such an infusion then triggers other behaviors and the hero's journey begins in earnest.

Most of us go see a movie and unless we are familiar with the meaning of symbols and archetypes we are apt miss out on much of what is being conveyed and/or we take the movie literally. Think The Matrix. Many believe The Matrix is a sci-fi account about machines that have taken over the world. 

But when viewed through the lens of mythos The Matrix is a near perfect reflection of the human cultural condition in which our robotic nature has gotten the best of us. The reality is that there are flesh and blood humans at the controls and they are robotically committed (by encultured habit) to the horror we now live. 

When I say “we” I am referring to humanity and the vast majority of humanity is subject to the ruthlessness of the few.

A mythological understanding of stories says that they are reliable, veritable and useful reflections of life, culture and the cosmos. The article you are reading is concerned in particular with those stories reflective of not only the human collective, but also the source of reality and our myths—the cosmos.

Messages from Beyond?


The mythologist Joseph Campbell discovered that many of humanity’s great myths share thematic content and common patterns of development. [1] Elements that transcend culture, time and distance. Some sort of interconnective tissue enables us to reproduce certain story elements with constancy and similarity.  The timeless and universal archetypes of Carl G. Jung are said to reside in the collective unconscious. [2]
The imprint of life’s rhythms and forms over millennia can account for the presence of shared motifs within our collective unconscious. Nature’s forms are constant and they are the same for everybody. 

But I have noted other elements in stories that cannot be accounted for via a local mechanism. Meaning that due to lack of certain circumstances the writer could not have acquired the content nor the significance of the content from either direct experience nor the reservoir of the collective unconscious - elements which some might dismiss as being arbitrary or fanciful bursts of sheer creativity. 

In many cases they could be, but I will argue that certain story elements might be acquired via a non-local mechanism. By non-local I mean the ability to access information via means other than direct sensory experience. Non-locality comes to us from discoveries in physics, but we may also attribute various forms of psychic and paranormal phenomena to non-local mechanisms. [3]

The reflection of reality in our stories is so consistent and accurate that I have wondered if there is not some means by which the integrity of reality is insured as it’s conveyed by the writer in his or her terms and without the writer even being aware of why they write the detail they do. Alice in Wonderland provides some excellent examples of what I mean in the foregoing.

A significant body of research now indicates that the subconscious is the “real brains” behind our decision making. And that our subconscious assessments are even more accurate than our conscious ones.[4] 

Our brains have been shown to compute decisions subconsciously and upon reaching a certain threshold of neuronal activity the solution slips into conscious awareness.[4] 

Studies show that our brains are hardwired to reach optimum decisions with the information it has on hand.[4] In other words left to its own devices the subconscious is extremely adept at reaching accurate decisions relative to the information it has on hand. 

The quality of our assessments is then dependent upon the quality of the information the brain is working with—simple enough.  We now have a reliable mechanism to account for the consistent and consistently accurate rendition of elements found in myths. We now need a mechanism to account for those story elements that could not have been accessed via the collective unconscious or standard sensory inputs. Enter the Holographic Universe. [5]


Rabbit Holes within Worm Holes
An individual is an ensemble of personality characteristics constituting a whole person. In turn the individual is part of a family and the family is part of a community of families and so on until we reach the greatest whole known as humanity.

Humanity in turn is but one part of the planetary whole. Wholes embedded or nested within wholes is the basic premise of a holographic universe. By applying a wholes within wholes line of reasoning, stories of universality need not involve scenarios like The Matrix or The Lord of the Rings where the collective is literally represented.  A family drama could just as easily reflect the human cultural condition just as every actor in a story could be said to represent one of our many selves (masks).

Alice in Wonderland is one such story, but before I delve into the imagery of Alice I want to take you down a portion of the rabbit holographic universe.
And don’t worry, you shan’t be late for tea… for in a holographic universe everything is always on time.

The implications of a holographic universe are vast and this article touches on those with the greatest impact on our understanding reality. The article is not an in depth technical explication, but is intended to provoke curiosity into what many think, myself included, is the past, present and future of cosmology. I do however provide links to more thorough treatments.  I will also show how the holographic universe fits well with the cosmology I am developing based on the Tzolkin cycle.

Certain descriptions of a holographic universe sound like familiar spiritual concepts related to unity and wholeness. According to the holographic paradigm everything contains the whole of the universe and as much as the universe contains everything.   We are a reflection of the universe as much as the universe is a reflection of us and we may apply this analogy to anything. This aspect alludes to the most basic structure of the universe at the smallest scales. 


