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Friday 31 December 2010

Test Driving the TimeWave and the Webbot: Explorations in Futures Forecasting

Test Driving the TimeWave and the Webbot
 Explorations in Futures Forecasting
by Rohaan Solare

The TimeWave

The TimeWave is a mathematical program that purports to measure the ebb, flow and rate of novelty in our world. The TimeWave depicts increasingly greater magnitudes of novelty as we approach Dec. 21, 2012—the day the Mayan Long Count Calendar starts anew. The TimeWave was developed independently of Mayan Calendar knowledge.

TimeWave Versions

The TimeWave can be mapped using 5 different number sets. Certain versions are said to be more “mathematically sound” than others. They all end on the same date of Dec 21, 2012, but the wave patterns of peaks and valleys vary among the different versions.
The Sheliak, Watkins and Kelly versions match up well in general terms and the Watkins’ and Kelly versions are nearly identical. The Franklin and Huang Ti versions are the most divergent.
Most TimeWave followers seem to prefer either the Sheliak or Watkins’ version. I am using the Watkins’ version for this experiment because it matches the Webbot’s predictions to a Tee.
Special Note: The correspondences between the Watkins TimeWave version and the latest Webbot report are so exact that some have asked the question if perhaps, Cliff High the publisher of the Webbot report, is superimposing his data results on the TimeWave.
The question doesn’t make sense unless he has 1), verified the accuracy of the Watkins’ TimeWave version, 2), seen the correlations between the two systems and then 3), uses the TimeWave because it improves the accuracy of his reports.
Those interested may download a free copy of the TimeWave software here


What is Novelty?
A dictionary will define novelty as the quality of being new, original, or unusual. When it gets down to it every instance is new because the set of circumstances surrounding every instance changes from one moment to the next.
We must therefore talk about the magnitude and/or rate of novelty to make the word useful when talking about change over time.
In the context of time, novelty is a measure of change. Sometimes the changes in a set of circumstances are great and sometimes they are negligible. Terrence McKenna, the developer of the TimeWave claims it measures the difference in the rate between decreasing change and increasing change/novelty in our world.
Decreasing change is referred to as habit and stability by TimeWave adepts and increasing change as novelty. Downward flows on the Timewave graph represent increasing novelty and the upward flows denote a decreasing rate of change.

The Webbot
The Webbot is a specialized search engine that measures the appearance of certain emotionally laden key words from emerging web content. The developers of the Webbot program claim that they are able to predict the timing and nature of large scale events based on their analysis on the language samples they collect.

Cliff High is the developer of the Webbot program that is also known by its formal name the ALTA program. Mr. High believes that the language he is tapping into comes from our collective unconscious. If that is indeed the case and the Webbot proves to be accurate then it would confirm certain theories about the future being already determined and computable.
My own investigations into story telling and artistic expression have led me to conclude that elements of the future do indeed bleed through our stories and artworks. Please see Alex Grey’s 1989 Gaia painting. Please note the two jets and the World Trade Center towers. For more information on my ventures into the existence of elements of the future in written works please see Alice and the Rabbit Holographic Universe.
More information on the Webbot maybe found on Mr. Highs website at Half Past Human. I have discerned that Mr.High is apt to at times over-interpret or misinterpret the magnitude and thematics of the events alluded to by his data samples.
But it seems that the time frames and general nature of his advisories are accurate, consistent and specific enough to win a significant following myself included. Mr. High uses the phrases tension building and tension releasing to zero in on the time frames when we should expect large scale events to happen.

Graph 1: TimeWave and Webbot Report Correlation from Sept. 19, 2006 to Dec. 21, 2012

I have noted certain dates for reference and orientation. The dates mentioned by the latest Webbot report are noted on the graph. The following is an excerpt from the Webbot Report describing the nature of the time leading up to November 14th, 2010.
Further, the plateau of building emotional tension now extends out further to the 14th of November instead of the 11th. This is the last building tension to accrue. Expect the level to stay maddeningly the same until the breaking point. Repeat. The ‘break’ in the tension values that indicates the tipping point after which we (the planet of humans) is into emotional release language starts on November 14th at 6:50AM Pacific Coast Time (UTC=+ 8). Repeat – Tipping point starts on 11-14-2010.
I will add that on November 13th the corresponding AA Tzolkin date is characterized by the archetype of 11 Storm whose key attributes are energy, catalyze, dissolves and liberation.

