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Thursday 9 December 2010

Martian Forest Life & Biodiversity?

Martian Forest Life and Biodiversity?
Mars Anomalies: Forests, Water and Civilization

by Joseph P. Skipper

Pause the video and inspect each image slowly. Many are contentious but many are extraordinarily puzzling and revelatory. Here lie domes, plants and forests/jungles, glass tunnels & pipes, cities, lakes, fossil remains and spacecraft/spaceships on Mars. Most of the images from this slideshow come from the mars anomalies website @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dw9kNhXrNUI&feature=related

Before we embark into the much less familiar looking and stranger looking Mars forest life bio-diversity evidence such as in the last report [see http://www.marsanomalyresearch.com/evidence-reports/2007/114/forest-biodiversity-5-1.htm  ] and to come in future reports, this report will deal with life evidence that may be unfamiliar to the Earthly human eye, and yet at the same time in a form that can still be readily and conclusively recognized - at least as biological life of some kind. In that way it is very strong evidence.  

At the very least I suspect that most of you will be able to conclusively determine that it most definitely cannot be confused with any kind of geology, as some would have us believe, and take it from there. 

This evidence in the overall scheme of things is as strong and definitive as this kind of poor quality visual imaging as released to us can get as to life in general on Mars. I've been holding some the stronger quality evidence like this back a bit to give people and in particular the secrecy crowd time to adjust and reconsider prior beliefs. However, I'm including it here and now to demonstrate to both viewers and the powers that be as a minor warning shot across the bow that this planetary truth business is very real and that time is running out for those who wish to procrastinate and remain wrapped in a cocoon of delusion.  

The bottom line is that one needs to understand that we are entering a new age of change that is not going to ultimately leave much room for such choices. So it's better to begin to get used to the idea in the here and now while there is still time for some choice as evidence like this begins to make its presence felt in our world societal matrix. With that said let's get on with this report's evidence.  

The first image above is taken from near the bottom of the long official S06-00607 third listed .GIF science data strip and encompasses one side of the strip to the other which, according to the official statistics, is 2.95 km or 1.83 miles. Be aware that subsequent evidence images here will be working upward from this point and very near each other to the point of overlapping. 

This above first image is included here just to demonstrate to you how difficult it can be to identify life evidence in this very poor quality black and white satellite imaging as it has been released to us. The darker color evidence is too dark and the lighter color evidence is too light making the contrast between the two too strong canceling out a lot of detail. This official view demonstrates that, if it wasn't for the many branching tendrils extending out from the darker evidence on the left into the lighter color terrain adjacent to it, there wouldn't be much of a clue here that some of this evidence might be life and warrant closer examination. 

I suspect you can imagine that many scientists after trusting and naive scientists have looked at this very same image and passed on by it without remark. Why? Because it doesn't fit in any readily recognizable way with their well established paradigm expectations of how geology is suppose to look and is therefore ignored as inexplicable and dismissed as simply anomalous because they presume ahead of time that life is not going to be a factor worthy of serious consideration in this data unless it is so obvious that it just leaps out of the image right in their face and in reinforcing multiples. Well all I can say is good luck on that! It's just never going to happen in this heavily obfuscated imaging. If you want truth in this imaging, you're really going to have to dig for it including thinking outside the box. 

Actually this kind of predisposition is understandable when you have a trusting and to my mind naive academia personality that assumes that this imaging is not obfuscated, everything in it is true, and the resolution is as good as it can be. In fact, even when you have a less trusting more suspicious investigator type personality used to seeing some of the underbelly of life, there still isn't much here to go on that might be conclusive. In fact, there is no telling how many such images with good solid life information hidden in them that I have also passed over myself. However, at least, I didn't miss this one. 

The above second image is basically of the same scene as in the first image but now the view has been rotated 68ยบ clockwise to the right to provide a more correct upright view of the evidence. Of course it has also received some lightening and clarification work in it by me. This has caused the light color background to be over saturated with white eliminating smaller detail there but at the same time bringing the darkest color evidence detail into a little better view. Note that in each upper left and lower right corner you can see the edge of the strip. So this view is from one side of the strip to the other.

As you can see, absolutely none of the darker obviously elevated form evidence has any resemblance to rock or soil geology. So this evidence clearly cannot be explained by geology and yet it is evidence and something that just simply can't be ignored. What you are looking at is one form of slightly lighter color Mars forest life in the foreground that looks suspiciously like densely packed very upright more cold hardy fir/pine forest tree growth but likely isn't exactly that. In the background is a densely packed forest of stranger looking larger broader sprawling growth with many slender branches or tendrils. This latter evidence is actually a darker color than the foreground forest and I had to lighten the foreground forest evidence too much to bring out the detail of the background forest in this poor imaging.

I must warn you that the lightening of the evidence imaging here has eliminated too much lighter color background detail and that has done away with a important characteristic of the larger type forest detail. Not only does each of the larger size forest clumps demonstrate many tendrils extending out in the air, they also extend branching out in the ground level material well out from the base area of each living object clumps erupting the ground level material there.