It says that whatever the order and properties of such a structure they are such that we can trace the past and calculate the future in the most unconventional of ways.  Then factor for the simultaneity of past, present and future and things begin to get curiouser and curiouser.[5b]
The foregoing implies a repeating pattern. More on this further down.
The universe contains us and we contain the universe or more precisely we are extrusions of the Universe. That is we are like a fold in the continuous fabric of the Universe that is shaped into yet another form as permitted by the local conditions.

Think of a telescoping mechanism in which the same object is extended (extruded). The fully extended telescoping object is segmented, but each segment is an identical version of the next (fractality). The only difference is scale or size, but the content is scale-invariant. Meaning that the content remains qualitatively consist despite differences in size or form.  So too are we telescoped-extrusions of the universe or energy-matter continuum. 

Electron Clouds - Click to enlarge

We may apply the classic holographic film example to my telescoping analogy. Any piece of a holographic film is capable of reproducing the entire image. But as we halve each piece the holographic image gets fuzzier. [5] If we start with a human and then trace the evolutionary ladder does not image of the human get increasingly fuzzier (furrier) the further back we go into evolutionary history? At one point we arrive at scale of an electron “cloud” which coincidentally looks like a dust bunny. Was that fuzzy enough? 

Implicate and Explicate Orders


The renowned Physicist David Bohm refers to reality as “The undivided wholeness of a flowing movement” and he gives the modern world a model that I think will clean up the messy world of particle physics.[6] His model of implicate and explicate orders is also poised to reconcile the rigid objectivity of modern science with the subjectivity of the mythosophical realm. Bohm’s implicate and explicate orders supports a holographic model of the Universe.[6]
In a holographic universe there are no real boundaries nor is there any real distance or any separation between one thing or another. [6] We simply cannot see the cojoining mediums.

But with the right tools (telescopes-microscopes-hallucinogens-states of mind-models) we can see or infer that they are there.

A holographic universe posits the simultaneity of past, present and future. The implication of simultaneity means that all of the information needed to reconcile the past, present and future already exists.[5b] The properly attuned receiver-perceiver is then able access information both into the future and distant non-personal past. Formal experiments with LSD [5] and remote viewing [5c] have revealed this.

In particular the ability to go into the past and access information pertaining to the craziest of things such as assuming the being of a reptile among many other formally documented instances that are comprehensible in a holographic universe.[5]

Amazonian shamans claim to have obtained their vast knowledge of the plant kingdom via the mental journeys they make while under the influence of ayahuasca.[8] Telepathy, psychic abilities and a host of other paranormal phenomena are understandable when we realize that additional frequencies of the electro-radio spectrum become accessible to the properly attuned receiver-perceiver.  Our brain may be likened to radio receiver and our neurochemistry the tuner. 

A holographic universe presumes an underlying order capable of relating everything to everything else and a system to account for what has been, what is and what will be.  This leads us to a deterministic universe and many don’t like that idea because of our encultured attachment to the inherited notion of Judeo-Christian (JC) free-will which when properly understood is a term for separateness.


Bound and Determined


JC free will is tied in with a creator that is not part of “his” creation. JC free-will presumes a free wheeling free will acting capriciously in some yet to be discovered vacuum of space. Yet there are consequences if we do something “against the will of God” even though “he” is separate from us — go figure.

A JC free will universe asserts an independence that we know does not exist. Every choice you make is always related to and in reference to and a consequence of some prior instance(s). Our choices are not made in a vacuum, but are constrained and predetermined by a range of circumstances. In the previous paragraphs I introduced the idea that the subconscious is the real decision maker.

All living organisms are driven by some force to grow, sustain, complexify and then dissolve.  We may decide if fortunate enough what kind of foods to eat, but we are compelled to eat. Eating, sleeping, reproduction, seeking shelter and experiences are determined primary behaviors and those behaviors in turn determine the actions we make in between each kind of primary behavior.
We are conceived, we are born, we grow, we decline and we die. A determined chain of events we are all bound to obey.  Our life is spent finding a place to sleep, procuring things to eat, reproducing and seeking experiences. Each act is actualized without needing to exert a will—we are driven by biological compulsion.

And biology is driven by the inherent properties of the same energy-matter it is constituted from.

You feel hunger in your stomach and sexual desire in your gonads. And we are naturally drawn to exploration which means moving around.  We are bound by design to act and react. Automatically we digest our food. Automatically our cells replicate millions of times a day. 

Circadian cycles tell our neurons to release melatonin thus inducing sleep. Brain cells automatically discharge dopamine when they are triggered by sensory inputs deemed pleasurable to our neurology. You don’t even decide what is pleasurable to you. Your brain cells had determined that before you were born. Experiences after birth determine what circumstances we will associate with pleasure (sexual fetishes). Where is the will in all of this? 