Graph 2: TimeWave and Webbot Report Correlation from Dec 15, 2010 to Feb. 15, 2011

The notations on the graph zero in on two two-day periods. One being Jan. 1st to the 2nd and the second from Jan. 7th to the 8th. As you will see the correspondences between the Webbot dates and features on the TimeWave are uncannily precise.
The following is an excerpt from the Webbot report describing the characteristic of those 2 dates.
However, the data analyzed this morning shows that a minor small plateau shows up on January 1, 2011, that starts about 5AM Pacific Coast Time (UTC =+ 8) and lasts for nearly 25 hours until about 6 AM on January 2. During this 25 hour period the data shows that while the language still is within the release of emotional tension type, its rate of emotional release value sums virtually drops to zero. So kind of a ‘hang time’. This small respite of slightly over one solar day, is abruptly shifted back to the release language value decrease rate as though without pause on January 2, 2011.
This rate then continues unabated for 5 additional days until January 7th at which point becomes really accelerated (increased angle of descent) as the rate of numeric value reduction nearly doubles. Stated another way, the levels of release language, already very severe, and in continuous stream since November 14th of 2010, nearly double in a very rapid fashion over mere hours (1.12 hours) on January 7th, at about 5 AM. Further this increased rate of emotional release language persists for an additional 23 hours until 4:30 AM on the 8th of January. Then, whew, the rate of release language goes back to its previously experienced levels, which , while steep, are not as intense as the January 7 to 8

Graph 3: The TimeWave from 1891 to December 21, 2012

The TimeWave is essentially a fractal construct and as such we are going to find sets of repeating patterns.

The implication of time as fractally structured means that we should be able to find thematic and energetic correspondences or resonances between different epochs of time that share the same waveform.
I have discovered that the Timewave has 4 distinct macro scale contours to its wave form. I differentiate between the scales based on a consistent pattern of peaks and valleys that then changes into either a different pattern and/or a different intensity scale.

On graph 5 I note the 4 patterns and I refer to them as novelty scales. Graph 3 shows three novelty scales. The contours of graph 3 are identical to the time period from Feb. 2011 to Dec. 21, 2012. The same contours appear again between Dec. 11 and Dec. 21, 2012.

Graph 4: The TimeWave from the 1990 to December 21, 2012

On this graph the large and consistent wave pattern we see from April 1992 to Oct. 2008 is what I refer to as novelty scale 4. After Oct. 2008 we see a dramatic decline towards increasing magnitudes of novelty all the way to Dec. 21, 2012.

Graph 5: The Four Novelty Scales of the TimeWave

This graph highlights the 4 novelty scales. Novelty scale 4 is too small to see its detail, but it is identical in structure to the time period shown above on graph 4 that spans from April 1992 to October 2008. On graph 5 novelty scale 4 begins anew on July 16, 2012.

Graph 6: A Maya Precessional Cycle of 26,626 Years mapped on the TimeWave

Many of you have heard the numbers 26,000 and 25,920 used when referring to the length of the precessional cycle. The former number is a round off commonly used by the lay public and the later is used by Western astrologers. According to Western astronomy the precessional cycle is 25,765 years.
If we refer to the Maya calendrical system we come up with a figure of 26,000 tun. A tun is 360 days. 26,000 tun equals 25,626 years.   The Maya counting system reflects the timing order they discovered while studying the movements of the stars and planets.
The Mayan Long Count cycle that comes to an end on Dec. 21, 2012 is a period measuring exactly 5200 tun. 5200 tun is one fifth of 26,000 tun. It seems the galactic timing frequency is based on multiples of 4, 13, 20, 52, 65, 260 and 360.
Counting in years represents the unenlightened calendrical heliocentrism of the West. Maya-Meso American Calendrics (MMAC) is galacticentric in its account of time measurements.
Please note that the contours of graph 6 perfectly match the contours of graph 1. The implication according to fractal time compression is that the last 6 years leading up to 2012 are a fractal equivalent of the last 25,626 years.
We are in effect processing as much information in the last six years leading up to 2012 as we have during the last 25,626 years. “We” refers to humanity as an integral expression of the solar system. Those of your new to my work on Maya Meso American calendrics may find more information in the 2012 and Synchronicity sections of the Emergent-Culture Website.

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From Emergent Culture @ http://emergent-culture.com/test-driving-the-timewave-and-the-webbot-explorations-in-futures-forecasting-mayan-calendar-december-21-2012-web-bot-alta-program/
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This report will help you understand the relationship between features on the TimeWave and their correspondences with the latest Webbot report.  This article will kick start my effort to chart and test the two systems for verification purposes.
At this point in my investigations I can’t vouch for the validity or accuracy of either the TimeWave or the Webbot, but the information I have been reviewing is provocative enough to compel me to do my own studies.
If you are not familiar with the TimeWave or the Webbot please review my lead up article Signs of the Times in Code Form? Introducing the TimeWave, The I Ching and The Webbot for more background information.

Via Project World Awareness @ http://projectworldawareness.com/2010/12/test-driving-the-timewave-and-the-webbot-explorations-in-futures-forecasting/

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