This factor is what drew my initial attention to this particular larger size evidence in the image strip official view. So what ever life form this larger size background forest is, it is very likely different than anything that we here on Earth are familiar with, that is unless it's just that I am personally unfamiliar with it.

The above third image scene is shifted just to the right of and slightly up the strip from the view in the second image and immediately adjacent to it. The evidence here in this image is primarily of the lighter color foreground type forest evidence in the second image and provides a 150% closer view of this type of evidence. That is all the zoom factor that the official image will allow before the evidence detail starts deteriorating too much. This large patch's tighter view filling most of this image dimensions has allowed me to darken the evidence just a bit to a more natural state than was the case in the second image.

Even with this slightly better view, it is hard to determine just what this very tall and upright life form evidence is? Is it plants like trees or is it a very upright colony form of life? If this scene was on Earth with such poor quality fuzzy imaging, we would no doubt quickly assume that we're looking at a poorly seen forest of trees, and likely cold hardy fir/pine trees at that, but this is Mars where I have learned that a great variety of many different types of colony life forms have adapted and flourish there and so care must be exercised with such assumptions based on poorly seen visual evidence.

There is one extra thing I will bring your attention to though. Note how well and sharply defined the boundary edge line of this forest is where it meets the light color over saturated terrain just out from and away from the base of the tall upright forms. Is something else independent and smaller growing around the base of the upright forms too small and fine to see any detail of here at this poor resolution? Or, is this evidence a natural function of the upright form's growth and spread at their base area? Who knows but I suspect it may likely be more the latter than the former. If so, we may be looking at a forest of an upright stage of colony life here that the resolution just will not allow us to be conclusive about. 

The above fourth image moves the view just a little further to the right and up the strip adjacent to that in the third image. As you can see, once again we have the combination of the smaller foreground type forest evidence and the larger sprawling branching tendril background forest evidence type. Here the foreground evidence is less mature, smaller and more scraggly but now we have a much more telling view of the darker larger more sprawling branching tendril background evidence. Obviously this evidence is very strong as to representing life and yes larger size is better when it comes to viewing this evidence adequately in this poor resolution imaging. So do you see anything in the darker color evidence down there that looks even remotely like rock and soil geology?

Suggest you get your eyes up close to the screen and take a close look at the larger background forest detail. Once one clarifies this evidence providing some at least fairly decent detail of it despite the dark black and white obfuscation and puts the view into better more upright perspective, this very strong evidence literally leaps out at you as LIFE even if new and a bit strange looking. Even with the most stubborn in denial scientist and academic, it is hard to imagine there being the slightest chance of rationally confusing such evidence with geology. We may not know exactly what kind of life it is but, one thing is very clear, it most definitely is LIFE and on another world that is officially suppose to be devoid of it. This is what planetary exploration discovery is all about. 

Why would simple biological life evidence like this need to be a secret? What on earth could be so threatening about simple plants or trees or colony life? Nothing if you think like the average person but plenty if you think like the secrecy crowd. Remember that, although we might not be familiar with its visual looks, this more easily recognized evidence is almost certainly life similar to what we do know and accordingly clearly recognizable as such. Can you really bring yourself to believe otherwise? 

A forest with a density like this clearly doing well and flourishing rather than struggling to survive clearly implies sufficient ground water presence as well as air quality considerably different than that officially promoted and super freezing conditions being very unlikely. If so, then the clear implications is that this planet can in fact support life as we know and it appears plenty of it is already present there too.

Once viewers awareness unlocks and increases to this point and once viewers start breaking through the both artificially and self induced psychological obfuscation concept barriers to such basic perceptions, the secrecy agenda knows that it is then only a small next step to consider intelligent life and then even very advanced life with all its implications. In other words, in a click, click, click domino effect, the very fabric of deception and the information exclusivity that the secrecy protects begins to be threatened as a populace moves increasingly toward no longer being ignorant and under manipulated control. Hello!!

The above fifth image scene location is again just a little further to the right and up the strip over lapping from the fourth image scene. It demonstrates primarily now the sprawling branching tendril evidence but here getting smaller and more scraggly looking. The reason is because this is in fact on the edge of this forest as it peters out into a large expanse of more open empty looking terrain material just above this point in the strip.

Even though more scraggly looking, this less mature evidence is still very strong from a visual point of view because it is not as dense, massive, light absorbing, and thereby obscuring dark in color as the larger size evidence below this point presented in the previous images. Because of this, it allows a different and to some extent better view of the many individual branching tendrils or branches or what ever they are eventually determined to be. Even better, it doesn't require experts to tell one what one is looking at unless you really don't trust your own common sense or judgment capabilities.

As far as I'm concerned, accumulative evidence like this, especially in the strongest fourth and fifth images, is as indisputable conclusive proof positive of biological living life on Mars as its going to get and, after examining this, anyone who can believe otherwise is in my humble opinion living in denial and I might add on borrowed time. If your own common sense can't allow you to adequately interpret evidence as obvious as this as at least not being geology, then nothing can help you and I wish you well.