There is no need for a will, but rather an optimized option selecting system (OOPSS). Just having fun with that acronym.  Our OOPSS is itself governed by parameters.  Parameters such as economizing effort, avoiding damage and minimizing loss to name just a few.

A Code of Conduct


Our DNA behaves according to a determined set of rules defined by electro-chemical principles. Every single organism obeys the same rules we do and we do not say that animals have a will, but that they are instinctually driven. When it comes down to it we are qualitatively indistinguishable from other organisms. 

And if someone can show me show how we are qualitatively different from other organisms then by all means please leave a comment to that effect. One of the most cherished claims about human uniqueness is language. Language is just a name for sonic communication. All organisms communicate and many do so with sounds.

The DNA observes a specific sequence of events to accomplish what it is programmed to do. Every one of your internal functions is automatic. You can’t even help but react. Go to sleep and your brain dreams up fantasy realms of every sort. The mere act of observing triggers a mind boggling number of reactions inside your brain.

I know this is a very tight rabbit hole, but studies are pouring in to testify about what I am describing and it’s really not as bad as it sounds. We simply need to modify our understanding of how we actually function and then discover the means available to us to increase our options and ability to select options.[9]

A deterministic universe must operate by some sort of code known as the laws of physics or something like that. I am not convinced that the current approach of mainstream physics is the most accurate, the most sensible nor the only way to describe the way universe works and is organized. 

If a model cannot be readily applied to our everyday world then something is wrong with the model (Quantum Mechanics) or the modeler. The modeler may be burdened with subconscious assumptions about reality and/or may have inherited a worldview that interferes with the ability to accurately describe what they are seeing in their experiments. [10]

The scientific community has plenty of evidence to indicate that our present understanding of free will is an illusion.[9] Free will may be best thought of as relative freedom in which a slightly greater range of behaviors and options become available as we know more about all of the factors that can and do impinge upon our ability to make and access alternative choices.

The Conductor and Master Code?

Is the 260 day Tzolkin Cycle code the master code that underwrites all others? My works seeks to show how that is indeed the case.

We know what the code of life is (DNA). My work on the Tzolkin Code has shown a perfect code system match up with the genetic code.[11] I have also shown how the number system of the Tzolkin Code underlies every scale of the energy-matter continuum.[11]

As mentioned earlier a holographic universe must operate by a set of rules or code. A system is defined as such because it is constituted of discrete and interacting parts held in place by an intrinsic order or systematic process enabling its parts to function as a coherent whole. 

Parts in turn made of others parts. You and your trillions of cells are able of function as a coherent whole due to your DNA code and the rules of electro-chemistry. A society functions as a system because of various codes of conduct both “natural” and contrived.

The idea of universal code is also supported by the Digital Physics/Mechanics or computational model of the Universe.[12] I have come to believe that the Tzolkin Code is the universal code by which things move, arise and organize and it reveals the order, sequence and place to everything we see and don’t see. 

The Meso-Americans distilled the Tzolkin Code from their study of the numbers underlying the movements of the planets, Moon, Sun and stars.[13] They also mapped how the cycle manifests itself in the day to day human realm. Their knowledge of the Tzolkin cycle was written in the form of a code… a calendrical code.

Calendrics simply put is the study of the ebb and flow of cycles. According to my study of the Maya Meso American Calendrical system (MMAC) it seems that we may understand the “mind’ of the Universe via its various cycles, subcycles and states… that is the processes and process phases characteristic to our universe and its various extrusions. The Tzolkin Code points to specific correspondences between a given cycle phase and what we are apt to experience thematically.

Others including myself have written about how the Western worldview as represented by our language structure is noun (things) based whereas the Universe is perhaps best described as process rather than a static thing.[10] And it just so happens that pre-Columbian peoples of the Americas  have a process or verb based language indicative of process based worldview. [10]
Essentially the Western worldview is ill disposed to properly articulate what they are seeing in their physics experiments.[10b] Hence the jam in the physics community, a place with as many theories as there are particles. This is not to discredit Western science for their ability to manipulate energy-matter is nothing less than astounding, but a good tool maker is not necessarily a good cosmologist.

Golden Mean, Fractality, Recursion and Nestedness are expressed by the Tzolkin Code and are synonyms for Recurrent Themes

The Tzolkin cycle represents a distillation of the most basic cycles intrinsic to our solar system and their relationship to our Galaxy.  The sub-cycles of the Tzolkin cycle are represented to us in the form of a code – the Tzolkin Code. The Tzolkin code consists of 20 symbols denoting the world of forms and its archetypes (objectivity), 4 colors denoting states (subjectivity) and 13 dots denoting an intensity scale. It is helpful to think of a day as a discrete phase in cycles consisting of 4, 13 and 20 days.