This evidence is obviously major but it is only a drop in a bucket filled with such challenging gauntlets ready to be thrown down. As unique telling evidence like this stacks and adds up here in this reporting, it is going to become increasingly difficult and eventually simply impossible for enough of Earth humanity and/or the secrecy agenda to hang on to the inaccurate illusion and deception of the past decades and generations that Mars is a frozen primarily carbon dioxide gas atmosphere enveloped dead world incapable of supporting carbon based life as we know it. We're entering the days now when this kind of illusion is all coming apart like rotting mush and coming to an end.

Further, and suggest you listen closely, the process is now accelerating whether some of us want it or not. If it is all beginning to get to be a little too real now, that can't be helped as growing up and adjusting into a new challenging environments has never been easy. We are all now entering a new age, one not only of technology advancing exponentially relentlessly driving this advance at its base, but one that will also require some different adaptive life psychologies from all of us to some newly aware of planetary environmental realities sooner rather than later. You can count on it.

The above sixth image from the companion S06-00608 wide-angle context reference strip demonstrates where the evidence in this report is located in a more regional context view as indicated by the white outline of the S06-00607 narrow-angle strip located within it. Note above the area where the darker forest evidence is located on a dark slanting finger sticking out in the light reflective terrain material as pointed out by the double arrows. Within that small dark finger of terrain, note the subtly different slightly lighter and darker color tones. The lighter color logically represents the foreground upright forest evidence while the darker color represents the larger size sprawling branching tendril forest evidence.

It is rational and logical to presume that most of the dark color light absorbing areas in the above S06-00608 wide-angle regional image to our right of the S06-00607 narrow-angle image white outline consists primarily of these two slightly lighter and darker forest life form types and perhaps more. 

You should be aware that the S06-00608 wide-angle regional image is supposed to be some 119 km or 74 miles across as measured horizontally according to the S06-00608 official statistics. That gives you an idea that forest evidence like this is not some small patch confined to the boundaries of the S06-00607 narrow-angle strip but a very dense successful forest many miles across and very extensive. It is also logical to presume that most of that dark color light absorbing terrain to the left of the S06-00607 narrow-angle strip outline and across the light color terrain is likely also dense forest life of some kind as well.
I mention these larger scale factors for your consideration because here on Earth such massive numbers of carbon based forest plant life equate directly to huge carbon dioxide absorbing and oxygen producing engines that impact the entire planet's atmosphere in a major way. Of course, although the secrecy agenda may know better than we do via the much higher detailed imaging no doubt hijacked away from us into their secrecy, we out here in the public can not know conclusively exactly what kind of life this is based on in this poor imaging as released to us or whether it produces oxygen as plant life does here on Earth. It is reasonable to assume so but too much can't be made of that at this early point because of all of the many different types of colony life and their unique evolution and presence that I at least know also exists on Mars that could be, although I doubt it, uniquely different.

Still, it is reasonable to at least strongly suspect that such extensive Mars forest life evidence has a profound oxygen impact on the planetary atmosphere of Mars making the atmosphere favorable and sustainable not only for the colony life but the massive conventional tree forest evidence that I've also presented in previous reports. That has all kinds of implications for Mars true atmospheric conditions. Further, the mere existence of forests on such successful massive scales and in the South Polar Region right where the planetary temperatures are suppose to be so incredibly freezing cold and right where the old "unquestionable" instrument temperature data was obtained from is very telling as to the correctness of the official position and that data.

In any case, here is my contribution of some very powerful evidence of biological life's presence on Mars. Now I'm not looking for someone to take this evidence as a bomb and run with it, rather my thought is that it may have to serve as reinforcing my reporting credentials for some. As the more skeptical viewers begin seeing stranger more unfamiliar looking biological life evidence here at this website in the reports to come, rather than quickly dismiss them, they may want to remember this report's quality evidence and that just maybe this investigator just might actually be onto something here. We'll see.



This link takes you to the official S06-00607 narrow-angle and also the companion S06-00608 wide-angle science data strips that are the source of the 1-6 evidence images here in this report. Note that on the S06-00607 strip I used the third list straight orientation .GIF strip choice to develop from and on the S06-00608 strip I used the second listed .GIF strip rotated to a straight upright orientation matching that of the S06-00607 evidence. The S06-00607 forest life evidence is down near the bottom of the strip working from the bottom upward and very dark, so note that graphics work will be needed to at least lighten it in order to approximate the detail provided by my evidence imaging.

http://www.msss.com/moc_gallery/s05_s10/images/S06/S0600608.html: This link takes you to the official S06-00608 wide-angle science data strip that is the source of the image size statistics used here in the narrative following the sixth image.

by Joseph P. Skipper, Investigator Contact the author

From MARS FOREST LIFE BIO-DIVERSITY-6 Report #115 February 19, 2007
@ Mars Anomaly Research - http://www.marsanomalyresearch.com/evidence-reports/2007/115/forest-life-biodiversity-6.htm


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