Synchronicity and the Holographic Universe


The Tzolkin code predicts the thematic content of a given time period according to the meaning of the symbols used to denote each aspect. A holographic universe supports a thoroughly interconnected universe and goes further to imply that every event is synchronized in some relation to every other event.[5a] 

My experience and study of MMAC has lead me to understand how that is indeed the case. This is not hard to imagine when we realize that the trillions of cellular interactions happening within our body are synchronized activities. Without synchronization there is no organization. Try running your business with everybody operating on a different timing sequence.

An infinitely intimate and infinitely interconnected universe makes synchronicity a common place occasion for every bit of information is somehow relevant and related to every other bit of information in a holographic universe.[5]
Meaning aggregates in proportion to one’s awareness of relational factors.
That means that the more we know about how our world interacts, develops and unfolds then the more meaning we are able to derive from our experiences.

The Tzolkin Code alerts us to the thematic script we are all following and provides us with the full set of instructions permitting us to see just how interconnected and synchronized everything is.
To this effect mythic story telling is a function by which the undifferentiated or universe as a whole communicates with the differentiated collective via individuals whose cosmofunction is to relay information relevant to the whole.
Information that I believe serves the integrated function of a system and that is to maintain and optimize its own dynamic equilibrium.[14] Universal stories (info.) are handed down to us as myths (coded instructions). A myth is true story told in symbolic terms. 

Myths are to be considered whole messages (coherent information packets) generated by the workings of the universe as experienced and then related by extrusions of the universe known as human beings. A human being then extrudes ink or digital ink in a code format known as letters and the rules of writing.  The systems function of a universal message is to increase coherence among it parts. An effective message is passed on in proportion to its coherence.

Here is how the master story teller cosmologist said it himself:
It would not be too much to say that myth is the secret opening through which the inexhaustible energies of the cosmos pour into human cultural manifestation. Religions, philosophies, arts, the social forms of primitive and historic man, prime discoveries in science and technology, the very dreams that blister sleep, boil up from the basic, magic ring of myth…The latest incarnation of Oedipus, the continued romance of Beauty and the Beast, stand this afternoon on the corner of Forty-second Street and Fifth Avenue, waiting for the traffic light to change.
– Joseph Campbell, The Hero’s Journey

Click to Enlarge

The parable of the Elephant and Twelve Blind Men aptly describes the current situation of the sciences, religions or any other philosophical system attempting to model the workings, structure and order of the universe.  Each one detects a feature that is indeed part of the elephant, but each asserts that the whole creature is like the trunk or tail each party has managed to latch on to. I do believe though that the honor of describing the whole enchilada goes to the ancient peoples of present day Mexico.

I have given a cursory introduction into the mechanisms by which certain story features (coherent information packets) maybe universally accessed and relayed. And how we may rely on such stories to be accurate metaphorical renditions of past, present and future events and states. By events I don’t mean specific events, but events of thematic equivalence.

As telescoped extrusions of a holographic universe we are the eyes, ears, nose, hands and minds of the universe. All information about what has happened is stored and knowledge of what will happen can be calculated. Under the right circumstances certain individuals can access such information and what is expressed is nothing less than a download from the universal computer system accurately reflecting to various degrees what has been, what is and what will be.

All of the stories I refer to as being universal share common themes, archetypes and motifs.  A circular and holographic universe means a repeating script (sequence code) in which the content (characters-components) is constant and unchanging, but the outer forms (symbols, costumes, morphology) may and do vary.

The forgoing is what makes prediction possible. If you know the code’s rules and sequence you can predict what is next. I must stress that we can only predict the thematic content of a given time. Our knowledge of the seasons allows us to predict that spring will come again and we may predict the thematic content of each season.  Foreknowledge of the precise timing (hour-minute) and appearance-disappearance of specific human events may always be out of our reach and I don’t mind that, for I like surprises, but we may know the general theme and that is warning enough.

We have seen how every phenomenon follows a predetermined path from conception to death. All processes follow a standard script. Every ending has a beginning. A persistent and repeating universal patterning of the phenomenal world explains the consistency of certain story themes and features across cultures and time. But there are certain story elements in which neither direct experience nor the collective unconscious can account for its inclusion in the story. 

Part two of this article will examine the themes, characters and elements of Alice in Wonderland in relation to my premise of myths as communiqu├ęs from the undifferentiated collective (universe as whole) to the differentiated collective (humanity). Of particular focus will be those elements whose inclusion and arrangement in the story can only be explained either by random chance (misnomer ;-)or the non-locality of a holographic universe.
It’s time for tea now.

Part 2 Coming soon: Alice in Wonderland. The Caterpillar, the Mushroom and the Logos of the Universe (working title)

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